Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

Sky News throwing Zelensky, the Azov battalion as well as Kamal Harris under the bus.

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"Three large American multinationals bought 17 million hectares of Ukrainian agricultural land.

These are Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto (which is officially German-Australian but with American capital). Five percent of Ukrainian agricultural land was subsequently purchased by the Chinese state. For comparison, the whole of Italy has 16.7 million hectares of agricultural land.

In short, three American companies bought more useful agricultural land in Ukraine than the whole of Italy.

Among the main shareholders of these three companies are Vanguard, Blackrock, Blackstone.

The usual suspects again… 🤮🤮🤮"

À qui profite vraiment la création d'un marché des terres en Ukraine ? – ritimo
While the situation with Himars is not improving

A volley strike by an entire battery of MLRS Himars was caught on video
Ukrainian troops struck 24 Himars MLRS at once, using an entire battery to attack.

Despite very serious losses among the American MLRS Himars put into service by the AFU (according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, 6 out of 16 installations were destroyed, – editor's note), the Ukrainian military strikes with whole batteries of these weapons. This is evidenced by the relevant video footage published by the Ukrainian army. The video footage shows a simultaneous strike by 24 M30/ M31 missiles at once, which today is the first evidence of the formation of batteries of these weapons and the application of massive strikes from one direction.

On the video footage, you can see that the Himars MLRS battery is deployed for combat use right in the middle of the day, although previously the Ukrainian military used these weapons exclusively at night, probably in order to avoid detecting the position, which is also very unusual.

According to sources, the video footage was shot in the Mykolaiv-Krivoy Rog direction. This indicates the fact that the current direction is a priority for the Ukrainian troops.

Earlier, the United States announced that another 25-30 Himars multiple launch rocket systems could be transferred to Ukraine, bringing the total number of systems of this type, including M270 MLRS, to 50-60 units.
Залповый удар целой батареей РСЗО Himars попал на видео

And what are they all hoping for? With three and four planes, nothing can be radically changed, except for relationships. Well, then let them not be offended, it will come to everyone.

Azerbaijan handed over three MiG-29 fighters to the Ukrainian Air Force
Three Azerbaijani MiG-29 fighters were in service with the Ukrainian Air Force.

This became known after journalists began to study the situation with the transfer of QFAB-250 corrected aerial bombs to Ukraine. Officially, the armament of Ukraine was not advertised in Baku, however, as it turned out, combat aircraft were delivered to Ukraine along with the corresponding weapons. Moreover, apparently, these fighters had previously taken part in combat operations in Karabakh, as they had been repaired and restored relatively recently.

As it became known, we are talking about fighters that were previously transferred by Azerbaijan to Ukraine for comprehensive maintenance. Nevertheless, as it turned out, the planes were not supposed to be repaired at all – the latter were only repainted in the appropriate colors of the Ukrainian Air Force and began to be used in February.

"At least 3 Azerbaijani MiG-29 fighters were transferred to Ukraine and were repaired and repainted in camouflage by the Ukrainian Air Force at the Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant before the start of the Russian special military operation. The hangar was attacked in February, but the planes were already in use," the Caucasus War Report reports.

In the photos presented, you can see how the fighters of the Azerbaijani Air Force were repainted in Ukrainian camouflage. At the same time, it remains unknown whether these combat aircraft are still in operation by the Ukrainian Air Force or have already been lost.
Азербайджан передал ВВС Украины три истребителя МиГ-29

A former Russian ally handed over 4 Su-25 attack aircraft to Ukraine
The Ukrainian Air Force received 4 Su-25 attack aircraft from a former Russian ally.

This happened against the background of a serious shortage of combat aircraft in the ranks of the Ukrainian Air Force, and, what is very remarkable, we are talking about allegedly decommissioned Su-25 attack aircraft 18 years ago, which indicates that the fact of decommissioning combat aircraft is carried out exclusively formally, especially if we take into account the fact that Ukraine has received fully serviced and combat-ready combat aircraft.

As it turned out, the planes were transferred to the Ukrainian Air Force by a former Russian ally, which was previously actively supported by Moscow during the political crisis. We are talking about Northern Macedonia, which a little earlier also provided Ukraine with a whole battalion of T-72A1 tanks, according to a number of media outlets, transferred by the Russian side to the armament of Northern Macedonia in 2000, absolutely free of charge. According to some reports, the Su-25 attack aircraft were transferred to the Ukrainian military along with ammunition for these combat aircraft, however, their number is relatively small.

Given that this is not the first time that North Macedonia has armed Ukraine, the Russian side may well take very serious measures against this country, despite the once friendly relations, however, so far no official statements on this matter have been made by Moscow.
Бывший российский союзник передал Украине 4 штурмовика Су-25

А эти все на что надеются? Тремя и четырьмя самолетами ничего кардинально изменить, кроме отношений нельзя. Ну потом пусть не обижаются, до всех ход дойдет.

China weighs in on ‘strategic cooperation’ with Russia​

“Russia has been consistently upholding the ‘one-China’ principle, standing against any encroachments on our country’s sovereignty,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said after talks with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov in Cambodia on Friday."

“Beijing is ready to strengthen strategic cooperation with the Russian Federation so we could more effectively defend an international system where the UN would play the key role,"

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Russia expels Bulgarian diplomats​

"Moscow has summoned the Bulgarian ambassador to announce its response to the expulsion of Russian foreign embassy workers. In a statement posted on Friday, Moscow says it has declared 14 Bulgarian embassy and consulate workers “persona non grata.”

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Zelensky Accuses EU Of Stalling €8 Billion In Aid: "Either A Crime Or Mistake"​

"Zelensky blames a European country, which he doesn't want to name, for suspending 8 billion Euros of financial aid to Ukraine."

"Let's believe that this is still a mistake," he adds menacingly. "And that it will be corrected." 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/liL13y5fW4

— from_kherson (@KhersonFrom) August 5, 2022

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As "normal" terrorists, the worse, the better, and they don't care that this is their native land, that their native people are around.

Ukrainian formations continue to shell the Zaporozhye NPP
The military-civil Administration of Energodar reports that armed formations of Ukrainian radicals have once again shelled the territory of the Zaporozhye NPP, a fire broke out on the spot, two power lines necessary for the operation of power units were cut off.

"Today, during the shift shift of the employees of the NPP, about 15 hours, from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian criminal regime, nationalist units carried out artillery shelling of the territory of the NPP. As a result of the terrorist act, two power transmission lines were cut off, supplying electricity to an open switchgear with a capacity of 750 kW, necessary to provide energy and safe operation of the power units of the Zaporozhye NPP. Currently, a fire has broken out at the site of the shelling, which was extinguished by the employees of the fire special unit," the telegram channel of the CAA says.

The CAA clarified that it is not yet possible to start localizing the fire due to the fact that the broken power lines are energized and the probability of precipitation is high. The management of the CAA of the city of Energodar and the Zaporozhye region are taking measures to normalize the operation of the nuclear power plant as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, two hours later, Ukrainian armed formations again launched an artillery strike on the Zaporozhye NPP. "Despite the catastrophic consequences that damage to the nuclear power plant can lead to, the nationalists continue to fire on the territory of the Zaporozhye NPP. Two hours after the first strike from the opposite bank of the Dnieper, a repeated artillery shelling of the NPP was carried out. This time the nationalists managed to achieve their goal, artillery shells hit the industrial site of the nuclear power plant. The nature and scale of the damage as a result of the crime committed by the Ukrainian military is being clarified," the administration reports.

The authorities believe that the APU purposefully hit the power lines on the territory next to the Zaporozhye NPP to try to create a man-made threat.

"Naturally, it is not the station itself that is on fire, but the surrounding area. Two power transmission lines that lead to an open switchgear have been cut off — this is exactly the energy supply necessary for the safe operation of the power units of the Zaporozhye NPP. The blow is clearly verified. They were beaten in order to try to cause a man-made catastrophe. In fact, this is a terrorist act without any double definitions, because they knew perfectly well that this is not a military facility. And if we recall the words of a former member of the board of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine, Olga Kosharna, she demanded to attack the Zaporozhye NPP and take it under control, that is, people who should be responsible for safety are calling for something else," Rogov said.

The authorities of the liberated territory of the Zaporizhia region will properly document the fact of the strike inflicted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on power transmission lines near the NPP in Energodar for the transfer of evidence to the International Atomic Energy Agency, he said.

"We see that the number of strikes by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Zaporozhye NPP today is already in the tens, if we take attack drones, artillery, MLRS. Either the IAEA has to intervene, or we will get a real catastrophe. This is their area of responsibility, and they should, or rather they are obliged to assess what is happening. We will properly record all the consequences of this strike in order to provide the IAEA with reasoned evidence of this fact," Rogov said.

Zaporozhye NPP is the largest in Europe, it produced a quarter of all electricity in Ukraine, its capacity is about 6 thousand megawatts, it consists of six power units. Since 1996, the Zaporizhia NPP has been a separate subdivision of the national nuclear power generating company Energoatom, controlled by Ukraine. In March 2022, the facility was taken under control by Russian forces. Now the NPP is operating at 70% of full capacity, since there is an overabundance of electricity produced in the liberated territory of the Zaporozhye region, in the future it is planned to arrange its supply to the Crimea.
Украинские формирования продолжают обстреливать Запорожскую АЭС

Как "нормальные" террористы- чем хуже, тем лучше и плевать им, что это родная для них земля, что вокруг родной народ.
Had placed this over here when it was meant for this thread, so this is cross posted:

The subject is Propaganda, and Miller's theme here before the American Freedom Alliance, which starts with a review of the film contagion - priming people "for this" now, however the implications are on tyranny in its various forms, as is the historical discussion itself.

This could be in 101 different threads, but "this one is unlike others" as the left has "functioned as the spear tip of all this."

Mark says, propaganda is at root an Anglo American invention. Propaganda "wants no argument." It is crisis propaganda now - Covid, BLM, truckers, Ukraine, race and gender (he has spoken before on AGW), and on and on backwards and forwards with the agencies easily moving politically motivated leaning camps (here the left primarily) to where they want them to go.

His ending is a good message for us all.

August 3rd, 2022

Dr. Mark Crispin Miller: Propaganda Overview and Flashpoints - Rumble

Mark Crispin Miller – his is a name you might not be familiar with but you may well know his work. Mark Crispin Miller is a Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. He is the author of several books and editor of several others. He wrote the superb forward to the iconic book PROPAGANDA by Edward Bernays, and in recent years his hard-hitting investigations and analyses into current-day propagandizing, deceit, deceptions and overall totalitarian underhandedness have been must-reads. His substack, News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller and website are among the best on this topic. Outspoken, truth-oriented, freedom-defending, Dr. Miller is a welcome addition to our roster.
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