Session 15 October 2016

Thank you all for the new session, it was very interesting! I'm very sorry about your puppy, Timótheos and Alana. :hug2: I hope, whenever you feel ready to adopt again, that you'll find a good match. And I hope your knee will feel better soon, Laura.
Thank you guys for the session! Im sorry Timótheos and Alana for your pup :(

I just wanted to share something I found curious.. A couple of days ago I was talking to the family about how i've been getting memories out of nowhere and remembering things, people and situations from a long time ago.. I thought that it had the purpose of maybe connecting dots in some way. :huh:

Xico said:
Thank you Laura and all the crew for another great session, if Trump gets elected president I don't know what will happen to all the Mexican people that seems to hate the most. :cry:

And not just mexicans I think he is quite a racist person in general :(

Thank you to all again! :hug2:
My cat tried to bite me minutes before opening the forum and finding this. She normally never does that.

Thank you for the communication!
Thank you the crew, interesting symbolic signal in death dreams. Peace to all !
Thank you to the crew for another fascinating session, particularly more in-depth information about attachments and our 2D companions. I'm sorry for the loss of your puppy Timótheos and Alana and hope you find a perfect match.
Thanks for sharing the session, I hope no more mothmen appear around your place :).
Thanks for sharing the session so fast!

Pashalis said:
As for this:

Laura said:
(Joe) That's what we don't know. Right now, what are the odds that Trump will actually win?

A: Good.

Q: (Pierre) All the non-rigged polls seem to give Trump as the leader. So they don't have to do anything if they don't want Clinton to win.

The way the question is phrased and the answer given, doesn't necessarily indicate that he likely will win at the end, but that in actuality he is likely to win now, since the real numbers would indicate that . So that says to me that the real numbers would show him to be the actual winner at the moment, while the system spins it the other way.

The C's were asked about Trump, if he will "actually" win. So I'm guessing that the C's answered to the question by the actual numbers there and not the way the system spins the poll. So even if Killary wins, the C's statement could and probably is, still true, since they probably answered on how the real numbers look at the moment.

So Killary could certainly still be on the horizon :barf:

And for this part, a bit more speculative:

Laura said:
Q: (Joe) We're assuming that her people know that she has dementia. Insiders know, people running her campaign, the Democratic party, etc. They're assuming that she's going to be okay to be president with dementia?

A: No. Part of reason to bring her down.

Q: (L) Well, she spent so much money on the campaign and cover-ups, and if she gets brought down now she won't have any friends left. She'll just slide into poverty or something. Nobody will be wanting to buy her influence anymore because she won’t have any and that was their main cash cow: influence peddling.

(Joe) Someone wants to bring her down after she becomes president?

A: Before!

Q: (Joe) Well, they better hurry up! Three weeks to go.

(Pierre) Well, they just need a big scandal.

(L) All they need to do is get enough people upset, and Trump will get the presidency.

(Joe) The media is totally anti-Trump right now.

(L) Doesn't matter. The people hate Trump less than Hillary.

The question is who or what wants to bring Killary down before the election and one guess is, it is the collective "psychic power", of all the people around the world that don't want to see that witch "in power".

Or somebody else (or a group) from the democratic party wants to bring her down before the election, since otherwise that person could not be set into power immediately or for a longer time. I'm thinking of Biden here, or another Psycho.


It will be interesting to see what is gonna happening in the next three weeks and if. If she gets taken down before, I don't know how likely it is for another candidate of the democrats to be elected. Regarding the wolves I can imagine that are many power fights on all levels and especially if someone sees if a hunted animal (Hillary) got wounded.
Thank you ... ... all to all, reading this session, I felt a sort of a "pressure" or extra stress and frustration within a group that was around ...

I am sorry to hear about Timótheos and Alana dog ... and thank you for some interesting remarks on the animal attachments .. actually was thinking a lot on that lately while watching our dog, who is showing more and more "humanoid" characteristics, even in relation to outer world, he is quite like me, not willing to go out if that is not needed ...

And thank you for getting out some good information on USA elections, Syria war and bigger picture around escalations to WWIII ...

Very interesting about "hearing" through dimensions ...

Hearing about mothman, just thought how I will not be that happy to see one around ... actually every travel I do I am scared that maybe due to a more intensive body tiredness, some things can get twisted in perception, and changing rooms and beds so often, made me think also about psychi "leftovers" in that rooms, so I am usually "asking" not to see anything like that ...
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