Session 13 May 2017

I rarely post these days, but want to thank you for another timely and informative session.

I'm definitely on board with helping on you receiving the stem cell treatment, Laura. I continue to be thankful for you and all you do and have done, and also identify with how not feeling good detracts from productivity in a major way.

I also would enjoy the dedicated thread/page keeping track of how the fund is going. Let us know the best way to contribute.



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Thank you for the session! As others said, no surprise with the election in France with the upstart Macron, yet wow, did they ever suppress Le Pen and the French people who voted for her are left saying, what happened. :huh:

Hope there is great new understanding and speed of receiving SC therapy for deep repairs!


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Laura said:
(Joe) How much did Asselineau get in the first round? He got less than 1% officially, but unofficially?

A: 29

Q: (Pierre) And Le Pen in the first round?

A: 61

Q: [Exclamations of disbelief all around] (Niall) She would have been president automatically!

(Pierre) But together combined it's 90 percent!

(Niall) The two real anti-establishment candidates almost took everything.

(Chu) And she should have been president...

(Pierre) After only the first round! So they moved the figures not by 20% like with Segolene in 2007, but by 40%! They dropped Le Pen from 61% to 21%...

This is what I was thinking while watching the results of the French elections--essentially, that the deep state saw their vote rigging failures with the Scottish referendum, Brexit, and then Trump, and so this time around they 'weighed the scales' a lot more than before to be sure that they would get their macaroni.

Laura said:
A: The group that needs and loves you will be glad to give back in this essential way.

Absolutely! Sending some funds your way Laura and I hope you can get treatment soon and have a speedy recovery :flowers:


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Wowee, thank you for sharing another great session guys :flowers: - especially the rigged French elections. Totally up for donating towards your stem cell treatment :thup:


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manitoban said:
Thank you for the fascinating session!

(L) Well, comparatively speaking, as far as medical treatments go, it's not as expensive as some things that really don't work. But it's still expensive enough that it's beyond our budget. I don't see how we can finance it.

A: The group that needs and loves you will be glad to give back in this essential way.

We will indeed! :hug2:

Count me in as well - and Thank you for the session!

I have to say I am rather astonished at the lengths the PTB were willing to go to rig the election in Macron's favor - obviously they did not want any kind of Trump surprise, but it seems they feel they no longer have any need to hide their machinations from the public. Am glad to know that the majority of the French people are not buying into it though!

I have been feeling an increasing sense of futility in changing the course here in the US as well. So, am just focusing on doing what is right each moment and sending a signal of truth that might one day connect to a more positive future.


Thanks so much for sharing this interesting session, and thank you to our beloved C's!

Q: (Pierre) So it was not Trump. So did Trump cave in to the Deep State?

A: Seemingly...

Q: (Pierre) So here they're suggesting that he's acting as if he's caving in and throwing bones to the Deep State, but deep inside...

(L) Or throwing meat to the wolf.

(Pierre) Yes. But actually he didn't cave in, but is trying to further his agenda...

A: Not completely. But the game is not over.

Glad you asked about this. Maybe there is some hope? Or maybe not. 2017 sure has been interesting so far! Can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

A: The group that needs and loves you will be glad to give back in this essential way.

Count me in too to help with a donation. The donation campaign sounds like a good idea with a bar showing the progress made.

Very interesting about stimulating the stem cells with sound and light. Is it possible to post a bit about the specific therapy and the clinic in Moscow you are looking at?

Thanks again!


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Thank you for the new session! No surprise on the election rigging front... What I found most distressing was all the celebration among my liberal friends about how that "Fascist Le Pen" was defeated. As if the policies implemented by the French establishment in enabling NATO's dismemberment of the middle east and confrontation with nuclear powers are somehow less psychopathic?

Q: (Pierre) The way they were doing it with those prehistoric stones, it was the frequency that triggered stem cells...

(L) I bet it did.

(Galatea) There was also singing.

Well, don't that beat all!

(Galatea) I have a whimsical useless one. Is there anything particular about the unicorn visions I've been having?

A: Hope!

Q: (Galatea) Unicorns are always a good sign.

(L) Unicorns represent hope. And they don't exist. [laughter]

They kind of do...



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A: The group that needs and loves you will be glad to give back in this essential way.
It sums it up very accurately. I'm sure many feel that way :flowers:


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Laura, Galatea and Andromeda help is on the way as Cassiopaeans used to say, whenever you ask. Take care


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Ellipse said:
Thanks for the session.

I've doubt about percents given for the French election round 1. I can't believe Mélenchon was something like 4%. I think he's really popular and if Le Pen and Asselineau cumulated 90% it mean something like Mélenchon: 4%, Fillon: 4% a 2% for others ? Seem impossible for me.
Name was not asked at the beginning there was some interferences which took place?

About the stem cells therapy, I ask myself if the Cayce Wett Cell is not what it does, activating those mechanisms.

Adaryn said:
Thank you for the session!!

Nienna said:
Thank you all for another very interesting session! Rigging the French elections - whoda thought?! Very telling how no one can find anyone who actually voted for Macron.

I easily found a few people who voted for Macron (or people whose acquaintances voted for him), and it's not like I've been going around asking people who they voted for. Like Ellipse, I have doubts about the percentages given to Le Pen and Asselineau in the first round, those are HUGE (which would be great for Asselineau if true, and would rekindle my hope in the "French spirit")! Could such a massive rigging be even possible, logistically speaking?

My thoughts too.
I know quite a lot of people who voted for Macron (or Mélenchon) for the first round of the French elections.
It just seems impossible to believe the C's percentages AFAIK...

My best wishes for healing to Laura, Galatea and Andromeda !


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Thank you so much for the session. Please let us know how to contribute for Laura's therapy. I can't imagine my life without having come upon her work. Such a small gesture in comparison, but I would like to help.


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Laura said:
A: The group that needs and loves you will be glad to give back in this essential way.

Indeed. Whatever it takes for all of you to be healthy and get your mojo back! Thank you for the session :flowers:


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The C's said that stem cells become active via vibration and light. In another session it was said that the reptilians had change the light frequency. I was wandering if the light of our sun that has change toward the blue spectrum could help the stem cell activate. As for the frequency, It made me think of the pyramid chambers. Just my .02 cents


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Many thanks for the session, like always. :)
I hope you Laura will get better. I would like to contribute with my grain of sand.
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