Plane Crashes

Lowered standards among the Airline Industry ?
e.g. case of United Airlines Boeing 777-200 - Hawai'i, etc

It is not about a crash - but came close to a crash when an airplane right after start, plummeted 1400 feet in 18 seconds, only 800 feet shy above the surface of the Pacific Ocean on 18 Dec 2022.

I read about it five days ago at, but then decided not to write about it here. Until I just saw an article which brought up, that Tucker Carlsson sounded the alarm that "many people are going to die because of this", in the sense of that the airlines are "increasingly lowering hiring standards for pilots and for air traffic controllers". Aircrash accidents usually appear due to a chain of events combined. I see those mounting...

Another example was a near crash of two airplanes at Austin, Texas Airport on 5 Feb 2023 only 100 feet apart, one aircraft was landing, the other was about to take off. Tucker Carlsson says Houston instead of Austin airport, so i am not sure which one he actually is referring to).

Incident: Fedex B763 and Southwest B737 at Austin on Feb 4th 2023 • loss of separation on runway resolved by go around

Article from The Western Journal, 15 Feb 2023:

By Elizabeth Stauffer • February 15, 2023 at 11:03am

Tucker Carlson Sounds the Alarm: 'Many People Are Going to Die Because of This'​

On Tuesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson drew attention to the dark side of the left’s prioritization of equity over merit in corporate hiring decisions. And nowhere is this growing trend more frightening — and potentially deadly — than in the airline industry.

In the video below, he pointed out that airlines are “dramatically lowering hiring standards for pilots and for air traffic controllers” and warned that “at some point, many people are going to die” as a result.

Carlson described several “near disasters” that have occurred in just the past few months that should have all Americans concerned about the aviation industry’s adoption of these new standards.

Last Wednesday, for example, a United Airlines flight was just about to touch down at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas, when a second plane began taxiing right into its path. The United pilot then “aborted the landing so dramatically that people on board were terrified.”

Carlson read an account of the situation written by a veteran United Airlines pilot in December. He provided some chilling details about the consequences of the airlines’ walk on the woke side.

“[Name redacted] just told me about a B-triple-seven off Maui that almost crashed two nights ago ***.

[ *** Edit: This must be possibly an error. The event happened on 18 Dec 2022, according The Aviation Herald - and here the flight at Also the numbers in the article are a bit sketchy. The airplane went down to 755 feet elevation, not 300 feet above the water said in the article]

About the report filed by the pilots on the flight between Kahului,HI to San Francisco,CA (USA) on 18 Dec 2022

The article continues:

Both pilots became disoriented and pulled out of a dive 300 feet above the water, pulling two and a half G’s. …”

“I’m just home from Denver training center. There are some real horror stories out there about United, but management is hell-bent on just ignoring what is going on. The investigation is still on-going. … but the Captain of the Maui flight was brand new. There was a new-hire First Officer, and my understanding is that we almost lost an airplane for no good reason. Both have been sent back to go through the 4-week course.

“The new-hire first officer on my fleet is a nightmare. It took him 50 hours to get through Initial Operating Experience. Worse yet, talking to his instructor, out of his 25 landings in the simulator, 15 ended up in the dirt. Not one of them was on the centerline of the runway. They said his radio work is like that of a private pilot. He has no situational awareness.

“I’m jump-seating to SFO right now. A United B-triple-seven first officer is next to me. She said the training is totally inadequate for new hires. Her husband helps train them at [United’s in-house training academy] Aviate. He’s constantly asking these kids who come in, ‘has anyone told you what this is?’ Many have no idea what they’re getting into. They’re hiring people straight out of high school now. Zero aviation knowledge or desire. It’s just about the money and adhering to ESG.”

The situation is not unique to United Airlines — it’s happening industry wide.

Carlson cited Southwest Airlines, which has also lowered its hiring standards. Many graduates of their in-house training program, Destination 225, go on to work for Swift Air, “which is under contract from the Biden administration to fly illegal aliens around the country without the American population knowing about it.”

He told viewers that last year, a newly hired Southwest pilot “hit the runway so hard on landing that a crew member was gravely injured.”

Although it’s never a good idea to put equity ahead of merit in any hiring decisions, few would argue this practice makes sense in the airline industry where a minor pilot error could result in the deaths of hundreds of passengers.

Unfortunately, these incidents — the “near misses” — aren’t being reported by the media. I’m pretty sure even liberals are more interested in making it to their destination safely than they are in the race or the gender of the pilot.

My personal thought
went into the direction of a possibility that the combination of pilots facing lowered requirements, lowered medical screening and the fact that most of the are jabbed with Covid 19 injections - which can cause (and does cause for some) neurological damages in the brain - which can proceed very slowly - possibly altering the performance of pilots. Also; not every incident needs to be reported to the NTSB, but stays within the airline (!).

Airlines are already trying to hide that jabbed pilots are posing a safety risk, and supposedly have lowered the medical test standards a little bit so that this doesn't become so obvious (If all pilots would have their blood and hearts tested, it wouldn't look good for the airline, as many wouldn't fulfil the hard medical requirements for the profession as a pilot. Too many would have to leave...

On 8 Dec 2022 at the Corona Investigative Committee Session No 134"Concomitants" the Australian Pilot Captain Alan Dana - former Jetstar pilot for Quantas, was interviewed by the committee about the jabs.

Content (Corona Committee, No 134) :
About the court case of 50 Quantas employees fired for mandates. About the increased sick leave that airlines are currently dealing with and that many pilots are suffering from effects that could be linked to mRNA injections. Evidence of pilots becoming increasingly unable to work while flying and about a List of events that made the news. However, we can only speculate about the reasons....

Sean Sweeney and 4 died after Clinton National Airport plane crash, CTEH victims identified
The identity of the five passengers who were killed in an airplane crash that occurred on Wednesday close to the Clinton National Airport have been confirmed by officials with the science consulting firm CTEH. CTEH officials have verified that all of the victims were working for the company at the time of the incident. Just after noon on Wednesday, officials from the Little Rock Police Department reported that they were responding to a downed jet near the airport and the 3M Little Rock facility.

After a few hours, officials with the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the jet, a twin-engine Beech BE20, had taken off and was headed to John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Ohio. Thursday will mark the beginning of the investigation into the fatal collision that will be conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board.

It is curious. I must say, but there was also bad weather in that area.


What I find fascinating with that massive black cloud coming from a crashed helicopter is, when it is compared with "Flight 93 crash in Shanksville" in 2001 and it's ridiculous small, fluffy, fast ending explosion cloud coming from a "Boeing 757 aircraft"...

Puffy Fluffy, Knock, knock... 🤡 Fireworks at Shanksville 11 Sep 2001 , sold as Crash of a Boeing 757 aircraft

Colombie : quatre questions sur les enfants disparus dans la jungle amazonienne après un crash d'avion​

Le président colombien, Gustavo Petro, a annoncé jeudi le sauvetage des quatre enfants, dont un bébé de 11 mois, avant de se rétracter, faute de confirmation.

Colombia: four questions about missing children in the Amazon jungle after a plane crash
Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced on Thursday the rescue of the four children, including an 11-month-old baby, before retracting for lack of confirmation.
DC Boom Mystery Deepens: Reports Jets Scrambled for Plane Headed to Nation’s Capital; Plane Later Crashed in Rural Virginia
A loud explosion caused panic in the Washington, D.C. area Sunday afternoon. Flight trackers posted images of a private plane on the east coast that over-flew its destination, turned back and headed toward Washington, D.C. That reportedly prompted jets to be scrambled from to intercept the plane. Tracking shows the plane flew over D.C. and crashed in rural Virginia near Staunton.

Annapolis, Maryland officials confirmed a sonic boom took place Sunday afternoon, explaining it was an authorized DOD flight, “The loud boom that was heard across the DMV area was caused by an authorized DOD flight. This flight caused a sonic boom. That is all the information available at this time.”
It appears officials chose to let the plane fly over D.C. without alerting the public and without shooting it down, even with Joe Biden reportedly staying in D.C. this weekend.
DC Boom Mystery Deepens: Reports Jets Scrambled for Plane Headed to Nation’s Capital; Plane Later Crashed in Rural Virginia
One went thud, and another went ba boom. But maybe it was a housing quake after the initial shockwave.🤔

The jet theory

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 16-12-02 Who is John Rumpel Prominent political donor’s ‘entire famil...png
From The Drive, with updates:

A powerful boom and resulting shutter fell across Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas as far as Virginia Beach at around 3:00 P.M. local time on Sunday causing mass confusion and concerns. Residents all over the area reported on social media that their homes shook and that the blast sounded like nothing else they had heard before. Now it appears that a fighter scramble was the culprit.

As always, the good folks over that the Radio Reference forums were listening. According to them, Huntress, the regional air defense sector control, cleared a flight of Vipers to go supersonic over the area.

Latest updates:

ABC News is reporting that officials are telling them the F-16 pilots saw the Citation pilot passed out.
"The jets, which were deployed from Joint Base Andrews, saw that the pilot of the aircraft had passed out, this official said. The plane subsequently crashed."

Official NORAD statement:
TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. – In coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, NORAD F-16 fighter aircraft responded to an unresponsive Cessna 560 Citation V aircraft over Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia on June 4, 2023.

The NORAD aircraft were authorized to travel at supersonic speeds and a sonic boom may have been heard by residents of the region.
During this event, the NORAD aircraft also used flares – which may have been visible to the public – in an attempt to draw attention from the pilot. Flares are employed with highest regard for safety of the intercepted aircraft and people on the ground. Flares burn out quickly and completely and there is no danger to the people on the ground when dispensed.

The civilian aircraft was intercepted at approximately 3:20 p.m. Eastern Time. The pilot was unresponsive and the Cessna subsequently crashed near the George Washington National Forest, Virginia. NORAD attempted to establish contact with the pilot until the aircraft crashed.

2023-06-05 16.44.11 ef0bc24a963c.jpg 2023-06-05 16.44.54 9a408b2e98f8.jpg

Crash d'un avion en Colombie : quatre enfants retrouvés vivants après 40 jours dans la jungle​

Les quatre enfants disparus dans la jungle amazonienne de Colombie depuis le crash le 1er mai du petit avion dans lequel ils voyageaient ont été retrouvés vivants, a annoncé vendredi le président Gustavo Petro.

Plane crash in Colombia: four children found alive after 40 days in the jungle
The four children missing in the Amazon jungle of Colombia since the crash on May 1 of the small plane in which they were traveling have been found alive, President Gustavo Petro announced on Friday.
Recent aviation activities with two weather-related and one air crash today in Columbia.

Passengers Hospitalised After Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 Hits Severe Turbulence
Published July 1, 2023
Three passengers went to hospital and several more suffered injuries.
Three passengers onboard a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu to Sydney were hospitalized following a bout of severe turbulence. The plane made it safely to its destination and passed an inspection before operating the return leg.

Hawaiian Airlines A330 suffers bad turbulence

Hawaiian Airlines Flight HA451 from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) to Sydney Airport (SYD) departed Honolulu at 13:24 with 163 passengers and 12 crew onboard. Around five hours into its journey, the Airbus A330 encountered "unexpected severe turbulence" above the South Pacific Ocean, causing injury to multiple passengers and crew. A doctor who happened to be on the flight treated several individuals, who were also given ice packs for their heads.

A spokesperson for Hawaiian Airlines told 7NEWS,
"(The) service from Honolulu to Sydney encountered unexpected severe turbulence. Four passengers and three flight attendants were initially treated by a doctor onboard and our crew members, in consultation with physicians on the ground."

Upon arrival in Sydney, 12 people were assessed by NSW Ambulance medical teams, with three of these passengers subsequently taken to hospital. The turbulence coincided with strong winds in Sydney on Friday and Saturday, which led to hundreds of flight cancelations and the shutdown of one of Sydney's runways.

Passengers hit the roof

According to one passenger on the flight, travelers were thrown out of their seats onto the roof. Unfortunately, it seems the sudden onslaught of turbulence didn't give the crew enough time to advise passengers to buckle their seatbelts.

Melissa Matheson, traveling with her husband and two children, told the Sydney Morning Herald,

"There were a lot of people who weren’t wearing seatbelts, and so they just flew up. I did see a couple of crew running back and forth with sick bags, probably because of the shock and the adrenaline rush of it."

Plane escapes unscathed

Given the severe nature of the turbulence, the affected aircraft (registration: N379HA) underwent a "thorough inspection" before it was deemed airworthy to operate the return leg to Honolulu.

A spokesperson for the airline said,
"We conducted a thorough inspection of the aircraft before boarding HA452, which departed Sydney to Honolulu at approximately 10.30 pm local time."

It is extremely rare for turbulence to directly cause a plane accident, but it has happened - BOAC Flight 911 in March 1966 disintegrated in midair after encountering severe turbulence over Mount Fuji, Japan, although pre-existing structural weaknesses on the Boeing 707 may have also been a contributing factor. Turbulence has also caused the deaths of several passengers over the decades - deaths from turbulence are more common on private jets, with NTSB data showing 38 people have died on private jets due to turbulence since 2009.

Were you onboard Flight HA451 from Honolulu to Sydney on Friday? What is the worst turbulence you have ever experienced? Let us know your stories in the comments.

Source: 7NEWS, Sydney Morning Herald

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