Recommended books in Spanish - Libros recomendados en español

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I'm checking it! thanks mbar :)

Your welcome. I found it at Librerías Porrúa (México) not in stock though, but it is in their catalogue, was more easier to find it through its ISBN number, anyways, there is a Librerías Porrúa closed from my work place, although I am not in the city, when I get back there, I can ask them when they are going to have it. I can look for it also at second hand bookstores, there are a lot around work place too, and, even though is not that old, nothing to loose if I check, if I have some good news about it, I will tell. :)
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Hello irjO, it's funny, I have several months trying to get the book Gabor Mate, the price of stress, in all libraries is discontinued by the distributor, last week, I found a library I think this in Uruguay, if I'm not mistaken, I am in touch via imail, apparently if they have available, and can do international shipping, I'm a little skeptical even tell me that I can pay with paypal, if all goes well, I will keep you updated here, so that other interested parties can acquire, or it could scan, or make a copy and send it, I hope everything goes well with this library.

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But it's here:

On other Amazon sites, it seems to be unavailable at the moment.

Thanks Chu! is in spanish that I'm interest the most but as you said is almost imposible to find it, its kinda of weird actually

ricaplaz if you find info about it with that library post it in here! I am very interest on it! thanks :)

Well everything went well with this library, today I received the book, IrjO if you still have problems to get it, please let me know, and I can make a copy and send it. :)
Hey guys, just to continue to update the list of books in Spanish, I found the book of Malachi Martin,“ Hostage to the devil”, the translation into Spanish, is, "I expel Satan," I found it in a shop online collection, currently am reading, the publisher is Editorial Bruguera, SA , June 1977, in most of the libraries is discontinued by the distributor, if anyone is interested in this book and can not get, let me know, and I can make a copy and send it, if that's okay. :/
Hi everyone.Here some books than will help you to increase your knowlege :)El Acoso Moral,El abuso de la Debilidad,Las Nuevas Soledades de Mary-France Hirigoyen.She is from France.

Then we have the book:La ley del Más Débil from Sharon Moalem.This book has been writing by a doctor who never was happy with the convencional answer about certain sicknes in human beings.It is funny and fresh.

Que disfruten de las lecturas!! ;D
After a forum member recommended it, I started reading "Yodo ¿No estás enfermo! Es el cuerpo que te pide yodo" by Juan C. Mirre.

Some of the iodine research and science is even more detailed than Brownstein's book on iodine.

The quality of the information is excellent. For those who know Spanish as a first language, don't hesitate to read this book. Highly recommended reading!
I've already read "Yodo ¿No estás enfermo! Es el cuerpo que te pide yodo" by Juan C. Mirre.

I think it is a very easy to read book with a lot of science & research behind it and a few pages of bibliography to check the info.

Basically Mr. Mirre is talking about the importance of taking Lugol's, which was used hundreds of years ago to treat many different illnesses. BUT I think he doesn't talk about possible side effects, possible Herxheimer reaction and many others interesting observations which are been developed day by day in the thread, like, for example:




I highly recommend the book for anyone who is interested in the subject, apart from these two (in English):

- Brownstein's 'Iodine why you need it'
- Lynne Farrow's 'The iodine crisis'

Plus the forum's thread about iodine (in English):,13371.0.html

Plus these articles & video from (in Spanish):

Finally I would like to add and put the stress on something very important that Laura has written on the thread:

Laura said:
It really hits home how different everyone is and how there is no "one size fits all"!

So be cautious if you start taking it and please remember that:

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A Word of Caution to the Reader from the owners of Cassiopaea Forum
The information presented in this thread should not be undertaken without first consulting with a physician. Proper laboratory and clinical monitoring is essential to achieving the final goals of using safe and natural treatments. This discussion is for informational purposes only.
Peter Levine's books: In An Unspoken Voice and Healing the Trauma are available in Spanish as well as Trauma And The Body by Pat Ogden et al.

Peter Levine:

Una Voz no hablada

Sanar el trauma

Pat Ogden

El trauma y el cuerpo: Un modelo sensoriomotriz de psicoterapia (Biblioteca de Psicología)

Psicoterapia Sensorimotriz:Intervenciones para el trauma y el apego

Additionally, I came across another author that provides some interesting insight about human evolution and ancestral diet. Both books written by a Spanish physician and researcher:

José Enrique Campillo Álvarez

El mono obeso

El mono estresado

I sent one copy of The Vegetarian Myth in amazon US, I saw there was someone who sells it a bit expensive. I realize now that it is because the fees for amazon are very high, mine is almost 20 usd cheaper if there is someone interested

I can lower the price if you ask, I won't earn anything anyway :)
Available in Spanish:

Cómo Detectar A Un Hombre Peligroso antes de que entre en tu vida de Sandra L. Brown

Original title in English—How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved

Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past by David Reich

Quiénes somos y cómo hemos llegado hasta aquí Versión Kindle

Paperback (tapa blanda):

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