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Session Date: April 14th 2018

Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, Chu, Ark, Mikey, Possibility of Being, Scottie, Niall, Noko the Wonderdog, The Lunar Module, Princess Leia

[Laura was connected to the NeurOptimal machine during the session to see if any interesting brainwave activity was recorded. See next post for comments on the data we were getting. To enhance this highly scientific endeavor, Arky brought his gauss meter down, and it was placed on the table near the board.]

Laura session with Neuroptimal 14 April 2018.jpg

Q: (L) Today is April 14th, 2018. [Review of those present] I'm hooked up to the NeurOptimal machine, we've got a gauss meter, and we're all ready to go. Ya'll keep an eye on my electrodes and make sure they don't fall off.

(Joe) What if the electrodes start smoking?

(L) Well, get a fire extinguisher.

(Joe) Alright.

[Gauss meter crackles in background]

[NEURO - We took Laura's initial baseline. This is what it looked like:]

Pre session baseline.png

Pre Session transfer.png

Pre Session 3D.png

A: Hello Earth! Things are moving fast now are they not?

Q: (L) Anything happening on the NeurOptimal machine?

(Chu) Your lines are very big. Can I stop for a second and look at the analysis?

(L) Yeah.

(Artemis) Hold please! Science in progress...


(Chu) The subconscious ones are very big, and the gamma is bigger than normal. The lines are HUGE! The blue and the pink ones are huge. [This may be because we were recording for longer periods of time so as not to have to pause too often.] 3D is normal, with spring green peaks at 5. Snapshot normal. Baseline 375. Transfer went wonky. It started super-nice, and now they're crossing and spiky. The coherence is all in the lower range, except for number one at 0.7.

(L) So, it's doing something weird.

(Artemis) Let's let it run for the full session.

(L) Alright, things are moving fast... That's what they said, right? Okay. Does anybody want to take that tennis ball and lob it back?

(Pierre) What are they referring to specifically?

A: Dionysius syndrome activated! Earth reacting! All on track!

Q: (Pierre) Dionysus is usually about hedonism, isn't it?

(L) Not exactly, it was about frenzied... just chaos. Chaos!

(Pierre) About parties, orgies, and pleasure?

(L) No. It was about death and destruction and even cannibalism. They would find a victim and cut him in pieces and eat him! Ok, so I suppose that you are specifically referring to the political behavior of the US, the UK, and France and their attack on Syria?

A: Yes and so much more.

Q: (Pierre) Their first reply goes beyond the Syrian conflict. Like the whole human population is starting to embrace this syndrome.

(L) So, we need to explore the Dionysian thing a little more to have more understanding of what that could possibly mean. Of course, what's going on right now might put a different understanding on the ancient reports.

(Joe) Mm-hmm.

(L) Alright. [Turns gauss meter back on - it automatically turns off after a few minutes] So, do we have any questions?

(Joe) I was going to ask how many of the USA's missiles were shot down in Syria?

A: 70 percent roughly.

Q: (L) So in other words, as some of these web sites have been suggesting, it was just much ado about nothing.

A: Fed the syndrome.

Q: (L) So there are people who revel in death and destruction?

A: Indeed.

Q: (Pierre) From what you describe in the Dionysus tradition, they were cutting a victim in pieces and eating him. But right now they're short of victims in Syria.

(L) I don't think that's... I was just giving you a brief, quick summary of what I knew from history. That's why I say that this may give it an all-new interpretation.

(Artemis) Well, hedonism and orgies is just a few steps before...

(L) It wasn't so much about hedonism. It was about...

(Joe) General mayhem.

(L) Yeah, it was about being driven crazy. It was madness.

(Andromeda) The Maenads...

(L) It was just MADNESS!

(Pierre) When did it reach its highest point?

(L) I dunno. It was still going on in ancient Rome. They passed laws against it.

(Pierre) But Ancient Rome around Julius Caesar's time, or later?

(L) Yeah, and I think even later. It may have even gone underground.

(Joe) It kind of erupted periodically.

(L) Yeah, it was a indulgence, going mad, chaos, death, destruction, mayhem...

(Artemis) Hedonism, and then the next step is going mad.

(Pierre) Maybe a question would be: Is the main cause for this rise in Dionysus Syndrome cosmic?

A: Partly. We told you that the STS forces [Gauss meters squeals when spelling out "forces"] would become desperate as the change approaches. Consider the madness of the so-called "liberal" faction in the USA and elsewhere.

Q: (Andromeda) So that's an example of the Dionysus Syndrome.

(L) Oh yeah, I mean think about it! I've seen some videos of those {liberal snowflakes} people acting freaking just absolutely NUTS!

(Artemis) It's their indulgence, bad habits, hedonism...

(L) "And don't say anything mean to me"...

(Artemis) And snowflakery, and, "don't judge me"...

(Joe) It's an entitlement syndrome where you feel in the moment that you're entitled to express it and get it and have those needs met. No restraint.

(Andromeda) Is that what you mean by the Dionysus Syndrome?

A: Close

Q: (Artemis) Wait a minute, hang on! We didn't ask them their name or where they're from.

(L) Oh. Can we have a name and where you're from?

A: Klioppiaea of Cassiopaea!

Q: (Artemis) Nice to meet you. Okay, go on.

(Pierre) About revolutionary movements: They seem to me to be some high points in the Dionysian cycle. French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, even the Nazis, or what we're experiencing right now. It seems to be always the same template: you have a bunch of pathological individuals that spread a simplistic ideology centered on entitlement and victimhood that ends up with the destruction of everybody who opposed the [Gauss meter squeals] simplistic destructive movements. Ultimately, that also means the destruction of men and women of conscience. So, my question is: Is the ultimate goal of revolutionary movements the destruction of souled beings?

A: Quite often. But avoidance is possible with knowledge.

Q: (Joe) They mentioned the last one there about [Gauss meter squeals] how the STS forces [Gauss meter squeals] would become desperate as the change approaches. Is there a kind of, "as above, so below" thing going on where the US and its allies are basically becoming desperate as a change in the global power structure approaches, and that's what's driving them insane?

A: Yes. We told you that balance was coming.

Q: (Scottie) Cool!

(Pierre) It means balance is being restored at two levels: hyperdimensional level where there's less STS predominance, and...

(L) Well, you can't make that assumption. That's a big assumption that there's less STS dominance there.

(Pierre) Well, on the human level, is the emergence of Russia a manifestation of this rebalancing?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) Can we pause for a second so I can check the results?

(L) Yes.


(Chu) Otherwise it'll be too much data and it'll take ages to load... When you're not moving, it's like a perfect hourglass where the right and left are super-balanced - with a giant subconscious part [See attached video clip.]. The map is also very together. But when you move, you see some shifts. You're still green... The lines are still huge. Oh, the 3D changed. Now, it's like an agitated sea with very tall but skinny peaks at the very low frequencies. But super, super-tall. That's the left, and this is the right. The right one is purple with dark royal blue, and the left one is greyish blue with green peaks.

Session Capture 2.png

Session 2 3D.png

Session 2 transfer.png

[Everyone talking at once about waves and colors and NeurOptimal graphs...]

(Chu) Baseline is still low: 224. Now the hemispheres are super-balanced - the transfer.

(L) So, it seems to me that sitting here chatting with the C's kinda doing the channeling is a form of neurofeedback, yes?

A: Yes indeed!

Q: (Artemis) Only we get frequencies they don't have on their program! [laughter]

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Were those Skripal people poisoned with some kind of nerve agent?

A: Yes. But not as advertised and ineptly done!

Q: (Joe) So who did it?

A: Your favorite spies!

Q: (Joe) Figures. The Israelis, yes?

(L) Probably.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Did the Israelis do it without the cooperation of the British spy organizations?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And they set it up to make look like Russia did it just to create all of this hostility?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) The organizations and officials in the UK, they believe it. They're not in the plan.

(Joe) That's the best way to do it. You just drop it in their laps, and they just react the way they're told to react.

(Chu) And that explains why they're still alive because if they had wanted to make them shut up easily, they would be dead somehow. But they're not.

(L) Yeah, if they had done it, they would have killed them in the hospital.

(Joe) That's the Israelis. They're stirring the pot against Russia behind the scenes, but directly with Russia they're all smiles and, "Russia's our friend!"

(L) Was there a gas attack in Douma?

A: Only on video.

Q: (Joe) They're just making stuff up and running with it. The problem is the media. The problem is that the media just carries the stories.

(L) I was reading stuff today, and it occurred to me that the way they're pushing to clamp down... And this goes back to, "getting desperate as the changes approach". It occurs to me that the clampdown on sharing of information via shadow banning on Facebook, deciding who is or is not an acceptable source of information, banning RT from Washington, DC, and several other things... All of this tends to suggest that they are tightening up the propaganda mechanism because they - somebody - is planning to put everything on a war footing. I mean, I can see no other reason for this need to control what people think. They plan to do things that they don't want people to share information about. It's not just ordinary things like what's going on. They don't care about being embarrassed. They don't care about being exposed. For cryin' all night, this guy McCabe! He lied under oath three times. That's the same thing that they arrested Paul Manafort for, what they got Flynn for: for lying to the FBI in an interview! Hillary Clinton: There's so much evidence on that woman that she should be behind bars for the rest of her life. But it's obvious that being exposed or being revealed as swamp creatures doesn't result in any kind of consequences. So it can't be that that they're afraid of.

(Joe) They're afraid of Russia, basically.

(L) They want to DO things, they plan to do things that they don't want people to know. They want people to be behind them, to blacken Russia to the nth degree so that everyone in the country will get behind them. It's important for them to have the agreement of the people behind them when they go to war or when they do something.

(Joe) I don't think it's necessarily that they want to "do" something, but they want to stop something from happening.

(L) What?

(Joe) They want to stop people's minds from being affected by something close to the truth.

(L) But it doesn't make any difference. They don't change their actions...

(Joe) I think there's a nonlinear effect.

(L) Well, I dunno... I mean, look at this John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. They're Neocon war hawks!

(Joe) Yeah, and they’re in there to ramp up the attacks on Russia.

(L) I think they actually think they're going to have a war!

(Joe) Russia is too smart for them. They can have a World War III with nukes, and everyone is dead. But short of that, they're going to have to accept the new reality.

(Ark) They can have a war to destroy Iran.

(L) That's what Israel wants.

(Ark) That's what they're preparing for. That will be the next one.

(L) Didn't the C's say years ago that that was the ultimate objective?

(Joe) Well, Iran, Iraq, Libya...

(L) The ultimate objective was Iran, but it would result in the destruction of Israel.

(Joe) They may be trying to go in that direction, but it's very foolish.

(L) Is there anything... I guess it's a stupid question to ask, but: Is there anything that can stop this madness?

A: No there isn't nor would you want to stop it!

Q: (L) Why wouldn't I want to stop it?

A: Cleansing.

Q: (L) It's a cleansing. In other words, these people...

(Pierre) You're going to end up with the destruction of the bad guys.

(Joe) Because the bad guys are going to get it in the neck. The problem is in the Middle East. That's where they're desperate, and Israel is desperate. And they see a major change in global power coming, and they'll be sidelined along with America. That's what they want to stop. If it's centered in the Middle East, then they're going to have to have a war in the Middle East, including with Iran. Russia's been quietly selling all sorts of weapons...

(L) I think Russia and Iran have been quietly arming themselves. One of the reasons they've been so patient is that not only does it exhibit their Zen consciousness, but it also gives them time to arm themselves to the teeth!

(Joe) Right. And the Chinese...

(L) They're building weapons and super-weapons like crazy while America and much of the West is piddling around.

(Pierre) That's why the US war hawks are desperate. They know that every day that passes, the gap between Russia, China, and the USA is widening. The US is lagging behind more and more. The more you wait for a war, the more you are likely to lose. But they've really passed the point of no return, I think. Today, if they wage war, they're going to lose.

(Joe) The gap is getting smaller.

(Pierre) To me, they're already past the point.

(L) That's why they passed that gargantuan military spending bill. Problem is, the US doesn't have the infrastructure or skilled workers for it anymore.

(Joe) If what the Russians said last night in Syria is true, all of America's fancy nice, new, and smart weapons were shot down with 1960's era anti-missile systems.

(L) In other words, the US smart missiles weren't so smart.

A: Just you wait! It is going to get VERY interesting very soon!

Q: (L) Well, shouldn't you be telling us some more information like besides that, "it's going to get very interesting"?

A: You are doing well enough! To know more would not be healthy.

Q: (L) So you're saying that the knowledge that we have and that the use of our own faculties to analyze things is sufficient?

A: Yes

(Artemis) Why wouldn't it be healthy? Whatchoo talkin' ‘bout? Knowledge protects, man! [laughter]

(Joe) We'd talk about it on Facebook, and then we'd get hit by a Tomahawk cruise missile.

(Pierre) If it reached its destination...

Q: (L) Can we change the topic? I've been reading a lot of evolutionary biology, genetics, paleoanthropology, etc. I'm about 50 pages away from finishing a very long book on the topic of... What are you... (Cs begin answering before question is finished):

A: Genetics are about to be hot topics too!

Q: (L) Well, can I finish my question? Just...

A: Genes will (hesitates before selecting word) save for lack of a better term.

Q: (L) So you ARE telling us something... So, anyway...

(Artemis) Do you want to ask...

(Andromeda) They're trying to tell us something.

(Joe) I know what they're talking about: some kind of genetic warfare!

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Viral weapons! Resident Evil! Ooooh! I knew it!

(Joe) Are the Americans getting SO desperate that they're going to use some weapon that they developed after they collected those Russian genes last year?

A: Close

Q: (Joe) Something along those lines.

(Pierre) They say it will save, so it doesn't sound like the US will destroy Russians from their ethnic specific weapons. It sounds like it will backfire...

A: Yes. Big time!

Q: (Pierre) No way!

(Chu) So everybody's going to turn Russian!

(Artemis) We'll all speak Russian.

(Pierre) It sounds like they're developing an ethnic-specific weapon in haste which should not be used because...

(Joe) Maybe it's more along the lines of: Will they be caught trying to spread something along those lines?

(Chu) Wait and see.

A: More like finding out that your ancestors were not what you thought. No more on this. Wait and see!

Q: (Chu) Can we pause?

(L) Yeah.

(Niall) They're building a weapon based on assumptions that are wrong.

(L) Well, that kind of goes to my question.


(Chu) Hang on, it's calculating... Tealy blue. Lines super full. 3D changed again. Now you're bright pink on the right, super peaks on frequencies 1 and 2, and pale green on the left with super peaks up to 7.

Session 3 3D pink.png

(L) So, I think they're talking about them.

(Pierre) Yes, the US.

(L) So that kind of goes to my question. Anyway, there's this battle between the Recent Out of Africa thing because of this mitochondrial Eve business...

A: False!

Q: (L) Meanwhile, there is this multiregional development with gene exchange going on at least to some extent between all different human groups that are developing in different regions. And what that means is that there can be a whole lot of things in a person's DNA that they don't know about or that they don't expect because genetic drift can send a false signal. And...

A: Exactly the problem. They believe the ROOA theory and structure their chemistry based on that. Big surprise coming.

Q: (L) Well, the thought that I had while I was reading all of this material, including the relationship between gibbons, apes, chimpanzees and orangutans, was that the original split between the monkeys and the first beings that were going to head off on the way to becoming human must have occurred in China. And then there was traveling. Am I onto something there?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay. Well, I can't ask any more questions. I'd have to know my subject a little bit better to ask more questions, so we'll close that and move on. Any more questions?

(Niall) On the Valentine's Day school massacre in Parkland, South Florida, was Nicolas Cruz the sole perpetrator?

A: No

Q: (Niall) How many others were involved?

A: 2

Q: (Niall) Were they gunmen? Did they shoot people?

A: Yes

Q: (Niall) Did Cruz do any of the shooting?

A: Yes. Programmed patsy.

Q: (L) Anything else?

(Ark) I have a question. It's about quantum theory. But it relates to two bad countries: France and England. There is a theory developed by a French guy, de Broglie, and an English theory: Hiley-Bohm. Now, after these recent events, probably I should be suspicious about this idea because they were proposing that the quantum wave is in fact a pilot guiding wave for particles. Guiding: it relates to recent stories. But my question is whether in spite of the fact that this idea of guiding wave was developed by French and British, is it a really good idea?

A: Going in the right direction.

Q: (L) Isn't that clever? [laughter] Oh, that's so clever! Ha ha ha!

(Pierre) Quantum humor.

(L) Was that meant to be funny?

A: Works for us!!

Q: (Ark) Work for US, eh? [laughter]

(L) Anything else?

(Artemis) We didn't even finish one side of the tape!

(Chu) Nothing about neuro?

(L) What about the neuro?

(Artemis) Well, according to this book about neurofeedback that I'm reading, it can possibly potentially help people become immune to certain poisons, toxins, and possibly even sicknesses. Is this true?

[Tape stops and needs to be flipped in the middle of the next answer. Artemis is happy.]

A: Yes and you need to continue!

Q: (Artemis) I knew it. Can it also possibly protect people against beaming and HAARP?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) And the flu and the plague? [laughter]

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) And Ebola?

(Artemis) Ebola? [laughter]

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Well, this is great. It means it can help a lot of people with a lot of things.

Session 4 3D.png

(L) Alright. So, we'll keep on with our neurofeedback experiment, and we've gotten some interesting footage tonight from the brain scan business.

(Artemis) Oh, wait a minute! Andromeda and I have been seeing flashes of light occasionally. What are those flashes we've been seeing?

A: NO effects!

Q: (Artemis) No effects?

(L) I think they mean NeurOptimal effects.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So in other words, there is excitation going on in your ocular area of the brain.

(Artemis) Is that what it means?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) Anything else that we should know?

A: Stay alert and prepared for opportunity! Goodbye.

(Chu) Okay, we have to do a post for the NeurOptimal machine...

(Ark) So it was interesting! When the session ended, the pattern instantly changed.

(Chu) Okay, we do a baseline...

[NEURO - More pictures for post baseline to follow because of limitations in the number of attachments allowed.]

Post session 3D.png
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Notes on Neurofeedback during the session:

As many of you know, without any training on how to analyze the graphs that Neuroptimal provides, it is difficult to make any intelligent assessment. The only thing we can say is that something changed during the session!

Usually, for those who don’t know the system, the bars can be very uneven, sometimes the left side (hemisphere) being more active than the right one, and vice-versa. As soon as the session started, and all throughout its duration, they were VERY even. Every time Laura had her hand in the planchette and wasn’t moving, just talking or thinking, the graph showed a perfect balance. And when she moved a bit, smoked a cigarette or moved her hand to be able to get each letter, the graph only changed slightly, still being quite balanced. [See video above.]

The subconscious area (0-7Hz) was constantly wide, showing lots of activity there. For some people, it is way smaller, and for others it fluctuates. During the session, it remained large.

Another noteworthy aspect may be that for the majority of people, the gamma waves (red), supposedly associated with higher thinking, rationality, bigger picture reasoning, were also very balanced and bigger than in most cases.

Her baseline (the initial measurement taken with eyes open for 15 seconds, then eyes closed for 15 more), started off at 324. It went up just a tiny bit in the beginning (375, and then, all throughout the session it remained between 190 and 220) Very steady! But as soon as the session stopped, the measurement showed 1513. That’s quite a big jump.

As for the pictures of the transfers, supposedly they show the balance between both hemispheres. We were told that they should not cross each other. The pink line is the right brain, and the blue is the left brain. Everybody (including Laura) tends to fluctuate. Sometimes the lines are very parallel and not crossing, sometimes they are a bit of a mess, with different amplitudes and wave patterns, plus crossing each other. Here once again, during the entire session, they were “perfect” (according to what we’ve been told).

So, even though we cannot say for sure WHAT was happening, there seemed to be a balance during the session. All throughout, and in contrast with the usual patterns.

NOTE: This was done just running the software with Laura plugged in to the electrodes. No feedback whatsoever was sent to her brain during the session.

Overall, the impression all this gives is that during channeling, Laura’s brain seems to be in perfect working order, with subconscious plus higher thinking working in harmony. If that is the case, then it could be said to be a kind of "neurofeedback", in the sense that it tells the brain what healthy neural patterns are like.

Some pictures that we weren’t able to attach to the original post:

Fourth measurements, after Artemis said: "Well, this is great. It means it can help a lot of people with a lot of things."

Session 4 baseline.png

Session 4 Transfer.png

Post baseline:

Post session baseline.png

Post session transfer.png

We didn’t take screenshots of the second measurement, but everything was almost identical to the ones shared already. The only difference was that the transfer showed some crossing.
Thanks again for the new session! What a great idea to hook up the NO during the session - very cool and amazing the balance of Laura's brain while "talking" to the C's.

Things are getting more interesting as the usual suspects become more desperate. Buckle up and let the cleansing proceed!
Great session everyone. Even though we have front row seats to the madness it's almost unbelievable, especially what the US is resorting to with their Russian Gene Bomb. Absolute madness. This kinda reminds me of my dream.

It may be completely unrelated but I had an incredibly vivid dream on Friday night were I was with family/close friends when someone indicated that something was coming from the direction of the sun. When I looked up I saw this dot grow bigger and began to cover the sun. My first thought was that it was a UFO, but as it got closer I realized that it was a massive meteor(the size of a small town). It flew right past our head and headed to 1/8 rotation of the earth away(south I think, making it land in the US since I was in squamish in the dream). Upon landing it created this massive wave of dust that was toxic that basically spread itself across the whole world. Before it got to me I grabbed my family/friends and rushed into our home and locked the door.

I have on idea what this dream means so it may just be something else, but thanks for the session and looking forward to reading up on genes.
Very interesting! Thank you for the session and for hooking up the electrodes to see what happens during a channeling session. And I've never read the myth's surrounding Dionysus other than brief explanations into the different meaning of the gods in Greek mythology. But will definitely look more into that and how that relates to what's happening in today's world.
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