Raine, Samenow, Fallon: Neuropsychology & The Work

Thanks. Why is he now getting air play?
Because the Forces of STS want to take us to the next step: To accept certain variants of psychopathy starting with 'psychopathy-lite' ie the 'not-so-dangerous' ones... You know, the non-violent psychopath-types that Fallon's apparently 'normal' wife doesn't mind living with.
Not ALL psychopaths are 'bad' see, coz there are 'honest' psychopath-types warning us to how they will try to get us to do things we don't want to do for them, as Fallon confesses to. Its so simple, just don't get too close because "Strangers are very safe around me," he says. Therefor we only have ourselves to blame if we choose to get too close to them, right?


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Finishing the last pages of Raine's Anatomy of violence. The Author gave valuable info about the consequences of brain damage in children and adults. Those instant transformations from healthy-to-sick via accidents and sick-to-healthy via tumor operations were fascinating. Also the helpful mind-therapies changing criminals were a welcome positive aspect of the book. Amidst the obscene, nauseating descriptions of how killers finished their victims and a look inside their demented minds, no thanks, that was enough.

Criminals' right to have children?! WTH?:
At first I thought Raine was joking about wanting to give killers and convicted criminals a right to have children. If I would have any say in the matter, there wouldn't be any serious criminal - [mass]murderer, rapist, arsonist, acid-sprayer or pedophile or similar demented filth - on this planet ever receiving the right in the next 1000 years to have children!

Raine appears to be super blind to any Higher Reality or maybe even the Deep State or he didn't want to go into discussing the evil oozing from all the exclusively Evil politicians he curiously mentioned. He had good ideas about therapy and early detection. We all know however, how his sensible ideas would be completely waylaid by Deep State power players. Greenlit only if the criminals successfully completing Raine's therapies would be later available as soldiers or organ donors or subjects to lethal virus tests / genetic experiments. Or Moon-colony buiders.

I loathed his Mind Raping psychological test questions akin to "Kahneman & Co.": Would you push the fat man before the incoming trolley killing only him and saving 5 railway workers or would you do nothing and then you would let the 5 railway workers die!? Big chance for us to get into a similar situation in life. Congratulations dear psychologists for extensively making us familiar with your sadistic test-questions oozing the mind-stink characteristic of the Lizzies.


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Samenov got it right so beautifully! On the first pages he seemingly refutes most of Raine's strange assertions and I find myself energized by the book. What I have been commenting about on RT for months now in articles there about people snapping. How everybody usually wants [psychic/psychological] power & Freedom To Act (as they please). Mentally snapping people all around the world just want their power back, same power that the authorities are gradually robbing them of.

I'm so glad I began Inside the Criminal Mind. I feel totally aligned with his view - I'm on the first pages ATM - and I find his intro so furiously interesting that I instantly acquired Out of Character Crime, for the same reason I already mentioned.
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