Session 10 Aug 2019


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Thank you all for another fascinating session

Three exclamation marks - that's a lot which means it's important and really good idea. It would be really nice if we were able to download the recording and play it for our crystals to re-charge them. And please do not be afraid of what we, as the listeners, think of your abilities to sing :) I personally see EE recordings very calming and relaxing. It's not about the form (tone) but the intent and abilities to help others.
About those singing abilities, I remember hearing a recording from the chateau with an excellent 3 part harmonization of female voices. It sounded like a professional group of studio back up singers. I do not remember what the recording was for or I'd find it and link to it. I asked where they found the back up singers and was told it was Laura, Andromeda and Chu. Quelle surprise.

The girls might be overly modest in their abilities, but they shouldn't be. They sing like angels.


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Thanks, to all of you for this timely and most interesting session. The H2O method sounds similar to some techno spiritual techniques that Gurdjieff mentioned. Just because some of the tools are not what current "science" considers high tech does not mean they are not effective.

Marcel Vega has a youtube channel. The video's aren't in English though:

Thanks, @Jones . You can set the CC (closed captions for a translation on YouTube).

I am not sure how accurate the translation is but it gives you the general flavor of the conversation.


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When I first read the session about having the various pictures used where a person taps into past lives and possibly the future in part with the aid of images as described in the session, I wondered if a practitioner could use pictures of places a person has been in their life. Significant places such as the childhood home, a place of a major injury or event in their life and any other place of significance they have been to. Kind of as a way to heal or optimize things from this life or get aid in processing and dealing with trauma when the person doesn’t even remember the trauma or issue and only has the thinking patterns and reactions to people, things and situations that they are not even consciously aware of.

I also wonder if pictures of people can be used in the process somehow as well, such as pictures of relatives even if the person has never met them due to them passing before they were born. Maybe that would be a way to tap into, connect to and possibly heal family related issues and a means to connect with one’s heritage for such things as protection (as mentioned in a previous C’s session) via the same route and understanding of using just random images and pictures. And maybe pictures of people we respect here on the forum that have passed on, such as Caesar, JFK, etc could be used to who knows what effect.

Another idea is to use objects or pictures of objects in the same process. Let’s say a person is afraid of crossing bridges and has been this way their whole life despite there never being a real reason for it. Using a picture of any bridge or a particular bridge that the person knows they react to for whatever reason could be a kind of hyperdimensional exposure therapy of sorts that may help resolve the issue. I think if this because I have a good friend and another person I know from high school who both have always been afraid of bridges with no real reason for it.
Excellent idea IMHO.

Why is it that head to North is always a good direction for such things and does it also apply to the southern hemisphere in H2O practice ?
I would say it has to do with natural energy flow in relation to the Earth's magnetosfere (galactic?). When working with energies, a person should be aligned with the grid to eliminate unnecessary interference from natural sources. But it is just my speculation. And if the same direction applies to the southern hemisfere... that's a good question 🤔


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Thanks, @Jones . You can set the CC (closed captions for a translation on YouTube).

I am not sure how accurate the translation is but it gives you the general flavor of the conversation.
Cheers for this. I knew that you could add subtitles but didn't realise that you could change language.

I've been playing around with touching thumb and forefinger. I can't feel the pulse through my fingers but I was feeling something that sometimes felt like a pulse. I checked with my other hand taking the pulse at my neck and what I was feeling through my fingers doesn't correspond with my pulse. What I'm feeling through my fingers almost feels more like a micro movement or very small twitch that is confined to the area where my fingers are touching. It was very low intensity and I think it would ordinarily go unnoticed if the fingers weren't touching. So as Orangescorpion mentioned earlier, I didn't need to have a lot of pressure. I also sometimes feel tingling which is sometimes diffuse spread out across the area of contact and others sharp and focused. I haven't yet attempted to find an object but just visualised different scenes or memories. I haven't established a solid pattern for what the sensations are indicating though - it was mainly just an attempt to see what sensations there were.


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I have watched several of the Marcel Vega site's videos and I get an almost Celestine Prophecy vibe which is for now the only way I can describe it. It seems like they are trying to describe experiences that are difficult to put into words.

Session 3 December 1994:
Q: (L) In talking about the new level of being after transition to 4th density, will this be something like what is described in the book "Celestine Prophecy?"

A: Close.
Also the translation of the group's goals posted by @Jones and it's relationship to art reminds me of art and poetry found in an underground cave/cavern that a group named The Wingmakers have collected and posted on their site.

Session 23 September 2000:
Q: Is the Wingmaker's presentation a source of good clues if one can figure out how to decipher it?

A: Yes.

Q: Are the clues in the poetry, the pages of philosophy or the art?

A: All.

Q: Is the story about the Wingmaker's information true?

A: Some.

Q: Is the Wingmaker's material "left" from the future into the past for someone to find in the present?

A: Close.

Q: Here is a comment from one of our listmembers:

"Our reality depends on what we believe to be true. What we believe depends on our perception. Our perception depends on what we look for. What we look for depends on our thoughts. What we think depends on our state of wisdom. Our wisdom depends on our state of awareness. Our awareness depends on our intuition. Our intuition depends on maturity of soul. The maturity of soul depends on the image we represent of the one infinite mind. All images are holograms of this mind. We are duplicates of the original." Is this an accurate way of representing our reality?

A: Close. It is one chain of relations, though not all. The dependent relationships are far more complicated.


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Thank you for the session 🥰

That great wave of negative energy that circled the planet can probably be seen in some kind of spike in people 'going off' if we look closely. Here's one possible example

Here's an another exemple from my neighbourhood:

The 31-year-old killed his mother and seriously injured his neighbor

31-year-old Stefan W. came through the window to the neighbor's house. He attacked a 78-year-old woman there, whose eyes she picked out with scissors. The assailant took the son to a neighbor and a seriously injured woman was transported by air ambulance helicopter to the hospital. His mother's body was found in the residence of Stefan W. The woman had a cut stomach. Her body was discovered by her sister-in-law who came to their home. Stefan W. was arrested and placed under psychiatric care – informs police spokesman Sebastian Gleń. According to RMF FM, he was previously treated psychiatrist.


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[..]She told me that I started the session with 25% energy and that I finished the session with 75%, this was not something common, according to her... what I interpreted is that I was so weak and defective that "my bodies" began to recharge with energy like crazy, because she also told me that verified that could have followed much more in the protocols, but that I stopped her (I understood that she was referring to my higher consciousness) because more urgent "matters" had to be dealt with first. She noted that there was still a long way to go with me, that she could continue to "tune" more things in my body in future sessions, but that we would have to go step by step.
It wasn't sadness, I wasn't sad, I was "on fire", remember, I felt like "a flor de piel" (emotions running very high), it was like a purifier crying... I don't know, I'm still trying to understand that it has been all this sea of tears that I've shed.

I'm having very intense dreams, I feel with more willpower, more mental clarity...

The most important thing has been my physical improvement. For those who don't know, I'm paraplegic after a traffic accident, I can't move my legs, but the serious thing is that I have a lot of spasticity in my legs, they're stuck and can't stretch, so I have to sleep with my legs shrunk, which is a very unfortunate situation. I have so much spasticity that one day my left leg came out of my hip.
I was thinking about this last night. If by working with 4D/higher parts of the self you can produce physical changes, and help move things into emotional processing, learning and understanding of the self, and likely changes in belief and perception - is that the 'top down' (4D->3D) version of The Work?
The Work being the 'bottom up' (3D->4D) version of the same thing? Working on the self, to remove false belief (which change perception), to discover how the body works and improve it's functioning - which can produce understanding and changes in the physical? The burning away of false beliefs.

That seems to suggest their may be some feedback and rules you could derive from the healing protocol, that could be used to help navigate The Work.
Jordan Peterson says:
With regards to telling if you are speaking authentically: Listen to yourself talk, as if a stranger was talking. Try not to identify too much with what you are saying. Then, observe. See if what you are saying makes you feel stronger, physically, or weaker. If it makes you feel weaker, stop saying it. Try to reformulate your speech until you can feel the ground under your feet solidifying. Then practice only saying things that make you strong.

Stop trying to use your speech to get what you want. You don’t necessarily know what you want. Instead, try to articulate what you believe to be true as carefully as possible. Then, accept the outcome. Assume that your truth, as lived and spoken, will produce the best possible outcome. It’s an act of faith.

But so is every other way of being.
The same can be applied to self-talk (what you think/narrate internally), as well as how you act, your continued choices etc.
You could also ask what beliefs might be making you weak too.
And by 'weak' I mean are (physically) draining you of energy, or worse feed that energy to 4D STS forces.

If OS went from 25% to 75% energy, then perhaps part of the realignment is the removal of 'draining things' and blocks that restrict recharging (self talk, beliefs etc)?
The flip side then would be to ask 'how am I draining myself/feeding STS', and maybe if you hit the correct answer (and correct it) the feedback mechanism is 'more energy'? Rather speculative, but did get me thinking (and improved my energy). fwiw


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(L) Okay. Now, part of the procedure, according to the inventor, involves feeding information into the field of the person at some distance from the body, which is kind of like what made me think of it as hyperdimensional. Having read Lethbridge's work on dowsing and how he had to increase distances to dowse into other dimensions... he kind of discovered this accidentally and it’s a cool story. So, there are these images that are more or less waved around in the person’s energy field at various distances, and he says that this consists of information being fed in, and there's a whole stack of them of the images. The practitioner uses a combination and dowsing and kinesiology to select the one that is appropriate for the individual to give them the information that they need. Then you apply it into the field with certain gestures. We looked at all of these pictures. They're just small photographs, most of them very ordinary, or even like nothing at all. We looked at a lot of them, and they seem to be almost random places all around the planet. In general, are these images and the information they contain safe?

A: The dowsing process insures the proper selection.
There's just almost no way to describe it; you have to see it. And then, you have to try it yourself with someone walking you through the steps. Otherwise, it just looks like someone waving their hand around in the air around your body holding what looks like a small magnifying glass. Intermittantly, they wave the little glass around over other little glass things, or pictures, or sheets of paper with words or numbers written on them. When I first saw it done, I thought "wow, that looks like some kind of shaman waving stuff around somebody's body to get rid of evil spirits!" You know, like feathers, bones, rattles, etc. But actually, the movements of the practitioner's hand are rather precise and the use of different tuners is part of the process.
It would be so fascinating to some day discover the methods of the true archaic shamans! If generally, shamans of recent times only have fragmented knowledge and there's been lots of copying of, for example, those hand movements, then it would be really interesting to learn those precise movements, alongside the correct process of such a healing session. Another facet of marrying science and mysticism.
On the note of distance from a person, movement and 'copying the hand movements' etc as applied to fragmented knowledge (things that are just copying lost knowledge) - could dancing (the C's mentioned it years ago) apply here?

I'm thinking Sufi whirling dervishes and Gurdjieffian dances? I know next to nothing about both of those.
Very very speculative - would dancing as a group at a particular distance from each other, with the proper knowledge/technique, connect the group at a higher level, and perhaps share information at that higher level between everyone in the dance? Presumably using the same pulse technique to make sure things go ok?
I'll stop my speculation here, as I feel like a monkey attempting to fly an apache helicopter - it's likely to end in disaster.
I don't recommend anyone attempt this.

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I'm thinking Sufi whirling dervishes and Gurdjieffian dances? I know next to nothing about both of those.
Very very speculative - would dancing as a group at a particular distance from each other, with the proper knowledge/technique, connect the group at a higher level, and perhaps share information at that higher level between everyone in the dance? Presumably using the same pulse technique to make sure things go ok?
I'll stop my speculation here, as I feel like a monkey attempting to fly an apache helicopter - it's likely to end in disaster.
I don't recommend anyone attempt this.

Hi Redfox. Are you referring to the dancing or flying the apache helicopter.. Just kidding.

The thing is, we have no idea what is possible or not. Laura has discovered so many methods that can improve our lives in so many ways. This makes us so aware of what knowledge we have lost. Your ideas about dancing certainly have got to have some truth in them. Dancing is so primal in humans. My smilie face was to go after helicopter. As you can see I've no control over him.!!!!!



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Thank you very much for this session.
H2O sounds like a very useful tool/technique.

I remember feeling my pulse on my fingertips, as was described in this session, when I was younger and meditated fairly regularly; thumb to index or middle finger. However when I tried it in the daytime just after reading the session and the comments in this thread, I could not feel my pulse.
I tried it again while laying in bed in the dark last night and was able to find the pulse after a while. I tried different "positions" of the thumb and index/middle finger touching each other and different pressures. Today, in the office while typing this, I can easily find the pulse again. I think the "quiet and calm" environment of night time helped me with it. I hope this helps for those trying to feel their own pulse in their fingers.


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Thank you Laura and Team for the wonderful session. :flowers: H2o and Hollow Moon theory was very interesting.

After the C's session, I was offered H2o session to me . Chu did it yesterday. It was an interesting, pleasant and insightful experience. Here is my experience of the session.

She explained how it is done, showed me some charts, filters, pictures, process of selecting he pictures using the finger dowsing and told me that maximum of 3 questions that i can ask. She asked date of birth and i gave one question, which she wrote it down. I was asked to be on the massage table flat facing up that was positioned to North where my head goes. I was told It could be 20 to 40 minutes, I was asked not to me the body during the process. that's it. she did whatever she needs to do waving the filters ( harmonizers). The moment she put the harmonizer near me, suddenly some calmness overlapped me. I simply stayed enjoying the calmness. At some point, I started a feeling that i observed before while listening deep calming hypnotic meditation. At the end, she showed her notes.

Physical/emotional bodies:

1- liver - Heart: 75% energy; Past effecting present related to incidents 19xx-19xx, 8 weeks back;
2. Left Hemisphere Effecting Heart: 40% energy ; 20xx-20xx, 1989

Energy Bodies:
1. Liver Heart connection - Harmonal 50% ( Filled Circle - I already has the knowledge, but needs integration)
2. Prostrate/colon inflammation 35% ( Open Circle - I don't have knowledge yet)
3. Heart inflammation: No reading came ( Filled Circle - I already has the knowledge, but needs integration)
4. Heart effecting right shoulder - No reading came ( illed Circle - I already has the knowledge, but needs integration)

My question is "How can I have More sleep protection". Chu mentioned that I need "More" some thing, but not sure, what it is.

I wondered what it means to me Liver, Heart parts as i don't have any specific issues. After looking at the Louis Hay's body interpretation, I got better idea.

LIVER PROBLEMS: (hepatitis) Resistance to change. Fear, anger, hatred. Liver is the seat of anger and rage.
Affirmation: My mind is cleansed & free. I leave the past & move into the new. All is well.
I don't think i have hepatitis but the I often observed body registering anger for many reasons ( frustration with repeating programs, over expectations, conflicting thoughts of things could have handled better, self control that needs improvement etc ) though i seems to let it go intellectually. I find it interesting it came out.

Heart and Emotions: Probably I need to handle emotions much better- Not getting locked up in the negative emotions and not shutting down the emotions. Giving its due.

She also mentioned that I have lot of tightness in pelvis area. I speculated, it may be related to hernia operation I had 1.5 years back. It may be some thing else, the details may come out in future.

It was a wonderful experience and got excited to see some of the important years in my life came out so accurate. It was interesting to find that dowsing selected a picture of Indian temple arch. I had a much better sleep at the night. Lot to learn from the experience.

Thank you Laura for the suggestion and Chu for taking the time and doing the session. :thup:
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