Session 15 October 2016

Thank you for a unexpected session! Some suspicion about tattoos got extra weight, thanks for asking. The "gap" that causes some pets to be susceptible, is that that the animal is under pressure to act against it's nature?
Thanks for sharing this session. :thup:

Baby-Mothman....sheesh, you all take care and be careful over there!
I am sorry that your puppy passed away prematurely Timótheos and Alana. :hug2:

I hope that your leg stops to bother you very soon, Laura. Healing is already taking quite some time.

Thank you very much for sharing the new session. Take care of yourself and your loved ones everyone.
Fascinating, as always! Thanks so much for the session and speedy transcription :thup:

As for the Killary/Trump question - it becomes increasingly clear that there is a lot of in-fighting going on at the higher levels, probably not only in the political arena, but also intel agencies, military etc. While I don't think Trump has the qualities needed to make a difference, it might get interesting if he really gets elected and 'tries stuff'. With all the in-fighting going on, there seem to be many unknown variables indeed, so let's see what happens!
Thank you for sharing this session, and quite interesting that a baby mothman was passing through (though I'm glad nobody went outside to investigate)! And I hope your knee will get better soon, Laura. :flowers:

Nienna said:
I am so sorry to see what happened to Buddy, Timótheos and Alana. But, there are some interesting things that have uncovered thanks to the Cs because of this. It doesn't lessen the hurt, though. Big hugs to both of you. Don't let this stop you from getting a more compatible pup, though.

Very sorry to hear about Buddy's accident as well, it must've been difficult to go through all of that. Big hugs from me too.
Thank you all for one more thought-provoking session, as usual!

Hope Timothéos and Alana find another pup, I'm sorry for your loss...A Bichon Frisé is particularly adorable...If I lived in a big house I'd surely adopt one of them. As for the ever increasing possibility of attachments and beings of another dimensions appearing, I guess we'll have to increase our awareness day by day, making adequate choices that reflect our knowledge and instincts...

As I read the forum and the sessions I get the feeling that everything we do is extremely important and has far reaching consequences for us and for those surrounding us, for example, as discussed here and elsewhere, our 2d companions, our tattoos, our attitudes toward our loved ones and towards our beloved universe...I remembered what Laura, the crew and the C's discussed about a year ago, on session 10 October 2015 (,39785.msg607185.html#msg607185)

Q: (L) Alright. So, when I gave these talks here at these meetings we had a few years ago, and I described making a decision to help and just do one thing after another, day after day; in making such choices one day after the other, will this gradually move you step-by-step to a different timeline?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it's accumulation of daily steps, daily choices, daily activities?

A: Yes and it would be extremely beneficial if more of your members learned and practiced this.

Q: (L) Can you be more specific about that?

A: For those who find themselves in a life situation that is less than desirable or optimal, small daily acts that declare their affinity for another reality will accumulate and trigger a phase transition.

Q: (L) Well, okay... You've said steps, daily steps. You don't like the reality that you're in so you look around yourself and you see things about your reality that you don't like... I mean, what kind of first daily steps can you take? If you're in a reality that's freaking controlling you and everything around you, how can you take steps? So many people are in situations where they can't even do that sort of thing. What kind of steps can people take at the most basic level?

A: Changing the mode of self-presentation and self-representation is the most basic.

Q: (Galatea) So like, changing habits?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) Changes in lifestyle here and there.

(L) Yeah, changes in your lifestyle?

(Perceval) Changes in your mode of self-presentation is kind of like what you identify with, ya know? It gets into what we were just talking about earlier. If a person is wearing clothes that identify him with a certain aspect of common popular culture, then if you are at odds with the world at large because of the insanity and suffering, that would be one of the first things to change: you identification with “popular culture”.

(L) So in other words, if you are not at home in the world the way it is and the way it has grown and the way it has developed, you need to put yourself into a different world NOW with small changes.

(Perceval) And at least stop identifying with this one. All the aspects that popular culture today pushes on people as means to identify with the reality of this world and what makes it tick - which is all kind of depraved and dysfunctional... And people absorb that and they start wearing clothes, and speaking differently, and that's all nothing but identifying with a manufactured aspect of this world and culture.

(L) Hairdos, clothing...

(Perceval) Anything.

(L) If you want to be part of a completely different world... In a sense, it's kinda like some of these people that belong to these organizations that like medieval stuff. So, they all get dressed up, and they have meetings, they have mock battles or whatever.

(Perceval) If there's enough bleedthrough, those people are gonna find themselves living 400 years ago! [laughter]

(L) And then dress: the whole Gothic thing, painting their nails black, and that identifies them with that “Goth” reality, so that's the timeline that they'll go into...

(Galatea) So basically, be the change that you want to see.

(L) Yeah. Be the change you want to see. I guess begin to model yourself on the people that you want to be LIKE or be WITH.

(Pierre) It goes beyond presentation and appearances. With those medieval guys, for example, that's the visible manifestation of what they like, what they think about...

(L) Yeah, how you present yourself is about what the values are that go with certain ways of appearing, like having self-respect, care for yourself, external considering, and so on. I mean, some of the hairdos these days are just completely... They disrespect the fact that they're a woman or the fact that they're a man and most of all that they are human beings.

(Pierre) And even the fundamental notion of beauty. It's almost like disrespecting the universe.

(L) So these are the kinds of small changes people can make. And by making these changes, what then happens?

A: Will attract the new reality incrementally.

Q: (Chu) I guess it's like becoming a better antenna for what you want to attract. Your outward appearance and how you present yourself... But then they said self-representation? That would attract the reality. It already exists somewhere, so it's not like you create it.

(L) You move yourself towards it by activating it in your own life.

(Perceval) We've been trying to attract a reality where the USA gets its ass handed to it... [laughter]

(L) And it looks like it's happening!

(PoB) But there are still people in this reality for whom what's going on now is not the most desirable development. So, why are they here if they didn't work towards this outcome?

(Perceval) There's probably a merging or overlapping of realities...

A: Many splits and merges yet to come. Keep in mind that such transitions can be rather chaotic as you have learned.
Many thanks for the session!
I got chills reading about that mothman scratching claws on tree :)
Anybody has idea how could tattoos attract entities?
I'm always excited when a new sessions is released. Thank you Team!

I was wondering if we could expand on the issue with tattoos.

I have a tattoo that I got on my eighteenth birthday. It is a very meaningful tattoo for me with much symbolism and is a reminder to me of my roots and where I have chosen to dwell spiritually. I am now forty.

I'm concerned, however, that this tattoo may be locking my psyche to a specific period of my life and may actually be preventing my growth in certain areas.

Is this sort of what is meant by your question during the session?

Is it recommended that we have these tattoos removed or altered in some way? Or are there cognitive practices that we should follow to mitigate any attachments that are associated with tattoos?

I would love to get an expanded discourse on what effects tattoos have as I am interested in having more ink applied to my body.
Thanks for the session. Timothéos and Alana, I'm so sorry to hear about your puppy. That must have been terribly upsetting for you. Big hugs for you both.
Sorry to hear about the puppy :(

[quote author= PerfectCircle]Anybody has idea how could tattoos attract entities?[/quote]

Emotional attachments = obsession, which leave gaps in your awareness. And when this emotional attachment (tattoo) is on your body. Other entities with the same kind of energetic obsession you have towards the tattoo can hook into it.

Tattoo's that are carried to present yourself more aggressive seems especially harmfull? Since energetically marking yourself like that, attracts entities of that nature?

But that's as far as my Ghostbusters skills can bring me. I am just guessing.

[quote author= PerfectCircle]I got chills reading about that mothman scratching claws on tree [/quote]

Yeah, I doubt you could pet them. Raise them as one of your own.

A: No. But there may be a terrorist dirty nuke or two!

Q: (L) And when you say, "terrorist", we assume that that should be in quotes?

A: Yes

I doubt the Empire will ever settle with a loss in Syria. But they might with a draw with dirty nuking Damascus.

That way, everyone loses. And it will give a message to Russia that them trying to save other countries will only result in the Empire nuking the place if they win.

In that way, they might contain Russia from helping other countries the Empire wants to destroy and dominate.

Thanks for the session !!
Thank you for this great session. Even if somewhat frightening at times. :scared:

About the issue of tattoos I guess it depends in many cases on the type and intention when one tattooed.

On this website read: (though I really do not know the validity of these claims)FWIW ;)

  • From a spiritual perspective, tattoos have a harmful effect on us. The following are the reasons for the harmful spiritual effect of tattoos:
  • Most people tattoo their body out of fashion and this causes enticing energy (Mohini-shakti) to be attracted to it. As a result, emotionalism and attachment to the external world or the Great Illusion (Maya) increases.
  • The majority of tattoo designs are not sāttvik. That is why they activate distressing energy.
  • Tattoos increase the proportion of distressing energy in the environment and make the individual physically and spiritually restless. Also, the covering of distressing energy around the individual’s body increases by 1.5%.
  • The possibility of negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.) affecting the body, mind and intellect of the individual who has a tattoo on their body increases due to the tattoo.
  • Tattoos also increase heat in the body. An increase in heat can represent an increase in the proportion of Raja-Tama in the body (coolness represents an increase in the proportion of Sattva).
  • Showing the tattoo to others can increase ego.

For me, i am spam-free. And i would not carve a name in a tree, let alone my body. I cannot think of any reason to mark my body: If it tells who you are, you do not need it, if it tells something else, you are lying.
Interesting, Tristan, i will check that out..
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