Session 16 April 2016

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Walking in the valley of the shadow with charged crystals lighting the way. All we need are Hobbits, Dwarves and Elves to complete the entourage.

Thanks for the messages.


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Thanks for the session.

Seem that Cayce was using the CRS too. If the person was not with Cayce at the time of the reading, the address of the person was required.
In one reading the person is not at the address so Cayce can not do the reading until his wife suggest to go back in time and examine the person the last time the person was here.
It always seemed me strange that an "omniscient" being needed an human address but it seem to work like this.

When I was I young adult, I used crystal and intention. Perhaps it lead me here.


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Thanks very much for sharing the session, guys :guru:

The thought of Gurdjieff driving along in a sabotaged car, something breaking, sending him into a near-fatal crash - it's just gut wrenching :cry: And the most sinister thing about it is the "Don't worry about the vase, Neo" aspect to it; that his increased concern and request for a check-up was the very thing that caused the accident!

I was thinking I've been okay with accidents, drops etc., and then it dawned on me that I dropped my friends phone on the floor on Thursday night. Luckily, no harm done. Hadn't thought anything of it at the time, but reading the info that others have been having similar things happen, it sure is strange.

I've dug out my old gold rings and jewellery and popped them on to see what happens; not sure it's 'quite me' any more, though lol.

Pashalis: Thank you for your post; it was very timely for me. I've recently begun a new project and over the last few days it's really highlighted my woeful attention span. It's something I've been aware of for a long time, to the point where I've wondered if I may actually have adult ADD, but the last couple of days, I've gotten a bit despondent over it. Your post was a boost for my willpower to continue to improve myself.


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My stones have been 'talking' to me a lot lately so it is no surprise that stones have come up right about now.
I seem to have grown an infinity to them and can tell which one I need for the day.
Sometimes I can hear the Cassiopaeans talk to me too :cool2: For real tho ;D


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Thanks for another encouraging session loaded with information. I have a crystal that I will use for the bedroom and get one to carry in my pocket, will make sure I give it my intention and clear it first. I too have been struggling with feeling sluggish lately for no known reason, now I understand!


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"As I walk through the valley of the shadow..."

Thanks for an extremely interesting session! :)


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"Valley of the Shadow" reminds me of the Jungian idea of the shadow. In the thread about "Stuff falling and breaking recently", people have been posting about weird dreams, emotional processing, chaos and change in their lives. This sounds as if the unconscious things which people haven't been dealing with is "coming out" and manifesting in their lives, both inwardly and outwardly.

If your psyche is charged with conflicting currents (whether unconscious and/or half-conscious), it can scramble your focus, lead to carelessness and mistakes, and there may also be symbolic "signs" from the Universe as to what's going on. If you work through these things - deeper inner work - then the symptoms on the surface (your conscious mind not working as well) can then resolve, and life may change in various ways.

Over the past few years, I and many others here have been going in the opposite direction. If things don't work well on the surface level in your mind and in your life, then forcing things into shape through discipline and dealing with outer things have been the solution - build your will and force your being to work reliably in accordance with your current ideas and direction. Well, building your will is very important, but there comes the point when you need to examine whether you're really using what you've built properly.

When you hit a barrier beyond which you cannot go, then maybe it it best to reconsider the approach. Exclusively focusing on paying attention to "the present moment" and working reliably with precision in your current activities, means you're not paying attention to the reality of what's inside you. If problems keep getting bigger, maybe there's something else for you to notice and direct your attention towards.

For me, in the second half of last year, a huge inner process began. (Earlier that year, I went through a shorter, intense period of fearful and painful struggle, breaking apart some old and very rigid structures in my psyche. That seems to have prepared the ground for "part 2".) I've experienced various inner symbolic dramas, recapitulated my life and dealt with very intense repressed emotions. I would not have been able, beforehand, to imagine that I had so much anger, bitterness, and grief inside of me. And as it is resolved, and old beliefs I took for granted are re-examined (because the inner experience has kept pushing my old assumptions to the limit until they break down), it seems to lead to maturation. Emotional blocks to understanding go away, and suddenly I begin to understand life, myself, others, and relations with others differently.

Years ago, I had a peculiar dream in which I and others in this network visited a "city of the soul". A vast place made of intricate stone structures, it was not a place we lived in, but rather had begun to visit so as to learn. It was, in large part, a 'future potential', a place that may in the future 'come alive' along with the formation of a social memory complex. But there was also all kinds of negative stuff, not visible to the eye, 'hidden' in the city, in its structure. And in the future, it would have to be dealt with so that the city could be cleansed in order for us to have a future connected to it.


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Thanks so much, what a fascinating session!!

Session 16 April 2016 said:
(Galatea) Do the Cs suffer?

A: Not as you understand it, but in empathy only.

Q: (L) I think I remember ya'll saying that when we suffer, you suffer. Is that it?

A: Yes
Fwiw, I think the question about whether the C's suffer was brought up in this thread: Life experiences represent interaction with "God".

Maybe what they mean is that they still experience the suffering that comes with being empathetic, but they are not suffering from the "daily crap" that we experience here, and certainly not from our various "human quirks". I guess they learned to overcome these some "time" ago. Plus, they can see a lot more truth, a lot more "what is" without going crazy, maybe because they see the whole picture at once. But it's difficult to grasp all that, I don't know...


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(Galatea) Do the Cs suffer?

A: Not as you understand it, but in empathy only.

Q: (L) I think I remember ya'll saying that when we suffer, you suffer. Is that it?

A: Yes
STO= Having no concern for the self, only for others. So that makes sense.

Q: (Pierre) What is it? The crystal will be like an interface between the person and the information field...?

A: Close.

Q: (Pierre) It enhances this connection.

(L) So. Well, all of that's very interesting.
Yes, very interesting. But in what way does it enhance the connection. I doubt you can access the information field at it's full potential, but it should become rather obvious if we try it out. Loading the crystals with intent should be done with more than just 'positive' thoughts I reckon. It’s more about pure intent…?

- Thanks for the session :)


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Thank you for the session. I've also been waking up with headaches off and on and wondered why. I didn't consider EM energy build up at all so maybe buying some chicken wire is in order. How would one ground a wire in a wall socket? I've also been very fatigued at certain times during the day and I've been taking short naps for a few weeks now which really helps.

I need to get going on the crystal charging as well.

In preparing to dowse with my pendulum I always address, tune into what the C's call the "Information field access". I haven't called it this but it's the same concept.

After reading the session, The Lords Prayer came to mind and I've been repeating that this morning.... It gives strength and clarity I'm finding.
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