Senator John McCain dies of brain cancer aged 81


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McCain always gave me the impression that he was a rabid dog in a human body. The one certainly as stange ways to explore it creation but maybe, he was a good example of a fourth density sts candidate . As such, he was a great specimen to study for many to learn a lesson and may have contributed to awake a few soul to seek some answer. Is behavior may have contributed thus, in some ways , to push seeker to explore and to seek knowledge in a attenpt to explain this personnage. Maybe he thus pushed some soul toward the light.

Remember, rose grow best in manure.


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When I first read these news I couldn't help but think: Good riddance! He devoted his life to the suffering of others, so without him the world is much better off. But that may sound too optimistic, as unfortunately there are still others of his kind who continue to inflict suffering. Thus, always when one of them dies, it gives me some sense of relief.


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...I'll watch when you're lowered
Down to your deathbed
And I'll stand over your grave
Till I'm sure that you're dead

(Bob Dylan, Masters of War)

A little heartfelt remix music to go with the sentiment.

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Everyone has free will and he chose evil over good.

Eternity may not be enough for him to pay for his deeds.

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Don't worry about the death of one tyrant. There is always another waiting to step into the limelight.

Rather worry about how you will deal with the new one! Or just carry on, business as usual.


It's good to know that such a killer died, but let's be honest, there will be someone else taking his place or they'll keep going with his ideas. At the end of the day the damage is already done. I only hope he suffered a lot, I feel bad to this, but having in mind all the suffering he caused, having a horrible death is the least that could have happened to him. I like to think that everyone who caused a lot of suffering in other people's lives ends up paying the consequences sooner or later. I saw many people who have been through this in my life, and I wish that had been the case with him as well.
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The headline yesterday by the CBC state organ had this capstone line to mark John's life:

"An Arizona senator since 1987, McCain gained a reputation as a political maverick, frequently co-signing bipartisan legislation and breaking from many in his Republican Party on issues of military engagement, treatment of war prisoners, climate change, campaign finance and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants."

They managed to hit at least eight endearing sentiments embedded now as a narrative in the life of McNasty - this will mesh well with liberals and the fact that he hated Trump/Putin does not go unnoticed. I guess that is to be expected by the MSM.

Thought to myself, though, could John even be enshrined with a statue in Canada? After taking down the statues of Sir John A MacDonald and scrubbing him from the internet even in Scotland, McCain might be considered to fill the other John's now vacant spot even though he is not from Canada. Silly, probably not, so perhaps they are waiting until George Soros kicks the bucket and see if he fits the scene as the 'great' philanthropist he is purported to be, yet he is not Canadian either - yet acts as if he runs her Parliament.

There is no doubt in the US that great plans are being made to honor John in bronze and in name, and of course the gushing tributes have begun. I don't know also what exactly happened to John in the Hanoi Hilton, maybe he died and was reanimated with 4D puppet strings and then released back. I know the C's discuss finding compassion, and yes it is important, yet there is not a lot in the well for John for what he provided to humanity. For sure, as stated in other posts, there are others behind him to fill his spot, so good riddance from 3rdD, John, may your time in 5thD provide good reflection.
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