Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

If you look at the rose rectangles in the image, there are a few Russian words and abbreviations, but what do they mean? The next exercise was not always easy, but if you ever need to try, the examples might give and idea how to get started.
This guy has a Patreon channel for "secret"-info, but maintains an almost daily military intelligence video updates series as well. Taking tactical info from multiple sources - Ukrainian and Russian and Telegram - he lays out, how the combat progresses. He also has an excel table on G-gle detailing exactly what Ukrainian troops lost how much and where they are now, what changes affected them.

The daily progress is slow, but promising. There will be major geopolitical events, after Donbas full liberation, I think. The first igniter / necessary component for these events to start - I think - was the liberation of Azovstal. The second and last component is fixing Donbass.

More on this later - as military results manifest - and we'll most likely have new sessions as well, as both processes go in sync / hand in hand.
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This is interesting, I was following her for years:
I don't buy her basic message to Putin, however. The Serbian armaments part adds up, ok. But when I read a specific name for Putin to get in touch with for a list, my mind balked. Maybe it is a code word but that seemed a bit far-fetched.

I've been reading dowsing books, the wonderful older Lethbridge one but also a Dennis Wheatley book, The Essential Dowsing Book. The book is an excellent historic overview of dowsing as well as a list of the many aspects of life where dowsing has been researched and practiced. Wheatley writes:

"In the old Soviet Union, dowsing was taken even more seriously, and a master's degree in dowsing could be obtained from several universities. There the term "dowsing" was replaced by the terms "bioplasmic method," and dowsers were called "operators." The Russian operators, in particular, were astounded that dowsing was not highly regarded in the western world. Only recently has Cambridge University accepted that water dowsing works, and this after years of skepticism."

I expect dowsing and other bioplasmic methods are helpful if Russia still applies them, and why not. The accuracy of any report might be assessed by dowser along with the direct intelligence that would be amassed all the time. At least that's my supposition. Good dowsers would pick out the truth or falsity quite reliably, I believe.
Found an interesting substack article about how the identify of Ukraine was manufactured by rival geopolitical actors, namely Poland and Austria, but later Bolsheviks and their Western backers.

Of interesting note was the schizo historian Mykhailo Hrushevsky, who received a subsidy by Austria to live in Lviv and to construct a whole-cloth national myth around Ukraine and Galacia, as a means to rebuff any Russian and Polish claims to territory; this charade extended even to the invention of "Ukranian words" in the propaganda newspaper published with the same goals in mind. What's interesting is that this man was even invited by the Soviets to lead public education of the new Ukranian Soviet Socialist Republic: giving education only in the Ukrainian language and only with textbooks approved by Hrushevsky.

The campaign in the state apparatus was no less rigid. Officials of ministries and departments, including those distant from ideology, associated with agriculture, for example, were obliged to learn and use the Ukrainian language at work. Ignorance of the language, and especially unwillingness to learn it, was punishable by dismissal from service. Interestingly, the number of those fired was quite high. In other words, many people still resisted Ukrainianization.

But not everyone resisted, of course. There were many chameleon officials in the Communist Party. For example, Leonid Brezhnev, the future leader of the USSR during the Cold War, indicated his ethnic origin as "Ukrainian" in some questionnaires and "Russian" in others. This proved, by the way, that there was no way to distinguish a "real Ukrainian" from a "real Russian" at the household level.

Seems like there were opportunists afoot in the early Soviet days even then, taking advantage of the ponerized environment to sow what can only be called ethnognic propaganda... in the middle of an allegedly international worker's revolution, no less. Stalin eventually issued the abandoment of this education policy because he found the newfangled Ukrainian language was not technically proficient enough:

Stalin, convinced that Ukrainianization simply does not allow to graduate literate, technically proficient people (most of the scientific and technical literature always remained in Russian in the USSR), began to limit it. The study of the Russian language became compulsory. The enthusiastic propagandists of Ukrainianism began to be persecuted as "bourgeois nationalists.

However, even after this turn, the official Soviet regime strenuously imitated the existence of an independent, separate from Russia, but "brotherly" Ukraine. Ukraine was given a seat in the UN separate from the USSR (the Russian Federation was not). In the Moscow subway, a "Kievskaya" station was built, whose mosaics created a peculiar iconography of "Ukrainian history.

Sure is hard to make sense of things sometimes without an understanding hyperdimensional realities. To this day Mykhailo Hrushevsky is on the $50 Hryvnia note of the Ukrainian currency, and is regarded as the intellectual father of the country going by Wikipedia:
Mykhailo Serhiiovych Hrushevsky (Ukrainian: Михайло Сергійович Грушевський, Chełm, 29 September [O.S. 17 September] 1866 – Kislovodsk, 24 November 1934) was a Ukrainian academician, politician, historian and statesman who was one of the most important figures of the Ukrainian national revival of the early 20th century. He is often considered the country's greatest modern historian, the foremost organiser of scholarship, the leader of the pre-revolution Ukrainian national movement, the head of the Central Rada (Ukraine's 1917–1918 revolutionary parliament), and a leading cultural figure in the Ukrainian SSR during the 1920s.
As if it's not news anymore, but still an official statement

August 2, 14:22,
updated August 2, 15:20
Military operation in Ukraine
The Ministry of Defense announced evidence of direct involvement of the United States in the fighting in Ukraine

The Russian ministry reported that Moscow will take into account Kiev's coordination with Washington of targets before the HIMARS strike
MOSCOW, August 2. /tass/. Washington's approval of each target before the HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) strikes in Ukraine proves that the United States is directly involved in the conflict, despite the statements of the White House and the Pentagon. This was reported to journalists on Tuesday by the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

He recalled that the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Military Department of Ukraine, General Vadim Skibitsky, told The Telegraph that before launching HIMARS missiles, consultations are underway between representatives of the intelligence services of Ukraine and the United States, which allow Washington to stop any attacks if they are dissatisfied with the intended target.

"All this irrefutably proves that Washington, contrary to the statements of the White House and the Pentagon, is directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine," Konashenkov said, adding that the Russian Defense Ministry has recorded and takes into account this official recognition for the future.

Blows in Elenovka
The strikes on Ukrainian prisoners of war in Yelenovka were planned by the regime of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and approved by Washington, no one in Ukraine or in the world should have doubts about this anymore, Konashenkov said.

"No one else in Ukraine and in the world should have any doubts that HIMARS missile strikes on Novaya Kakhovka on July 12, on Stakhanov on July 17, on Krasniy Luch on July 24, dozens of missile strikes on Donetsk and, of course, a strike on July 29 on the detention center in Elenovka, which killed 50 and injured 73 The Ukrainian prisoners of war were planned by the Zelensky regime and approved by Washington," he said.

According to Konashenkov, political, criminal and moral responsibility for the attack on the colony with Ukrainian prisoners of war in Yelenovka and other war crimes in Ukraine, together with Zelensky, is directly borne by the Biden administration.

Earlier at a briefing, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commenting on Skibitsky's interview, said that the supply of weapons by the United States to Ukraine is accompanied not only by instruction, but also by the performance of the function of gunners.
Across the line in Poland, recently Sting sang to the masses:

The 70-year-old denounced the war, noting he believes it is based on a lie perpetuated by the Russian government and urged those in attendance not to "swallow" such mistruths.
The star was met with thunderous applause during the event...
Had recalled that his daddy was a useful CIA man.

Sting is selling tickets.
Across the line in Poland, recently Sting sang to the masses:
"democry-cy in grave danger of being lost unless we defend it."
Sting surely meant the Child-SexSlave-Grooming-Ukrainian Democracy for the Pedo Psychopaths, how the trillionaires have their kiddo-market in grave danger now they'll have difficulty cattle-branding and importing children from Ukraine. These underage slaves surely also serve as Happy Child-Blood & Organ Donors as well. At least the business was booming, until Russia stepped in to stop it. We know how famous singers are connected to Hollywoods Satanic Abuse Cults. Beyonce admitted she is connected to black magic and she is possessed by the demon Sasha Fierce on stage to help her perform.. Since then she hastily tried to damage control as probably parents of her fans weren't too happy about her satanism, so she tried to deny, that her demonic possession is over now...

How glorious these singers are!
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Deadly Blaze Engulfs 'Amazon Of Russia' Warehouse Near Moscow, Deemed "Suspected Arson"

Zerohedge, Newsweek, USNews
A huge out of control fire is ripping through a large warehouse of a popular Russian retailer (Ozon) near Moscow on Wednesday.....State RIA is reporting that an investigation into the cause is ongoing, and that arson is suspected......E-commerce giant Ozon has been dubbed the "Amazon of Russia" - being the largest supplier of the region. Newsweek details that "Ozon is Russia's oldest online store and the second largest marketplace in the country."

"The incident in Istra, located some 25 miles from Moscow, is the latest of a series of mysterious blazes reported in Russia since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24," Newsweek noted further.

For example in April, a massive fire broke out at Russia's Air-Space Defense Research Institute in Tver, fueling suspicions of sabotage related to the Ukraine war. That same week, the Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant also went up in flames. Multiple people had been reported killed and injured in the mysterious facility fires in April.
Deadly Blaze Engulfs 'Amazon Of Russia' Warehouse Near Moscow, Deemed "Suspected Arson"
It seems to me that to entwine all the incident in Russia to the Ukrainian events is still too much. Even if the arson will be confirmed in this case, then most likely it is not connected with Ukraine in any way. We have our own internal squabbles here. On this occasion, we can say that the fire is large - 50,000 square meters, 1 dead, 13 injured, but... OZONE said the fire would not affect trade in any way. Compensation has been promised to all victims and goods will be delivered to all buyers from other warehouses.

Думается мне, что приплетать все происшествия в России к Украинским событиям это все таки перебор. Даже если в данном случае подтвердится поджог, то скорее всего с украиной он не связан никаким боком. У нас тут и своих внутренних разборок хватает. По данному случаю можно сказать, что пожар крупный- 50000 квадратных метров, 1 погибший, 13 пострадавших, но... ОЗОН заявил, что пожар никак не скажется на торговле. Всем пострадавшим обещана компенсация а всем покупателям товары доставят с других складов.
How streamlined and slippery he is, like a slug, but thank him for at least reacting like that

Guterres condemned Kiev's use of Petal mines and urged not to harm civilians
03.08.2022 20:38

Earlier, the permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN circulated a letter to the Security Council about the use of anti-personnel mines by Kiev "Petal" against the civilian population in the Donbass

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, against the background of Kiev's use of Petal anti-personnel mines, called on the parties in Ukraine not to harm civilians.

Ukrainian troops fired a rocket-propelled cluster shell with banned anti-personnel mines "Petal" at the center of Donetsk.

The special insidiousness of the "Petal" is that because of its unusual shape, people who know nothing about mines may not recognize it as a dangerous object.

"I do not have specific data on the aspect to which you refer (the letter of the mission of the Russian Federation). The only thing we always say is that the protection of civilians is a key element in any conflict, and all parties should refrain from actions that put the lives of civilians at risk," Guterres said.

Oh! And who is awake?! Only 8 years of lethargy and now. And what happened, did they eat something wrong?
03:36 04.08.2022 (updated: 03:38 04.08.2022)

Amnesty International accused Ukraine of violating international law
Amnesty International: Ukraine violates international law by placing equipment in cities

MOSCOW, Aug 4 - RIA Novosti. Ukrainian troops violate international legal norms and military law by placing weapons in schools and hospitals in cities and putting civilians at risk, according to a report by the human rights organization Amnesty International.
"We have documented cases when Ukrainian forces put civilians at risk and violated military law when operating in populated areas... Being in a defensive position does not exempt the Ukrainian military from compliance with international humanitarian law," the report quotes the words of the Secretary General of the organization Agnes Calamar.
According to the report, the Ukrainian forces "are harming the civilian population... using weapons systems in populated areas, including schools and hospitals." The report notes that in this way not only military law is violated, but also international humanitarian law.
Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization. Its mission "is to conduct research and take measures aimed at preventing and eradicating gross violations of human rights."
The organization receives funding from a number of Governments and international structures. Among them are the US State Department, the British authorities, and the European Commission. According to media reports, American billionaire George Soros also allocates substantial funds to Amnesty International through his Open Society Foundation.
Amnesty International обвинила Украину в нарушении международного права
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