Questions on Soul, its location and interface

Augustus Ceasar

The Force is Strong With This One
Well, I found some more interesting information about the Souls.
Thanks for pointing me to the C's session..

I focus on the words - Life energy , life force.. This is different from the Soul. (''... what you might call ''soul''- Cs)
I found these words used by Cs were very specific and gels with what I have been reading up..

The Life Energy or force is the main actor in the physical drama , the creatrix - the individualised portion of the one Creatrix (also called as Adi Parashakti) who came in to existence from the Creator's desire to know itself more.
Q: (L) If it was just the action of the raw materials, the amino acids or whatever, why couldn't it function forever? Why does it stop?

A: Antenna! Attracts more than light! Life energy or what you might call "soul" is bound by antenna of a sort.

Q: (Gaby) So then how is there terminal lucidity when the brain is not working anymore? Like when a person is dying and they have brain damage, but then they wake up and say goodbye as if nothing is wrong right before they die?

A: When the soul or life force is in the process of separating, it is in a position to escape the restrictions of damaged physiology.

The image below shows this principle of Active Life Force/ Creatrix Force seated on the Inactive Soul/Creator.

In simple terms (crudely put) - The Soul/Creator powers the Life Force/Creatrix and is a witness to the great creation going on: without the Creator/Soul, the Creatrix/Life Force have no energy while without the Creatrix/Life Force, the Creator/Soul cannot accomplish anything. It takes two to Tango!!;-)

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