Session 14 October 2017

Thanks for very interesting session, some questions regarding G were also in my mind, answers are inspiring.

I wish there were possibility for me to visit You all someday and say hello :), but it seems that it would be a very demanding venture, considering (beside other hindrances) Laura's sensitivity to energy of surrounding people's ( as I perceive it) and attraction of dangerous energies from the other hand, as we read above.

As Kim goes: let us be brave and stay sharp.
Thanks so much for sharing this new session.

Thanks for asking those questions about G
Felipe4 said:
Laura said:
Q: (L) So that helps you to really understand mechanical programs. It IS very useful for that. And what about his tables of hydrogens?

A: He was onto something though again it was materialized. But you might have more success interpreting the "foods" as stimuli to the nervous system and its consequent release of neurochemicals and hormones. It was actually a quite clever description of same!

Bingo! I knew I jumped into neurology for a reason. this is what I was thinking, the table did not reach the mind, and in and of itself does not offer examples of the inreactive nature or relationships of these foods/stimuli with one another. how one hidrogen "fits" within another. H12 into H92 etc. or higher influences can actually pass through this world. from higher densities to lower densities...

The more generic "shock" idea might fit with lots of things that aren't restricted to materialism.

At point 3, Mi-Fa, occurs a "shock". Air can provide this shock because it also is of density 192, and furthermore this air enters as a new Do... Point 6 being where "impressions", regarded as a type of food, are said to enter the body. "Impressions" are said to also have a "density" of 48, and can serve as a shock if they are intensified by some such means as the exercise of "self-remembering" taught by Gurdjieff, thus allowing the air and impressions octaves to proceed... A further conscious shock, requiring "a special type of control over the emotions" at point 9 would enable a new "higher" or spiritual body to begin to grow, this is represented by Gurdjieff as the aim of his and other esoteric traditions...

The six in Enneagram personality models can be counterphobic which is a looking back at a shock/fear of sorts. The self-remembering part is probably quite important for being able to take advantage of shocks to the nervous system. Finding Laura's work was quite shocking. It's either run away as fast as you can or do the counterphobic thing and look back at the shock. Gurdjieff seems to have looked back but couldn't quite see around the 4th density STS materialistic roadblocks; not that we can overly blame him, things look rather bleak out there without hints to help level the playing field.
mkrnhr said:
A very insightful session, especially the discussion about Gurdjieff's life and teachings.

Q: (L) Well things are CRAZY out there, sweetie! It's like so unbelievably crazy right now, we must really be passing through a realm border. There is no other way to explain what... I mean, it's like the whole... I can't even... I don't even want to talk about it right now.

(Andromeda) It's gone past Insane Asylum...

(L) Yeah, it's past that. It's... Yeah.

It's become too painful to watch indeed. Each time one thinks the bottom has been reached, something more mad appears and breaks the record of craziness.
Indeed. this is how it feels now a days. crazy

Thank you Laura and team for the session.

(Joe) How many people were involved in this operation in total in terms of spotters and...?

A: 27
This explains why literally every body on the ground are saying multiple shooters, felt shooting coming nearer and nearer to them, despite they are running. It looks PTB went bold with this false flag in the dark.
Thanks for the session... Yes indeed things are getting crazy. I too have seen more and more irrational and crazy driving in my city. It seems like people are losing their consciousness. Perhaps the wave takes those who don't have much or any self-awareness and pulls them into a zombie state. Then either numb or extreme behavior comes out as a automatic reaction.

Q: (Artemis) That would explain why Castelsarrasin is getting crazier. People are driving very crazy lately. Being very aggressive.
Thank you all for the new session and the questions about LV. It is utter madness what is happening. The lunatics are in control of the asylum!!!

Buckle up everyone, it's gonna be a hellava ride!
Thanks a million for sharing another amazing session :)

Its definitely gone past Insane Asylum; and I noticed too, that the drivers/driving on the roads lately has a gone a notch up to crazy level.
Yes it does feel like the world keeps on flipping on it's head, chaos is ramping up everywhere. Thanks for the session guys, it's always a pleasure to read and a push to continue being vigilant.
Thank you, this was a very interesting session! :) I've held G in high esteem and I wonder if we should make a table of which of his ideas are valid and which ones aren't? Or maybe a little further down the road with more research. With less of G's influence, I guess that means the "Cassiopaean house" is being re-decorated?
That was quite a packed and informative session. Kudos to you all for keeping the channel so clear and quality. :)

I thought I'd bring up a quote of the session on 21 June 2014:

(Aiming) Okay, we wondered what's up with Gurdjieff's soul?

(L) What?

(Aiming) We were wondering what he is doing right now? Where he is, or...?

A: He was attentive to earth issues for quite some time, but now has gone to full contemplation preparatory to rebirth in 4D.

Q: (L) So, you're saying that people get born in 4D?

A: Yes. When did we say otherwise?

Q: (L) Well, you didn't. I was just not sure.

(Chu) Well, with changes in physicality, you'd think people could avoid the normal human birth, with the pain...

A: It's just a bit more intense in some ways.

Q: (Data) Was Gurdjieff a "man" in the fullest sense of the word as he described it himself?

A: Close. Gurdjieff's greatest problem was that there was no one to place on the step behind him at the time, and he slipped a bit.

If the above is true, in spite of his misgivings he still managed to complete the lessons of 3D. However, the recent information the last bolded section may change if it was asked again of the C's, given the different position in terms of knowledge and awareness of the chateau crew. I wonder if that also means the first bolded section would also change (no mention of "suprise" for example)? They don't mention whether G graduated to 4D STS or 4D STO.
Thank you for the session. So many things happening at once - the roots of Gurdjieff's teachings exposed, Collingwood's rich philosophy coming to the surface, the Las Vegas shootings, the crazy weather, and general day-to-day madness. A very good session to help put it in focus. Thank you again and take care.
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