Session 14 October 2017

I thank you Laura and the rest of the group, and the C's, for the confirmation of my thoughts that Paddock was the Patsy in the LV operation. It's totally crazy in California, what with those unprecedented fires and all, and with all the volcanoes they have there and the multiples of earthquakes there is the possibility of even crazier things happening. Stay safe out there!
Thank you for another interesting session. I am happy that you asked about Gurdjieff and his work and the answers were very interesting along with the discussion among the participants in the session. Much to ponder.
Thank very much you for this session. The question about the teachings of Gurdjieff clarifies what to study more.
A: He was onto something though again it was materialized. But you might have more success interpreting the "foods" as stimuli to the nervous system and its consequent release of neurochemicals and hormones. It was actually a quite clever description of same!
There is a concept in Ayurveda that one should try to have all the tastes known to the system included in every meal: That is sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent. For some examples see: but several foods have more than one taste which is evident from practical experience and other lists. From the perspective of science tastes affect the brain: "Taste perception, associated hormonal modulation, and nutrient intake" _ or "The Sweet Science: How Our Brain Reacts To Sugary Tastes" _

On the Las Vegas shooting, I was surprised that 27 people were involved, which is the number three vans can hold! What a cruel thing to do, but then the same policies have been carried out in other countries with many more dead.
Un grand merci à Laura, les membres du Château et les Cassiopéens pour cette session passionnante...
Merci aussi aux membres du Forum pour leurs commentaires...
J'ai hâte de lire la traduction en Français qui sera, comme à chaque fois, beaucoup plus compréhensible que la traduction GOOGLE...
Un grand merci d'avance à l'équipe Française...

A big thank you to Laura, the members of the Castle and the Cassiopaeans for this exciting session ...
Thanks also to the members of the Forum for their comments ...
I am looking forward to reading the translation in French which will be, as every time, much more comprehensible than the GOOGLE translation ...
A big thank you in advance to the French team ...
Thanks for another great session, especially the Cs input on the LV shooting. The psychos left a lot of blatant loose ends, changing timelines etc. & more and more 'non-conspiracy-main-stream' types are questioning the official narrative which has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

There's so much chaos already and by the sounds of it, more yet to come. Stay extra vigilant everyone!
(L) His solution is for the human being to crystallize.

(Joe) Right.

(L) And become a companion to the Great Sun Absolute, right?

(Joe) At least to not be subject to the predations of the consuming universe... you can escape it. But where does that put you? What function do you have then? Are you part of it then? You just become higher up on the pecking order or something?

The Universe is Mechanical,
From the Rotation of the Galaxy to the Orbits of Planets around the SUN.

What Gurdjieff was saying is that we are like cells in a giant body.

Gurdjieff is trying to wake people up to the realisation that a person can disconnect from a bad part of the Body and reconnect in a Better place.

Remember Gurdjieff Spoke of 3 Bodies,
The Essence, which is the Soul in Embryo,
The Material Body ( that feeds the earth )
and the Spirit, or magnetic Body that Mediates between the two,
That magnetic holographic Image of a person is the Concentrated Energy that Drifts to, and feeds the moon.

(( But it is Not YOU or the Soul or the Essence of a person, More like a Used Overcoat containing an entire record of your material life )

(( Many Mediums and Spiritualists RAISE these magnetic bodies, that can be Reactivated to Talk and can appear intelligent , But they require the Energy Input of the medium.
In some cases the magnetc bodies , like a Clever Computer Virus, may even be programmed to steer towards energy sources ,
and thus may manifest as ghosts and vampires with a semblance of self will, but they are essentially DEAD
Dont ever fear them, Fear provides an easy source of energy for them))

look at the Sun as being a Living Body whos Organs are the Planets, and moons.
Its Circulation is the Inter planetary magnetic field, and its Finer Energy is the Life that takes place on those Planets .
the Moon may be a dead place NOW, but at some time in the future ,
for example as the Siun Expands , it will come to life for a while.

The Essence or Soul in Embryo, after death is Reincarnated , Unless it has Grown into a Mature Soul in which case it may ascend to start a new Life on a higher dimension.

of course Gurdjieffs work deals Mostly with mecahnical things,
99% of Activity on Earth is mechanical.
And of Course he Hypnotises people.

(L) He made it clear that he was experimenting, but that the people he was experimenting on would benefit as a side effect of his objectives. And he said that clearly in his book Herald of the Coming Good.

What else can you do with people who are Hypnotised by nature and the world around them ?
But put them under a lesser form of Hypnosis ,
one that they can perceive and fight their way out of.
Fluffy said:
Excellent, lots of things cleared up for me.

A few months ago I joined a Gurdjeiff group in Canberra and at my first visit got this pang that I was in the wrong place. I literally just had to talk about what I noticed about my right hand and after asking a few questions it became clear that there was no benefit for me or anyone else by doing these noticing movements or dancing, or attending the group at all. I don't need a group to teach me to sit up straight. They also had no concept of diet and health, fed people cakes and biscuits, didn't have any outside scope on anything else at all and treated Gurdjeiff's words as gospel, as if it was a sin to question or seek was very weird to me. And I was one of 2 in 'beginner' group- not much of a following, barren indeed, on many levels.

Vegas, pretty much what I guessed, mind controlled patsy that didn't even touch a gun that night. Poor bloke!

Thank you for the session. Although I'm very quiet on the forum and don't participate in anything I'm still very very grateful for all of your support in learning and growing.

A lot of these groups are going nowhere, because they have no teacher.
Any group should be focusing on the basic steps.
The difference between
and considering.
next, recognising negative emotions and resisting them.
Also a good Topic is to study the Planetary Types,
this helps people see through the fashions of world 96 ,
and it's fun trying to find your planetary type.
It also improves the world around you by trying to spot the planetary types in ordinary people.
you are removing one of the veils of Illusion.
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