Session 14 April 2018


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Always the best Questions for our development and protection. Thank you one and all. Much appreciated. :grad:
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Thank you for sharing the new session. It seems there are very interesting times ahead of us.


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Thanks for the session

(Pierre) What are they are referring to specifically?
there is a double 'are' in there.

(Chu) So everybody's going to turn Russian!
that was funny:-D

A: Dionysius syndrome activated! Earth reacting! All on track!
If that is what the board gave, note that it is Dionysius. There is a creepy story about a Dionysius (first bishop of Paris in the 3. centrury) who, after have been decapitated, picked up his own head, washed it in a nearby well, and walked 6 kilometers north to the place where he wanted to be buried :wow:. Later a cathedral has been build at that place.
wikipedia german: Dionysius von Paris
wikipedia english: Denis


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<-- Pretend that's Laura


Thank you for another great session: :wizard: :flowers:

About the Skripals, damn, I didn't see it coming, although I probably should have. I wonder what Putin knows.

As for Ark's question on quantum theory, I guess he mean this one? De Broglie–Bohm theory - Wikipedia

Q: (L) Did the Israelis do it without the cooperation of the British spy organizations?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And they set it up to make look like Russia did it just to create all of this hostility?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) The organizations and officials in the UK, they believe it. They're not in the plan.

Which shows how smart they are. The whole narrative is so poorly stitched that even the Cinderella story is more believable.

Very interesting! (...) And I've never read the myth's surrounding Dionysus other than brief explanations into the different meaning of the gods in Greek mythology. But will definitely look more into that and how that relates to what's happening in today's world.

Same here, I covered the mythology in high school but I wasn't the most attentive of students so it's definitely time for a refresher!


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Thank you for the new interesting session Laura and team.

- Information about the chaos up on us: PTB wants us to believe it as 'business as usual", people can feel it and Jordan Peterson's message resonates with so many.
- Israel's hand without UK's knowledge in the skripol case is very intresting . May and her Bojo's running around barking at Russia and Syria makes us wonder how hopelessly these Western establishment is controlled. Bibi has more control over the situation in West than in Israel. He can sell Palestinian civil disobedience as Terrrorism in West easily than in his own country
- NueroOptimal as a multi-purpose cure for many problems that are in horizon is a very good news.
- Ethnic cleansing weapons: When this back fires, i wonder how many people die as a collateral damage.


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Thank you very much for sharing and posting this latest session. I feel a slight thrill with the prospects for the coming developments, although I have few illusions that it is going to be exactly fun to be in the middle of so much mayhem, but at least knowing that the cleansing is needed and should proceed, helps me to be more accepting.


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Thanks for another fascinating session and the simultaneous NO session results! Things do certainly feel like they're accelerating lately and this has already been a strange year in a number of ways.

I think this latest show of force in Syria really does show how desperate the elites are (not to mention pathetic and incompetent) to maintain control in the face of a coming reality that they can't stop or control. Thinking about this part:

(L) That's why they passed that gargantuan military spending bill. Problem is, the US doesn't have the infrastructure or skilled workers for it anymore.

If the US military industrial complex is as corrupt and incompetent as it appears to be, then throwing more money at it won't fix the problem either; like they could put another $1 Trillion into the F-35 and that plane would still be a piece of garbage, because more money never solves incompetence and corruption.

I also think at this point that Russia (and probably China to some degree) has the west so outmaneuvered and in my mind quite possibly outgunned, that there won't be a nuclear war--that is, the psychopath elites in the US don't even have the power left to overturn the proverbial chess board. They've been failing for years, their failures are getting more and more spectacular, and they aren't (and probably can't) change their tactics--I'm confident that they can make quite a mess on their way out, but I don't think they have many options left, and all the roads (that I can see at least) for them right now lead to failure.

Interesting times indeed!


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Thanks for the session. Was wondering lately if our presidents are somewhat programmed pasties as well. Obama and now Trump changed their tunes quite a bit after getting in office.

Cautiously relieved things seem to be coming to a head. The lies are getting so ridiculous and dangerous.

Ursus Minor

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Many thanks for the latest session! :-)

If the US military industrial complex is as corrupt and incompetent as it appears to be, then throwing more money at it won't fix the problem either; like they could put another $1 Trillion into the F-35 and that plane would still be a piece of garbage, because more money never solves incompetence and corruption.

I absolutely agree. By the way, spending gargantuan sums for military purposes would require the PTB to keep the economy up and going. No economy, no money, no wars, no subsidies for Israel. US Forces in 168 countries around the world have to be paid and maintained.

Kay Kim

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Thanks for new informations.

A: Just you wait! It is going to get VERY interesting very soon!

So, let us wait and see!


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Wow, so many good questions! :thup: Exciting times lie ahead.

The US et al are like the blind leading the blind on the road to nowhere. It is sad and horrifying, and that a cleanse is on the way really makes me wonder about how these changed might come about.

Plus the NO getting in on the fun is great and it's wonderful to see the process. The balancing of the hemispheres while channeling is fascinating and intriguing.

Thank you for sharing the new and very timely session! :flowers: :hug:


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Thank you so much everyone for a superb and very important session. Much to continue learning and study.
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