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Thank you for summing-up my feelings of frustration and discouragement lately. Your post and many of the others in this thread make me see that I am not only one having difficulty sharing any valuable information about the C's, SOTT, the forum or finding interest in general. I guess most of us deal with this on our path and even though we are aware that this is part of the battle it is nice to know we are not alone thanks to Laura's and Ark's great experiment (and all involved in SOTT the forum etc. too...).

Data said:
Serendipity said:
So, from now on if they 'ask' to hear more of what I know, I'll tell them something short and strategic bits and pieces, and let them know that they can ask me online for further reading (links, books, articles) whenever they want. That would be further proof/sign of the real type of asking on their part, I think, because it would come from their own choices. What do you say?
I think it is a good idea. However I expect that very few will actually follow up on your offer to send them links to more information (but verify this yourself!)

Due to this and similar experiences, during normal circumstances, I've pretty much given up on trying to disseminate knowledge outside of the forum,, etc. It simply is not received. Yes, one still can (and should!) be social, helpful, engaging, informative etc., but it helps if one recognizes it as only that and nothing more, and not try to be on a mission to change the immediate environment (as I have tried). It's not working, at least it wasn't for me! ;)

So, the situation would look very bleak without creative outlets like the Forum, and other projects! :D


Thanks you also for letting us see there still may be hope and light at the end of the tunnel for some of our efforts!

Rabelais said:
Mr. Premise said:
MT, it's going to be pretty difficult to help people up the ladder outside the forum because most of them are not on the ladder at all and many don't even want to be. So why not focus on doing it on the forum?
Another venue in which I have had some success is facebook. I have a fairly large friends list there, a great number of them are Cass friends, but the bulk of them are people from my hometown who relate to me through my work in the music business there in the 60s through the 80s. They have no idea of my current interests and still remember me as the person I was 40 years ago, i.e., musician and owner of a very popular live music venue. I have not seen most of these people in decades but they found me on facebook.

Through posting lots of sott stories and a few of the more esoteric works from this forum, those who were ready to get on the ladder, but didn't know where one was, have found a first step. I received this email this morning, from a past neighbor and current facebook friend. This fellow is a recently retired, successful executive in the telecommunications field, now living in Florida. Here is the last sentence in our exchange that has been dealing with diet and sources for healthy pastured meat/saturated fats:

I have been reading a lot of the books that you keep mentioning and catching up on Laura’s latest talks with the C’s!
I consider this a personal mini-triumph :clap:

I sometimes worry that time spent on facebook is time that might be better spent here, until I receive messages like the above. Here is an intelligent man who has been hungry for truths, but peer issues have kept his focus in the mainstream until now. Hopefully he will join us here one day soon. He is not the only one who is now referring to sott articles and comments in their posts.

Work on the forum is certainly beneficial and necessary, but also showing the way to the forum, to those who have no clue that such a place and way of thinking exists, is critical in my opinion. This is done without proselytizing, but by simply making the material available to those who might never otherwise find it. The spiritually and intellectually curious will be drawn to the work of their own free will once they discover an interesting path.

Ailes de papillon.
I do feel I have to focus on seeing were to place my energy in giving back to the network. I have many times probably done too much wishful-thinking and given in to internal consideration.

Thanks for the session and for all the helpful replies,

goyacobol :)


Wow! Thank you for such a wonderful and enlightening session - and thank you to all of the forumites who shared their thoughts in the thread. I thoroughly enjoyed the Wetiko Virus radio show, and this was a most brilliant follow up to it. I'm not going to bother trying to snip in the quotes that resonated with me because I would pretty much be quoting the entire thread! So very relevant at the moment. A great deal of food for thought. :perfect:


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Thank you for a very interesting and informative session. I really need to crack on with more co-linear efforts, because I have fallen way behind with the latest developments on the forum and with the group. Basically I need to get with the reading already.

Reading about how depression is ego-based has given me a jolt, and I need to raise myself from subjective moanings in order to make some actual progress in my life. And to stop with the moaning about how things have not turned out how I wanted them to be, and that includes friends and family issues.

Thank you again, very helpful work is done here on these sessions. :)
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