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Thank you for the session! This was a really interesting one. The H2O technique I look forward to learning more about. Somewhere between reading about that and the crystal song audio recording, I had a warm feeling in my chest, and I don't think my Q-Link was producing that.

I remember the C's saying that digital audio can be embedded with higher energies, or something to that effect. I read Lethbridge's Power of the Pendulum in 2017, I think. I played with objects attached to a string, but his technique seemed kind of complicated. It required exact lengths to parse different objects, both in 3D and in other dimensions.

I will sometimes pray in the morning if I am so tired that I fall asleep before being able to start or finish prayers while in bed. The idea makes sense, as everything is new and fresh in the morning. A sort of "magical hour".


That seems like a more practical approach, since there's always the danger that a person will claim they can feel their pulse in that way without *actually* feeling anything. I mean, it seems bizarre that they would suggest you feel your pulse in one of your fingers. Generally speaking, there is no clearly discernible pulse there.
Being able to feel your pulse by two fingers is actually plausible - it works for me. Here's my explanation:
The heart pumping blood into and out of blood vessels causes a pressure wave which alternates an increase and decrease of the blood volume in the fingertips, which in turn causes an ever so slight mechanical movement between the two fingertips in sync with the pulse. This movement can be picked up by our tactile sensors, and felt. Here is a study showing the same effect of mechanical pulsing on the brain.
To work reliably, the fingers should be warm and well perfused. Other than that, practice helps.

Oh, and thank you for the very interesting session!
Thank you as always to Laura and the Chateau crew. I would be a totally lost sheep baying at "the Knight" without the profound truths that Laura and the team have revealed. I could sense that there may be a session while I was away in rural Maine without the internets. And what an interesting one indeed!

I have to say that around the time of the El Paso shooting I was feeling some bad juju--it's always hard for me to tell whether it's "my stuff coming up" or if I am sensing that something bad personally is going to happen to me or if it's something difficult astrologically. I definitely felt uneasy in April before the burning of Notre Dame. I don't know if anyone else has trouble discerning this as well--personal negativity vs STS-induced negativity that effects the whole planet. Now I'm seeing that there are clues to the STS negativity--such as a mass shooting then a spate of people going crazy.

I find "Original Bioquantics" really fascinating and how it might relate to traditional shamanic work. For the last 8 yrs I have been working with a shamanic healer I consider very powerful. She's been able to tell me about past lives and karmic patterns and I have been able to deduce some of my "level 1" incarnation lessons. She does hands on healing with charged crystals placed in grids on one's body as well as other healing stones. The last healing I had, I cried throughout the session talking about a mistake I had made and all the guilt I felt. This was ruminative guilt with corresponding suicidal thoughts occuring very frequently. After the healing, it felt like the ruminative quality of the guilt and self-hatred associated had lifted. I think about this mistake much less and have less thoughts "of not wanting to be here." It makes me think about what the Cs mean when they say
Traditional magnetizing by a gifted individual.
If something or someone is magnetized, it means that it/he/she attracts things. One would hope that an energetic healing purges energetic traces of a negative charge and magnetizes things of a positive charge. If one is more positively magnetized, does that mean one is more connected to the information field or to STO in other densities? I see that I may have some follow-up questions for the Cs but would be interested to hear other people's thoughts.

Has anyone read the book "The Horse Boy" by Rupert Isaacson or seen the film? The healing that the northern Mongolian shaman Ghoste did for his son Rowan was really quite remarkable. Ghoste is known around Mongolia as one of the most powerful shamans in a country where shamanism is their religion. Rowan is a 6 year old boy at the time, very autistic and is not potty trained and throws frequent uncontrollable tantrums. By the end of the brief healings that took place over an evening and a morning, Rowan's tantrums were greatly reduced and he started having "intentional poos." How does that happen and does it have anything to do with "magnetizing?"

I really look forward to perhaps in future doing trainings at the Chateau with this method (no pressure, I know that you all have a lot going on). I can't tell you the number of times that I have had Laura and the Chateau show up in my dreams but I realize that I don't post much so you all really don't know much about me. Determined to change that.


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I read Lethbridge's Power of the Pendulum in 2017, I think. I played with objects attached to a string, but his technique seemed kind of complicated. It required exact lengths to parse different objects, both in 3D and in other dimensions.
Read it too a couple years ago or so and it was complicated. Took back my pendulum on the shelf with which I was playing back at the time with simple Q&A just to see if it was moving at all. It moves North-South for a 'yes', left-right for a 'no' and it swirls for a 'maybe/up to you' answer. Its movements were very faint and slow so I come up with an idea, 'Is there a way to charge a pendulum?' So I've washed it and left it near the charged crystals for a night and now it's so reactive that it's quite impressive to watch... don't know if it was me or the 'recharge' anyway... But how to play with 'lost objects'? Simple Q&A or a map of the house, town? Going around with the pendulum until it moves? Just waiting for an object to disappear here!:lol:


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But how to play with 'lost objects'? Simple Q&A or a map of the house, town? Going around with the pendulum until it moves? Just waiting for an object to disappear here!:lol:

Can't you start with objects that you know where they are? Or have someone hide an object for you. I would do a narrowing down technique. Like, "Is it on this floor, in this room?", etc. And then you can divide the room into quadrants or face cardinal directions and ask if it's this or that direction.


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Gratitude for this new session, and for the ongoing discussion.
Really fascinating discovery that you made here with H2O, I wonder how it will be improved and what will come out of it. It's great to know there will be recordings of your voices, and that it will help charge the crystals! Rejoicing news :)

The part about magnets made me thoughtful and wow, the analogy of the fibers of the energy field getting aligned in a specific direction to receive specific information is GREAT. That's probably the way to connect to the antennas. And when they say traditional magnetizing by a gifted individual can produce similar results, I can't help but think this is exactly what happens there too.

It reminded me of Integrated Craniosacral Biodynamics too. I discovered it in 2014 and did a week of practice with Rosemary, a fascinating teacher who recommended the book Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life by Robert Becker to get a better understanding. I haven't read it yet but it keeps popping back in my mind when we delve into those subjects.
In this landmark book, Robert O. Becker, M.D., a pioneer in the field of bioelectric science, presents a fascinating look at the role electricity plays in healing, challenging the traditional mechanistic model of the body. Colorful and controversial, this is a tale of engrossing research, scientific and medical politics, and breakthrough discoveries that offer new possibilities for fighting disease and harnessing the body's healing powers.
It resembles Reiki but it is different. The goal is to just be an active listener of the body, and that takes your whole concentration and presence to the point where you feel the craniosacral rhythm/cerebrospinal fluid flowing. It's really subtle but you can feel it, and wow, that's an unsuspected feeling the first time. You have to place your hands at different positions with the lightest touch you can. Picture the weight of a butterfly.
Here is a video showing what to expect, with a discussion too, the images are great to have a feel for it.
I had a private session at the end of the week with one of her team member and it was the most intense experience I had thus far in a therapy. I cried, shook and sweated for a half hour, like crazy. My head began waving, the sensation was as if a conduit had opened through it and led my body to move. I felt so much pain and suffering and expelled it all, the practitioner had to help my diaphragm do its job. I remember my arm asking for help in the direction of the window, to the outside world, quiet and sunny. Different experiences for different persons, of course.

Anyway I wanted to share it because the analogy of the fibers of the energy field getting aligned made me remember it as if that's what happened there, maybe it's not, but I've never really been able to describe what happened that day.
What I know is that after some time spent with a light touch on a specific part of the body, something may click and things happen. Maybe it was just the necessary time to align those fibers in some weird way. Can't wait to find out more about all this.

Thinking about unusual pictures, I had this one in mind, the Great Blue Hole in Belize. Some other great pictures on the blog : Great Blue Hole


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Q: (Ark) Are there other known practices that so to say achieve similar results? Do people somewhere in the world practice something in a different way but essentially producing similar results to this procedure?

A: Traditional magnetizing by a gifted individual.
Searching about this, I found an article about magnetized sculptures
They don't talk about rites, but it's interesting that the article is dated as August 11 2019, one day after the session, and that they talk about lightning, where the session talks about "flashes".
At least some of the stones used to craft sculptures were hit by lightning at some point in the past, magnetizing the material, according to the research conducted on 11 basalt figures. Moreover, the potbellied sculptures were carved in such a way that protruding features had the strongest magnetic forces, suggesting the artisans knew which parts of the material were most magnetic.


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Thank you all for Service and Sharing! Lots of Synchronicities and AHa's for me.

Also when I saw this picture yestersday in the Quantum Quirks section of Sott I got the sure sense of using it with the Technique discussed in the Session.

Smiles and Gratitude to you All1566304917879.png

(Chu) What about our question about how to make sure that you're not interfering as the practitioner?

(Andromeda) Yeah, how do you not influence the choosing of the spots or filters or the pictures?

A: That is possible. One way to train is by practicing with dowsing lost objects to sharpen your sensitivity.

Q: (L) Somebody who's not real sensitive could tend to overlay their imagining onto what they're doing. But a person who is sensitive and who has trained their sensitivity will be feeling what the body that they are working with is communicating to them and it will create a correct feedback.

A: Yes

There is: Session 2 January 1995
A few thousand hours and some talent would probably help.

THANK YOU for this new session!
"...In constant search of ever greener pastures"

I didn't know what the word "zahorí" meant. I searched and found myself in the world of dowsing. It's really fascinating. I am still reflecting on the data I researched.

I still have to see more videos and articles to be able to compare and extract data that they have in common. It's a start...

I share what I found and if someone is more informed, it would be great if you could give us your opinion, in my case is a totally unknown world of radiesthesia. I'm just looking and I'm careful with all this new data.

I outline the conversation:
"Epifanio Alcañiz is a Radiesthesist and
Tele-Radiestesist (can do radiesthesia at a distance) Investigates telluric energies and is a bioenergetic restorer. He has published a book called: "Radiesthesia the forgotten perception".

Epifanio says: "...Radiesthesia is a perception, this perception is given particularly through the unconscious.through the unconscious we get the answers to the questions, the answers that really interest us because sometimes the conscious responds to us and those answers are not usually valid. Those of the unconscious do.

Radiesthesia measures telluric energies, energies emanating from the earth and radiation. We are born with two bodies, the physical one and the energetic one, and the energetic one needs to recharge itself of this energy, that is in all the planet, but there are especially energetic places, I believe that the energy of the planet is regulated through the energetic vortices and that energy is measurable with a table that we will speak later, but there is no "little device" that measures it, this is a perception and it is a little abstract measure...".

"There are places where the earth emits very low imperceptible radiations but with the mind can be detected..."

"There are some telluric networks, they are conformed by some lines that cross and that give the turn to the planet, they are in any place, I believe that emanate an ionizing radiation like the radiation in the non-visible spectrum of the light (X rays, Gamma Rays) This that the earth absorbs does not stay with it it sends it by these telluric networks and effectively these telluric networks together with the water and other thing is what we call GEOPATÍAS.
Geopathies can make us sick.

"The most important networks are the Hartmann lines and Curry lines. There is more..."
Our ancestors detected these nets, these earth energies, just like wild animals do. A wild animal will never put its lair into a geopathy. Except some animal that benefits from this geopathy. We need the neutral place, our energetic body needs to vibrate in harmony with the place where we live.

"The earth vibrates energetically between 7,000 and 8,5000 Bovis units (UB).
Geopathy lowers these levels..."
The video has many interesting points, I made a transcript of the introduction to this topic.
Here is the table of A.Bovis:

I also saw this video (Spanish) Interesting exhibition. Let's say that it speaks more from a psychic perspective, but it touches points such as, for example, of beings that feed on our fear; as for objects, the energy they radiate, it also speaks of the energy networks of the planet, etc...

Well, a lot to explore yet.I'm listening and connecting the points they have in common. This impressive data you exposed and how radiesthesia is treated as a pseudoscience...

GRACIAS por esta nueva sesión!
"...En constante búsqueda de pastizales siempre más verdes"

No conocía que significaba la palabra "zahorí" busqué y me encontré con el mundo de la radiestesia. Es realmente fascinante. Estoy todavía reflexionando sobre los datos que investigué.

Todavía tengo ver más videos y artículos para poder comparar y sacar datos que tengan en común. Es un comienzo...

Comparto lo que encontré y si alguién está más informado, sería genial que nos pudiera dar su opinión, en mi caso es un mundo totalmente desconocido el de la radiestesia. Sólo estoy viendo y soy cuidadosa con todos estos datos nuevos.

Explico a grandes rasgos la conversación:
"Epifanio Alcañiz es Radiestesista y
Tele-Radiestesista (puede hacer radiestesia a distancia) Investiga energías Telúricas y es restaurador bioenergético. Ha publicado un libro llamado: "Radiestesia la percepción olvidada"

Dice Epifanio: "...La radiestesia es una percepción, esta percepción se da particularmente a través del inconsciente.A través del inconsciente conseguimos las respuestas a las preguntas, las respuestas que realmente nos interesan porque a veces, nos responde el consciente y esas respuestas no suelen ser válidas. Las del inconsciente sí.

La radiestesia mide las energías telúricas, energías que emanan de la tierra y radiación. Nosotros nacemos con dos cuerpos, el físico y el energético, y el energético necesita recargarse de ésta energía, que está en todo el planeta, pero hay lugares especialmente energéticos, yo creo que la energía del planeta se regula a través de los vórtices energéticos y esa energía es medible con una tabla que hablaremos después,pero no hay ningún "aparatito" que lo mida, esto es una percepción y es una medida un poquito abstracta..."

"Hay lugares donde la tierra emite unas radiaciones imperceptibles muy bajas pero con la mente se pueden detectar.."

"Hay unas redes telúricas, están conformadas por unas líneas que se cruzan y que dan la vuelta al planeta, están en cualquier sitio, yo creo que emanan una radiación ionizante como la radiación en el espectro no visible de la luz ( rayos X, Rayos Gamma) Esto que la tierra absorbe no se queda con ello lo remite por éstas redes telúricas y efectivamente éstas redes telúricas junto con el agua y otras cosa es lo que llamamos GEOPATÍAS.
Las Geopatías nos puede enfermar.

"...Las redes más importantes son las líneas Hartmann y líneas Curry. Hay más..."
Nuestros ancestros detectaban estas redes, estas energías de la tierra, al igual que lo hacen los animales salvajes. Un animal salvaje jamás pondrá su guarida en una geopatía. Excepto algún animal que le beneficia esta geopatía. Necesitamos el lugar neutro, nuestro cuerpo energético necesita vibrar en armonía con el lugar donde habitamos.

"La tierra vibra energéticamente entre 7.000 y 8.5000 unidades Bovis.( UB)
La geopatía baja estos niveles..."
El video tiene muchos puntos interesantes, hice una transcripción de la introducción a este tema.
Aquí la tabla de A.Bovis:

También ví este video( español) Interesante la exposición. Digamos que habla más desde una perspectiva de un psíquico, pero toca puntos como por ejemplo, de seres que se alimentan de nuestro miedo; en cuanto a los objetos, la energía que irradian, también habla de las redes de energía del planeta, etc...

Bueno, mucho para explorar todavía. Estoy escuchando y conectando los puntos que tienen en común. Esta impresionante los datos que expusieron y cómo la radiestesia es tratada como una pseudociencia.


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