Quinton Plasma/Water, or "percutaneous hydrotomy"


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I drank it 30-40ml in the morning, and had, what I think, is some (quite a bit of) detox reactions.
I had similar reactions and strong detox reactions with my first hypertonic intake.

What really helps me in addition to Marine plasma to move out toxins is a specific healing clay. It can applied externally for a variety of symptoms. I drink it in water before bedtime. For me it works wonders ( also for the gut!) and soothes most reactions overnight.

Maybe others want to try it too:

It is called AION A. It was found in 1942 in Switzerland and since then a healing and research center was build around it.


(also in French 🙂)


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We are thrilled, the first meeting (27th October) is for my mother who suffers from chronic pain, to be quick. I really have good expectations regarding the feedbacks given. I'll keep you updated regarding her situation.
I hope that it helps her lots, Starshine! If it brings some relief at least, that's already good, and if it treats the root of the problem as it is supposed to, even better. Keep us posted.


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I now did 2 enemas with first filtered and then crystal water plus 2tbs hypertonic solution. It had an amazing, soothing and nurturing effect not only on the colon but overall. A lot of muscles relaxing in different parts. After some minutes I could feel the gut/brain connection. My brain first getting wide awake then calming. Deep sleep at night with dreams of ancient paleo times. Next morning mild detox symtoms, gut and brain. A bit akey and foggy, drank some healing clay, then chlorella and nutrients. Clearly more energy, consistent and grounded. My body and cells looove the solution. 🙂 Thank you so much!
That´s great to hear, Breo. May I ask you for the quantity of filtered/crystal water you used as you added the 2tbs hypertonic solution? Did you use the usual one liter enema protocol? I also think this edema approach could be another interesting test that I want to try nextly. I even thought of repeating this operation later on, but this time with very few filtered water, same as we did with probiotics, and try to hold it for few hours. Of course, all of it in a very gentle way.


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Hi Hesperides, with Quinton hypertonic I used 3/4l of water and held it for 40 min. with first an energizing and then detox reaction. Quantity of water and choosing hypertonic or isotonic probably depends on the individual situation and what reaction you want to create like cleansing/getting rid of stuff or calming/healing gut texture etc. Thats a good idea to try with much less water and leave eg isotonic overnight. Will try that too. Thanks for the tip.
I am experimenting and learning as I deal with a systemic infection and medically its not clear what I have.
Two days later I did an enema with AION A clay and it works amazingly to calm the detox. Hope that helps 🙂.


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Yeah, I was reading the part of how there is no blood brain barrier in the ganglial roots and within this context, it is interesting how some people suggest making the injections in the vertebral column following acupuncture points instead of the usual vertebral segments. I think practitioners try either or with benefits, but at least the nurse in one of the articles that Chu posted reported using acupuncture points in the spine. I
I just saw the following video and wonder if perhaps it could be beneficial to try Quinton on these spots and see if there are any improvements for those who have similar symptoms.



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I finally received my new batch of Quinton, so I'm starting my homeopathic experiments with it. There are a lot of possible combinations, and even homeopaths are not sure what is the right approach. Some use only one dose, some several, some use C dilution, some LM... There is division between European and American homeopaths, classical and modern homeopaths...

So I decided to just try Korsakovian method with M dilutions (1 drop in 50ml), starting with 1M and going forward, advancing dilution each day.

Well, even C dilution (10 drops in 50ml) would be a great achievement, if this doesn't work. But I'll try for now this method and see how it goes.


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I watched a French documentary about Quinton yesterday, it was really well made:

They talk a little bit more about his theory which challenged Darwin's evolution theory in some ways.
Here is an extract from the video translated into English, from the French article corresponding to the video: Quinton et le pouvoir de l'eau de mer
It is said that by observing a viper numbed by the cold and coming to warm up to regain its vigour, Quinton developed the foundations of what he would call the law of original constancy.

This original law of constancy is the synthesis of several laws including:

Law of marine constancy

"Animal life, which has appeared as a cell in the seas, tends to maintain, for its high cellular functioning, through the zoological series, the constituent cells of organisms in the marine environment of origin".

Thermal constancy law

"In front of the cooling of the globe, life appeared in the state of a cell by a determined temperature tends to maintain for its high cellular functioning, in organisms indefinitely raised for this purpose, this temperature of the origins. »

Law of osmotic constancy

"Animal life, which appeared as a cell in seas of a given saline concentration, has tended to maintain, for its high cellular functioning, throughout the zoological series, this concentration of origins. »

It is therefore by observing the behavior of a viper confronted with cold and heat that Quinton developed his theory of thermal constancy.
It is for this theory that he was described by the journalists of his time as the French Darwin.

It is true that his law of original constancy completes Darwin's theory, but it also contradicts it.
Evolutionary theory aims to consider that organisms move further away from their original environment each day by making transformations adapted to the surrounding conditions.
While Quinton with his law of original constancy, on the contrary, demonstrates that organisms have an extremely strong tendency to maintain invariable the primitive conditions of life.

It was based on the premise that the Earth had a high temperature at its origin, and that over time it would continue to cool. Life began at a temperature close to around 44°C in the oceans. As the planet cooled inexorably, animals that appeared at that time did not have the capacity to maintain their temperature at the original level, i.e. 44°C.
As a result, when the Earth fell to 42°.... 40°... 38°C etc, all these animals also followed these temperature drops.

This is the case of reptiles and amphibians, which have no power to raise their internal temperature and have remained at the same temperature as the environment in which they live.

But over time, the cells have adapted and over the years, new species have been created from old ones, capable by combustion of significantly increasing their temperature in order to fight against the cooling of the environment.

Thus, when the Earth went from 44 to 43°C, the reptile organism also decreased by one degree, but that of mammals, with an internal combustion capacity, increased by one degree, thus maintaining itself at 44°C.

But when the global temperature dropped by another degree from 43 to 42°C, reptiles, as usual, followed the drop in temperature, while mammals, having maintained themselves at 44°C when the ambient temperature was 43°C, could not increase it to 43°C.
Then a new organism will be born from the old one and adapting to this new drop in temperature, it will develop a growing calorific value capable of increasing its temperature by 2° in order to be at 44°C... the original temperature, etc.

This Quinton theory shows that the evolution of living organisms is only the consequence of the constancy of cells to maintain their temperature at that of their origin, i.e. 44°C.
This means that the newest species must have a temperature close to 44°C and the oldest must have a much lower temperature.

This theory literally changed the conclusions of scientists of his time, such as the physiologist Charles Richet who, in his work "la chaleur animale", concluded that the temperature of mammals was essentially maintained between 37°C and 39°C.

In order to verify this theory, Quinton began taking temperature measurements on different species of animals to support his thesis.
The result was irrevocable.
The most recent species such as carinate birds do have a temperature close to 44°C, and older species such as platypus have an average temperature of about 30°C.
Quinton also took the temperature of one of the oldest bird species, the Aptérix (or Kiwi), for which he set a theoretical temperature of about 37°C according to its period of appearance on Earth; and the temperature of the Aptérix was measured at 37.2°C.
Consequently, this does mean that the internal temperatures of the species indicate the date of their appearance.

But then, what about Man with his 37°C?

In this logic, not only does this not make us a recent species, as the theory of evolution would like us to be but what's more, we wouldn't be the logical consequence of an adaptation since our supposed monkey status either.

In other words, we have arrived on Earth as we are today.

Because if not how else to explain such stagnation since homo sapiens, and that for Darwinists, it is simply inconceivable.

On October 8, 1896, Quinton gave a more detailed presentation on this subject at the Academy of Sciences, entitled "Les deux pôles foyers d'origine. Origine australe de l'homme"

Only the physiologist Etienne-Jules Marey would be interested in Quinton's theories, which he would even take under his wing.

However, if the law of thermal constancy stipulates that the cells function optimally at a temperature close to 44°C, we now understand the natural logic of fever.

The increase in temperature allows the body, when it is sick, to mobilize its immune defenses.
Fever has a direct effect on pathogens while stimulating the body's defenses.
Even if fevers should not be too high, the fact remains that this natural phenomenon is more to be monitored than fought, as we still do too often today.

In "The Secret of Our Origins: The Healing Virtues of Seawater Revealed by René Quinton", André Mahé wrote

"A German, Professor Henri Lampert, drew a number of observations from Pasteur's experience with chickens. The Japanese, who use hot baths extensively, have a very low number of cancers in the statistics, twenty times lower than the current figures.

During the last war, Lampert cured himself of typhoid fever by using high-calorie baths. On the Russian front, he managed, thanks to this means, to overcome an epidemic of the same disease[typhoid]: he made soldiers take baths at 43°C.

Together with another German, Professor Goetze, Lampert tried to treat superficial cancers, then they extended the method to other cancers.
To explain the results obtained, Lampert and Goetze state:

"When the body temperature is artificially raised to 39°, the malignant cell begins to wither, and at 42°, it perishes; on the other hand, the healthy cell easily withstands an internal temperature of 43°, and is only in danger at around 45°. »

Whatever the value of the hypothesis, it is striking to note that, in the experiment, Lampert and Goetze fall exactly on the figure highlighted by Quinton[44° C], as being the one where life could appear and which tends to preserve to maintain its high cellular functioning. »

- André Mahé - "Le secret de nos origines révélé par René Quinton" - Ed. Le courrier du livre - p133 et 134

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
Really interesting that Quinton considered we arrived on Earth as we are based on his studies, apparently he went through the whole globe measuring different animal temperatures. Make sense with Cs talking about the benefits of cold adaptation to raise blood temperature and immune oneself. The book "LES DEUX PÔLES FOYERS D'ORIGINE. ORIGINE AUSTRALE DE L'HOMME" is available on jstor for free online reading, it's 26 page long and probably worth a read.
A fascinating man which also was notorious for his role in French Aviation. Thanks to him.


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Thank you, Starshine for doing this summary. Very interesting and much to think about.


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Very interesting starshine, thanks!

I've been taking 20ml of isotonic Quinton water for 10 days (5 more to go), and the effects have been interesting:
a) Regardless of the time I go to bed (usually between 10 and 11pm), I've been getting about 6-7 hours of sleep. Then, I feel tired at some point during the day and take a "micronap" (15 minutes), so that I can keep going. That's not so unusual for me, but I do feel more tired than normal, and even if I try to sleep longer, I can't.
b) I've had some liver pain like in the old days when I used to get a virus, but it only lasts a few seconds and then I'm okay. I hope that means that it's clearing things up.

Overall, I feel less of the usual aches and pains, but I'm not noticing any big changes. I notice a lot more with the stress protocol injections or the local injections in arthritic areas.


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I now use hypertonic and isotonic solution focussed on my chronic jaw inflammation and infection (Osteomyelitis - Dentists only offer surgery scraping the bones clean, which I have done in two places with little effect, 2y ago.)

I started now with daily nasal showers with a neti pot, 250ml filtered crystal water plus 10-20ml isotonic, half of it into each synus: the effect is soothing and calming to the area. My brain becomes clearer and quiet in a few minutes and this lasts sometimes all day long.

Then I took the isotonic solution to the dentist for injection of ~2-3ml in three places each. Afterwards I got very tired with a soothing effect. I could observe emotional patterns surfacing along, eg. insecurity and oversensitivity. I went to bed early, slept deep. Next morning, well rested and again more quiet brain.

What startles me is that since I use Quinton in different ways I seem to need less of my supplements. Then I remembered that the C´s mentioned: „When Quinton is present it is sufficient.“ I wonder if there is a connection?

I will continue with the injections and a small isotonic enema keeping it overnight once a week.


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I started now with daily nasal showers with a neti pot, 250ml filtered crystal water plus 10-20ml isotonic, half of it into each synus: the effect is soothing and calming to the area. My brain becomes clearer and quiet in a few minutes and this lasts sometimes all day long.
I'm gonna try spraying it into my sinuses. First with hyper, then isotonic. Perhaps it's another good way to put it into our bodies.


Okay, call me intrigued! I have osteoarthritis, and just yesterday had new CT scans to see if my surgeon wants to do yet another fusion (L4/L5, and possibly my sacroiliac joint). The pain leaves me moving back and forth from couch to bed endlessly trying to find a position that isn’t agony. I detest the OxyContin (which doesn’t seem to help anyway). Acupuncture works somewhat, but only for a few hours. I think the supplements I take (curcumin, etc) help, but it’s difficult to gauge. Breathing and meditation help, but only with pain relief, not with activity. My pain is about a 7-8 as I type this, and is also the cause of my insomnia and short sleep duration, which exacerbates everything, like a feedback loop.

I checked out the Quinton water (liquid and capsules) online, and the cost is way above my means. I seriously doubt my insurance has even heard of the stuff, much less covers treatment ( though I could be wrong). I could probably swing a month of the capsules, but I have to ask if such a limited use would be worthwhile. Thoughts?
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