"Pizzagate" Explodes

I can't see this posted anywhere, so here it is. After the topics discussed in the recent session, I was interested to see whether there were any recent revelations or developments in the whole "Pizzagate" scandal.

My favourite content creator in this area is the Mouthy Buddah. He usually makes a clear point NOT to jump to any conclusions or make any crazy assumptions. Rather, he simply sticks to the facts and draws interesting connections, albeit in a level-headed sort of way which appreciates nuance. I am thoroughly impressed with his ability to research.

His most recent series on this topic (published in 2023) is titled "Elite Human Trafficking", and is broken down into six volumes.

Once I began to watch this series, I couldn't stop 😬! He explains how, through simple google/yandex search of "code words" included on social media and in images, he has managed to uncover material which is highly suggestive of child-trafficking. Of course, some of this information has already been covered and won't be new for people who follow the developments closely. However, this series did provide a lot of new information/connections that I'd never heard of.

Frankly, I am left feeling sick to the stomach. I find it remarkable... the fact that so many of these sick predators have openly flaunted their evil on social media for so long, for anyone with "eyes to see". After witnessing the sheer number of *coincidences*, it is extremely difficult to argue that some of the specific individuals covered in this video are not members of a satanic pedophile/child trafficking ring. I am personally convinced. It is well and truly sick.

Overall, I would highly recommend this series.

Here are the links:

so, where are the fb censors???
Here's a picture of the L.A. Sheriff's badges. Apparently they include a supposedly "known" pedophile symbol, highlighted here in red. Was that done knowingly? Was that information made up and applied to the Sherriff's department so as to smear them, when that symbol truly means nothing? Was it used unknowingly, and most Sheriffs have no idea that what they are wearing might mean in certain circles? Does it really even matter?


I remembered this about the badges before I posted about all the Sheriff's dying and Mathew Perry. But this, along with the other data I shared, sparked me to post assumptions that as of now are not valid concerning the deaths of the Sheriffs re: Mathew Perry.

This entire subject is so super-charged emotionally that it's easy to become unbalanced if one doesn't center themselves, myself included. I should have been more careful and not jumped to conclusions.

All of that said, this Mathew Perry thing, regarding all his tweets and work on a book/movie, does bear watching. I did a search on this material and I saw many MSM outlets like USA Today going out of their way to debunk it. That's always "interesting."

I hope more comes out about these Sheriff's deaths in the meantime, because it seems to be being memory-holed just as fast as Mr. Perry's alleged associations with exposing pedophilia. There may not be a connection between the two, but something is definitely going on with both of those subjects that should be watched closely, if separately.
I'm not sure where to put this...is this related to the Mathew Perry case? This seems highly unusual, and I can't think of anything else going on in LA that could cause mass "suicides" in 24 hours among law enforcement:

If you are in the EU, etc.. - naturally then such USA websites show only the disclaimer "This content cannot be viewed in your area.." and if you don't have VPN, but would like to read such articles easily, here is how you do it. Download Opera GX browser for [video]gamers. Install it. Start it. Enable it in your firewall, so Opera GX can connect to the internet. Look at the top right of the Opera GX main window. You see the icon showing three horizontal lines above each other. This is the "settings". Click on it. Scroll down carefully until you read:
Privacy and security.
Find the line saying 'VPN' and to its right, click enable in settings. You are transported to the detailed settings. There is a line saying: "Connect to VPN when starting browser." Turn ON its switch to the right.

Restart Opera GX. Look at the top, in the address bar, to the left there is now a VPN icon. Click on it. A list is displayed. Select AMERICAS. Click on back or outside into the browser area. Now you can paste such "area-protected" USA website address links into the Opera GX's browser [address field] and it will open the article on the net. Any connection always slows down with any VPN. Takes some time to load until you can see the website. I use Opera GX (free VPN-powered) to read such articles.
Happy browsing!

Not sure why the updates haven't come through the justice department website, but Nygard has been charged and found guilty on 4 counts, one defendant was supposedly 16 years of age at the time of the sexual assault.

This is one hell of a coincidence, 4 suicides of LA county sheriff's departments, one former and three current employees, and the kicker: In 24 Hour Period.
FWIW, I tried to edit my post above to remove the police suicide article but I ran out of time. I read it right after reading the People's Voice and Gateway Pundit articles. What is that term here, about pattern recognition run amok?! I did that. I apologize.

In any case, I had never heard about Perry exposing the pedophiles in Hollywood before now, and the manner of his death being "deferred" on his death certificate is interesting, especially as it happens right after those police "killed themselves." Maybe there's something even more nefarious going down. I mean, what are the odds that four current/retired Sherriff's department officers kill themselves within 24 hours??

Something here is not right. I'll leave it at that.
I know there are a lot of drugs used in Hollywood. Still, I always wonder what someone is trying to numb when they have a rehab/relapse history like he apparently did. Very possible that he knew a lot from being in the thick of what is said to be out there.
Slade Sohmer, a journalist who runs in the inner circle of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, was just arrested this week after an examination turned up more than 1,300 pornographic images and videos, hundreds of which police believe involve children. Some allegedly as young as 3.

Investigators have a high degree of confidence that more than 50 videos allegedly pulled from Sohmer’s devices show undressed children engaged in sexual activity, and at least eight victims have been identified by police and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), an advocacy group that works with law enforcement to combat child sex crimes. (Per Free Republic)

This guy got a ton of publicity for his “debunking” of PizzaGate, all while he was participating in it. THEY CAN’T HIDE THE TRUTH FOREVER! How long until he gets Epsteined?
Second below was on SOTT.net today - the Olena Zelenska Foundation with a question mark, and then Zelensky's friend, or whatever she is, Marina Abramović, being asked to be the new Ukrainian Ambassador.

Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Marina Abramović, the performance artist, to be an ambassador for Ukraine.

Not quite Pizzagate, but this is really interesting. 17 minute video is about the unusual characteristics and cultural practices of the tribe of natives at Jekyll Island there at time of discovery. Apparently, the French that landed there were so horrified by what they saw that they hightailed it out of the area at the first opportunity. If video content is to be believed, docents were more forthcoming in past about this stuff, but have clammed up since. Apparently Rockefeller built his place atop a particularly interesting artifact. This is the exact location where The Federal Reserve was created. Is it true? I shudder to imagine such. Worth a watch.
Apologies for the sensationalism, as I get no thrill from the exploitation of this global dilemma

What does the Bible say about protecting children from abuse?
Children are a precious gift from God. As adults, we have the privilege and responsibility to care for them, pray for all children's protection and safety, and help children around us live the full and abundant life God desires for them.
11 Mai 2021



The consortium wants to bring the traffic of humans to our attention.

by Anastasia Austin 6 Nov 2023
Israeli crime groups in major Colombian cities have been serving a growing market of tourists seeking sex and drugs, at times expanding into transnational trafficking and alarming authorities in both countries, according to hacked records from Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office.

The hacked files, most of which are from 2018 to 2022, include phone tap records, arrest and seizure reports, and correspondence between Israeli and Colombian officials, who exchanged information and expressed growing concern about Israeli gangs’ operations in Colombia.

“We have identified a significant increase in Israeli citizens living in Colombia, who, under the leadership and with the complicity of Colombian citizens, are carrying out a variety of crimes on Colombian territory,” reads an unsigned memorandum of understanding between Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office and Israel’s National Police, dated May 3, 2018.

The files suggest Colombian and Israeli authorities maintained a close anti-crime relationship in the years following the exchange of the memorandum of understanding, though it is unclear whether the document was ever signed. Israeli officials did not respond to requests for comment, and Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office declined to comment on the document.

Israeli gangs in Colombia largely serve tourist markets and operate primarily in big cities. While most of the gangs have limited or no ties to major players in Colombian organized crime, the files provide evidence of occasional high-level cooperation for transnational cocaine trafficking.

The files, combined with additional investigation by InSight Crime, give a glimpse into the little-studied phenomenon of Israeli organized crime in Colombia. They also provide a first-hand account of the daily workings of the long-standing relationship between the Israeli and Colombian security establishments before recent tensions between the two countries ruptured a traditionally cooperative anti-crime partnership.

Criminal Economies Focused on Tourists  

Israeli retail drug trafficking and human trafficking operations are relatively small compared to more established networks in Colombia, but the Israeli groups serve an expanding niche market in the form of Israeli backpackers.

The number of Israeli backpackers arriving in Colombia grew steadily in the 2010s and sharply in recent years. In 2021, 6,420 Israelis visited Colombia, in 2022, that number grew to 18,741, and 2023 is on track to beat that record, with 13,734 Israelis having visited Colombia as of June.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 19-47-47 Israeli Gangs’ Colombia Operations Detailed in Hacked AG Files.png

Backpacking trips abroad are common among young Israelis following mandatory military service, according to academic research that links these trips to increased participation in drug use and risky sexual behaviors.

“As a rite of passage, these trips are a way to disconnect from societal demands, and they represent a challenge to established values and norms,” according to an article published in the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research.

Israeli crime groups in Colombia cater to the appetites of the backpackers. Of the four Israeli networks that appear in the hacked files, three were involved in retail drug trafficking, two of which were also engaged in the sexual exploitation of minors and related money laundering activities in tourist centers.

One such network was led by Assi Ben Moosh and his associates, who allegedly set up extensive human and drug trafficking networks in Santa Marta, Medellín, Cartagena, and Bogotá, catering to foreigners, especially ex-military Israelis.

After authorities deported Ben Moosh, his associates continued to run these operations, organizing parties in villas in and around Medellín to sell drugs, according to the hacked files.

InSight Crime attempted to contact Ben Moosh through his lawyers in Israel but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

Two other criminal networks, whose practices were similar to Ben Moosh’s, appear from the hacked documents to have operated at least into the fall of 2021.

Colombian Partners in Transnational Drug Trafficking

Israelis, like other foreign brokers, are also moving upstream in the cocaine supply chain to take advantage of strong local demand and Europe’s booming consumer drug market.

Both Israel’s consumer market for cocaine and its role as a transport nation in the pipeline to Europe appear to be growing, according to a 2023 report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Cocaine seizures in Israel began to climb in 2018, and in 2020, the country seized more cocaine than any other in the Middle East. It also had the region’s second-highest rate of treatment for cocaine misuse, suggesting a robust domestic consumer market.


Israel remains a relatively minor cocaine transit country. It has yet to seize more than a ton of the drug in a year.

But Israel’s reputation as what the UNODC calls a “far-flung or unusual” point of transit, as well as its developed transport infrastructure, may be attractive to traffickers looking for alternative transit routes into Europe, whose major ports are under increasing anti-drug scrutiny.

Authorities tracked at least two Israeli-Colombian networks involved in transnational drug trafficking from Colombia to Europe and Israel, according to the hacked files.

One was run by a trafficker named Pedro Silgado. Nearly 12 months of transcripts make it clear that Silgado was running a Colombian cocaine transport network from within La Picotá prison in Bogotá, answering to Israeli financiers. The network shipped liquid cocaine from Cartegena to Israel.

Similar partnerships have been reported by Israeli media. But Silgado’s Israeli financiers were eager to come to Colombia, the phone tap records show, suggesting they intended to establish a stronger presence further upstream on the cocaine supply chain.

Silgado died of cancer in 2020. Attempts to contact his lawyer were unsuccessful.

Israeli authorities also flagged another transnational network led by Israeli nationals. The network allegedly sold drugs imported from Israel while at the same time sending shipments in the other direction to Europe and Israel.

Close Bilateral Ties

Israel and Colombia’s security relationship stretches back decades to when Colombian armed forces began purchasing weapons from Israel in the 1980s.

The partnership strengthened considerably in the 2010s when Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Colombia for the first time, and Israeli soldiers trained Colombian counterparts to fight the country’s largest non-state armed actor, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – FARC).

View attachment 1701197483975.webp
Israel and Colombia’s decades-long security relationship had shifted to tackle drug trafficking. Credit: @IvanDuque on X, formerly Twitter

In the last half-decade, particularly since the FARC officially demobilized under the terms of a 2016 peace deal, the two nations’ security relationship evolved from focusing on guerrillas to targeting transnational drug trafficking brokers.

The May 2018 memorandum of understanding outlines plans to create a special unit composed of Colombian judicial police to investigate Israeli criminal networks present in Colombia or working with Colombian criminal networks.

The memo also stipulated the creation of a new database and systems of early warnings, information sharing, and cooperation when it came to Israeli networks operating in Colombia or working in coordination with Colombian organized crime.

Correspondence between Colombian and Israeli officials contained in the files suggests a close working relationship under former President Iván Duque, who served from 2018 to 2022. But Duque’s successor, Gustavo Petro, has been a staunch critic of Israel for years.

In October, Petro floated the possibility of cutting diplomatic ties with Israel over allegations it violated international law in retaliating against a deadly terrorist attack by the Palestinian military group Hamas. Israel responded to Petro’s comments by suspending military exports to Colombia.

In the weeks that followed, diplomatic tensions have persisted, though experts told InSight Crime that a permanent rupture is unlikely.

“I believe that it is not in the interest of either Israel or Colombia to ruin their relationship, neither in defense, nor in other commercial areas,” Sergio Guzmán, a political risk analyst in Bogotá, told InSight Crime.

Although it remains unclear where this leaves the two sides’ intelligence-sharing agreement, experts say any damage can be repaired.

“In the worst-case scenario, bilateral relations between Tel Aviv and Bogotá could be tense until Colombia has elections, and a new president comes into power,” Wilder Alejandro Sánchez, president of Second Floor Strategies, a geopolitics and security consultancy, told InSight Crime.
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