Putin giving away free land in the Far East?


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As a result of the topsy-turvy apartheid in South Africa, this is the latest development. And smart move by Russia again:

Russia Welcomes Afrikaners: 15000 Boers Plan To Move To Russia From South Africa
And with the US succumbing to madness and crumbling in on itself, same happening in Europe, with additional factors (wonder where all the left over Jihadis from the Middle East are gonna end up?), it's starting to look like Russia is gonna be the last refuge available. Yikes!


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Yeah, white westerners will be next migrants ! :nuts:
I looked at:
For Christians Interested in Moving to Russia: Here Are Your Options
They explain what prices are of some houses are. And the article begins:
Escaping the decadence of the west, a number of families are relocating to Russia, seeking rest in a country which welcomes traditional family values. And in most cases, relocating means purchasing a home. In Russia, an exquisite home can be purchased for hundreds of thousands of dollars, while "fixer-upper" homes can sometimes be purchased for less than $5,000
In the same blog there was an article about why a Christian American decided to move:
The Story of a US Christian Who Moved to Russia to Save His Children from Moral Decay
These people however have a network, because most are Orthodox Christians.
I hope Russia will not do the same mistakes as Western countries: calling for millions of foreigners after WWII in order to construct the country (Algerians, Moroccans, Portuguese, spanish, essentially in France / Turkish, Greek, yougoslavians, essentially in Germany / Pakitanis, Indians in GB, etc) and never stopping immigration even when working force was no more needed.
Morever these western countries didn't select migrants: they accepted (and still accept) even extremist religious people, they don't search for values compatible with those of the hosting country.


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Personally I don't think that something like this is going to happen. Russia is far from Germany's situation after the WWII, yes? Besides, there is already a continuous immigration of "the worker force", so to say, from the neighboring countries that Russian officials try to keep manageable.

On the other hand, Russia is a multinational country, and probably would be able and willing to accept those, who can contribute to its development, and if they are also collinear with the Russian people's values. :-)
Colinear values is the key.
It's relieving to see a country strong and rich of it's own and others' experiences. I'm always surprised how Russia has succeded in standing up after so huge and multiples difficulties (wars, economic collapse, political parasits, etc) . Congrats to Russia!
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