Session 13 March 2021

Thanks very much to the Chateau crew for this wonderful new session! :-)

I am one of those reluctant to read the books. I LOVE to read and am constantly reading novels. As a young woman (18-21), I read dozens of those romance novels. I loved them. They brought something into my life that I needed at the time. But now, with my general cynical attitude, the thought of reading them has no attraction for me. I did recently read "Outlander" which Laura did not recommend, but I found it very engrossing. It has drama and romance, and the female character was strong and resilient. So for someone like me, which book out of all those on the list would be a good place to start?

I was exactly in the same situation. I have one of these novels on my bedside table but due to an inner resistance I couldn't start reading it. So I understand it is not just about the reading pleasure but it's about confronting your feelings as part of the work. 📚

The never-ending story of wearing these masks is not just a matter of obedience but it's for weakening our immune systems mainly. That should be an obvious point in any discussion, not creating resistance against mask orders but supporting everyone's desire to stay healthy, breathe fresh air and improving their immune systems. 🍋
Thank you for this incredible session filled with answers and food for thought. I have to get busy with the Romance Novels and share my experience on the thread. I have been recovering from my auto accident and this is a good reminder to get going! Have read 7 novels but none recently, get to work I am telling myself! Thanks again to all at the Chateau and the C’s,
Thank you for this new session that I really needed, the confirmed disintegration finally reassures me, this is not my hysterical moment! My rare readings are stressful and the challenge very real, which pushes me further in the shakes (not funny nor pink). Otherwise I also recently reread on wetiko as a mind virus, to reflect on my Stockholm Syndrome.
Your presence is great and unique

Merci pour cette nouvelle session dont j'avais grand besoin, la désintégration confirmée finalement me rassure, ce n'est pas mon moment hystérique! Mes rares lectures sont éprouvantes et le challenge très réel, qui me pousse plus loin dans les secousses (pas drôles ni roses). Sinon j'ai aussi relu récemment sur wetiko comme virus de l'esprit, pour réfléchir sur mon syndrome de Stockholm.
Votre présence est formidable et unique
Whatever the number of times I read and re-read the sentence you quoted, I don't manage to read that "viruses don't exist".

Explained the way you did, with more context, it could be read as you did. And taking into account his other writings on the weticco virus, of course. But without it, as I wrote,
Unless I'm not understanding it well, it could be interpreted as "viruses don't exist".

Just that paragraph I quoted.

"Covid-19 [Sars-CoV-2] is a field phenomenon, which is to say it doesn’t exist as an isolated entity that independently exists on its own, walled off from the environment, but rather, it exists in relation to and as an expression of the field in which it arises. When we get right down to it, the boundary between where the virus ends and the world begins becomes indistinguishable."

That it does not only exist on its own as materialistic state. It does not mean to me that it does not exist at all.

Ok. But that's not how it reads above to me. Maybe I'm too dense! But as far as I understand, even science isn't that sure that viruses don't exist "independently".
Thank you all for the session! I'm only on book number 2 from one of Anne Gracie's series. After reading this latest session though, I'm all the more motivated to get back to reading (I've been reluctant to a point as well to read this type of novel). Will be reading this session again today. Also, currently trying to keep up with all the interesting posts here in this session thread!
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