Raine, Samenow, Fallon: Neuropsychology & The Work

Thanks. Why is he now getting air play?
Because the Forces of STS want to take us to the next step: To accept certain variants of psychopathy starting with 'psychopathy-lite' ie the 'not-so-dangerous' ones... You know, the non-violent psychopath-types that Fallon's apparently 'normal' wife doesn't mind living with.
Not ALL psychopaths are 'bad' see, coz there are 'honest' psychopath-types warning us to how they will try to get us to do things we don't want to do for them, as Fallon confesses to. Its so simple, just don't get too close because "Strangers are very safe around me," he says. Therefor we only have ourselves to blame if we choose to get too close to them, right?
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