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Thank Your for this session, the transcription and for the sacrifice of your precious energy! Good questions and answers to ponder. I felt especially aligned with the theme of this session, it was clear summing up the life situation of many and where we are going. Uplifting. Gave courage to see into the eye of whatever is coming!


Padawan Learner
People in the West are waking up to the fact that we have basically mass migration of people from Syria and the Middle East. We have 4 million people displaced, and 180,000 went to Germany.
Refugees are coming from the Balkan states, the Middle East and North Africa, not only Syria. The semi-official count is 10.000 every day, some say it is up to 30.000.
Lets suppose it is 20.000 people day by day arriving in Germany, it means 60.000 meals per day extra, plus shelter, plus a bed, plus bathrooms.
Most of the work is shouldered by volunteers. I wonder where the tipping point is.
So far more than 400 projected refugee camps were hit by fire attacks, committed by locals.

A village with 100 “natives” takes 1000 refugees:
And they do not come here to live in empty storehouses, empty caserns, exhibition halls and tents. They have expectations to there new life in Germany. And now the cold season is coming...

6% agents daily that is quite an army and everyone can be triggered by mobile. Their daily fight will be to get access to the few plug sockets available in order to keep the batteries full.
Hopefully someone working for the German intelligence apparatus can shot down the entire mobile grid with a single mouse click. :cool:

“First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.”
Maybe Russia will help us. They can have a few DAX-Blue Chips in return. :halo:

Why do they all want to go to Germany? Were they informed in some way by the government, or is this truly a grassroots movement where they just wanted to go to Germany?
There are Twitter-hashtags motivating and guiding the crowd. Some of this hashtags were traced back to the US.

A: Germany is a direct target in case you haven't noticed.
Q: (L) So they want to destabilize Germany and put a total puppet government in charge?
A: Close.
Q: (L) So, Madame Merkel is not quite subservient enough?
Well, from my point of view the Merkel administration already is a total puppet government. 2 or 3 days after the VW exhaust scandal was launched Merkel said the TTIP/CETA treaty should be established till the end of this years.
Yesterday we had a huge demonstration against TTIP/CETA here in Berlin. The official number of participants was 150.000, the organizer said it was more than 250.000.
Maybe the VW scandal is a hint, like the Toyota brake-hose scandal was a few years ago.
But it seems VW is not enough. Now Deutsche Bank is getting the next target.

(L) So, if the USA were to control Germany completely, they'd own Europe.
They do so since WW2, no doubt about. But now they are afraid to lose it.

Thanks for sharing.


The Living Force
Ennio said:
I think its both a metaphor and literal. The Queen is the most powerful piece on the board, a lot hinges on which way it will go. And discussed further on in the session was Germany's being a prime target for destabilization by the US.

4thD STS might also decide to nudge a space rock to smash into the middle of Germany just to help their US psychopath-dogs barking in 3D to take advantage of the increased chaos.


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A: Yes and more than that: to insert agents that will act against the various governments in the future.

Q: (L) I would like to know what is the percentage of real refugees to agents?

A: 94

If they are able to muster up whole proxy army’s in Libya, Iraq and Syria than certainly other regions can follow likewise. Just imagine what this 6% can accomplish and especially when they act in cohesion. Law enforcement and security will easily be overrun. 1 million refugees this year alone make 60.000 agents. That’s basically a second army of ISIS in mainland Europe.

A: Yes and more than that: to insert agents that will act against the various governments in the future.

With those numbers you don’t need a traditional color revolution. Just organize and arm them well and direct them to the Reichstag when Merkel and her government are present. Set up your own special forces between them to guarantee success and kill everyone who was not subservient enough.

Berlin will be turned into a temporally war-zone. ‘’Clash of Civilizations’’ happened. Europeans will beg for extreme measures. Internment camps will form.

Q: (L) So they want to destabilize Germany and put a total puppet government in charge?

A: Close.

- Extreme right movements will rise to the occasions all across Europe. Look there if are searching for potential puppets. I know that Wilders (Dutch Politician) Representative of the ‘far right’ movement visits the Israeli Embassy regularly.

Q: (L) So, Madame Merkel is not quite subservient enough?

A: Yes

She must believe she is safe and that the empire will just die quietly anyhow. Any actions against it will only provoke unnecessary consequences. The possibility of independent course is only a matter of time.

But you don’t dance with the Devil. The Devil dances with you and if are not with the Empire you are against it.

"For the first time in my political career I have heard politicians openly declaring that the refugees heading to Europe are their method of getting (us) to act a certain way,"

How about they start to act accordingly and treat it by its source. Hang the US Empire before it hangs you.

[quote author= Laura]So, if the USA were to control Germany completely, they'd own Europe.[/quote]

And when they own Europe war with Russia will happen soon after.

- Thank you for the session.


Thank you for another session, ( taking daily small steps and creating reality we want is very important ).
This statement help me a lot.

Ursus Minor

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Many thanks to the SOTT crew for the latest session.

Who would have thought that
The secret government did not anticipate Putin

With Putin now fifteen years in charge of Russia we can only assume that they have underestimated him out of hubris and wishful thinking.
Putin couldn't be bribed, he couldn't be blackmailed, Russia can not be taken over economically nor militarily.
The self-styled Masters of the Universe seem to be clueless.

I had to chuckle when I read this: :rolleyes:
Q: (L)So, Madame Merkel is not quite subservient enough?
A: Yes.

By the way, Data had it wrong when he estimated that of 4 million people displaced only 180,000 went to Germany.
As of October 1, the official number of (registered) refugees/immigrants coming into Germany this year was 686,000 plus an estimated 290,000 that the German authorities failed to track and register. That makes it a million this year already.
With 80% of them being mainly unaccompanied young males, a rate of 6% of them being "agents" would already make them a formidable force to be reckoned with. :shock:


The Force is Strong With This One
Thanks a lot for the session. Thanks a lot for your work, really appreciate it a lot and had influenced my life. Thanks :) :)


Padawan Learner
I know that Wilders (Dutch Politician) Representative of the ‘far right’ movement visits the Israeli Embassy regularly.
@bjorn, it is astounding how much the neo-right movement – including Le Pen and the English Defence League – is pro-Israel, isn't it?
Lets suppose here for a moment the letter from Albert Pike to Mazzini is not a forgery, then all western countries shall fight with Israel against Islam until their total exhaustion and then give up theirs sovereignty to the NWO.
The table is set. The only thing missing now is the spark to get Muslim refugees violent. Then everything here turns to the Right and all 3 Abrahamic religions will accomplished in its Armageddon.
That would make those happy who think they complete gods work/biblical prophecies on earth.
Also Masons would enjoy this.

Hope the future is still open.


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Very nice session, thank you. Develop its own change step by step. We can always see later, but do not lose sight of the next step. In "The chess player" by Stephen Zwieg, his hero is the greatest champion of failure. But it will lose its most important part. Simply because it had projected in future steps, and he forgot to move his pawn at this stage. Thus, the Cs have perhaps tells us two things about our change. 1- begin to advance our pawn. 2- Do not skip steps.

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Lets hope the situation in Germany isn't going to come down to a major false flag there by the US proxy army (ISIS) as a warning to Merkel and co - "dont you dare consider switching alliances towards Russia".

I wouldn't put it past the current "elite" to continue with such school yard antics as they always have, even to the point of nuclear capabilities, as happened in Japan at the end of WWII.

Apologies for what might be just be my fear talking but I'm really concerned with something like this happening. The media as well as movies for a while now have been setting us up for a scenario where terrorists get their hands on old Soviet nuclear weaponry and sneak it into somewhere in the first-world to deploy it. Maybe it's a card they are willing to play if things don't go their way?


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Laura said:
... Is it a possibility that we helped even in a small way?

A: More than you have given yourselves credit for!

That's just so cool! This is where hope comes from!

Laura said:
Q: (L) Alright. So, when I gave these talks here at these meetings we had a few years ago, and I described making a decision to help and just do one thing after another, day after day; in making such choices one day after the other, will this gradually move you step-by-step to a different timeline?
A: Yes
Q: (L) So it's accumulation of daily steps, daily choices, daily activities?
A: Yes and it would be extremely beneficial if more of your members learned and practiced this.
Q: (L) Can you be more specific about that?
A: For those who find themselves in a life situation that is less than desirable or optimal, small daily acts that declare their affinity for another reality will accumulate and trigger a phase transition.

The average person's little portion of 'practical magic'?

I'm a bit worried about the month of November and some sort of financial calamity initiating in the US. Now might be a good time to 'resurrect' the radio show/s on how to survive a financial collapse. These two are very interesting because they are personal accounts.


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L:So these are the kinds of small changes people can make. And by making these changes, what then happens?

A: Will attract the new reality incrementally.

Q: (Chu) I guess it's like becoming a better antenna for what you want to attract. Your outward appearance and how you present yourself... But then they said self-representation? That would attract the reality. It already exists somewhere, so it's not like you create it.

(L) You move yourself towards it by activating it in your own life.

Thank you all for sharing, very interesting session!
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