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Regarding past airplane crashes… We usually only get the official explanation of what caused a crash, but never know what really caused them. The airline industry is known of having veiled the true reasons for quite a lot of crashes in the past. A classic is design failure. The way they handle these things in the 70s and 80s was called “tombstone politics” (it required deaths in order to finally change a serious design fault). Crashes were considered “the cost of doing business”. Very cynical… The kind of sociopathic attitudes common in big businesses.
I just don't want to venture "way out there" deep into any of the conspiracy theories people might dwell into, and there are plenty of those, I just wanted to point out how strange this crash was that resembles the Airbus crash in the Alps and the Malaysian 370 from which we had never retrieved the black box probably lost forever if they ever find the wreckage.

If you refer to cutting edge technologies in relation to big business, obviously any big corporation for profit or state owned enterprise would look into any possible ways to cut corners, cut operating costs in the ever increasing competitiveness especially in the airlines market share, that includes supply chain, maintenance costs, etc down to pilots errors to save fuel, meet impossible schedules, loss of mental alertness, all for getting flight credits etc, the list goes on and on, the bigger the enterprise is, the harder it is to oversee and regulate the standard operating procedures per the company's code as licensed by their respective state. There is also one common trait we all human share which is called laziness you know. The reason why we see much less fatalities per flights a day is because we had learned from past mistakes, with the exception of the MAX fiasco which was solely on Boeing, lawsuits were brought against them. One might say, hey, but we want Boeing out of the Chinese market to send a message to Beijing not to help Russia in the war etc, you know. If you start thinking that way, you may start believing in mirages, even though they might turn out true, but the confirmation bias will always be there even if proven wrong, there will always be elements of a doubt that can cloud the objective reality as it is.

Majority of reported accidents in the past were reasonably explained after months or even years of investigation, actually a lot of those were contributed to pilots error, makes sense, there is a reason why there are at least two pilots on each commercial plane. Heck, even Titanic was considered a technological marvel, the unsinkable ship until they found out it was not, but too late. Even the Soviets in the early days of their aviation industry had suffered a lot of losses.
✈️ Well, at this very early stage, everything is indeed, and will be for quite some time, just speculation.

We may get reminded of similarities to other airplane crashes, but nothing we know for sure regarding China Eastern Flight MU5735.
We can of course collect what we observe, hear and listen, sense, and get from other observations and sources bits and pieces of information along the road (collecting observations). Like a detective… step by step, and see how it crystalizes. And then take it from there…

I believe it is ok to discuss thoughts about this crash here, whether it is called speculation, conspiracy and/or collecting information. There is always somebody who knows something… And sometimes to think outside the box, as well.

The power of networking.

I also agree with you that many aircrash accidents have been reasonably explained. But then again - a dozen of “rotten eggs” have been “explained away” with pretty reports or were totally covered up.

Such as 9/11, Boeing MAX accidents, Germanwings flight 9525 crash in the alps, Malaysia 370, of course also Malaysia Airlines flight 17 over Ukraine, Egypt Air 990, TWA flight 800, Lockerbie disaster 1988 through Pan Am flight 103 (a very shady, very strange case and with interesting people on board) and several others.

Regarding both Malaysia Airline crashes / disappearances, I wonder if Israel and the US had a finger in it - because Malaysia held a Warcrime Tribunal (2012) by which it found Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, John Yoo, Jay Bybee, Alberto Gonzalez, David Addington and Willian Haynes II guilty for War Crimes. Did the supporting elite take revenge back at Malaysia by downing Malaysia Airlines 370 in year 2014? And why was another Malaysia Airliner, again chosen in the same year to be a target over Ukraine ? Two flies in one hit, perhaps, since Israel had it’s big fingers in the game, too (as they did with 9/11 via USA) at the same time playing together with the US, shady games and future war plans with Russia via their new “toy” Ukraine (2014).

It seems that yes, some countries do initiate crimes via airplane crashes, as if sending out “greetings cards”, like a reminder…

Let’s keep an eye on the case of China Eastern Flight MU5735 👍

On the 25th, the search and rescue at the crash site of China Eastern Airlines continued, and the search scope was expanded. Aircraft wreckage was found in many places outside the core area, and the killing work was in full swing. On the 24th, a suspected aircraft wreckage about one meter long was found 15 kilometers away from the core area, which was confirmed today. This suspected aircraft wreckage is a wreckage of the crashed passenger plane, which is about 15 kilometers away from the core area.

LAST MINUTE: Alert 4A (plane crash) declared at Juan Santamaría International Airport. Air terminal closed; Firefighters in place and more units on the way.

BREAKING NEWS: The damaged aircraft is DHL flight D07216, which departed Costa Rica bound for Guatemala. It is a Boeing 757-27A

Costa Rican Fire Department reports that the aircraft reported hydraulic problems in the air. Two crew members are reported without serious injuries.
March 21st. China Eastern airlines flight crashes straight into ground at steep angle. Unknown cause.

April 5th. Control of Air France flight on approach to CDG airport lost temporarily, plane deviated to the left and accelerated.

Messages being sent/tests being conducted?
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From Wiki:
The "uninterruptible" autopilot would be activated either by pilots, by onboard sensors, or remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies...


Conspiracy theorists have claimed that the technology has been secretly fitted to some commercial airliners. Some, including historian Norman Davies, have blamed it for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the cause of which is unknown as of January 2022...

Hmmm, reminds me of the saying, 'Don't believe anything, until it is officially denied'.
April 5th. Control of Air France flight on approach to CDG airport lost temporarily, plane deviated to the left and accelerated.

Rapid loss of speed at final approach (Copenhagen)

Interestingly, I just read about an TAP Air Portugal flight suddenly loosing speed rapidly during a landing approach at the Copenhagen Airport (resulting into a go-around). Are we seeing a repeating phenomena as of lately ?


tap_a320_cs-tnv_copenhagen_220408_map.jpg writes on 12 April 2022:

TAP Air Portugal Airbus A320 overflies buildings at close range during go-around Copenhagen Airport

On 8 April, a TAP Air Portugal Airbus A320 (registered CS-TNV) performed flight TP754 between Lisbon, Portugal and Copenhagen, Denmark. The aircraft carried 102 passengers and 7 crew members. During the short final approach at Copenhagen, the speed of the aircraft sharply dropped, forcing the pilots to perform a go-around. Website The Aviation Herald reports that the Airbus flew just above the airport perimetre and houses of the Maglebylille community. The pilots were able to slowly recover the loss of speed and landed on another runway 20 minutes later.

Yesterday, Denmark’s Havarikommissionen (HCL, Danish Accident Investigation Board) reported they rated the occurrence a serious incident and opened an investigation. Preliminary results suggest there was no abnormal ground contact like a wing or engine pod strike, and the aircraft remained undamaged. The HCL subsequently clarified that there are no visual indications or marks indicating the wing or engine made ground contact.

The same day, TAP Air Portugal reported the incident due to technical reasons while already over the runway. TAP is fully collaborating with the investigation. The airline does not have any report of damage to the aircraft. The flight trajectory and performance are being analysed in the safety investigation. The aircraft is going to return to Lisbon later today.

Source: Alvorlig hændelse i Københavns Lufthavn (

Incident: TAP A320 at Copenhagen on Apr 8th 2022, possible wingtip strike on landing, overflew buildings at very low height on go around (
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Meridian Air An-12 cargo aircraft crashes in Northern Greece, killing its 8 crew
16-17 July 2022 writes following:

A Ukrainian cargo aircraft transporting military equipment from Serbia to Jordan crashed in Northern Greece on Saturday evening after reporting problems with one engine. The 8 crew did not survive.

Meridian Air 51-year-old Antonov An-12 registered UR-CIC was operating flight MEM3032 between Nis, Serbia, and Amman, Jordan. While overflying Northern Greece, the pilots requested an emergency landing in Kavala, Greece, after reporting a failure in one of his four engines. However, the aircraft crashed around 22:45 local time on a slope between Paleochori and Antiphilippi before he could reach the airport. Local residents testified that the plane was on fire before the crash.


As the plane was transporting 11 tonnes of military equipment to Bangladesh, actually mortar ammunition, many explosions were heard at the crash site. Ambulances rushed to the scene, but could only check that there were no survivors among the eight people on board.


Meridian Air An-12 cargo aircraft crashes in Northern Greece, killing its 8 crew
From RT
The plane that crashed in Greece was carrying 11.5 tons of Serbian defense products to Bangladesh
17 July 2022, 10:24
Serbian Defense Minister Nebojsa Stefanovich said that the Ukrainian An-12 aircraft that crashed in Greece was carrying 11.5 tons of defense products from Serbia to Bangladesh.

AP He said this at a briefing at the Serbian Ministry of Defense.

“The plane that crashed in Greece at night, An-12, was carrying 11.5 tons of our defense industry products for Bangladesh. All eight crew members, unfortunately, died, ”RIA Novosti quotes him.

Earlier it was reported that an aircraft of the An family crashed west of the city of Kavala in eastern Greece.
Mystery Ghost airplane
flying across Europe and then crashes in the Baltic Sea

‘Ghost flight’ crashes into Baltic Sea​

A private jet with four on board has supposedly flown across half of Europe with no one in the cockpit, according to the media


Swedish authorities have launched a major search-and-rescue operation

after a private jet crashed into the sea off the coast of Latvia, Swedish and German media report. The jet, which took off from southern Spain on Sunday, reportedly flew over several European nations with supposedly no one in the cockpit, according to the media reports.

The private jet, identified by the German tabloid Bild as a US-made Cessna aircraft, was heading from the southern Spanish city of Jerez to Germany’s Cologne. According to the media, at least six people were onboard, including a pilot, a man, a woman and a young girl. Their identities have not been made public so far.

The pilot reported some “air pressure issues”

in the cockpit soon after takeoff but the jet continued its flight, according to Bild. Air traffic control officers lost contact with the aircraft at some point as it was over the territory of southern France, according to the media. French and Spanish fighter jets were then scrambled to check up on the plane.

According to Bild, the fighter jets’ pilots, who discovered the private aircraft still flying, failed to spot anyone either in the cockpit or in the cabin. Yet, they allowed the jet to continue on its course. The private aircraft did not land in Cologne and continued its flight northeast.

Another fighter jet was scrambled from a German base in Rostock, according to Bild. Its pilot also failed to find out what was happening on board, although the military aircraft escorted the private jet up to the north-eastern German island of Rugen, the paper added.

According to the Flightradar24 monitoring website, the “ghost flight” as it was already being dubbed by some media, maintained a steady altitude of 11 kilometers and a speed of around 670 kilometers per hour for most of its flight. After it had flown over the southern tip of the Swedish island of Gotland, it started losing both speed and altitude before eventually disappearing from the radars over the sea northwest of the Latvian city of Ventspils.

The Swedish Maritime Administration and the nation’s coast guard sent a helicopter and an airplane to the potential crash site. A Stena Line ferry was also diverted to assist in the rescue efforts, the Swedish media reported.

“There is no hope for survivors,”

Johan Ahlin, a Maritime and Air Rescue Center official, told the Swedish media, adding that “the crash was only a matter of time.” The Swedish Maritime Administration also said that “small pieces of wreckage and oil slicks” on the water were found at the potential crash site.

The circumstances surrounding the “ghost flight” remain largely a mystery. It is not the first such incident, though. In June, an unidentified aircraft managed to fly over several European nations without approval before its crew vanished without a trace.

In the June case, however, the plane that took off from Lithuania safely landed at an abandoned airfield in Bulgaria. Its crew managed to flee the scene and remain unidentified. Officials in several countries were closely following the flight, with the US, Hungarian, and Romanian air forces sending military jets to escort it at various points. The escorts broke off when it entered Bulgarian airspace, though.
More about the plane crash in the Baltic Sea
5 Sep 2022

For once, this is an article referred from the Swedish leading mainstream newspaper Translated it reads following:


Aircraft with four on board crashed in the Baltic Sea

Drones are deployed on Monday morning to find the downed private plane with four people on board that crashed into the sea off Latvia. The plane was supposed to have landed in Cologne but continued through Swedish airspace towards the Gulf of Riga.

- The fighter pilots who went up from Germany and Denmark could not see anyone in the cockpit, says Johan Wahlström at the Swedish Maritime and Air Rescue Centre.

The private plane, an Austrian-registered Cessna 551 built in 1979, took off from southernmost Spain at 14.57. According to German Bild, the pilot had received an indication of a problem with the cabin pressure and lost contact with air traffic control somewhere over northeastern France. The paper says that in addition to the pilot, there was a man, a woman and their daughter on board.

As the plane passed Cologne airport
where it was due to land, air traffic control tried to contact the pilot but received no reply. Instead, German fighter jets were sent up and then Danish ones as the plane continued on a straight course out over the Baltic Sea. None of the pilots could see anyone in the cockpit, according to the Maritime and Air Rescue Centre. After passing Cologne, it continued over the German island of Rügen just before 7pm on Sunday. It entered Swedish airspace a short while later, passing south of Gotland and continuing towards the Gulf of Riga.

At 19:35, the plane began to lose altitude and speed.
A few miles off the coast of Latvia, the plane also began to turn sharply. Shortly before 20:00, the plane disappeared from the Flightradar website.

Just before 8pm, the JRCC reported that the plane had disappeared from radar. Later, a Swedish rescue helicopter found wreckage and an oil slick in the water. The crash site is about 4 miles northwest of the Latvian city of Ventspils.

- The site of the accident has now been confirmed. What the next step is is up to Latvia, says Johan Ahlin at JRCC.

At 20:00, the Swedish rescue helicopter
was 15 minutes from the suspected accident site, but then had to go to Ventspils in Latvia to refuel. Latvia had then officially taken over the rescue operation. A few minutes after 21:00, the Swedish operation was interrupted when two Swedish Coast Guard aircraft left the area.

The Latvian Maritime Rescue Centre confirms to DN that it has taken over the search. In an email to DN, the Latvian rescue management writes that they have a total of eight aircraft and ships deployed in the search.

"First on the scene were two of the Swedish Coast Guard's aircraft and the ferry M/S Urd from Stena Line," writes the Latvian Rescue Centre. Urd sails between Nynäshamn and Hanko.

As late as 00:30 on Monday night, no trace of the aircraft had been found by the Latvian aircraft and vessels: - "But wreckage and oil were found early and we know the exact location as well as the time of the crash."

On Monday morning, a specially-equipped drone from the European Maritime Safety Agency in Estonia was deployed in the search. The Swedish Armed Forces are also taking part in the work, but will not comment until their job is completed.

- What I can say is that we are in control and we are doing everything we can," says Lotta Börjesson, on-call communicator at the Swedish Armed Forces. Similar incidents have happened before, but they are rare, says aviation expert Jan Ohlsson. One of them is a drop in cabin air pressure.

- If you don't have proper cabin pressure on board, you gradually lose consciousness without realising it, says Jan Ohlsson.


Some images

i gathered from the Internet according to the airplane type (Cessna 551 built in the year of 1979)



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Here is the data of the plane

Curiously, at Swedish DN, in the images they showed in their article (which I didn't put into my entry above); the plane's registration "OE-FGR" was blurred out for unknown reasons. Which i think is just plain silly... But then there are so many things newspapers do nowadays, which are silly (mildly spoken).

Seems the Cessna OE-FGR registered in Austria ended up spiraling on its fall:

Also, the crash has got a dedicated Wiki page with more details

It seems like the autopilot climbs to 36.000 ft and continues the journey via Poitiers, Paris, Luxemburg to Euskirchen – as it was supposedly saved in the Flight Management System. In Euskirchen, supposedly the pilot wanted to take over for approach into Cologne (15:50 UTC). Since the pilot was seemingly unconscious, the plane just continued in a straight line for the next 1h41m (17:36 UTC) on course 54 degrees. The Cessna then starts descending and turning to right to course 116 degree, seemingly handing for approach at Ventspils International Airport. It is probably that instead the right engine failed and therefore the change of course was initiated. It seems like 3 minutes later (17:39 UTC) the left engine also failed as OE-FGR continued to fly straight forward on 116 degrees before starting to loose speed and altitude (17:40 UTC), eventually crashing (17:42 UTC) in the Baltic Sea. ...

Reportedly 4 people from Germany were on board: the pilot, Peter Griesemann, his wife Juliane, their daughter Lisa (who also has a pilot license) and a friend of the family.

ASN accident database record.
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