Session 10 January 2002


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aleana said:
sgspencer said:
That's funny, I don't know if it is the walking or the vacuum cleaning...vacuum cleaning has always been a calming experience for me, the concept of cleaning seemed to seep into my unconscious and its possible that I associated physical cleaning with mental cleaning also.

That’s interesting. I also find that when I am wrestling with some issue, I begin to clean. I move around a lot and in a real frenzy can have the entire place turned inside out before putting all back together. Sometimes I include moving the furniture as part of this. I have never understood why, but when I am finished, I feel much more grounded and calmer. My home also just feels better - it is as if the energy has completely shifted. This works particularly well if I have been in an unpleasant mood because it really cleanses everything - including my mood!
I can sooo relate to cleaning frenzies. Whenever I go into these 'modes', my family knows to steer clear of questions until the house is spit spot cleaned and I am again approachable for conversation and dealing with extra issues. :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Definitely onto something with the walking thing. However, more so, with just movement in general from place to place. I do my best thinking when I'm moving, whether walking the dog in nature, or driving all day or night (in my current occupation) The creative juices flow a lot clearer, and then when I get home and sedentary, and can write the ideas down, that's when I can't, as I have a hard time recalling them, besides the other distractions. I liked the idea of how movement somehow disrupts any 'program' signals, whether general or specific, and have often pondered on this myself, based on my experiences in thoughtland while moving versus being sedentary.


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I can relate to your thoughts Smallwood, and i think you are starting to realize, as i am, that wr are not alone. :D
Smallwood said:
Interesting about walking. I notice that I think better when I walk too. Perhaps it is one intent of the Controllers to promote sedentary life, it just makes people more controllable in so many ways, like bad food.

STO-motivation got me thinking, though it is certainly off-topic, of the wars with Russia that were really traumatizing to a whole lot of Finns which probably cause our narcissistic wounding and mental health problems. Personally, I see very little STO-orientation in Finland, much more so Southern European countries. I don't know what the heck is it, but it seems to me that Finns are very backward people in many ways and have fallen victims to the blown up image of Western culture. The Finns always tout about their independence and such things but if there any was real independence it came with a very heavy cost and at any rate it has been lost with EU and Americanization. There are aware people here with out-of-the-box interests but it seems that mostly they are just lone wolfs trying to navigate through this backwards system that we have in place and do it all alone. We even got some acknowledgment for our education system. BS I say, for me school was torture and I know it is so for any one who has a birthmark in his face or is in any other way different. This country (as I realize any country nowadays) is headed for disaster...

It's true, the mental health problems, being in a hole, suicidal thoughts and such apply to me. I'm not STO-oriented at all, quite the contrary. But it is wrong to punish myself for not being that. I just have to work on becoming more than I am now, in every way, every day. I want to trust this network, and build my trust for you guys because this network is Trustworthy. People here haven't abandoned me just because I'm facing some problems now and that is Love. I'm just so blind sometimes that I can't see it. Well... that is the predator. Courage can be rewarding and so I must be truthful.


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Well, 9 years after VB and the gang is still bothering Laura. I'm sincerely amazed how much Laura and her family have to endure, bravo Laura. :thup:

Thanks for sharing this session with us.


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This makes me concerned for others who are unfortunately born into a situation like Frank.
Hi Frank,
Don't worry about that. Anyone can recognize their situation if they want and do something or ask for help if they don't make it. I was born to a mother who beat me every day. She once said that she was amazed that I didn't become a psychopath ... Today I have children of my own and I don't beat them.
Greetings to all fellow readers
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