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A slight variation with this thread - creatures that sound like other critters ( or just plain odd).

The elusive Grasshopper Warbler.

Here's an entertaining account from 1768 of the bird by the famous English naturalist Gilbert White from his book the 'Natural History of Selbourne':

"The grasshopper-lark began his sibilous note in my fields last Saturday. Nothing can be more amusing than the whisper of this little bird, which seems to be close by though at a hundred yards’ distance; and when close at your ear, is scarce any louder than when a great way off. Had I not been a little acquainted with insects, and known that the grasshopper kind is not yet hatched, I should have hardly believed but that it had been a locusta whispering in the bushes. The country people laugh when you tell them that it is the note of a bird. It is a most artful creature, skulking in the thickest part of a bush, and will sing at a yard distance, provided it be concealed. I was obliged to get a person to go on the other side of the hedge where it haunted, and then it would run, creeping like a mouse, before us for a hundred yards together, through the bottom of the thorns; yet it would not come into fair sight; but in a morning early, and when undisturbed, it sings on the top of a twig, gaping and shivering"

Another secretive bird - the Water Rail. Sounds like a squealing pig:

I well remember some years ago hiding in a willow tree for nearly 2 hours on the edge of a muddy marsh trying to catch a full view of an adult bird with its young in the open. I knew birds were present because of the continuous contact calls - I wanted to confirm breeding in my district as it was a scarce local breeder. Eventually, one adult and 2 half-grown chicks emerged from behind the sedges with mud trailing behind their legs - the filthy swines.


Little owl (to me this has always sounded somewhat similar to a small dog yapping/yelping in the distance):


Completely different category - a Scops owl -it has a totally weird call, sounds almost like a radar blip.



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At the end the woman in this video says “you can overcome what life does to you”.
So many rescued animals teach us that.
it just really struck me as I am entrenched in sadness and sorrow just with life at present. I often go to this thread to be uplifted by the beauty and sense of awe of the worlds creatures and animals.


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I love these photos....

I have a folder on my computer, in which i collect inspirational photography from the internet (mainly portraits) - since year 2000 counting a couple thousands. But a few ones are with animals...

2009 • (i absolutely love this one... ) There is something timeless joyful about it... I can could stay there forever watching...

And this one just makes me wanna burst out in laughter each and every time. Soooooo goofy cute

_1740522 bab.jpg
Devon-Scott-WeinerDog 01.jpg
Devon Scott took the two photo in 2019

2019 - I have no idea where I got this from - but it is funny !

Being_proud.jpg 358223885_3.jpg
unknown photographer 2020. Photo was called "being proud"

Unknown photographer, 2013

unknown photographer, 2012

An American soldier with a joey, 1942.jpg
An American soldier with Joey - 1942

vinnarbild i någon tävling - starkt.jpg
won in 2010 in a photo contest, unknown photographer

10 Feb 2009 • Firefighter David Tree giving water to a Koala, Australia

2006 • "joseph in a field"

from the internet in 2006
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