"Pizzagate" Explodes

It’s difficult to prove that this brutal and evil practice is happening, but knowing how self absorbed and narcissistic celebrities and people in power are, I’m 100% sure that if there’s a substance that keeps them younger and good looking, they will not hesitate to use it no matter how many children have been tortured and murdered because of it.
Well observable on several still alive, old politicians, financiers, old Hollywood actors sporting young faces and bodies, surprisingly not aging and creepily pristine-looking.

Full Joachim Hagopian article proving it undeniably in below quote. Archived here for Fellowship data collating purposes.

Keywords: child sacrifice, drinking young blood, ruling elite, adenochrome, Clinton, child sex trafficking, predator, parasitic monster, planetary controllers, children gone missing, sexual slavery, diabolical global elite, Rothschilds and Rockefellers, 13 family bloodlines, Pedogate, Pizzagate, Lucifer, Pedophilia bribe, blackmail, puppet politicians, banker, judge, CEO, military general, entertainer, top level spy, police chief.

See attachment ZIP, the browser-readable full HTML article.

(fully meaning the drinking / using blood of young ones)

Yet the term “blood libel” is the customary Jewish practice and automatic response that flatly denies that any of these crimes ever once took place,
despite even Jewish historians and scholars admitting that these atrocities did in fact occur. One such brave critic is respected writer-journalist Israel Shamir who astutely makes the valid point that as a matter of state policy, more innocent Palestinian children have been brutally murdered by Jews in recent years than the sum total of all Christian victims since the Middle Ages.


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"Jay Myers Documentaries Official Backup Channel

Re upload from a previously censored video. You wont believe the shocking lengths the Elite will go to extend their youth and get a high!"
Here is a book about it:

Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism

Warning: This book contains graphic descriptions of violence, perverse sex and child abuse. For adults only. This was written as a response to reader feedback from my first book Angelic Defenders and Demonic Abusers. It talks about Satanism as a powerful worldwide movement. It talks about the minority of Satanists who practice cannibalism and blood drinking. And it talks about the High-Adept Satanists who are masters of the occult. This book also suggests a connection between Global Satanism and Alien intelligence.

Sessions about cannibalism: June 11th 2011, Session 11 October 2014, Session 14 April 2018

Rumble link for the video in Ocean's post, censored from YT:

ADRENOCHROME - The Elites Super Drug - A Jay Myers Documentary

"Children are also killed for their bone marrow and organs for the elite. Many of the elite are addicted."
“Adrenochrome” Is the elite’s super blood drink. They say it is the fountain of youth. It makes you higher than any other drug. Adrenaline is responsible for the fight or flight response when we experience excitement or fear.
Adrenochrome is produced by the “oxidation "of adrenaline. Higher Levels of oxidation in the blood is caused by extreme fear and trauma inflicted on victims.
The elite extract this adrenalized blood and consume it, often after torturing a child as children's adrenal glands provide potency. The consumer can experience euphoria. They kill the victim at the point in which the maximum adrenaline is in the blood. This is not a new ritual but a very ancient one that has been passed down through secret societies.
Our government has been involved or complacent in the kidnapping, torture and murder of young children to extract and sell their blood. Once the child dies they dispose of the body. Deep Underground Military Bases are reportedly used for harvesting Adrenochrome.
The elite not only believe that children's blood is potent but they believe the adrenaline is rejuvenating. The children are tortured, sodomized and terrorized to adrenalize the blood for maximum anti-aging benefit.
These people are pure evil.
Children are also killed for their bone marrow and organs for the elite. Many of the elite are addicted.
Adrenochrome is the purest, most potent form.
Once killed, adrenochrome is collected by a syringe from the base of the neck or the spinal column. A human only produces about 10 cc's of adrenochrome. It is sold on the black market for very high prices.
Source: "Jay Myers"

In my previous couple posts at 2023 years end, I erroneously copy-pasted my archival time of sessions September 29, 2015, which is obviously wrong. Apologies..
First impression on the unsealed court documents is that is mostly a nothingburger. Most was already known, and apart from a few surprises, nothing matching the huge expectation shown on X-Twitter. A few famous people will/have been thrown under the bus and will take the fall.

But, it does have value as part of the process of unveiling the man behind the courtain and the awakening mentioned in the recent C's session.
"The people aren’t ready yet."
This is standard fun among Anti-Christian initiated. Films / high quality recordings are usually commissioned to be made of these events. Barker describes in detail one such film recorded with [then] analog camera: exactly what he saw and some he watched multiple times and discussed with the worker-cameraman. It was high time that whistleblowers released such a recording. There were multiple Anti-Christian workers for the Illuminati [who were/are/will be tasked of doing these], these workers are permanently 'Made Men' [for life, like mafia] , who when were tasked to artistically and expertly record quality films about such rituals for internal - Anti-Christian-Illuminati - use [bribes, boast/celebrate] even these Anti-Christian workers got sick inside.. and even they recoiled from the Depth of Evil™©℗® committed and recorded there. Imagine that!!

So some of these lower-rank workers decided that it is time to reform the Illuminati and started making extra copies of these movies [extra copies were naturally forbidden] and these workers began showing them to people, about whom they thought they can influence / induce / start internal reform in the Illuminati.

One such Anti-Christian worker was discovered in the book that he made copies and they caught him and they made an example of him by making him suffer an extra-ordinarily painful and humiliating torturous death.

So that's the background.

Hillary is probably a higher level "aristocrat" Illuminati - look at the color of long gowns she is wearing, when she proudly and energetically walks to accept her big medal, on video on YT.

When they were done, the ritual ended, then [this is done as a streamlined routine so highly probably] naturally rabidly Anti-Christian Cannibal Hillary and rabidly Anti-Christian Cannibal Huma Abedin both gave the girl to cooks and they prepared her, then the entire party guests - who were probably watching &OR participating ate the girl and drank her blood. It is very important during such rituals, that the victim must be absolutely alive and awake, while they rape & mutilate her at the same time, also very highly probably as they raped her, they were already eating-chewing the girls mutilated body-parts and gave it around for everybody to chew, while doing the rape.

Standard practice. Author describes this in the book telling about a very similar movie [made for internal Illuminati use] he saw.

Also BEFORE Hillary & Co. began this activity described in the tweet, the victim was very highly probably tortured for a long time and they very highly probably gave her only urine to drink and feces to eat. Described in the book.

BTW: Husband and wife are usually initiated together, so Bill is same. Rabidly Anti-Christian cannibal, adenochrome-consuming customer.

So what exactly - in your opinions - do these Clintons and high position politicians, bankers, CEOs, and a large number of the UN personnel, probably WEF and Blackrock, etc.. deserve?

They will definitely make the 95% Evil instant-graduation 4thD STS rank.
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When I see an article like this in a publication for teens, all the way back from 2017, it makes me wonder if backlash against the pedophile agenda won't be half what I thought it could be, and Pizzagate and Epstein are rapidly diminishing in impact to an enormous swath of Westerners. It elevates a YTube channel for children called Queer Kid Stuff and a video that asserts even toddlers understand "consent." The website then highlights a "related" video that is about consent and sex - completely missing the point that children may not understand what they are "consenting" to. This stuff is mainstream.
There are a lot of worthy efforts out there to help people understand consent by showing how simple it actually is. Maybe you've heard some of them: if you've ever ordered pizza you understand consent, if you drink tea you understand consent, if you understand stealing you understand consent. Those are just a few, but still we see court cases and studies that show people still don't really understand what consent is. Well, a new video from Lindsay Amer, who runs the YouTube channel Queer Kid Stuff shows exactly why there's no excuse not to grasp consent. Even toddlers understand it.

In a video alongside her trusty teddybear, Teddy, Lindsay explains what consent is. She asks Teddy if they've ever noticed that Lindsay asks if they're ready before they start every video, and waits until Teddy says they are to start. This, she says, is consent. "Consent is about consenting or giving permission to someone for something," Lindsay says. But in her explanation, Lindsay proves that there's really no reason for anyone not to understand consent, since it's something that we even practiced it as toddlers.
Continuing to explode:

Is Puff Daddy the new Epstein?
- is an American rapper, record producer and record executive. -
Both of his estates were raided at once.
Sex trafficking, underage guests on his parties. All participants were forced to sign NDAs. Of course Royalty is involved again..

Most interesting in this scandalous video is a Hollywood Insider making a comment.
Just researching Pizzagate gives you the "Expensive Baby Blood Beauty Skin Products Are The Craze in Hollywood right now"-line.

Or is this the new Modus Operandi for CIA Distraction Operation? It appears the Deep State is now feeding its 'small players'™ to The People, so they can hide the real High Position criminals.. These 'small players'™ cause a splash and the entire Adrenochrome Network goes behind the curtains again..

(Did they write a new playbook?
For example: Deep State gets alerted that: 1. Asteroids are incoming en masse. 2. Alien Armada approaching fast with definite ETA.
Deep State quickly unearths Safe Epstein Records and throws them to The Public to take attention away from incoming catastrophes? Maybe they just need some time to safely ship the Trillionaires to another planet via any method they can get their hands on?)
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'Steve Harvey’s show.
Video scene description: If you research Pizzagate, they show this video snippet. Its a LIVE Show, on TV. Laughing "skin care expert lady" for Hollywood produces a RED DROP from one of the luxury beauty product containers on her plate. And instantly smears it into the palm of surprised Steve Harvey.
- Look! It makes the wrinkles on your skin disappear! - Tells the smiling Lady to him and to the cameras.
Steve Harvey looks on his hand with dread now.
- Why is it red????!!
Skin care expert lady is all smiles:
- Oh, it is made of
Steve Harvey appears positively shocked at this time and probably he goes off script by exclaiming:
- WTH??! This is the last time you appeared on my show!
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