"Pizzagate" Explodes


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Indeed. Especially considering that this talk was delivered by a woman who may or will at some point have her own children.
A woman was chosen to deliver a pro predophilia speech because it would make the discourse more acceptable. In her speech she clearly states that 99% of the pedophiles are males (which is lie) so she presents herself as a neutral third party : not a pedophile (male), not a victim (children).

In her attempt to normalize pedophilia, I found interesting that Heine attempted to dissociate child molesting and pedophilia. According to her, the child molester is the step father who is angry at his wife and as a reaction molests the daughter. On the contrary the pedophile doesn't act upon his impulse, he's born like that, he's wronged by nature, he's misunderstood, he's rejected by society. In summary he's a member of an oppressed minority and you know how our postmodern society deals with oppressed minorities.

Heine is not the first one or the last one to attempt to normalize pedophilia. In a 'sexually liberated' society, any sexual restrain is removed and the only driver of sexual activity is what they call 'love', a masquerade for what, most of the time, is lust.

Love/lust being the only rule of sexuality then there is not one single reason to reject any form of sexual deviancy: pedophilia, incest, zoophilia... if the two parties are seemingly willing, opposing such interactions would be seen as restricting freedom and breaching free will.

Once you remove sanctity/order/restrain from a society, the individual freedom is the only reference and pedophilia becomes, de facto, an unalienable right.


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That was pretty disturbing. She (a medical student) is basically saying we shouldn't be harsh on pedophiles, that they can't help the way they feel and think towards children, and that we should help them not act on those feelings.
"we shouldn't be harsh on pedophiles" - Appearance wise, she doesn't even look like she's 20 years old? As a "suppose" med student, she might get "a real education" by spending some night shifts in ER Emergency, to see first hand, the devastating physical effects and tissue damage a pedophile can do to an infant or child because they can't help the way they feel and think towards children!!! What about the emotional and mental trauma suffered by the victims? No mention in the TEDx talk - that a high percentage of pedophile child victims need two or more reconstruction surgeries, to repair rectal, colon and vaginal tears and damage? Or suffer bowel and digestive problems.

I have often wondered, how many "special needs children" are the product of pedo subjection, at an early age? A Boston Court just granted a Special Needs school permission to use electric shock therapy, whenever a patient performs some unwanted action but we're being instructed "to pamper" pedophiles?

03.07.2018 - US Court Grants School Permission to Use Electric Shock on Children - Reports
US Court Grants School Permission to Use Electric Shock on Children – Reports

The bottom line, IMO, is that they're a serious risk to children, and there's nothing normal or natural about their preferences, it's unnatural to have desires to harm a child. It is also a great assumption of hers to think we can decrease child abuse by helping pedophiles.
I agree with the bolded quote above. Rape is rape - no matter how they try to normalize pedophile behavior.


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The sickness and depravity of our society continues to grow. These ongoing attempts to normalize pedophilia seem to be moving more and more into the mainstream, and it sure seems to me that humanity has reached rock bottom. There is nothing human about these ideas, it's just pure evil and my heart weeps for the children of our world.


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Speaking of which, manitoban, it was noticed that an Alberta doctor, Dr. Fred Janke, was arrested in similar fashion as Joel Davis. Here is the short version: Prominent Alberta doctor charged with trying to arrange sex with a child

Prominent Alberta doctor charged with trying to arrange sex with a child

...Police said a man began engaging in a sexually explicit conversation with a person he met online in October 2017. As the conversations continued, police said the man attempted to arrange for sex with the person’s five-year-old daughter.

The man did not know he was speaking with an undercover member of the Victoria Police Department.
Dr. Fred Janke, 62, was arrested in Edmonton on Thursday and has been charged with making arrangements to commit sexual offences against a child, making child pornography and distribution of child pornography.

Police said they do not have any evidence right now to suggest that any children were physically harmed or offended upon at this point in the investigation, but Camp said that has the potential to change.
Janke is an associate professor in the department of family medicine at the University of Alberta, according to the university’s website.
According to the bio, he was named Outstanding Clinician of the Year for the David Health Region in 2000 and was honoured for his contributions to family medicine through a Canadian College of Family Physician Fellowship Award in 2002.

The Professional Association of Residents of Alberta recognized him in 2002-03 with an award for excellence in clinical teaching that year. In 2009, he received a fellowship from the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada in recognition of his service to rural communities and teaching rural medicine. The bio also mentions an interest in hypnotherapy and “its relationship to medical endeavours including as a complement to family medicine.”
Buick confirmed that Janke had agreed to voluntarily withdraw from practicing medicine.

“There was no real choice about it, the only choice he had was to withdraw voluntarily or for us to go through the process to suspend his licence.”

If Janke is not convicted, he still may not be able to go right back to practicing. Buick said the college may need to do its own investigation and determine whether professional sanctions are warranted.
manitoban said:
There is nothing human about these ideas, it's just pure evil and my heart weeps for the children of our world.
I could not further add to what you said, other than reading that in Russia a perpetrator may, if new laws are adopted, and if convicted, be put behind bars for life. Still, this is no consolation for the child who has to live the rest of their life with it.


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Denied: US Government Says Kim Dotcom Can’t Recover $42M in Seized Assets
Denied: US Government Says Kim Dotcom Can’t Recover $42M in Seized Assets

June 16, 2017 - The US Justice Department and the FBI shut down Megaupload in 2012, leveling piracy and copyright-infringement charges against Dotcom and other operators and seizing $42 million in assets in the process. These included luxury cars, a $10,000 watch, bank accounts in New Zealand and Hong Kong, a mansion and an Olaf Mueller photograph worth over $100,000.

An FBI statement at the time said Dotcom’s was "among the largest criminal copyright cases ever brought by the United States and directly targets the misuse of a public content storage and distribution site to commit and facilitate intellectual property crime."

The government has also said the "estimated harm" of Dotcom’s actions stood "well in excess of $500 million."

New Zealand’s High Court found in February that Dotcom and associates Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk were eligible for extradition to the US, which Dotcom has been fighting ever since. After the ruling Dotcom wrote on Twitter, "New Zealand Copyright Law (92b) makes it clear that an ISP can't be criminally liable for actions of their users. Unless you're Kim Dotcom?"

Dotcom is a German national with permanent residency in New Zealand.

Kim Dotcom Wants FBI’s Comey Questioned for Piracy in New Zealand
Kim Dotcom Wants FBI’s Comey Questioned for Piracy in New Zealand

Back-dated April 26. 2017 - Dotcom has formally reported Comey to the New Zealand police for the theft of his data by the FBI, and has requested that they question him. (Copy of formal legal complaint.)

The letter goes on to note that the removal has been found by the High Court of New Zealand to have been unlawful.

A New Zealand court ruled in January that Dotcom and others accused alongside him could be extradited to the US, not for the charge of copyright infringement, but on the fraud charge. His lawyer is appealing the decision.
Thursday, July 5, 2018 - Kim Dotcom loses latest legal bid to avoid U.S. extradition
Kim Dotcom loses latest legal bid to avoid U.S. extradition

Flamboyant internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and three of his former colleagues have lost their latest bid to avoid extradition to the U.S. to face criminal charges.

New Zealand’s Court of Appeal on Thursday upheld earlier court rulings that found the men were eligible to be handed over to U.S. authorities.

Dotcom’s lawyer Ira Rothken said they were disappointed with the judgment and planned to file an appeal with New Zealand’s Supreme Court.

“As people will know, I am prepared to fight to get justice, whether it is for me or others,” Dotcom said in a statement.

The latest decision comes more than six years after U.S. authorities shut down Dotcom’s file-sharing website Megaupload and filed charges of conspiracy, racketeering and money laundering against the men. If found guilty, they could face decades in prison.

Dotcom argues that he can’t be held responsible for others who chose to use his site for illegal purposes, and that any case against him should have been heard in civil court. He says he never lived in the U.S. or even visited the country and didn’t have a company there.

Born in Germany as Kim Schmitz, Dotcom founded Megaupload in 2005. At one point he lived in a Hong Kong hotel, before being granted permanent residency in New Zealand in 2010. He was arrested in New Zealand in 2012 during a dramatic police raid on his mansion and incarcerated for a month before being released on bail.

Since then, Dotcom has released a music album, started another internet file-sharing company called Mega and launched a political party, which unsuccessfully contested the nation’s 2014 election.

In addition to Dotcom, who founded Megaupload and was its biggest shareholder, the U.S. is also seeking to extradite former Megaupload officers Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato. The indictment was filed in the U.S. District Court in eastern Virginia.

Should the latest decision stand, Justice Minister Andrew Little will have the final say on whether Dotcom is extradited. He told reporters he would wait until Dotcom has exhausted his legal appeals.

“Extradition is a major thing, it’s an incredible erosion of someone’s liberties,” Little said. “So it is right that we take the time and effort for the legal decision to be correct before I, as Minister of Justice, get to make a decision.”

05.07.2018 - New Zealand Court Clears Kim Dotcom's Extradition to US
New Zealand Court Clears Kim Dotcom's Extradition to US

New Zealand’s Court of Appeal has dismissed a challenge by entrepreneur Kim Dotcom against extradition to the United States on criminal copyright infringement charges.

The court said it had declined "applications for leave to adduce further evidence on appeal" filed by the founder of the file-sharing Megaupload website and three co-defendants – Mathias Ortmann, Bram Van Der Kolk and Finn Habib Batato.

Kim Dotcom said in a statement, published on his Twitter page, that he was "extremely disappointed" by the court’s decision and promised to take the matter to the Supreme Court.

Kim Dotcom


My statement about the disappointing judgement by the NZ Court of Appealhttps://issuu.com/statement050718/docs/statement-050718 …

A judgement in complete denial of the legislative history and intention of the Copyright Act. Therefore it has the value of toilet paper. We will now appeal to the Supreme Court.
10:14 PM - Jul 4, 2018

The United States accuses the four of systematic copyright infringement that cost copyright owners over $500 million in losses.

According to the ruling, the site experienced enormous growth since 2008, generating over $175 million in revenues, and at one point accounted for four percent of global internet traffic, offering content to some 50 million users daily. It was eventually shut down in 2012.

The United States has been seeking the extradition of Dotcom and his executives since 2012 on 13 charges, including fraud and copyright infringement. The latter is not considered a crime worthy of extradition in New Zealand, even though US authorities claim copyright owners lost hundreds of millions of dollars due to Megaupload's illegal activities. Dotcom is likely to face a 20-year prison sentence in the US over the piracy charges.


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I couldn't watch that in its entirety, made me sick to my stomach! This is postmodernism and libertarianism a its worst, or thinking in a more esoteric way, it's evil forces trying to manipulate us . Fast forwarding the video, I found that notorious moment (at 7:15), where she talks about how "...pedophiles can't go to the beach, because there might be children in swimsuits there." Say whaaaaaaat!? That is so absurd, wrong, ponerized and what not.

Makes you wonder what this woman's motivation was to do this talk. Is she just so brain washed with the SJW-ideology, a victim herself or just plain psychopathic?
As always Dr. Peterson lends light with a compelling take on pedophiles.

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