Romantic Fiction, Reality Shaping and The Work

The first tome of Sons of Sin - Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed - by Anna Campbell being not available in paperback in French - while three others are - I've ordered and received Tempt The Devil by Anna Campbell which I'm reading, as well as the seven Mary Balogh's Survivors' Club Series.

I'm about half the Anna Campbell's book, and so far, I would say that I pretty agree with what Neill wrote, while not about the same book. But I need to finish it (and seven others by Balogh) in order to see if anything else pop up. At this point, however, I've found the very same high values in Outlander books series (among other many things about life in society and interactions between characters), and while I was eager to read them, I am not as eager to read those.

I have to mention that I had read some books of this kind while I was between 14 and 17 years old, and never thought I would read others. Never say never, I guess. 😉
The first tome of Sons of Sin - Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed - by Anna Campbell being not available in paperback in French - while three others are - I've ordered and received Tempt The Devil by Anna Campbell which I'm reading, as well as the seven Mary Balogh's Survivors' Club Series.

I'm about half the Anna Campbell's book, and so far, I would say that I pretty agree with what Neill wrote, while not about the same book. But I need to finish it (and seven others by Balogh) in order to see if anything else pop up. At this point, however, I've found the very same high values in Outlander books series (among other many things about life in society and interactions between characters), and while I was eager to read them, I am not as eager to read those.

I have to mention that I had read some books of this kind while I was between 14 and 17 years old, and never thought I would read others. Never say never, I guess. 😉

Well, I would NOT have recommended "Tempt the Devil" as it was not at all what I would consider a useful story.
I was a tiny bit addicted to Georgette Heyer and her ilk when I was in my late teens, early twenties. I had a well developed sense of romance and I loved her well thought out characters and the gentle humour and good plots. I also loved the Regency dresses and the little curtseys ladies performed on meeting people (such a lovely touch). I became thoroughly engaged with the stories. I used to get complaints from my mum because I used to walk along the street with her - reading. I was able to completely transport myself to that world and live it with the characters. I used to get quite irritated when the real world intruded on my other reality. There had to be, and always was, a happy ending though. I insisted on this and would often read the last page to make sure.
I´ve just finished 7 Nights book. 🙈

As I´ve started the book, I couldn´t help but to chuckle almost all first part of the book and thinking "Am I really reading this or what?!" / "What in hell....!!??" / "OMG...." /....

I have a wild imagination and I really DID felt/saw those characters.
The author took time to develop the characters (IMO) and I could really put myself in both of characters shoes.

After first "OMG" moment passed, after first 1/3 of the book, it became really intoxicating and pushing me to read further.
Yes, it was cheesy romance novel but I had really difficult time separating myself from the book.

Last few days, I WAS Jonas and I WAS Sidonie.

I don´t know if I should move forward to the next book; not that this was a bad book, but because this really occupied my mind with emotional roller coaster and was quite arousing and I´m not sure if that´s idea of stimulating positive emotional states.
But I´ve sure forgotten about corona and all the bad stuff out there. ;-D

IMO, one can learn quite a few things from it, like i.e.:
- patience (Jonas)
- gentleness (Jonas)
- forgiveness (Jonas)
- courage (Sidonie)

As for the story:
I agree with all good points already written here.

I can kinda understand Sidonie, when she hide the wedding paper from Jonas. But it was totally unfair from her that she didn´t even write Jonas a letter, telling him she´s pregnant. That is when she lost Jonas and I´m on Jonas side here.

Jonas was more interesting character to me then Sidonie. His development from brute-like, hard, angry and unforgiving figure to loving father was more interesting to read than Sidonie´s feminist jibber jabber.
Well, I was not expecting the romance novels at this point in time. I read very Few fiction novels in my life and there was a period I read few English novels with dictionary as I was trying to switch my language of education and some body suggest approach. Even when I read some novel,I try to look for some truth in the story.

Any way, my public library card has links to Libby, overdrive and hoopladigital along with its own collection.hoopladigital has lot more audio/ebook collection than others for the authors we are interested in. Initially I got mary balogh audio book ‘Simply love’ and was listening. after listening 1/4th of book, it looked gentle story of Single school teacher with 9 yr old bastard son goes to a royal mansion on the invitation of her benefactor, meets a Handsome Stuart who lost half part of face , hand , leg - 2 nice and gentle people in pain falling in love.
As I got access to hoopladigital and going to listen 7 nights series which they have.
I finished Married in Haste, and LOVED IT. Ready to continue on with the series. :whistle:

Without giving many spoliers...

There isn't that much sex on that one, and when there is, I'd say it is actually nicely written (from a woman's point of view, but you also get to see what the male character thinks and feels).

The story was just great. They have some challenges, they don't start off in the most romantic of terms, but love grows by them becoming friends, helping each other, AND because they are both committed to helping others together. They both have a very admirable side, yet they are both "neurotic". They are both strong in their own way, and learn to protect each other and work together in spite of wounds, a painful past, etc.

There are nice passages where you see real friendship and camaraderie between the female characters too. Fighting off petty tyrants. And the males' friendship is also present. Good deeds from the past pay off in the present, and the bad ones find resolution, understanding and forgiveness. Nothing is in vain. Healthy family values hold everyone together, and the couple doesn't live in a bubble, but respects its duties and honors the whole family.

There are moral dilemmas of different kinds (regarding an assassin's punishment, or sex before marriage, etc.), and you see the characters work through all of that marvelously, being GOOD people, yet firm, forgiving yet needing to understand. Very inspiring.

In times when "masculinity" and "femininity" are terms that get ponerized and distorted, where roles are turned upside down , I think that these books can bring one back to healthier values. Funny, given that it's "fiction", how many characters one can relate to. I tell you, some days there is more real stuff about women and men in some of these books than in the news. You won't find any feminist, transgender or LGBT nonsense in the novels. :lol: It sort of restores faith in humanity, if only somehow humanity as large would embrace "soul beauty", for lack of a better term. It's not easy and it isn't meant to be, but the result is worth the struggle when people unite for what is right, defending their destinies.

Overall, I would highly recommend it. @Neil, I think for you too.
Well, I would NOT have recommended "Tempt the Devil" as it was not at all what I would consider a useful story.
OK, so maybe I won't waste my time reading the half remaining and will start with Mary Balogh, as I guess that if you said nothing about them (Survivors' Club Series), that would mean they are part of the useful stories you talk about. Thanks Laura.
I can't listen to this read aloud by a dude!

It's only now dawning on me that these kinds of audiobooks are probably all read by dudes.

I have listened to a few over the years and they have always been read by females which makes sense if you think about it.
Serait-il possible de donner le nom du livre et de l'auteur quand on parle d'un livre car c'est difficile de s'y retrouver... Merci d'avance...
Je viens de commander en plus de Des fleurs dans la tourmente Kinsale, Laura :
Les fils du péché, Tome 2 : Le plus précieux des joyaux de Campbell, Anna
Le cavalier de l'orage. Anne GRACIE
J'avoue avoir pris grand plaisir à ces lectures, j'espère que cela ne va pas devenir une addiction...

Would it be possible to give the name of the book and the author when talking about a book because it's difficult to find your way around? Thank you in advance...
I've just ordered in addition to Flowers in the Kinsale Torment, Laura:
The Sons of Sin, Volume 2: Campbell's Most Precious Jewel, Anna.
The storm trooper. Anne GRACIE
I must admit that I enjoyed the reading, I hope it doesn't become an addiction...

Translated with (free version)
Well, I would NOT have recommended "Tempt the Devil" as it was not at all what I would consider a useful story.
Damn! I made the same mistake as MKScarlett, as it was translated in my langage. I also bought others by the same author (A Campbell): Claiming the courtesan and Untouched. Should I save time by giving them up, or are they good too?
Same with Anne Gracie with the series "devil riders" :
1-The stolen princess) 2-His captive lady) 3-To catch a bride) 4-The accidental wedding.
In this post there are some reflections on excerpts from the introductory post one might return to the introductory post, where the method and purpose of reading is explained.
It occurred to me that people must find such stories a good escape from a horrible reality, either their personal lives or the world-at-large. But then, I also thought about the fact that, if people weren’t just escaping into such literature, but rather LEARNING from it, and putting some of what they learned into practice, a very different result would be obtained than just going off into la-la land. Because, it sure appeared to me that many of the problems that were set up as the plot of the stories were problems that many people deal with in one way or another, and a few of the authors were darned good psychologists with excellent insight.
Authors are Mary Balogh, Jennifer Ashley, Anna Campbell, Anne Gracie, Alice Chetwynd Ley, Elisa Braden, Emily Hendrickson, Jess Michaels, Scarlett Scott, Dorothy Mack, Laura Kinsale, Georgett Heyer, of course, and a few others. Several of these authors have written series books where the characters and some of the situations overlap in the set of books, and reading them in order is best.
Probably the order may influence what is learned, at least if there is an underlying idea or thought, as in the Odessey which is divided into 24 books.
The Odessey and Regency romance - learning from fiction
The Odessey is also one example of a piece of fiction with truths hidden.
A: As we have pointed out before, the crop circles were an almanac. The last page is soon to turn.

Q: (L) Well that makes me think of something. Reading all of these analyses about the Odyssey, it's almost like the Odyssey is an epic story that describes a world similar to our own. When Odysseus comes back to his home, he finds it occupied by these psychopathic, consuming, partying, drunken, rude, obnoxious people. He himself comes into his own as a stranger, a beggar, is treated like dirt, insulted, things are thrown at him... Basically, that's kind of like what our world is doing today. The poor are being oppressed. It's like the whole global elite is acting the part of these suitors in the Odyssey, and Odysseus is everybody else in a certain sense. Just reading this story, it's like apocalyptic. People start behaving that way and it's like they bring down destruction on their own heads. Am I kind of on to something here?

A: Yes. And it is a good exercise for your forum because it will convey many truths at a deep level.
How many truths there are en Regency romance is probably still a work in progress, I would be surprised if it can beat the Odessey, but then there may also be other lessons and some illustrations would be more suitable for people living today.

Reading and the removal of pathological blocks to objective understanding
In the excerpt below from a discussion in about Paleochristianity, one prerequisite for overcoming the Fall is the removal of pathological blocks to objective understanding. If the historical romances discussed here have a better grip on objective reality than much of the postmodern ideology, they might help remove some of the blocks.
Q:[...] (L) Okay. What is the most essential thing for us to know about Paleochristianity, about what people need to know?

A: People need to know about pathology as you call it. In former times it was often referred to as demonic possession. In some cases, they were right.

Q: (L) But clearly not in all cases, and that needs to made absolutely clear because there are some people who are just sick.

A: Yes. Hyperdimensional influences are often the cause of pathology. This can be due to influences at this level of reality including dietary and nurture.

Q: (L) Okay, what else?

A: Just as detoxing the body can lead to abundant health, so can detoxing the mind and environment lead to abundant life and happiness for all. But as was the "fall", it must be a group decision and the differences and pathological blocks to objective understanding must be removed.

Q: (L) In other words, there's no hope for our planet or our species if normal human beings do not come together and get over these varied pathological belief systems and religions and "your truth" and "my truth" and all that sort of thing?

A: Yes. All of that was created and spread by pathological types under the influence of their hyperdimensional masters for the purpose of turning this planet into a "hell on earth" with them as the masters. They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. What is needed is for many people to begin to make direct connections with their higher centers. This has been done via the "work" up to now, but there are other methods to accelerate the process and obtain the needed assistance.
In romances there is the element of love that finds many and varied expressions. While some descriptions may be a bit overdone, still the ideal of love may help people to strive for something higher, extending, I guess, to the level of them beginning to "make direct connections with their higher centers", but probably this does not happen always considering that people are different and some are like OP's
A discussion of the subject of love is found in:
A: Real love is not strictly hormonal.
Q: (L) Let's go back to a question I asked in another session on this same subject: what happens to our energy at the point of orgasm? Where does that energy go?

A: Drains to 4th level STS.

Q: (T) Is this a manifestation of the Lizards feeding off of us?

A: STSers there retrieve it.

Q: (T) So, orgasm is a 3rd density manifestation of the 4th density consumption of 3rd density energy?

A: One of their methods.

Q: (D) In "Bringers of the Dawn" it talks about sex and it says that it is an expression of love and so forth and that you should not have sex with someone who does not really love you.

A: Love is all that is needed.

Q: (L) If two individuals, as an expression of true love at higher levels, desire to express this love in a physical way, is it possible to channel the energy in a positive way without feeding the 4th level STS guys?

A: Nope.

Q: (L) In other words, no matter what you do, how you think, or whatever, that's where it goes?

A: Sex is a physical craving.

Q: (V) So, when the big transition comes, let me assume, anybody who is having sex at the time or has any kind of sexual relationships around that time is not going to transition because of that? (L) I don't think so... (V) Well, I just want to get this clear. Is that true?

A: No. Transition is the "Millennium." A thousand years is the 3rd level interpretation.

Q: (L) So, for a thousand years we will be living as physical beings in 4th density... so to speak... making this transition during this period... and, by the time it is over we will have done away with our physical appetites?

A: Close. Some will be there at the beginning, others will need more "time."

Q: (T) So, when we are on the 4th density, we are still in the physical, and we will still be consuming, will we then be consuming that energy from 3rd density, the orgasmic energy, or something like that?

A: Some.

Q: (D) Even if we are STO?

A: Not if completely STO.

Q: (D) Then how do we get energy.... we get energy from each other. Which is more powerful... the service... well we have to be service to others... (L) That is because STO multiplies and grows... STS just fragments, segregates, and gets smaller and smaller... (J) The law of diminishing returns. (D) We can access or receive other's energies as we give our own?

A: Yes.
Moral injunctions
The above excerpt could be qualified by the following, which also may help to understand the moral injunctions still largely adhered to in many Regency romances, at least as practiced by some of the characters:
Q: (L) Well, one of things I noticed from reading this book "Plague Time" that I just finished is that many of the most insidious of the long-term chronic disease parasites are what they would call sexually transmitted: by sex, kissing, close contact, etc. It seems to me that based on what I was reading in this book, some of the ancient ideas about extreme sexual morality were directed at preventing just these kinds of conditions. Am I reading too much into it?

A: No, the knowledge was passed down until the reasons were forgotten.

Q: (L) Now, it's the really ridiculous religious rules or whatever, and originally there were scientific reasons for it. It's like the pork thing. There was a reason. There was a reason about pork and a way to deal with pork, but somehow they lost it. Now you've got all these Muslims going around with woman covering themselves head to foot and all the purity rules of the Jews, and the “no dancing” of the fundies and all that. Most of what is in the Hebrew Bible in terms of laws came from the Pythagoreans. So that suggests that Pythagoras was a transmitter of really ancient knowledge.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well, well, well...

(Galatea) Can I ask a question? The C's have said that abstinence is ideal for graduation but only if it is sincere. So, what do you think about people who claim that they are asexual? Are they somehow superior to us, or what?

A: No

Q: (Galatea) Okay. So, what makes them feel the need to be asexual? Is it biology or what?

A: Discombobulated brain chemistry.

Q: (Galatea) So basically they're just messed up in the head.

(Perceval) Literally.

A: Yes
While in the Regency romances there are instances of hormones at peak levels, the states described above as "discombobulated brain chemistry" are not promoted.

The struggle with emotions
One observation about some of the characters in the chapters I read, is the struggle with emotions. While the characters are placed in the past, might there in this struggle be similarities with what one may encounter today? The subject of struggle with emotions is mentioned in the following excerpt.
Q: (L) Alright. Anything else?

(Data)I have one more. The C's once described the Wave as hyperkinetic sensate. I would like to know when a person does work on himself, facing one's own mechanical nature and the mechanical nature of others, that also creates sensations that I thought could be hyperkinetic too. Are these two things comparable? Would a person that works on himself, is that comparable to hyperkinetic sensate that the Wave was described as?

A: It can be. A person who struggles with intense emotion and masters it is somewhat inoculated.

Q: (L) So if you experience these hyperkinetic sensate experiences incrementally or gradually inside yourself by working with yourself, and you deal with them, then you are not subject to being blown apart by the hyperkinetic sensate Wave that comes later? Well, I mean, come on! It looks to me like we're already experiencing it. Look how all these people are acting all over the planet. If that's not a hyperkinetic sensate... I mean, you see those so-called Social Justice Warriors? When I saw the screaming woman with the glasses on after Trump's election, I mean... And the rest of them? They're just acting freakin' CRAZY! So I would say that hyperkinetic sensate is partly involved with the disintegration and the soul smashing. It's like insane. Am I right there?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) It could also be related to the shooters, the Florida face eater man.

(Data) These sensations are certainly unpleasant.

(L) No kidding!

(Data) Are people ever going to ask for help, or seek out help from someone who knows how to help them?

A: Eventually the suffering will separate the wheat from the chaff.
Does the literary character in a historical romance serve as a model?
If it is helpful to read examples where the characters struggle with intense emotions, could it be related to the possibility of the literary characters serving as models? While the following excerpt is about the education of children to behave in a way where they are useful to themselves and society, one might maintain that many adults have areas in their lives, where they like children may benefit from a model that shows them what to do and what not to do. The examples for thinking as illustrated by the characters in romances, may leave impressions to be modeled for better or worse, depending on the orientation and choices of the reader.
Q: (L) Alright, what else? There's one question I'd like to ask. There was a discussion on the forum the other day about spanking. And it is my contention that there are some situations where that is the only thing to do, but that it should be very rare. I mean, special situations. Maybe I myself did not follow that model, but there were some instances where that was the only solution. Am I just self-justifying? (Ark) For me it was good. Otherwise probably I would become a criminal. {laughter}

(Andromeda) What if a child is gonna go play in the traffic? Is he gonna take you seriously? I mean, for their protection they need that.

(Ark) I was playing on the railways, and my mother came and saw me and she grabbed my ear and pulled me back home. For a week I couldn't touch my ear!

(Andromeda) That might have saved your life.
(L) Alright, so let me ask my question again: Is...

A: Let us ask you: Are there situations in life where asserting yourself physically is appropriate?

Q: (L) Well I would have to say yes. (Andromeda) Definitely. (L) In a world populated by psychopaths, crazy people, bullies, and behaviors that are hurtful and harmful to you and people that you love...

A: Okay, then how will children learn about those situations if they do not have a model of behavior?

Q: (L) Well, I mean a model of behavior seeing an adult stand up to another adult, not an adult to a child.

A: Children can be bullies and manipulators, too!

Q: (Atriedes) In fact that's usually what children who don't get spanked by their parents become: manipulators.

(L) I've never seen a child who didn't have firm limits drawn that were stuck to that did not become completely obnoxious. I've heard people say that they've never spanked their child and little Johnny is oh so wonderful. And they don't know what little Johnny is really like.
As an example of standing up, in the novel Seven Nights by Campbell, Jonas stands up to his cousin William.

About avoiding going off into la-la land
When reading romances, Laura mentioned there is the risk of going off into la-la land. One needs to have a intent of learning. Next is an excerpt which although it is from a particular context, also has general applications.
Q: (Joe) And the previous comment was about the hygiene of those "around you", which means us. So we can't be daydreaming, and if you find yourself going off in la-la land, you basically have to air it out. Talk to people about it.

(L) I think that people need to know what their weaknesses are, and when they know it, if they find themselves having thoughts along the lines of those weaknesses they tell somebody. It's not good to try to struggle through it on your own. We've seen how many times talking about it is what makes other people aware. It's the group awareness that busts the bubble and blocks the 4D STS abilities to interfere.

(Joe) I would say you can notice it when you find yourself suddenly thinking in a particularly negative way or whatever... a kind of unusual thought pattern that is invasive and persistent...

A: Negative thoughts can be "dreams" too.

Q: (Joe) What they said before was that this kind of fantasyland dreaming about something that isn't objectively true, that seems to allow or anchor some other actual negative energy. So, your dream doesn't necessarily have to be negative.

A: It allows the insertion of what amounts to a feeding tube.

Q: (Andromeda) So basically it's like a wrong use of imagination, whether positive or negative, if you're not anchored in reality. It leaves an opening for something to attach.

(L) Okay, so somebody's dreaming and sending out the STS signal since they're living in la-la land. Then there's the insertion of this feeding tube, and what then happens? What is the mechanism?

A: It can activate subconscious programs and also utilize the connection to enhance physiological processes that excite those in the environment to interact in ways that enhance feeding.

Q: (Joe) Sounds like a feedback loop.

(L) So, say I'm in wishful thinking of some sort. I'm dreaming. Say I'm dreaming about winning the lottery. Or I could be thinking negative thoughts toward somebody. Either way, it's a drain. So I'm in this condition, and that allows an STS feeding tube to be anchored in me, which means basically there's an energetic connection between me and some kind of 4D STS forces. Then if I'm just dreaming or dissociating a little bit, the connection can accelerate that, make it worse. I can feel worse, or believe it harder or stronger. And then that can enhance physiological processes like brain chemistry, hormones, etc. And usually we get triggered to think things because of stuff we're not even always aware of. In the Wave, I used the example of a blue hat. A kid gets exposed to somebody abusive who's wearing a blue hat. They then always go into a state of fear when they see a person in a blue hat, but they don't even realize what's going on. They get triggered and have negative feelings toward that person and the person may be totally innocent and benevolent. But because of the blue-hat programming, the dissociated person acts negatively toward them and thus begins a negative dynamic. The other way would be somebody whose favorite relative always wore checkered shirts. So when they see checkered shirts, they always feel warm and fuzzy and are naturally attracted to the person wearing the checkered shirt, but they don't know why. They may feel very favorable toward a psychopath in a checkered shirt who takes them for everything they have or destroys them emotionally. In both cases, the initial beliefs about the other person or situation has no basis in reality. That could be a subconscious trigger for just the beginning - the opening - of the whole process. And then it will snowball...

(Joe) It's very similar to mind programming and the way people are going off all over the world today.

(L) Yes. People can be programmed to be antagonistic toward each other without even any secret government involvement. So basically, any person here in our community, this could happen to that person if they have such programs. And it is almost certain that everyone has programs of this sort that incline them to favor this thing and not favor that thing, all based on experiences of the past, most of which they cannot remember and which don’t apply at all to current experiences. That could then lead them into either la-la land, or very dark thoughts, very negative thoughts. That in itself creates an opening that allows this 4D STS energy in. The basic energy generated by the program is then souped up, accelerated and made ten times worse and the person falls into a pit of thinking that is out of control. And it can be negative thinking or it can be apparently positive, like thinking you are in love with the psychopath in the checkered shirt, or at least, the wrong person. A person might then automatically run programs that manipulate other people and set off their programs – either positively or negatively. Like if they think they are in love because a program has been triggered, they’ll send out “mating signals” which then trigger responses. And then they all start falling like dominoes. Or, they start thinking negative thoughts and act negatively in a more active way and cause all sorts of issues to develop. That's really creepy when you think about it.
While romances may have helped many, there must also have been numerous cases where the results have been a numbing of the sensing of reality or a consolidation of dreams that had no relation with what was objectively going on.

Love and truth
The next excerpt connects love and truth.
A: You are seeking love in all the wrong places. How can you know love if you cannot bear truth?

Q: (M) So I've got to think with a hammer and, I can't bear truth...

A: Wishful thinking buffers you from truth.

Q: (M) Well that's what I've got to work at so...

(L) So basically you're looking for love, you want love. That's the thing you're really after. But how can you have love if you can't bear truth? Seek ye first truth and you will get love.

(A) Seeking truth means leave your delusions.

(M) Not that I can't bear it, I mean...

(Brainwave) Look within yourself.

(M) I found some truth is really or mainly just joy with amazement and then...

(L) But there is some that you can't stand. All truth is not beauty. All truth is not delight.

(A) You see the first step, as I understand, of finding truth, is realizing 'I am alone and I am responsible for everything what happens to me.' And when you understand I am alone, okay, and I am responsible and there are these snipers and they are shooting at me. Well okay you realize your situation, you are alone. Only then, you can DO.

A: More than anyone realizes. Remember that groups "transduce" cosmic energy. Think of the energy transmitted into your realm by your gathering.
Why did the C's bring up the concept of group as they did, at a time when the conversation was about love, truth, delusions, and the ability to do. This is something one can contemplate.

Fall and redemption - it required a group
One thought I had when reading the sensual passages in the Regency romance novel was the paradox that there might be something useful to learn in the novels as a whole, and at the same time, there were also passages which reminded me of the issues that got us into 3rd density in the first place, the craving for physicality.
Q: (L) So Paul was concerned with restoring humanity to the Edenic state. He uses the symbol as one man, the First Adam, and death came to all. And then by one man life came to all. It struck me that the possibility... Well, what the C's have said is that when the Fall happened, it happened to everyone. It wasn't just like one person. It happened to everyone. So it seems to me that this primal man that is Adam is a representation of all. It's not just one man that caused everybody to go kaflooey. And they've said that it was the female energy consorted with the STS reality. Is that what we're looking at here, only the reversal of the process? In other words, a group of people that have that kind of faith that in the face of everything being literally awful as it is in our world today, that they still have faith in the other reality, they still have faith in doing good, doing right, being loving, that they do not buy into the whole Darwinian materialistic thing, and basically they don’t believe those lies and by those means they are able to, at a certain point in time that Paul called the culmination of the ages, be restored to this Edenic state... in other words a 4D STO reality. Am I interpreting that correctly?

A: Oh that was beautiful!! We are impressed!
Damn! I made the same mistake as MKScarlett, as it was translated in my langage. I also bought others by the same author (A Campbell): Claiming the courtesan and Untouched. Should I save time by giving them up, or are they good too?
Same with Anne Gracie with the series "devil riders" :
1-The stolen princess) 2-His captive lady) 3-To catch a bride) 4-The accidental wedding.

Untouched is pretty good. I'm not interested in courtesans, so don't read about them if I can avoid it.

Devil Riders series by Anne Gracie is good. Excellent in fact. Read them in order.

The 1797 Club series by Jess Michaels is pretty good with lots of story to them.

Sins and Scoundrels series by Scarlett Scott

Rescued from Ruin series by Elisa Braden

Sons of Sin series by Anna Campbell

Marriage of Convenience series by Anne Gracie

Four Horsemen trilogy by Mary Balogh

Survivor's Club series by Mary Balogh

Merridew series by Anne Gracie

Lairds Most Likely series by Anna Campbell

Heartless by Mary Balogh and its companion book Silent Melody

Added: That was a beautiful and very inspiring compendium of excerpts and comments, Thor. Exactly the kinds of points that need to be made.

I have made some observations about these books and we have discussed them here several times, but I want to wait until everyone has had a chance to read a good selection of them to discuss further. It's only after reading a number of them that one begins to see exactly what is going on.

More than that, each story is different and the characters and plot that appeals strongly to one person may not to another. I have some personal favorites:

The Perfect Stranger from the Merridew series.

Heartless and Silent Melody.

At this point in time, Heartless is selling on for over 900 bux for a hard copy.
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