Session 18 May 2019


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Let's not be too hasty to look for time merge everywhere. Computer glitches happen way more often.
Agree. I think such episodes are not all that common and may relate to the "authoring of a new reality" by a concrete decision made by participants in a reality, and carried out by actions. In short, at a decision node, a decision is made that shifts the direction. And possibly, the more dramatic the decision, the more dramatic the change.


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Not just you. I too have had that feeling of novelty. Some weeks ago, maybe late April or early May I noticed as I walked outside to leave for work, that something seemed different. I even thought to myself, "Something seems different."

The week before the session it seemed like my dopamine was a little low, and it was a stressful week at work.
I had taken some Tyrosine one night. I had a hunger to dissociate and kept having feelings of desire to seek.
Wow! Yup. This is pretty much how I experienced it as well. And interestingly enough you also mentioned the week before you felt your dopamine was low and work was stressful. Hard to say for sure, but quite possibly around the same time you mentioned, I began to 'fall out' of the feeling of something having changed.

Reflecting on my behavior, I actually did go and dissociate for about a week and reverted to my old behavior. Sure enough, reality reverted back as well. Took some work but I had to kick my butt back into gear to get out of this state of self-absorption I fell into, and sure enough reality once again took on that feeling of 'something having changed' or 'something is changing'.

It really makes me think of the Knowledge & Being video regarding our choices and makes me wonder, as Laura just described here:

In short, at a decision node, a decision is made that shifts the direction. And possibly, the more dramatic the decision, the more dramatic the change.
If we may possibly be constantly shifting through realities or timelines unbeknownst to us, based on these points of decision, and the more dramatic, the more dramatic (and noticeable) the change? Assuming one is paying attention.

I've never read the Celestine Prophecy, and with my current to-read list I don't think I will. I bought that JOTT book that A.I. linked too. It's not too long. A quick forum search reveals that the Celestine Prophecy describes what 4D is like.
Interesting. Going to look into this a little more, but I also have a huge reading list I need to get through. I did see the movie many years ago and remember thinking if this was related to the shift to 4D?

The mention of sowing what you want to have grow in the future stood out to me. If everything is happening at once, then what you do now is how you'll be in the future. Plant the best crops for a good harvest.
Huge ah-ha moment here! Can't' thank you enough for your reminder here 3DStudent.

Sharing your concerns reminds me about an older session on clearing the logjam. Networking and just getting things out there so you're not stuck in your own bubble. Here's that session:
Wow. Ya I really needed this last night. That session had layers of meaning for me on multiple levels. Came at the exact point in 'time' I needed it while going through a stressful period with my business partner - who quite possibly - is taking advantage of me and I'm allowing it. Time to Grab the Bull By the Horns and finally stand up for myself. Assuming the amount of work he continues to add to my plate (with an already full plate) is an indication of this. Thank you 🙏


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Thank you very much Joyeaeia of Cassiopaea,Laura,Ark,Andrómeda,Artemisa and the whole Team :flowers: As always a lot of information to digest. The 12 points of the list are going to help a lot to The Work.Thank you one more time!
As maiko said the timing of this session was on point for me,also.
I find myself in the middle of changes,concerning to my life,The Work,my father,a farm...More than 20 years ago when i did not have the convenient knowledge about the meaning to take care your Old Ones,my dear grandmother died one month later,when i left the country.Now i feel deeply in my heart that i must take care my old father (at least be next to him) even i know he is in"good" hands of his partner.The 4th point of the List is one of my priorities,now:"Making amends when possible..."

As luc said,small actions are really powerful in a good or bad way.And i have to say that is amazingly TRUE.Just the simple action to not follow or joining in gossip dynamics or paying attention to malicious rumors or to buy your bus/train tickets when you do not have controllers around (In Norway the doors are open.It is based on trust)or to not throw garbage on the floor and if you see somebody doing it,just let them know that is wrong,or just being patient with children.It is very easy to forget that sometime ago we were kids also...Yes,small things are POWERFUL as many of you know i am waitress and the stress and chaos in this business is tremendous but i can soften just bringing in to my mind previous scenes of simple actions,as: A father picking up a teddy bear from the floor and playing with his baby,or how a young boy takes pictures of an endless row of beautiful tulips,or how a mother breast feed her daughter and their ayes are full of love...just this simple actions make me think that still we have some HOPE...


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The crazy thing is that the impression was that the world itself had changed, even if only a little bit, but that little bit felt really important in its ramifications. The notion of coexisting timelines immediately came to mind, as if I had just "stepped" from a better and new one to a worse and old one. It literally gave me pause, as I stood there for a moment trying to apprehend what had just happened.
So you had instant feedback due to a small decision. It reminds me of Ark talking about small devils becoming bigger devils:

A: The wave is coming, you are teaching people to surf it instead of being dragged under and out to stormy seas.

Q: (L) You once said that the wave was something like "hyperkinetic sensate". And I've often wondered if that means that it's something that massively amplifies whatever is inside an individual? And if that were the case and they were full of a lot of unpleasant, painful, miserable feelings, repressed and suppressed thoughts and so forth, and something that was hyperkinetic sensate amplified all of that, what would it do to that individual? I mean, can you imagine any of us in our worst state of feeling yucky and then having that amplified a bazillion times? If it was bad stuff inside you, you would implode!

A: Soul smashing!

Q: (L) So it is really important for people to go through this process of cleansing to prepare themselves for that?

A: Yes, then they will "rise up with wings as eagles"!

Q: (L) So even people who - or maybe particularly people who - engage in a great deal of what Lobaczewski called "selection and substitution", there is some part of their rational mind that knows what the truth is, but because it's not acceptable to their peer group, or their social milieu, or their background and upbringing to accept that truth, they repress and suppress it and explain things to themselves in other ways. But they still know the truth. What would it be like if you have all of this suppressed, twisted truth locked up inside you that you never allowed yourself to look at and acknowledge?

(Ark) But you see this is not a separate phenomenon because when there is this amplification, there are these fears that you said, they will also explode. So the individual will be able to... the little devil will become the big devil, so it will be easier to choose, because, you know, choices will be amplified. It's not just little dark here, little this there - it's hard to choose - but they will have to decide this time where to go, and the decision will be...

(L) Extremely painful.

(Ark) It will be painful, but on the other hand, it will be clear.

Mrs. Peel

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Thanks for this session. The two hats are kinda freaky. There you have physical proof that “something” woo-woo has happened. I’ve had a few things go missing and then reappear later, or so I think. I have a timer with a magnet on the back that we keep stuck to the side of the refrigerator and use to time stuff when we cook. One day I went to get it and it was gone. Now we have a whole lot of things stuck to the side of the fridge, but I swear I eyeballed the entire side numerous times on different days looking for it. So did my husband. We also have a magnetic paper towel holder stuck to the side, and maybe a week or two later I went to grab a paper towel off the roll and there was the timer, stuck right below it. Now I could swear it wasn’t there before, but one then tends to create a reasonable “explanation” like, okay maybe I did overlook it somehow. Same thing happened another time with a crystal I kept in a jewelry pouch on my dresser which wasn’t there when I went to look for it. I turned the pouch upside down on the bed and shook everything out of it and put each item back one by one. Then, sometime later, the crystal was back in the pouch. Again one tends to rationalize that it was there all along and somehow I just didn’t see it.

But with the two hats right in front of you, there isn’t any doubt there! :shock:


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I want to Thank Laura for all that she does and all that she’s put herself through in order to open up this information for us.

Because of this recent session and the one 3D Student linked to earlier, I was able to have a heartfelt conversation with my Mother today (something I’ve been avoiding for years) and make amends for some of the cruel things I said to her in my adolescence that divided me from her and that I’ve never been able to let go of.

What an emotional relief for us both.

Heartfelt Thank you Laura and the rest of the crew and everyone here that contributes to this body of knowledge. I don’t know where I’d be without you and I think I’m finally starting to learn something after all these years.

I love you all. ❤


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Auriez vous un lien pour "prophétie Celestine décrit la situation de 4D" ?... Merci d'avance...

Would you have a link for "Celestine prophecy describes the situation of 4D"?.... Thank you in advance....


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Auriez vous un lien pour "prophétie Celestine décrit la situation de 4D" ?... Merci d'avance...

Would you have a link for "Celestine prophecy describes the situation of 4D"?.... Thank you in advance....
I think the reference is to this book:

It was also mentioned in this session:
3 December, 1994
Q: (L) In talking about the new level of being after transition to 4th density, will this be something like what is described in the book "Celestine Prophecy?"

A: Close.


Finally finished reading this amazingly valuable session and the very interesting and wise contributions. Also for me this came at a perfect time. Big Thank You to the Chateau Crew and all forumites.

Some points I would like to share:

Fabric - Answer #146: Don’t just say stuff and not do it. Do it! People do notice that. And I think that has far reaching effects that can influence things in unpredictable but good ways.
So here's hoping we all have the drive, resolve, and commitment needed to change ourselves using every means available, and by so doing, resonate with a reality where we fit, one that is not so chaotic, entropic, ignorant, and STS.
I noticed that the word "trying" has not been used, nor in similar messages of others. I also have become very conscious of using this word and either DO something or give it my utmost.
So many people in my environment say they try or will try to be/do this and/or that, while knowing already that nothing will come it. Like saying it is enough. Also, i have looked but could not locate it, I think it was in session, Laura and Ark said that if you do anything, do it with love. That stuck in my mind, and I always think of that especially when I have to do a less pleasant task. This wisdom is definitely on my list as well!

Also in my environment and within my direct family there are people in abundance with whom i cannot communicate about the ideas, wisdom, books, information etc which is shared so graciously and lovingly on this forum. However, I feel that there is something to learn both ways from every individual I interact with, regardless of their stance in life. When analyzing at the end of the day what was learned and what was tested and so on, I always find that in all situations there are opportunities for all involved to grow, whether they are recognized and used or not. When I found that last year after my partner's diagnosis of a huge meningioma in his brain and his direct family with whom he thought he was close literally threw us out of their house and left him to be throughout months and months of setbacks, operations and struggle, I was amazed at how willingly people show their colours and that one really has to be put through a test of mental strength to determine one's boundaries. I felt very angry about this behaviour but suddenly, about two or three weeks ago, it dropped off my shoulders and kind of evaporated. So liberating. I found it easy to accept their behaviour for what it is, no more judgment. Very happy I read most books on narcissism, cognitive and social science and psychopathy. A lot falls into place. I learned from them to accept, let people be who they are and what they wish to represent. They are who they are and they are apparently content with their ways. I now accept and respect it, without judgment and feel liberated from that whole burden. It served its purpose, I learned a valuable lesson. I am very grateful though that partner is very receptive of the information and the books shared on the forum, especially since the struggle with his health.

I haven't tried my hand at I Ching yet but I use the same open approach with a clear quartz crystal dangling from a silk thread (pendulum).
I have been using my pendulum of amethyst quartz for three years now, ever since reading about the power of it in T.C. Lethbridge's little book "The Power of the Pendulum". When used regularly, I found that it kind of grooves and i learned to really trust what it has to say so to speak. I think it opens a conduit with our Higher Self (and maybe Higher Selves in other aspects of our Being situated in other timelines).

Regarding water, then when looking at the structure of the DNA, then the 3' end, has an H+ and and OH-, sticking out. They are the components of water, so if the water is charged or more highly ordered, then when water enters the body, it is perhaps part of the mechanism that will play a role in unclogging the protein receivers and thus help in the receivership capabilities of the person.
We have these big gallon bottles of water on a dispenser. I always write 'Love & Gratitude' on them, and that is always on my mind when I fill up a bottle from the dispenser (Masaru Emoto - Wikipedia).

Last but not least, I hope that one day we all are singing beautiful songs together.


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One thing I'd like to mention that happened earlier this week that was unusual. I went to bed very late one night after smoking a lot more than usual and started to have racing thoughts. Weird images started to appear in my minds eye that were unsettling. The next day I came home from work and was exhausted, in that wired but tired state where my body needed sleep but my mind kept going. So I laid down on the couch to try and rest, only to have similar images appear, until something just 'clicked' and I started thinking about my grandfather's memoirs that I'm working on, when all of a sudden this incredible sense of calm and peace came over me and all those images faded away and were replaced by what looked like ponds of the color turquoise floating all around! I looked up the symbolism of that and this is what it has to say.
Thank you Turgon for sharing the observations. I tend to smoke lot than needed when I am under stress at work. After 1 or 2 meetings, I feel stressed out and lay down on the bed(when I am working from home). I can vividly see some moving images like video's sort of hypnogogic images. Some times, I use pipe breathing or POTS ,that helps to calm down.


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So, I've been thinking about something after this session with the 2 caps, and then after an experience I have documented in my latest YT video about these Q-Link things.

You don't really have to watch the vid. In short: it seems these Q-Link pendants work to protect from things like EMF, but not necessarily for everyone. That led to the placebo effect, which led to interesting things like: Apparently, if 2 people need knee surgery, 1 gets surgery, and the other is put under but only a small incision is made and then bandaged up, the person who didn't have actual surgery may report improvement as if they actually had surgery! :umm:

Reiki might be another example: For us here, it works. For others, it doesn't. Why?

So then I started thinking... Is it just about belief, or is there more going on here?

The Theory:

Pure belief in something is not enough to make it work. The reason is that we all have an underlying "reality structure" in our brains/minds/souls. The reality structure (RS) affects and/or creates certain beliefs, but we can also have new beliefs on top of the RS that have nothing to do with the RS itself.

Eventually, the RS may adapt and change, at which point beliefs could turn into something more potent and real. In short, no, we can't really create reality by thinking about it at this level, but we can sort of influence things (including our own bodies) in a limited way based on our reality structure. The RS is kind of like a dial-up internet connection to something "higher", like 4d-like malleable reality. In 4d, we'd have a fiber connection. Here, it's a bit more winky.

The placebo effect may just be a simple example of our common reality structure that outlines how "highly-educated person in white coat who gives me pill = health".

Then we have the problem of how our reality structure is formed. Normally, we're raised and learn how things work. For most people, this doesn't change much over their lives.

For those of us who decide to dig in to interpreting and figuring out reality, well, we're in for a wild ride. As we do that and gain information which we can apply and therefore turn into knowledge, our structure changes. Things that were not possible before become possible.

There is also a flip side: The level of misinformation and lies we believe tends to eventually constrict our reality structure, warp it, and limit it in certain ways. Or, you can be a Catholic physicist and believe in Jesus, salvation, and gravity and photons, but anything outside those concepts is a no-no.

I suppose that's not much different than before, except what I'm wondering is if this "reality structure" is not just something mental or emotional. IOW, maybe it's not just a set of programs or ideas about the world, not just thoughts or feelings, but something far more fundamental in terms of consciousness. It's like our interface with reality.

The more we learn, the faster our "net connection" becomes, and the more things become possible. For a person who's underlying reality structure doesn't allow for something like a Q-Link or Reiki, it literally is not possible for them. For someone who doesn't believe, but finds those things work anyway, then their RS does allow for it for one reason or another.

For those of us who delve deeply into exploring reality, truth, falsehoods, and so on, new things open up. As that happens, we realize more and more than uncertainty is a huge part of the game. We always want things to be this way, or that. We want The Answer. As our reality structure grows, it becomes increasingly clear how little we know because there are so many new possibilities. Depending on the question asked, there are many answers.

That also might explain how awareness protects: simply Knowing about something alters our reality structure. It's not that we believe, but we KNOW something. Even if we aren't certain of it, there's new information there that expands our interface with "what is" and that may mean that what worked before to harm or hinder us no longer works. It's not just belief or simply being aware that does the trick, but also the pondering of that new information, re-evaluating old information, and essentially the Work of incorporating new data and connecting dots. Belief vs Knowledge is very much like Darwinism vs "ID": You don't get something for nothing, everything tends towards disorder and chaos, so some design work is required.

It's easy to believe or disbelieve, but it's a TON of work to actually learn new things, to struggle, and to attempt to grow in awareness and knowledge of everything that is out there.

That might all mean that we don't "go" to 4d. Apparently, we can have 2d animals and 3d humans and 4d critters in our "3d" world. Oh, and Jupiter is 4d along with the center of the sun, or whatever... So maybe density is more a question of the complexity of this reality structure, our interface to what is. You don't actually go anywhere, you just remove your 3d Oculus Virtual Reality headset. Normally, the only way to do that is to kick the bucket and go directly to 5d without passing Go or collecting $200.

Similarly, I suspect that this whole idea of "merging timelines" is a lot more ordinary than we might think. I don't mean that it happens all the time to everyone, but rather that we take it as a kind of insane Hollywood movie type of event, when the reality may be a bit more mundane - at least from a higher perspective. Still, IMO at least as a sort of Marker Event, it was pretty significant for the future of our group as a whole.

At the same time, if my lovely theory is even partially correct, it is not wise to hope that one will be "pulled along" with the group. We each must fight our own battles (together - yay!) and get to the point where our individual reality structures are ready / aligned / whatever.

In conclusion: 🦄 !!!


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So maybe density is more a question of the complexity of this reality structure, our interface to what is. You don't actually go anywhere, you just remove your 3d Oculus Virtual Reality headset.
That reminds me of something the C's said along the lines that density level was determined, or the result of the "consciousness reading units" within. Maybe someone can find that? @goyacobol


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At the same time, if my lovely theory is even partially correct, it is not wise to hope that one will be "pulled along" with the group. We each must fight our own battles (together - yay!) and get to the point where our individual reality structures are ready / aligned / whatever.
I have been wondering where to put a similar idea into the forum and maybe this a good place. The main idea is concerning "consensus".

Session 9 December 2017:
Q: (L) Alright, close enough. Okay, Joe, you had a question?

(Joe) I have a question about the US Air Force's request for 12 samples of Russian RNA in July of this year. They specified in a FAQ that they couldn't be Ukrainian, they had to be Russian. And Putin commented on it not so long ago in a speech. So, I'm wondering if there's some devious plan...

(L) Are they up to no good?

A: You can say that!

Q: (L) So they're up to no good...

(Joe) The idea was that they're trying to create some kind of bioweapon that's genetically specific...

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) ...against Russians.

A: Yes

Q: (Mikey) Why not just get samples...

A: Unfortunately, since most Caucasians are related to Russian forebears, this is a dangerous and delusional undertaking.

Q: (Joe) No doubt! They're trying to specifically isolate something that specific to only Russians? And it's not going to affect anyone else?! Maybe some kind of airborne pathogen or something...

(Ark) It doesn't make sense! If they want DNA they can have Russian DNA as much as they want without anybody knowing it.

(Joe) That's what Putin said. When he commented on it, he said that there were people inside Russia collecting samples of DNA.

(Ark) Massively?

(Joe) He didn't say. And he referred to this Air Force thing. So, I don’t know. Would you need lots of samples? It's a stupid idea.

A: There are many activities at present being driven by 4D STS to further their aims of preparing a suitable population for their benefit in numerous ways.

Q: (L) So, they want a slave population, they want soldiers, they want maybe bodies that they can incarnate into themselves?

A: Yes. All that and more.

Q: (Pierre) For this purpose, they're trying to fine-tune and select the proper genetics of human beings - to design the best vehicles?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And all being done via their human agents who think they are doing it for other reasons. Alright. Well, let's move on to Ark's question. We had a discussion the other day about ghosts, and he had a question he wanted to ask about that topic.

(Ark) Yes. I want to understand the poltergeist phenomenon. It appeared like Artemis was asking in 2005 because she was seeing something in the field.

(Artemis) I remember that.

(Ark) So the answer was study poltergeist. Artemis didn't want to study, but I am studying now.

(Artemis) I studied!

(Ark) Okay, so I want to understand. The answer was at some point that it is 3rd density Section B energy anomaly. Well, I don’t know what is "Section B"...

(Joe) Besides Section A.

(Ark) Okay, so energy anomaly certainly. But when I am asking about poltergeist, I have in mind something like a table rising and flying across the room and being overturned and landing upside down somewhere. But... It just flies! It will fly normally. I don't see any laws of physics broken because it just flies. The whole table, you know? It doesn't go like half a table or something. It flies like if there was wind, and the wind took the table and moved it. So, it looks like all laws of physics are satisfied. It's not something strange like UFOs that move instantly from one place to another. They disappear. But this table just flies nicely.

(Pierre) You mean you just need a normal physical force to...

A: 3rd density.

Q: (Ark) But I would like to know whether conservation of energy is satisfied. This table when it's flying, does the energy come from the person that is responsible, or it comes from the vacuum, or it comes from... I don’t know from where?

A: Vacuum utilization by human information decoding.

Q: (Ark) I don't know how can we use this vacuum, except that there are some quantum things... Does it have anything to do with quantum theory?

A: Generally, yes.

Q: (Ark) Does it need hyperdimensions? Extra dimension?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Is it sort of like an energetic alchemy?

A: Depends on what you define as alchemy.

Q: (L) Go back to the one before... [Review of answers to Ark's questions] So, what I want to ask is... Is it consciousness - whether it's conscious or unconscious - that acts as the bridge or the decoder... Well, let me ask this: Is the decoding the same thing as bridging the dimensions?

A: Close

Q: (L) Is it the human consciousness - whether conscious or unconscious - that does this?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) I would like to understand why with this poltergeist phenomenon, we have flying bottles, flying chairs, swinging chandeliers, but we don't have like flying mountains or flying houses. I mean, what...

(Andromeda) What limits it?

(Ark) What limits this kind of phenomenon? You see? Why people are not flying, but tables are flying?

(Pierre) There are cases of levitation.

(Ark) Why dogs are not flying but tables and chairs are flying?

A: Some humans and dogs have flown. Consensus limits possible objects.

Q: (Pierre) The beliefs. It reminds me of a question I wanted to ask for months. With Artemis and the guys here, we made this game here in the kitchen where we put our hands on someone's head. And then you concentrate and we were repeating something like 10 times or whatever. Then we put our fingers under the knees and armpits of the subject, and we lift them up. So maybe my first question is: Am I mistaken to think that in some cases, the gravity or the weight of the individual was really reduced?

A: Yes. Coral Castle.

Q: (Pierre) Yeah, exactly! So, through intention... Well, what I want to mention now: There were some cases where the consensus of the belief - maybe concerning the subject... It was with Atreides. He's heavier than the rest of us. He didn't seem to believe it. We did the same procedure, and it didn't work. He was the same weight, and we didn't manage to lift him. So if we didn't manage to lift him, is it because he didn't believe the experiment?

A: Active resistance.

Q: (Pierre) Okay, so he was not into it, or it was scary or whatever, he was not into this state of mind and we didn't manage to lift him.

(Andromeda) Sometimes there are people who don't necessarily believe it, but they're not actively disbelieving it.

(Pierre) Fighting against it.

(Andromeda) Right.

(Pierre) But in this case, he was opposing. We were not on the same wavelength.

(Mikey) Is that related to the Belief Center that the C's mentioned several times?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) I would like to have a hint about which direction - if I want to understand this poltergeist thing - which direction in physics I have to go first of all?

A: Matter as manifestation of consciousness as a function of algebra between dimensions.

Q: (Scottie) That's easy!

(Pierre) Crystal clear. I would like to go back to this experiment we did. Obviously, we altered a physical constant, gravity, in a direction we wanted. It worked in this case because... I didn't believe it would work. I wasn't fighting against, but I didn't believe it. But then I suspect the girls were in such a state where the intention was stronger than the beliefs. Their intent, their will, was stronger than their belief.

A: Decoding subconsciously.

Q: (Pierre) Again, they use the word "decoding". Decoding means there is a code. What is the code they're referring to?

A: Information.

Q: (L) Well, okay... What is decoding information? In information theory, you have information and send it. The simplest example is the telephone. You pick up the telephone, you call somebody, they pick up their phone and say, "Hello?" You speak into the telephone, and your words are transformed or encoded into electronic signals which then travel across the line and are decoded by the telephone on the other end. That's not the end of it. It's just the mechanical part of it. There's another part of the decoding. The first is the information that exists in the head of the person who says the words. And then the reception of those words that have been coded and decoded by the machine into sounds, which make words. So there's a whole series of steps for decoding of information. If there is information in another dimension and that dimension is possibly something that your deep subconscious is connected to, then you're able to access that information; then you decode it even if unconsciously.

(Pierre) Okay, following you... Gravity is a consensus, and most of the time consensus applies. It's explicit. Acceleration, gravity, 9.81, etc. However, this concept of gravity, this physical law or norm or constant is related to more than that. There's more than the explicit information we have about gravity. If an individual managed to tap into it, decode it, and interact with it, he can make this constant NOT a constant anymore because he has access to more information relating to this physical entity.

A: Exactly.


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That reminds me of something the C's said along the lines that density level was determined, or the result of the "consciousness reading units" within. Maybe someone can find that? @goyacobol
Colinear wave reading consciousness unit is probably the closest but I included some others.

Session 9 June 1996:
Q: (L) We realize that, but we, as units in bodies of flesh...

A: One must get past the idea that there is some sort of "cheerleading squad" attached to individual consciousness units if one is to progress... it just doesn't work that way!
Session 19 July 1997:
Q: As you know, there is a flood in Poland, and Ark has to go back, there is so much that must be done, but the government offices may be closed, the court session may be delayed indefinitely, God knows what is going to happen. What is the source of this dreadful disaster in Poland?

A: Sopophoric screen alterations of the magnetic belt overlay.

Q: And what is causing these screen alterations of the magnetic belt overlay?

A: Influences of Acquiim.

Q: What is Acquiim?

A: 4th density overseer.

Q: Does that mean soporific screen alteration?

A: Soporific/phosphorous.

Q: What is the purpose of this screen alteration?

A: Deterrence of colinear wave reading consciousness units.

Q: What is a 'colinear wave reading consciousness unit?'

A: Suggest you "look in the mirror."

Q: Well! I don't know if I like being a colinear wave reading consciousness unit!

A: Why not?

Q: Because I don't like feeling responsible for all these people who are suffering in this disaster!

A: Responsible? Are you altering the weather?
Session 30 January 2010:
Q: (Joe) I wonder if those cells have anything to do with the third eye, like when you do the breathing and you look up...

A: Close, more like a "homing device".

Q: (Joe) A homing device for aliens?

A: Wave reader. {Cs refer to souled humans as “Wave Reading Consciousness Units.}

Q: (Ailén) I**** was saying that they're huge cells. Right? (Psyche) Yeah. She was wondering if they could be related to psychopathy, like the lack of those cells...

A: Oh yes.

Q: (Andromeda) Hmm...

(Ailén) She said there were some studies about schizophrenics not having so many of them also.

(Psyche) They have been studied in whales too.
Session 22 September 2018:
(L) There were probably other things happening, but we don’t know what they were because there weren't many people living around there to observe or record them. Okay, let's come back to the astral thing. You said, "astral elements piggybacked". What are these astral elements?

A: Semi-demonic creatures.

Q: (L) How can you be semi-demonic?!

( Artemis) They just don't go full-on demonic! [laughter]

(Joe) They’re only demonic at night time.

A: Loosely coagulated consciousness units.
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