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I thought about that, but it seems that the 'feedback' you get is not in the form of an increase or decrease in your pulse but simply some kind of change or 'jump' or something in the pulse. The fact that it is different for different people is part of the problem of explaining it in a way that applies across the board. The idea is, apparently, that through practice you become familiar with the 'change' in the pulse felt in the finger, and that becomes your reference. But it would be cool if we could come up with something that read the changes in then patient's 'field' in a more clear way, but perhaps it's not possible and maybe not even desirable. I dunno. For some reason I was wondering if a quartz crystal tuning fork might work, but that's probably me just being new agey. Probably something more 'high tech' would be better.
A heart rate variability monitor might do the trick? If the pulse is actually related to heart beat.
Or maybe some muscle sensors could be wired up to provide some kinesiology/muscle tone type feedback?
It's possible that having some external feedback could produce faster learning and stronger treatments.

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It has been a very intense experience for me. The girl I talked about in my previous comment, "Little Einstein", was the one who did the treatment for me.

She told me that I started the session with 25% energy and that I finished the session with 75%, this was not something common, according to her... what I interpreted is that I was so weak and defective that "my bodies" began to recharge with energy like crazy, because she also told me that verified that could have followed much more in the protocols, but that I stopped her (I understood that she was referring to my higher consciousness) because more urgent "matters" had to be dealt with first. She noted that there was still a long way to go with me, that she could continue to "tune" more things in my body in future sessions, but that we would have to go step by step.

In the final part of the protocols the practitioner asks when the next appointment can be, can go out one day, hours, years (and I think even "no more appointments"). In my case it was "two months" for the next appointment. So I will have a new session in October and continue the treatment.

The practical part of this is that I feel full of energy, now I'm a little calmer, but the first week after treatment I was "on fire". I can't sleep more than 7 hours, I wake up after this time and full of energy. I'm not using the alarm clock now because I wake up alone. I was an "owl", I slept during the day and lived at night, I've been struggling for years to stabilize my schedules and also, even if I slept 8 or 10 hours, I always woke up tired. All this has been solved now, I no longer feel tired, I no longer need to lie down for a while in the afternoon (the Spanish "siesta"). I just hope all this doesn't disappear in the next few weeks, but I don't know.

On an emotional level it has been a catharsis, I will explain it in my personal thread because I have had some revelations and I need feedback, I feel as if some "lessons" have been triggered in an accelerated way, some have been quite difficult to digest, but I don't want to extend much more here, and I still want to tell more things now.

The most obvious part of this is that I spent three days crying. I cried at night in my hotel room, I talked to Chu and cried, I cried the next night... in general terms I could control it and I decided to let it go when I was alone in my room because, with Chu I didn't have any problems, but with the people in the course I didn't want to put on a show.

It wasn't sadness, I wasn't sad, I was "on fire", remember, I felt like "a flor de piel" (emotions running very high), it was like a purifier crying... I don't know, I'm still trying to understand that it has been all this sea of tears that I've shed.

I'm having very intense dreams, I feel with more willpower, more mental clarity...

The most important thing has been my physical improvement. For those who don't know, I'm paraplegic after a traffic accident, I can't move my legs, but the serious thing is that I have a lot of spasticity in my legs, they're stuck and can't stretch, so I have to sleep with my legs shrunk, which is a very unfortunate situation. I have so much spasticity that one day my left leg came out of my hip.

After the session my legs relaxed, she told me that she had seen my left leg move a little. Then in the evening I checked it and it seems that my leg had as if repositioned, it is still out of the hip, obviously, but it seems that something has happened there. I tried to stretch my right leg and it stretched completely. Stretching my leg also means stretching my belly, being able to breathe deeply, so for me a lot has been achieved.

Today, the legs are not as relaxed as they were after the session, but they are still more relaxed than before the session. And every night I keep stretching my right leg with ease. And that's my main goal with this treatment, I want to see if I can relax my legs once and for all and be able to sleep with my legs stretched out.

So I'm going to follow the treatment and process my emotions and... time will tell.


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Fascinating session as always, thank you for sharing.
The H2O process seems to hold definite promise, very interesting indeed!


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Thank you very much for the session! :flowers: This new healing modality sounds very intriguing! At first I wanted to write that it also emphasizes the importance of psychic hygiene, since we get all kind of impressions that can affect the information field. But not sure. Maybe it isn't relevant here, since only photos were mentioned. In any case, looking forward to seeing how it develops. :-)


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Enough superlatives, they can't describe this superluminal communication experiment anyway. It's all mind-blowing research and experimentation. Thank you very much for sharing! The H2O method sounds like it is a kind of 4D neurofeedback.
I share your enthusiasm for this new modality and think that the above description just about describes it - or as close to 4D neurofeedback as we can get at this time! I had wondered for some time now if a 'technology' existed that facilitated growth of or from a higher level. Well, to some great extent, I think that EE, NO, Reiki and other practices do help to accomplish this at this level. At the same time though, the C's said that H2O addresses "the interface between the spirit body and the hyperdimensional body" that would seem to help reorganize or restructure one of the most etheric or subtle parts of ourselves. This means, I think, that in potential we have a kind of approach or access point to a very high part of our being - in the midst of so many forces seeking to drag us down.

Another thing that seems so impressive about this type of therapy is that it is so decidedly low-tech. With some amount of instruction, application, and assistance from those who've got a natural knack for it - most everyone stands to benefit from it.


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When I first read the session about having the various pictures used where a person taps into past lives and possibly the future in part with the aid of images as described in the session, I wondered if a practitioner could use pictures of places a person has been in their life. Significant places such as the childhood home, a place of a major injury or event in their life and any other place of significance they have been to. Kind of as a way to heal or optimize things from this life or get aid in processing and dealing with trauma when the person doesn’t even remember the trauma or issue and only has the thinking patterns and reactions to people, things and situations that they are not even consciously aware of.

I also wonder if pictures of people can be used in the process somehow as well, such as pictures of relatives even if the person has never met them due to them passing before they were born. Maybe that would be a way to tap into, connect to and possibly heal family related issues and a means to connect with one’s heritage for such things as protection (as mentioned in a previous C’s session) via the same route and understanding of using just random images and pictures. And maybe pictures of people we respect here on the forum that have passed on, such as Caesar, JFK, etc could be used to who knows what effect.

Another idea is to use objects or pictures of objects in the same process. Let’s say a person is afraid of crossing bridges and has been this way their whole life despite there never being a real reason for it. Using a picture of any bridge or a particular bridge that the person knows they react to for whatever reason could be a kind of hyperdimensional exposure therapy of sorts that may help resolve the issue. I think if this because I have a good friend and another person I know from high school who both have always been afraid of bridges with no real reason for it.


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And to add another idea I had while smoking just now. What about having a selection of short audio and/or video clips available that a practitioner might select from? Short clips of video of places and people from all over the world, audio of significant events in history and even pictures of significant places and events in history.
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