Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

They have a "funny" war there. Ukrops regularly try to kill their own when they are captured. Now a Frenchman has got caught- and his will will be finished off, he's not from another dough. Previously, corpses the severed heads and arms had been found several times (including in Mariupol) so that it was impossible to identify them.
If the Russians treat this Frenchman, maybe he will tell something interesting.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to finish off a French officer who was captured by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Details have become known about a French officer who was captured by Russia in the Kleshcheyevka area of the DPR. According to the Telegram channel "SVO Reports and Analytics (Reserve)", the man was wounded in the leg, after which they tried to finish him off right on the battlefield.
"By the nature of the wounds, it is clear that they tried to finish him off, wounded in the leg, with a shot to the heart. But he was lucky," the message says.

The capture of the "officer of the French Legion" is also reported by "Military Affairs". According to the Telegram channel, his condition is assessed as very serious, doctors are trying to save his life.

"Reports and Analytics of the SVO (Reserve)" calls the prisoner "an instructor of the French military legion." From this wording, as well as from the message of "Military Affairs", it is impossible to draw an unambiguous conclusion whether the prisoner is an ordinary mercenary or a career officer of the French Foreign Legion, which is a unit of the French Armed Forces.

Earlier there were reports that France had secretly sent soldiers of its Foreign Legion to Ukraine. There is no official confirmation of these data, Paris has denied publications in the media.
Военкоры: ВСУ пытались добить французского офицера, попавшего в плен ВС РФ - Российская газета

"Веселая" у них там войнушка. Укропы регулярно пытаются убивать своих при попадании их в плен. Теперь попался француз- и его укропы добьют, он же не из другого теста. Раньше уже неоднократно (в т.ч. в Мариуполе) попадались трупы с отрезанными головами и руками, чтобы невозможно было опознать.
Если русские этого француза подлечат, может он чего-нибудь интересного расскажет.
I have a feeling that the talking heads in the West do not understand the meaning of the words they say, or they have such strict "manuals" from the puppeteers that if they do not pronounce the required word now, they will not receive a salary. The word dead end is obviously in fashion now. This word is pronounced by everyone in a row to the place and out of place. For example, the Swedish commander-in-chief says that Russia can fight as much as it wants with the implication that Ukraine cannot do the same at all and immediately talks about a deadlock in the war. But for God's sake, what kind of a dead end is this? You can call it anything, like the word we discussed here, but it's not a dead end at all.
The Commander-in-Chief of the Swedish Armed Forces yesterday announced the prospects of war in Ukraine. In his opinion, Russia has embarked on a military track and can continue the war for as long as it wants, unlike Ukraine. Mikael Bedene cited simple facts - Russia produces more shells and equipment than the West can supply to the Armed Forces. The war has reached a dead end.

Oh, those indefatigable ukrops-stealers! They won't calm down in any way! One minute they show us that in Kramatorsk, where the war will come in about a month, they are shifting asphalt on the streets, then in Kharkov, which is 15-20 kilometers away from the Russians, they have conceived a grandiose construction. I wonder if they will find "investors" for such a tempting project? If they suddenly find such idiots, which I cannot rule out, then the result will be well-known - 224 million will be distributed in the right pockets, for 1 million they will dig some kind of ditch.
In Kharkiv, they want to build an underground city for $ 225 million. The mayor of the city, Igor Terekhov, included schools, clinics, shopping centers and coworking in the project. A total of 236,000 sq. m. meters. They are looking for an investor for the project, there is no money!
24.05.2024 Массированная атака Крыма ночь. Последние новости с Украины: Тяжелые бои на всех направлениях: Волчанск, Харьков (19 видео)

У меня возникает ощущение, что говорящие головы на западе не понимают смысла слов, которые они говорят либо у них настолько строгие "методички" от кукловодов, что если они не произнесут требуемого нынче слова, то они не получат зарплату. Сейчас очевидно в моде слово тупик. Это слово произносят все подряд к месту и не к месту. Вот, например шведский главнокомандующий говорит о том, что Россия может сражаться сколько угодно с подтекстом, что Украина совсем не может делать того же и тут же говорит про тупик в войне. Но помилуйте, какой же это тупик? Это можно назвать как угодно, например таким словом, которое мы обсуждали здесь, но это вовсе не тупик.
Ох уж эти неутомимые укропские крадуны! Никак они не угомонятся! То нам показывают, что в Краматорске, куда война придет примерно через месяц, перекладывают асфальт на улицах, то вот в Харькове, до которого русским осталось километров 50-60, задумали грандиозное строительство. Мне интересно найдут ли они "инвесторов" под такой заманчивый проект? Если они вдруг найдут таких идиотов, чего я не могу исключить, то результат будет известный- 224 млн рассуют по нужным карманам, за 1 млн выроют какую-нибудь канаву.
If ukrops managed to damage this station, then this is a serious violation of Russia's strategic security.
Voronezh-DM strategic radar station attacked in Armavir
Reporters of the Reporter edition published footage of damage caused to the strategic long-range radar station of the Voronezh-DM Missile Attack Warning System (SPRN) in Armavir. The station, which monitors the operational situation in the sky over the southern part of Russia, was attacked on the night of May 23.

Judging by the nature of the damage, the object was attacked by a Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or was hit by its debris as a result of interception. The published footage shows that both radar buildings were damaged. Ukrainian media claim that the attack was carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Voronezh-DM station was built from 2009 to 2013 and is capable of detecting space and aerodynamic targets at a distance of up to 600 km. In total, there are less than ten such complexes on the territory of Russia, each of which is actually unique. Despite the damage caused, they do not look too serious, which suggests a possible restoration of the efficiency of the SPRN complex.

To date, no official statements have been made in this regard.
В Армавире атакована стратегическая радиолокационная станция «Воронеж-ДМ»

Ukrops finally came to their senses and realized that the "holy" American miracle weapon was quickly turning into scrap metal and decided to put their hands on it. Interestingly, they used the old Soviet dynamic protection Kontakt-1 to refine it, and not their own Nozh, which is considered very good protection in modern conditions and in any case better than Contact.
In Ukraine, they began to install "mangals" on American Abrams tanks
For the first time, an American M1A1 Abrams tank was seen on the territory of Ukraine, which is distinguished by a non-standard protection configuration. The tank is equipped not only with the standard ARAT dynamic protection kit (Abrams Reactive Armor Tiles), but also with additional Soviet dynamic protection units "Kontakt-1". In addition, the tank has anti—cumulative screens and a so-called "mangal" - a mesh structure designed for additional protection from cumulative ammunition.
The appearance of such tanks is primarily due to the vulnerability of the latter to unmanned aerial vehicles and ATGMs, which have already burned several American combat vehicles, demonstrating the serious vulnerability of the latter to relatively cheap weapons.
На Украине начали устанавливать "мангалы" на американские танки Abrams

This is not the first case, but it cannot be said that such phenomena occur en masse, i.e. many ukrops are captured, but this does not happen often together with technology.
The Ukrainian military stole a tank from the Ukrainian Armed Forces and surrendered to Russian servicemen
An unexpected incident occurred in the Donetsk direction: The Ukrainian military hijacked a tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and defected to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (AF RF).

According to information provided by the Russian military, the Ukrainian tanker had agreed in advance with the Russian fighters about the transition. At the moment of approaching the positions of the Russian Armed Forces, he raised the barrel of the tank high up to identify himself and avoid fire from Russian troops. This gesture was a signal of his peaceful intentions and readiness to surrender.

The case became a high-profile event, however, official comments from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation regarding the information announced on the Web have not yet appeared.
Украинский военный угнал у ВСУ танк и сдался российским военнослужащим

Если укропам удалось повредить эту станцию, то это серьезное нарушение стратегической безопасности России.
Укропы наконец то очухались и поняли, что "святое" американское чудо-оружие через чур быстро превращается в металлолом и решили приложить к нему свои руки. Интересно, что для доработки они применили старую советскую динамическую защиту Контакт-1, а не их собственную Нож, которую считают очень не плохой защитой в современных условиях и уж во всяком случае лучше, чем Контакт.
Такой случай уже не первый, но и нельзя сказать, что подобные явления происходят массово, т.е. в плен сдается много укропов, но вот чтобы вместе с техникой, это происходит не часто.
If ukrops managed to damage this station, then this is a serious violation of Russia's strategic security.
The first 10 minutes and especially the segment from 5-10 minutes of the Friday evening upload from the Military Summary channel, "The Bloom | NATO Raises The Stakes | Coup In Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.05.24" which discusses the consequences of the NATO-advised destruction, launched from the area of Ukraine, of key structures inside Russia that are part of Russia's strategic defense capabilities.

See also the upload from this morning, 0:55 to 2:50 in "Strikes On Russia's Strategic Defense Objects Will Only Intensify | Military Summary For 2024.05.25"
A Russian senator has commented on the development, Ukraine attacked key element of Russia's nuclear umbrella — Russian senator
We continue to move forward slowly.
The "Brave" liberated Umanskoye, advancing beyond Avdiivka.

► "Russian troops captured Umanskoye in the Avdiivka direction," the DS analytical resource working for the GUR admits in a summary.

► "The Uman (Avdeev direction) has been captured by the Russians," other enemy resources write.

► "Russians also have advances towards Novopokrovsky, Sokol, Kalinovka and Novoalexandrovka."

The Russian Army completes the liberation of Berestovoye in the Kupyansk direction
The main enemy forces have already been driven out of the village at the Kupyansk-Svatovsky site, and a sweep is underway.

A day earlier, Ukrainian military analysts reported that Russian infantry had advanced up to 550 meters along Tsentralnaya Street, occupying half of the village and gaining a foothold there.

Also, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation advanced to Stelmakhovka to the east.

A long sitrep from Simplicius. Another step up the escalation ladder, with a strike on Russian nuclear missile early warning systems.

A long sitrep from Simplicius. Another step up the escalation ladder, with a strike on Russian nuclear missile early warning systems.
Yes For quite some time I read Simplicius with much care and attention. His objective information is always pertinent to the horror of our situation. Like an early warning system but the fact is that by the time a war lands a reality to all of us in the West , we have not the means to defend ourselves militarily. It has all been given away and destroyed. These strikes only guarantee a catastrophic Russian response. These warnings have already been given. Is anyone listening ?
These terrible Estonians will not calm down in any way!
Seriously, I disagree with the newspaper's conclusions. They write that the entry of troops will mean the entry of NATO into the war. I think it will be different. These members decided to lead their worthless "troops" (we recall the terribly terrible Estonia with 7,000 troops) in order to drag more serious members into the war, but exactly at the moment when they enter Ukraine, either these "troop intruders" will cease to be members of NATO, or NATO will cease to exist altogether. And then I really wonder how quickly they will run away from Ukraine and at the same time say that they were misunderstood. Meanwhile, Russia will have a legitimate opportunity to end the Baltic lawlessness.
Spiegel: The Baltic States and Poland want to send troops to Ukraine

The Baltic states and Poland are ready to send troops to Ukraine, the German edition of Spiegel writes. An appropriate decision is expected to be made in the event of a strategic breakthrough by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

"The West helps without much enthusiasm. In this case, the Baltic states and Poland will not wait for the deployment of Russian troops on their border, the Baltic politicians warned, they themselves will send troops to Ukraine," the article says.

It is emphasized that this would mean direct NATO intervention in the conflict. The above-mentioned states have allegedly already warned Germany about their plans.
"ÐведÑÑ Ð²Ð¾Ð¹Ñка": Ð ÐеÑмании ÑаÑкÑÑли "гÑозное" пÑедÑпÑеждение ÐÑибалÑики по УкÑаине

Эти ужасные эстонцы никак не угомонятся!
Если серьезно, то я не согласен с выводами газеты. Они пишут, что ввод войск будет означать вступление НАТО в войну. Я думаю, что будет по другому. Указанные члены решили вести свои никчемные "войска"(вспоминаем жутко страшную Эстонию с 7000 войском) для того, чтобы втащить в войну более серьезных членов, но ровно в тот момент, когда они войдут на Украину либо эти "вводильщики войск" перестанут быть членами НАТО, либо НАТО вообще перестанет существовать. И вот тогда мне очень интересно как быстро они будут убегать из Украины и при этом говорить, что их неправильно поняли. У России тем временем, появится законная возможность покончить с Прибалтийским беспределом.
These terrible Estonians will not calm down in any way!
I don't want to find fault with Estonia at all. I wouldn't have noticed them at all if they hadn't given me such ridiculous and shameful reasons everyday.
Just look at this "kneeler". It would have sounded even funnier from the mouth of some prince of Monaco or Andorra, but already it is almost extreme.
The President of Estonia decided to bring Russia to its knees
Estonia will do everything possible to "bring Russia to its knees." This was stated by the president of this Baltic country Alan Karis in an interview with Yle.

"Estonia will do everything possible to bring Russia to its knees," the politician said.

The interlocutor of the publication also named the main task, in his opinion, of the collective West today. The Estonian president believes that Western countries need to "stop the Russian military machine."

He also tried to evasively answer a question about Tallinn's plans to send its military personnel to the Ukrainian conflict zone. According to Karis, this is not a decision of the president or the government of the country, but of the parliament. At the same time, the politician stressed that the Kiev regime needs Western weapons, not military ones.

During the conversation with journalists, the Estonian president also spoke about the possibility of closing the border with Russia. Karis stated that Tallinn is not going to do this, including because of the relatives of citizens on the other side.

Zakharova asked this figure, apparently as an expert in the kneeling process, to teach how it is done.
Zakharova responded to Karis's words about the desire to "bring Russia to its knees"

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the words of Estonian President Alar Karis, who said that Russia should be "brought to its knees," RIA Novosti reports.

"And how is it? Let him show it," Zakharova said.

Earlier, Karis said that Tallinn would do everything possible "to bring Russia <...> to its knees." The Estonian leader also said that Ukraine needs Western weapons, first of all, air defense systems, and not NATO military personnel.

The Estonian leader also stated that the authorities do not plan to close the border with Russia.

Я совсем не хочу придираться к Эстонии. Я бы их вообще не замечал, если бы они каждый день не давали бы мне такие смешные и позорные поводы.
Вы только посмотрите на этого "ставильщика на колени". Еще смешнее это звучало бы из уст какого-нибудь князя Монако или Андорры, а так уже почти предельно.
Захарова попросила этого деятеля, видимо как знатока процесса стояния на коленях, научить как это делается.
I don't want to find fault with Estonia at all. I wouldn't have noticed them at all if they hadn't given me such ridiculous and shameful reasons everyday.
Just look at this "kneeler". It would have sounded even funnier from the mouth of some prince of Monaco or Andorra, but already it is almost extreme.
Is it the British influence?

The UK news media, The Independent, carried an article:
Where are Nato troops stationed and how many are deployed across Europe?
Sea, land and air forces sent to reinforce battlegroups along alliance’s eastern flank in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Tom Batchelor
Wednesday 09 March 2022 12:54 GMT
2024-05-27 214106.png
About Estonia:
The UK leads the Nato battlegroup operating with Estonian forces in Tapa, Estonia,
as part of the alliance’s enhanced forward presence.

As of March last year, the UK had 828 troops in the country, plus an armoured infantry battalion with main battle tanks and armoured fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery, air defence equipment and engineers and an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance group.

France also had 337 troops, a tank squadron with main battle tanks and armoured fighting vehicles in the country.

The UK’s deployments have now increased in the wake of Russia’s invasion.

Boris Johnson with Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas meeting Nato troops after a joint press conference at the Tapa Army Base, Estonia

Boris Johnson with Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas meeting Nato troops after a joint press conference at the Tapa Army Base, Estonia (PA Wire)
A week before Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded neighbouring Ukraine, the Ministry of Defence announced the UK would be doubling the number of personnel in Estonia, and sending additional equipment, including tanks and armoured fighting vehicles.

Challenger 2 tanks and armoured vehicles of the Royal Welsh battlegroup have now arrived in Estonia, with further equipment and troops on their way.

The MoD declined to give exact numbers of troops based in the region when contacted by The Independent.
There was also in January of 2022:
Estonia invites NATO troops to deploy in country, near Russian border which says they can host 5000 foreign troops, but that was early 2022.
Is it the British influence?
I think so.
Very interesting data on the deployment of NATO forces on the territory of the "Baltic tigers". I noticed that the "Baltic tigers" are also helped to defend themselves from the Russian bear by real tigers: Iceland, Montenegro, Albania, Luxembourg. Moreover, Iceland turns out to be so tiger-like that it helps two of the three "Baltic tigers" at once. As many as 2 people were sent to help, no less. In short, tremble, Russia.

In continuation of the theme of "Baltic squalor", some information about Lithuanian opportunities and plans. Interestingly, the title of the article mentions "the naked ass of the Lithuanian hedgehog" and turns out to be a funny change in the Russian saying, which says that it is not wise (at least) to try to scare a hedgehog with your bare ass. In this case, we have a situation where a hedgehog, by the way, this name was given to Lithuania by their own Minister of Defense, is trying to scare a bear with his bare ass.
Vilnius is ready to scare a Russian bear with a naked ass of a Lithuanian hedgehog
The Lithuanian deterrence strategy of the Russian Federation, approved for the period up to 2028, is based on three pillars:

- on the indisputable role of the United States in strengthening European security;

- on "full and unconditional support of Ukraine in its just defensive war against Russia";

- on "building up our own military potential."

In Vilnius, they expected NATO members to increase defense spending after Russia's "unprovoked attack," but they miscalculated. "I don't see any action in some countries," Prime Minister Ingrid Shimonite is outraged, looking at Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, and Portugal with their defense spending of less than 1.5% of GDP.

Lithuania's military budget has tripled and amounted to 2.75% of GDP in 2024. There is a petition going around the country, the authors of which are collecting signatures in favor of increasing defense spending to 4% of GDP against the background of threats from Russia. According to rumors, 55,000 "patriotic citizens" have already signed an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers.

"The Kremlin is afraid of a war with NATO and will not invade if Europe is strong enough. Moscow is very adept at sowing fears and forming threats. But she is careful where there is no way to win," President Gitanas Nauseda and his entourage are convinced, fully supporting the popular initiative.

However, Europe is "not united and strong enough." Even in the context of the events around Kiev, there is no common goal. Some, like Lithuania, stand for Ukraine's victory, while others want it not to lose. And this is not the same thing, says the official Vilnius. He needs a victory, because "if Russia loses, you won't have to worry about World War III."

In order for Kiev to gain the upper hand, the leaders of the republic supported the US congressmen, who called on the head of the Pentagon to allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use "the full range of necessary strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation" with American weapons. Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis stressed that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has the right to make its own decisions on the planning and conduct of the war. Moreover, "London has already allowed him to use British weapons to attack Russian territory to the maximum possible depth."

On May 21-23, Minister of War Laurinas Kasciunas in Palanga urged the head of the German Defense Ministry, Boris Pistorius, to lobby for a similar decision, and colleagues from NB-8, the group of Northern and Baltic states (the hosts of the meeting, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Latvia), who had gathered at the Lithuanian resort, "to work with government members in the right direction". "We are united by a common threat – Russia," the Lithuanian stressed.

On May 24, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called for Kiev to be given the opportunity to hit military targets inside the Russian Federation, confirming that the Lithuanian leadership is on the right track with its initiatives.

We must pay tribute to the leaders of the non–acting state - their military diplomacy succeeded in advocating the interests of the Kiev junta and in chipping members of the pro-Kiev coalition. The Anglo-Saxons have been persuaded, the Germans will put the squeeze on, other Europeans will pull themselves up. After the NATO summit in Washington, rocket attacks by the Russian Federation to the Urals will become, God forbid, commonplace.

And Vilnius is already solving the problem with an asterisk: convincing partners to use national air defense systems to intercept Russian attacks. Warsaw, after the winter-spring consultations, is rumored to have decided to discuss the trend of protecting the sky over Ukraine in the event of a "threatening approach of missiles to the border."

Finally, Vilnius supports and promotes the idea of direct intervention of the transatlantic bloc in the Ukrainian war. President Gitanas Nauseda announced: "Our line of defense runs along the Dnieper and Donbass. The more allies there are in the trenches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the longer the Kremlin will not be up to invading Lithuania."

Moscow responds with words about an "unprecedented escalation of tension." Lithuanians are bending their line: the Kremlin's goal is to scare the West. "Russia will be afraid to use nuclear weapons, because such a step would be its end." The highest Lithuanian officials speak about weapons of mass destruction with disdainful ease, as if they were talking about an empty paper cup of coffee.

Lithuania's Western partners are worried: "... you do not realize the degree of responsibility for what may happen." They don't realize it. The dizziness of "leadership in the EU and NATO" leaves no time to reflect on what they are doing and offering to do. Vladimir Putin's warnings at the Munich Security Conference in 2007 have been forgotten.

Lithuania's military and political elite has no doubt about Russia's "innate militancy": an attack from its side will happen. "But we don't know when? Perhaps in the shortest possible time," Foreign Minister Landsbergis aggressively whips up passions. Fears are unfounded, but they work flawlessly in the domestic market.

Russophobia has become an official ideology. "Lithuanians must find ways to become a hedgehog, inconvenient to a much stronger Russian bear. In such a way that they [Russians] would not even think of coming here," said the Minister of Defense of the Republic Laurinas Kasciunas.

Alas, the modest capabilities of the state are unlikely to allow him to shrink. "We have to be one step ahead all the time. It is necessary to stay ahead of the enemy" – this is how its President Vladimir Putin formulated the task for the world power. In a similar trend, Lithuania is a thousand steps behind Russia. Plans to create a single light infantry division and upgrade arsenals are not bad, as long as it does not come to numbers and deadlines.

The division is good if it appears in 2027, and it will be mobilized (that is, brought to a state of combat use) by 2032. The Ministry of Defense decided to buy eight HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems (by 2028 they will receive one per 100 kilometers of the probable front). "The enemy will not even think of invading our territory," Kasciunas rejoices childishly. Is it possible with such a density of fire?

The situation is the same with tanks. A year ago, at the State Defense Council, it was about a battalion of 40 vehicles. Last April, we stopped at a company of 10 Leopards (one car per 80 km of the front). The released funds were thrown into the production of UAVs (they dream of 3,000 units) and the purchase of German Iris-T medium-range air defense systems within three to four years (the number is classified, but, I think, no more than 10 launchers).

The Bundeswehr itself does not yet have such anti-aircraft weapons. The fact was confirmed by Pistorius – the complexes go directly from the factories to Ukraine. Kasciunas did not lose heart: "Kiev will win in 2025, we will wait for our turn."

Any plans to equip the army with the latest models of equipment and weapons in numbers look comical, since we are talking about pieces. As for the military junk donated by Europe and the United States over the past 15 years, the Lithuanians drove it to Ukraine, left with empty arsenals. At the moment, the hedgehog's butt is naked. There are not even enough personnel in the army.

There are about 10 thousand military personnel under the command of Commander General Valdemaras Rupshis. Only Luxembourg can be restrained by such a number. The members of the State Defense Council assess the situation adequately, therefore, in December 2023, the parliament approved the reform of compulsory military service. Its goal is to increase the number of recruits and accelerate the preparation of the reserve. He should reach 30 thousand men by 2028, but for this he will have to put young men under the gun immediately after graduation.

70% of the population disapproves of the legalized decision, as well as the government's desire to turn defense into a universal one. That is, in one where every resident would have instructions on hand with responsibilities for the protection of the state at the rate of "10-15 days of armed and unarmed resistance before the approach of the allies." Lithuania has established commandant's offices in peacetime and wartime, which are tasked with solving this most difficult organizational and mobilization task.

However, it is not a fact that everyone will dutifully agree to recycling. According to information leaked to the media, the office of Laurinas Kasciunas can really count on 25% of the figures from which it proceeds in broad defense plans. According to statistics, more than 50% of men of military age will prefer emigration, 15% are ready to resist the aggressor in non–military ways - to sabotage his orders and decisions, arrange minor sabotage and theft, call for disobedience and so on.

Society is split. At the presidential elections that ended on May 26, more than 300 thousand voters (almost 25%) spoke out against pro-American foreign policy, military hysteria and for the restoration of beneficial good-neighborly relations with eastern neighbors.

The protest electorate is reminded from the heights of power of the example of "55,000 real patriots." However, 55 thousand of the 2,780,000 inhabitants are less than 1.98% of the population. Or 68 professional Russophobes for every 100 kilometers of the border with potential aggressors. Clearly not the kind of hedgehog that makes sense to scare a Russian bear.
ÐилÑнÑÑ Ð³Ð¾Ñов пÑгаÑÑ ÑÑÑÑкого Ð¼ÐµÐ´Ð²ÐµÐ´Ñ Ð³Ð¾Ð»Ð¾Ð¹ попой лиÑовÑкого ежа

Next are two pieces of news that can be classified as jokes, but jokes about ukropia are either sad or perverted.
Chernihiv Drama Theater was closed due to the mobilization of almost all male employees
The management of the Chernihiv Drama Theater applied for an employee reservation, but was refused. The artistic director of the theater, Andrei Bakirov, announced its forced closure, since almost all male employees received summonses, and some have already been sent to military exercises.

He clarified that a letter had come from the shopping center calling 34 employees, including seven actors, including a 56-year-old honored Artist, two sound engineers, an assembler, a violinist and a 59-year-old driver. According to him, 7-8 of them went for further examination after the shopping mall, and the rest have already gone to school.

"Our theater is unclear for how long, but it will be closed. There is practically nothing we can do. Just to work on something new. Everything is in such a state of shock right now. Almost all the men were taken away. There are those who, for certain reasons, have reservations, as well as a young actor who is 24 years old, someone is studying and pensioners," said the artistic director of the theater in a comment to "Public".

Earlier, the Chernihiv Youth Theater canceled two performances due to the mobilization of artists.

The Ukrainian authorities did not include the artists in the list of "critically important for the functioning of the economy and ensuring the livelihoods of the population during a special period," but circus performers received this status.
ЧеÑниговÑкий дÑамÑеаÑÑ Ð·Ð°ÐºÑÑлÑÑ Ð¸Ð·-за мобилизаÑии поÑÑи вÑÐµÑ Ð¼ÑжÑин-ÑоÑÑÑдников

Here it will be appropriate to recall another Russian proverb. "Whoever has something that hurts, that's what he's talking about." The limited horizons and focus on the topic of LGBT led to the fact that a funny character in a children's cartoon, which has nothing to do with any "homosexuality", was called a homosexual.
Forbes turned the Russian tank "Gromozeka" into a "Homosexual" (PHOTO)

Forbes turned the Russian Gromozek tank into a "Homosexual".

A wave of ridicule around the world was caused by the publication of American would-be journalists about the "famous turtle tank, known by the nickname "Homosexual"."

The material about Russian armored vehicles, which recently began to be sheathed with additional armor protection due to FPV drone attacks, talked about a tank nicknamed "Gromozeka" - in honor of the hero of the famous Soviet cartoon "The Secret of the Third Planet".

Would-be Forbes reporters translated the name into their homosexual manner, and he became Homosexual.

After the scandal on the Web, this piece of the article was eventually deleted.

Here, just in case, is the same cartoon from 1981, where the Gromozeka, after whom the tank was named, appears for the first time at 5.17. I think it's because of his "absurdity".

Думаю, что да.
Очень интересные данные по размещению НАТОвских сил на территории "прибалтийских тигров". Я обратил внимание, что "прибалтийским тиграм" помогают защищаться от русского медведя тоже настоящие тигры: Исландия, Черногория, Албания, Люксембург. Причем Исландия оказывается настолько тигр, что помогает сразу двум из трех "прибалтийских тигров". Целых 2 человека отправили на помощь, никак не меньше. Короче- трепещи, Россия.
В продолжение темы "прибалтийского убожества", некоторые данные про Литовские возможности и планы. Интересно, что в названии статьи упоминается "голая жопа Литовского ежа" и получается забавное изменение русской поговорки, которая говорит о том, что не разумно (как минимум) пытаться напугать ежа своей голой жопой. В данном случае мы имеем ситуацию, когда еж, кстати это название Литве дал их собственный министр обороны, пытается напугать медведя своей голой жопой.
Далее две новости, которые можно отнести к разряду шуток, но шутки, касающиеся укропии, получаются либо грустные, либо извращенные.
Тут к месту будет вспомнить еще одну русскую пословицу. "У кого чего болит- тот о том и говорит". Ограниченность кругозора и повернутость на теме ЛГБТ привела к тому, что забавного персонажа детского мультфильма, не имеющего ничего общего ни с какой "гомосятиной", назвали гомосеком.
Вот, на всякий случай, тот самый мультик 1981 года, где на 5.17 первый раз появляется тот самый Громозека, в честь которого назвали танк. Я думаю, что из-за его "несуразности".
NATO must realize what game they’re playing with long-range weapons - PutinPresident Putin questioned NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg’s wisdom if he were to consider long-range weapons to strike Russian territory, given the planning required to use them.“When I spoke to him back then he seemed a reasonable person, not suffering from any dementia, and if he speaks about attacking Russia with these weapons… he must know they cannot be used without satellite imaging, reconnaissance, by highly-trained professionals.”He pointed out that Storm Shadow missiles, for example, can have their missions pre-programmed by suppliers without the participation of Ukrainian handlers.
There was quite a massive exchange of blows today.
First, the Russian attack.
A combined strike was carried out on the military infrastructure of Ukraine
On the night of today, Ukraine was subjected to a massive attack by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Enemy targets, including air bases, critical infrastructure and other important targets, were attacked using Geran strike unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and missiles launched from Tu-95 bombers.

The attack began on the night when UAVs began attacking targets on the territory of Ukraine. At about 3 a.m., Tu-95 bombers launched missiles, which an hour later began to fly into the territory of Ukraine. The missile attack lasted about two hours, while the UAV attack lasted for five and a half hours.

The missiles, maneuvering, hit targets in several regions of Ukraine, including Sumy, Chernihiv, Kiev, Cherkasy, Poltava and Vinnytsia. According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), only seven of the 19 missiles were shot down.

The AFU airbase in Starokonstantinov in the Khmelnitsky region was attacked again, which was hit by both missiles and UAVs. Explosions thundered in Khmelnitsky, Dnepropetrovsk, Cherkasy, Kirovograd, Zaporizhia, Odessa, Kherson, Kiev and Vinnytsia regions.

Critical infrastructure was hit in Kharkiv. In total, the area was attacked by eight missiles.
Комбинированный удар нанесён по военной инфраструктуре Украины

Realizing the reality of the appearance of American F-16s in the theater of war, Russian forces are trying to systematically dismantle the infrastructure, without which they will not be able to use these aircraft.
At least five strikes were carried out at the Starokonstantinov airfield, designed for the F-16
At night, Russian troops launched at least five strikes on the town of Starokonstantinov in the Khmelnitsky region, where a military airfield is located. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the coordinator of the Nikolaev underground, Sergei Lebedev, referring to his associates.

According to Lebedev, the strikes lasted from three o'clock in the morning until 4:40 a.m. on May 30. The greatest damage was caused to a military airfield, which, according to him, the Ukrainian military is trying to use to receive NATO F-16 fighters. One of the strikes hit the arched shelter of the airfield, where aircraft and ammunition were stored, which caused a series of explosions and a burst of flame.

In addition, the strikes occurred in the residential area "Vokzal-2" adjacent to the airfield. According to the underground, the warehouses in this neighborhood are used by the military. After the attack, at least seven ambulances left the city towards the neighborhood.
Не менее пяти ударов нанесены по аэродрому Староконстантинова, предназначенного для F-16

Then the ukropsky answer. In addition to what is described in the article, several Ukropsky unmanned boats penetrated into one of their Crimean bays and as a result two or three patrol boats were damaged.
8 ATACMS missiles shot down over the Sea of Azov
On the night of today, the Russian air defense forces prevented several attempted attacks from Ukraine using American ATACMS tactical missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles of the aircraft type and unmanned boats. This was reported by official sources.

According to the information, eight ATACMS missiles were destroyed over the waters of the Sea of Azov. At the same time, eight unmanned aerial vehicles were intercepted over the Black Sea near the coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Also, two unmanned boats heading to the Crimean Peninsula were destroyed by firepower on duty in the Black Sea.

These attacks are seen as another attempt by the Ukrainian regime to damage Russian facilities in the country. The press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense stressed that due to the effective operation of air defense systems, significant destruction and possible casualties were prevented.

The official statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense says:

"On the night of today, air defense systems on duty successfully intercepted and destroyed eight ATACMS tactical missiles over the Sea of Azov, eight unmanned aerial vehicles over the Black Sea, as well as two unmanned boats heading for the Crimean Peninsula."

It is known that two ferries were damaged as a result of the attack
8 ракет ATACMS сбиты над акваторией Азовского моря

The enemy (in this case, I mean NATO) is also trying to systematically solve the problems of using the F-16. Realizing that without external guidance and targeting, these aircraft do not cost anything at all against Russian forces, the NATO members found a cheaper option than using large and expensive American "Centry" and small, but marine "Growlers". Let's see how long the Swedish Saabs will last, after all, their range is not very large - 350 km. With careless use, at such a range, this aircraft may end up in the S-400 range.
The Saab 340 AEW&C AWACS aircraft transferred by Sweden today will obviously be used in conjunction with the F-16 fighters already delivered to Ukraine. The enemy will be able to conduct deep reconnaissance of our territory in the airspace, just in the range of American air-to-air missiles. Identify priority goals. Both types of aircraft will definitely become priority targets for our air defense.

This news is both good and bad at the same time. The good news is that they finally began to build shelters for aircraft at airfields. It was worth losing a few cars on the ground? The bad news is that our MO is still not rocking in any way. Shelters are still not being built centrally, the proper density of air defense is not provided, as a result, we continue to lose aircraft at bases.
Satellite images have appeared of a military airfield near Volgograd in Marinovka, where, for the first time in Russia after the collapse of the USSR, covered hangars for aircraft were finally erected.
The most shocking thing about this information is that these shelters are a private initiative of the personnel and an unnamed sponsor. The project has been hatched since 2022. So far, we are not talking about the centralized construction of concrete fortifications.
30.05.2024 Видео ликвидации укрепа ВСУ с норвежскими наемниками. Карта боевых действий на Украине сегодня (15 видео)

There's a funny video at the end. The caption for this video, in my opinion, is not very suitable. This phrase is understandable to every Russian, it is from the famous Soviet comedy "Gentlemen of Fortune", which was almost completely dragged apart by the people into quotes, but I repeat, this phrase does not really fit here. In my opinion, it would be funnier to somehow beat one of the names of the mercenaries-wild geese. Like the fact that these geese decided that now they are also "wild geese".
Let them think that we are athletes

Сегодня произошел достаточно массивный обмен ударами.
Сначала российская атака.
Осознавая реальность появления на театре военных действий американских F-16, российские силы пытаются системно разобрать инфраструктуру, без которой использовать эти самолеты не получится.
Потом укропский ответ. Помимо того, что описано в статье еще случилось проникновение нескольких укропских БЭК в одну их крымских бухт и в результате оказались попреждены два или три патрульных катера.
Противник (в данном случае я имею ввиду НАТО) тоже пытается системно решать проблемы использования F-16. Осознавая, что без внешнего наведения и целеуказания эти самолеты вообще ничего не стоят против российских сил, НАТОвцы нашли вариант подешевле, чем использование больших и дорогих американских "Центри" и небольших, но морских "Гроулеров". Посмотрим, насколько хватит шведских Саабов, все таки дальность у них заявлена не очень большая- 350 км. При неаккуратном применении, при такой дальности этот самолет может оказаться в зоне действия С-400.
Эта новость и хорошая и плохая одновременно. Хороша эта новость тем, что наконец то стали строить укрытия для самолетов на аэродромах. Стоило потерять на земле несколько машин. Плоха эта новость тем, что наше МО пока никак не раскачается. Централизованно укрытия по прежнему не строятся, должная плотность ПВО не обеспечивается, в результате мы продолжаем терять самолеты на базах.
В конце забавный ролик. Подпись к этому ролику, на мой взгляд не очень подходит. Эта фраза понятна каждому русскому, она из известной советской комедии "Джентльмены удачи", которую почти полностью народ растащил на цитаты, но повторюсь, сюда эта фраза не очень подходит. По моему было бы смешнее как-нибудь обыграть одно из названий наемников-дикие гуси. Типа того, что эти гуси решили, что теперь они тоже "дикие гуси".
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