Session 15 August 2020

Also, I now will try not to be [as] irritated about my new workplace making it mandatory to wear faceshields. Facemasks sound like a terrible idea, especially if you've to wear one for 8+hours a day.

It seems to be a question of degrees even within the same country (for example Australia and the United States).

In Victoria where I live, I have to wear a mask + a face shield for a 10 hour shift overnight, then a face mask every time I leave the house. (I have yet to figure out how I'm supposed to be able to catch Coronavirus from a lamp post, or a tree).

I'm also subject to a curfew and not allowed to go more than 5km from my home and only for certain 'authorized' things. I don't think this is beneficial to anyone's health and has zero chance of actually eliminating the virus. And, yet that's what our politicians have done. :mad: :mad: :mad: ! Now, there's talk of a mandatory vaccine.

If they release a stronger virus and kill us all off chipping will become moot. This would be an even bigger mistake than the one already playing out- but ultimately it’s my thought this is the goal. Culling the herd, removing useless mouths so they will have more for themselves.
Yes, I think so too. They can also cull using a vaccine too. Afterall, I know of at least two occasions where an immune response will kill you. The first is where you get transfused with the wrong blood type and the second is an anaphylactic reaction. These are severe antibody reactions.

This is an interesting discussion about immunity and a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

The Highwire with Del Bigtree
Q: (Joe) What are the odds of Trump winning the US election?

A: Good.
I used to be strong for Trump at the first elections, but now I don’t care. Why Trump? To dry the swamp one more time? Now it's just a little more interesting with him.
I would like to share my experiences with masks. Maybe someone overcomes the problems with it faster. When I used the mask for work, I started to feel bad. I don’t think everyone will feel so bad with a mask because I have a heart defect. This has one good side to make it easier to feel the bad effect of the mask and the good effect of the countermeasure.
I used caffeine as a countermeasure and it helped, but not enough. Then I tried cocoa and it would help but not enough. I felt best when I combined stimulants with deep breathing on the balcony of the building where I worked. And it had to take a few minutes of deep breathing, maybe 3-5 minutes. It would refresh me and the effect would fade over time.
If you want a breathing technique, there is one simple one I learned from yoga: you breathe as you breathe when you are under great physical exertion. The instruction of this technique was that you should first remember your natural breathing rhythm during physical exertion and then repeat it as needed (using heart rate as a measure of how long you inhale and exhale). But that measurement is for maximum effect, not necessary. After a while there is a tingling sensation in the lips etc. and this is a good sign. And you breathe through your nose.
What exactly are the negative effects of the mask that I noticed? Similar to low blood pressure and insufficient sleep: reduced mental abilities, brain fog.
So now, if you start to feel something like that under the mask, you can remember faster than I did at that time, what is the cause and what to do: maybe loosen the mask and try to take time for deep breathing. Then, preventive breathing is better than waiting for your brain to start choking.
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Q: (Ark) That was about Dimi. Last question: I would like to know if there is some most important law that governs all of the creation. We know conservation of energy is an important law. You can think about conservation of information. Maybe there is such a law? This John Archibald Wheeler who we quoted several times, he added his own law which is kind of timeless which says that it's pure geometric boundary which says boundary is zero. Another possible law is: As above, so below. Okay. Is there any kind of a fundamental physical law? Well, not physical... Some fundamental law of creation?

A: Free will.

I thought the following passage from Collingwood's 'The Idea of History' might be worth noting

Natural science, raised by positivism to the rank of metaphysics, conceives reality as a system of processes governed everywhere by the law of causality. Everything is what it is because it is determined by something else. Spiritual life is a world whose reality is its freedom or spontaneity: not a lawless or chaotic world, but a world whose laws are freely made by that same spirit which freely obeys them. If such a world exists at all, the metaphysics of positivism must be fallacious. Consequently it must be shown that this metaphysics is unsound; it must be attacked on its own ground and refuted there. In other words, it must be shown that however much the methods of natural science may be justified in their own sphere, this sphere is something short of reality as a whole; it is a limited and dependent reality, dependent for its very existence on the freedom or spontaneity which positivism denies. * Ravaisson’s spiritualism and Lachelier’s idealism Ravaisson[53] in the sixties took the first step towards such an argument by contending that the conception of reality as mechanical, or governed by efficient causes, cannot stand as a metaphysical doctrine because it fails to give any account of the whole within which these causes operate. In order that this whole should exist and maintain itself there must be in it not only a principle of efficient causation, linking part to part, but also a principle of teleology or final causation, which organizes the parts into a whole. This is Leibniz’s conception of a synthesis of efficient and final causes, together with the further doctrine, also derived from Leibniz, that our knowledge of the teleological principle is derived from our consciousness of it as the working principle of our own minds. Our knowledge of ourselves as spirit, as a self-creative and self-organizing life, thus enables us to detect a similar life in nature; and (although positivism fails to see this) it is only because nature is a teleologically living organism that there are causal relations between its parts. Here we see an attempt to establish the reality of spirit by resolving the reality of nature itself into spirit; but we already know, from our analysis of later German thought, that such a resolution not only fails to do justice to natural science, by denying that there is anything genuinely natural, but endangers the conception of spirit by identifying it with something that is to be found in nature. The danger is that a third term, neither mere nature nor genuine spirit, tends to be substituted for both. This third term is life, conceived not as spiritual life or the process of mind, but as biological or physiological life, a fundamental conception in the work of Bergson. In order to escape this danger it was necessary to insist that the life of the spirit is not mere life but rationality, that is, the activity of thinking. The man who saw this was Lachelier, one of the greatest of modern French philosophers. During his long life as a teacher, to whom in that capacity French thought owes an incalculable debt, Lachelier published little, but what he did publish is a model of profound thought and clear expression. His brief essay on Psychology and Metaphysics[54] is a masterly exposition of the thesis that psychology, as a naturalistic science, cannot grasp mind as it actually is; it can only study the immediate data of consciousness, our sensations and feelings; but the essence of mind is that it knows, that is, has as its objects not mere states of itself but a real world. What enables it to know is the fact that it thinks; and the activity of thought is a free or self-creative process, which depends on nothing else except itself in order to exist. If then we ask why thought exists, the only possible answer is that existence itself, whatever else it may be, is the activity of thinking.The centre of Lachelier’s argument here is the idea that knowledge itself is a function of freedom; it is only because the activity of spirit is absolutely spontaneous that knowledge is possible. Hence natural science, instead of casting doubt on the reality of spirit by failing to discover it in nature, or vindicating it by discovering it there (which it can never do), vindicates it in a quite different way, by being itself a product of spiritual activity in the scientist. This clear conception of the life of spirit as a life that is both freedom and knowledge and also knowledge of its own freedom, a life which no scientific thought can detect or analyse in psychological terms, is just what we found lacking in the German school. It is not yet a theory of history, but it is the basis of such a theory.

Collingwood, R. G.. The Idea of History (pp. 223-225). Lume Books. Kindle Edition.
My local transit is making masks mandatory as of August 24th. I too find that any time I wear a disposable surgical mask, that I'm taking it off and gasping for air. You'd think them being made of paper type fiber would make it easy to breathe and you just can't unless you tear it open or off.

So, I went looking through some storage items and I fished out one of my favorite Halloween masks. It's rubber and cotton cloth based resembling the skull of a canine. I aim to wear this on transit in protest. Not only will it fully cover my mouth and nose (and my entire head), but the central caveat is that I'll be able to actually breathe. I'm curious to see how this pans out.

I thought of putting on a brown paper bag with two eye holes and a frowny-face drawn on it if I ever need to go into Wal-Mart again. But the breathing is key. Maybe you could try pipe breath in your dog mask?
I thought of putting on a brown paper bag with two eye holes and a frowny-face drawn on it if I ever need to go into Wal-Mart again. But the breathing is key. Maybe you could try pipe breath in your dog mask?

I just take the mask at walmart and take it off when I'm a few feet from the greeter security person. It's easier then making noise or lying and telling them I have a respiratory illness (which works, people cant make you prove it on the spot like that). I keep those masks, I have a collection. Who knows, I might need them for a serious medical emergency where they might make sense. Hate to waste stuff.

As for my dog mask its mainly cloth with rubber attachments, so its like wearing a cotton mask. I just like to look the part of how ridiculous it is so the attachments are more of a fashion statement. So far people leave me alone or snicker at me. The only trouble were a few try hard teenagers but I can drown them out and effectively ignore them.
Edit: Also is "knowledge" really limited?

If the knowledge is not limited then also the universe is not. It is funny to try to conceptualize some things as there is a limit to our abillity and if something has no limit how are you going to understand even groundwork basics, like a bird on tree trying to understand advanced math? If something is cyclical and comes into onself does not mean it is limited, limited is drawing the line and seeing it from point A to point B, beginning and end. And if it is cyclical sphere that is ever expanding then it is becoming larger and larger, it can expand into eternity, and it depends on which point of expansion you are, for those more down the road expansion can seem eternal, so it is far from limited.
Ruth, I live in NSW and find it amazing what people in Melbourne are putting up with, hang in there.

By way of background, I am a retired barrister who lost all respect for the legal system in oz. Here's a case I involved with doing research on the evidence - the Port Arthur Massacre and Martin Bryant - he's innocent.

Read the comments, the second comment is from me about a scene from a draft full length movie. If you would like a copy of the draft screen play, perhaps you could send me a message with your email address.

Years ago, when I told people that the Port Arthur Massacre was a psy-op to disarm Ozzies, people would say things like "that's crazy, why would the government kill its own people to disarm them?" - Perhaps now as they reflect on the situation in Melbourne, they are beginning to wake up.
Thanks for the session guys.

2nd wave coming more lock downs no surprise there. As for the muzzle, I just get looks of people for not wearing one, sure I can deal with that, can't stand the mask thing, really bothers me. I'm thinking once the 2nd lockdown happens and the madness that comes with it, people may start asking why I'm not wearing a muzzle.

Travelled to France recently just wore the muzzle going through security and getting on the plane only 28 people on the plane, airport empty, was great no hassle travel, very strange. Had the mask just covering my mouth on the plane was told to cover my nose which I did. Took it of once in the air, put it on when the staff done there rounds didn't have it on much the whole flight. Same on the way back only difference was I didn't wear it at all on the plane, just left it hanging of my ear no staff said anything, that was great and only around 30 people on the plane.

Different story in France than here, no social distancing where I was. Masks mandatory in shops no way around it, don't speak the language plus im on holidays no need for the hassle. Forgot to wear it on two occasions and was asked to put it on by staff which I did. Anytime I had to wear it, I left my nose free to breath.

Chips in the vaccines, no thanks. Will do what I can to dodge a vaccine, it just depends on how it's rolled out.

More people are waking up, how far will the plan get?? Things will eventually go south for the PDB. Anyway, best be prepared for worse case.

Will have a look at the books mentioned. Thanks again guys and the Cs, much appreciated.

I'm only getting back to this thread, read the session and a couple pages of comments few days ago. Will catch up tonight and tomorrow. Stay safe everyone
Regarding the horses in TX, it was talked about on a SOTT article (Possible serial horse killer in Texas after 5 found butchered -- One of the comments suggested that the butchering was for meat to eat. People lose jobs, have no money to buy food? Sad times.

I thought the same when I saw this this back in June.

"An investigation has been launched by An Garda Síochána after a number of incidents where lambs were butchered in the fields they were grazing in"
By way of background, I am a retired barrister who lost all respect for the legal system in oz. Here's a case I involved with doing research on the evidence - the Port Arthur Massacre and Martin Bryant - he's innocent.
I looked into this years ago, and came to the same conclusion. It comes as no surprise to me that Australia would be involved in rolling out the same page in their playbook of Terror- we are part of the Five Eyes after all.

What’s happening in Victoria is absolutely ridiculous, but they may have overplayed their hand. I do think more people are waking up now. I have to wonder whether what they’re doing there is even legal. Surely cops can’t be getting away with choking citizens for not wearing a mask! Thankfully there are lawyers like Serene Teffaha who are launching class actions against the government, and bringing their disproportionate response to COVID to public attention. If/when they do try and push the vaccination issue, it would be great to have your input. I’d like to think there’d be some loopholes through which we can avoid being at their mercy!
About the animals mutilations, more than 150 cases that occurred over the past few months are currently being investigated. One suspect was arrested today:

A man was arrested on Monday, September 7 in the Haut-Rhin and placed in custody in the investigation opened at the end of August in the Yonne after abuse inflicted on a horse and two ponies, we learned from a source close to the case.

This is the first arrest in one of the investigations into the mutilation of horses which has been on the rise in France since the summer.

A photofit picture of one of the two attackers, who had also attacked the owner of the refuge, had been spread out and the investigation entrusted to the research section of the Dijon police which proceeded on Monday to the arrest of the suspect.

It was developed thanks to the testimony of Nicolas Demajean, president of the "Ranch de l'Espoir", a refuge located in Villefranche-Saint-Phal in the Yonne.

Awakened by the cries of animals, he had noticed the presence of two intruders which he had quickly approached. One of them, whom he claims to have seen "100%", has cut his left forearm with a knife. the two attackers then fled.

Two ponies had been lacerated with knives, one over 50 cm, the other over 25 cm, and a saddle horse had also been mutilated, said Nicolas Demajean, who had to be hospitalized, victim of a total incapacity for work for four days.

For several months, horses have been victims of mutilation in about twenty departments, according to investigators from the gendarmerie.

More than 150 cases are studied”, but that does not mean that all after analyzes and investigations will be considered as falling within this phenomenon, had recently explained to AFP, Colonel Hubert Percie du Sert, coordinator of the sub-directorate of the judicial police of the gendarmerie.

He estimated that there were "about twenty" cases of severed ears, to which are added facts of "genital mutilation, lacerations with sharp objects".

Stressing “the plurality of authors and operating methods”, he indicated that all avenues were considered: a challenge on the internet, sectarian aberrations, mimicry, hatred of equines, satanic rituals ...

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