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One can argue that Western Muslims in the 21st century rightly find these practices abhorrent, but I think that is because they have adopted western customs and values, and over time, cut ties with those aspects of the teaching. But when we look at some countries in the middle East, these things are still practiced.
Today is a popular to criticise Islam and an unbalanced look at it (propaganda).
I would like to offer an additional perspective, which may often be missing.
What is important to note is:
- religion is often not the main driver of people, but local collective consciousness, habits, customs, politics of local elite, tribalism and nationalism.
- a person or a group can not be considered a better or worse by religion because it is a superficial mark and because reality tells something else.
- outer forces partly controls path of evolution of Islam (mostly starting the war with the Ottoman Empire to today), but also Christianity to support Zionism for example, in global scale, and to support local goverment even when they are doing something really bad.
- western customs and values can be worse (e.g. hygiene, in treating the Jews and heretics, Saladin compared to Richard in the conquest of Jerusalem), West also learned many things from East and Muslims (mutual learning is completely natural and logical), in many cases West make Islam worse to fits the elite`s interests (of Britain, USA, Israel), but also this is Western civilization so all is influenced by this and the responsibility and power of the West is great and unfortunately, often negatively used.
- in Islam, good and bad things can be found, as in other religions, so some parts are arbitrarily taken to suit to arguments, it can be said, religion is like a knife, can be used for good and bad, if someone wants to be bad, can use Islam for bad, to say that Islam makes him to do evil, or to spread hatred towards Muslims, he can look for the appropriate parts, quotes.
- many people are heavily influenced by ISIS/Mossad propaganda material (which was the main purpose of that material) and Islam was viewed through ISIS and terrorism (TV is our "reality").

Here in Bosnia there is a collision of 2 types of Christianity and Islam. Christianity is often manifested in terrible ways, starting with the Crusades .
"In 1221 Honorius III called on King Andrew II to crusade against heretics in Bosnia and Hungarian forces responded to further papal calls in both 1234 and 1241. The later conflict ended because of the Mongol invasion of Hungary in 1241. The Bosnian church was Catholic in theology, but continued to be in schism with the Roman Catholic Church well past the end of the Middle Ages. " crusade against heretics in Bosnia | Belfast Child
"Led by the Hungarian prince Coloman, the crusaders only succeeded in conquering peripheral parts of the country. They were followed by Dominicans, who erected a cathedral and put heretics to death by burning. The crusade came to an abrupt end when Hungary itself was invaded by Tatars. " Bosnian Crusade - Wikipedia
After the Ottoman Empire withdrew from Serbia, ethnic cleansing began. Persecution of Muslims during Ottoman contraction - Wikipedia
The another manifestation od "Christianity" is in WW2 the use of terrorist, fascists: Ustasha from Croatia and Chetniks from Serbia, against the people of Bosnia, with terrible crimes against civilians (similar to what we have recently seen at ISIS).
The last important manifestation of "Christianity" in Bosnia was the war of the 1990s. According to CIA, Serbs (mostly Orthodox Christians) done 90% of the war crimes, Croats (mostly Catholics) done 6%, and Bosniaks (mainly Muslims) 4% war crimes.
But, I must say, all this really has nothing to do with religion. The main driving force of these crimes is nationalism and policy. Today, the world with delays meets nationalism (again) and looks at it as something beautiful. Nationalism appears in the Balkans in a very bloody and negative way, with terror.
But people of religion - priests, are part of people and often influenced by nationalism and goverment.
For example Serbian Patriarch Pavle did nothing to calm the situation (in fact in the letter of 1991 he wrote "Serbs can not live with Croats in any country, nor in any kind of Croatia" and supported war criminals and war crimes), but after the war, however, he made a distance to the crimes. Asked by foreign journalists about alleged Church support to the Greater Serbian project, Pavle, Serbian Patriarch, answered:
"So I say: if a Great Serbia should be held by committing crime, I would never accept it; may Great Serbia disappear, but to hold it by crime - no. If it were necessary to hold only a small Serbia by crime, I would not accept it. May small Serbia disappear, but to hold it by crime - no. And if there is only one Serb, and if I am that last Serb, to hold on by crime - I do not accept. May we disappear, but disappear as humans, because then we will not disappear, we will be alive in the hands of the living God." Pavle, Serbian Patriarch - Wikipedia
This attitude is more Christian because it puts the spirit above the abduction of the territory.

It is also necessary to know how "Christianity" has participated in the formation of Islam.
Beginning with British demolition of the Ottoman Empire through Wahhabism.

Graham E. Fuller: “The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan." Who is Graham Fuller? : The Corbett Report

"Asked about the Saudi-funded spread of Wahhabism, the austere faith that is dominant in the kingdom and that some have accused of being a source of global terrorism, Mohammed said that investments in mosques and madrassas overseas were rooted in the Cold War, when allies asked Saudi Arabia to use its resources to prevent inroads in Muslim countries by the Soviet Union."

Hillary Clinton: "Let's remember here. The people we are fighting today, we funded twenty years ago and we did it because we were locked in trouble with Soviet Union they invaded Afghanistan and we didn't want to see them controlling central Asia and we went to work. It was president Regan in partnership with congress led by democrat’s who said you know what? Loving! Pretty good idea! Lets deal with the ISI in the Pakistani military lets go recruit Mujahidin, that’s great, lets get some to come from Saudi Arabia and other places importing their WAHABI brand of Islam so that we can go to beat the Soviet Union and guess what? They retreated, they lost billion of dollars and it led to the collapse Soviet Union. So there is a very strong argument which is presence a bad investment in Soviet Union but lets be careful what we saw because we were harvest."

"As the US mobilizes for covert war in Afghanistan (see 1978 and July 3, 1979), a CIA special envoy meets Afghan mujaheddin leaders at Peshawar, Pakistan, near the border to Afghanistan. All of them have been carefully selected by the Pakistani ISI and do not represent a broad spectrum of the resistance movement. One of them is Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a drug dealer with little support in Afghanistan, but who is loyal to the ISI. The US will begin working with Hekmatyar and over the next 10 years over half of all US aid to the mujaheddin will go to his faction (see 1983). Hekmatyar is already known as brutal, corrupt, and incompetent. [McCoy, 2003, pp. 475] His extreme ruthlessness, for instance, his reputation for skinning prisoners alive, is considered a plus, as it is thought he will use that ruthlessness to kill Russians."

"Why are the Arabs here? The U.S. brought the Arabs to Pakistan and Afghanistan [during the Soviet war]. Washington gave them money, gave them training, and created ten or 15 different fighting groups. The U.S. and Pakistan worked together. The minute the pro-Communist regime collapsed, the Americans walked away--and didn't even clean up their shit. They brought this problem to Afghanistan. " - Afghan commander Abdul Haq 'I'm Sick And Tired Of Bloodshed'


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The last important manifestation of "Christianity" in Bosnia was the war of the 1990s. According to CIA, Serbs (mostly Orthodox Christians) done 90% of the war crimes, Croats (mostly Catholics) done 6%, and Bosniaks (mainly Muslims) 4% war crimes.
And you believe the CIA??
SOTT published/relayed several articles about the war in Yugoslavia, debunking the Western propaganda and lies against the Serbs:
When Western 'democracies' orchestrate ethnic cleansing: Croatia celebrates the 1995 US-backed horrific genocide against Serbs
Truth and lies about the break-up of Yugoslavia: Forget Milosevic, this was a US operation from start to finish
Parenti: NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 wrapped up 'rational destruction' of Yugoslavia

The propaganda campaign to demonize the Serbs fits the larger policy of the Western powers. The Serbs were targeted for demonization because they were the largest nationality and the one most opposed to the breakup of Yugoslavia. None other than Charles Boyd, former deputy commander of the U.S. European command, commented on it in 1994: "The popular image of this war in Bosnia is one of unrelenting Serb expansionism. Much of what the Croatians call 'the occupied territories' is land that has been held by Serbs for more that three centuries. The same is true of most Serb land in Bosnia. . . . In short the Serbs were not trying to conquer new territory, but merely to hold onto what was already theirs." While U.S. leaders claim they want peace, Boyd concludes, they have encouraged a deepening of the war.11
But what of the atrocities they committed? All sides committed atrocities, but the reporting was consistently one-sided. Grisly incidents of Croat and Muslim atrocities against the Serbs rarely made it into the U.S. press, and when they did they were accorded only passing mention.12 Meanwhile Serb atrocities were played up and sometimes even fabricated […]
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I couldn't help but think of this part of the recent session while watching this video about how big mobile phone payments (in the multiple trillions of dollars each year) have become in China to the point where it would be difficult to live, at least in the 'Silicone Valley of the East', if you only had cash and credit cards.

Seems everyone in the video has there face stuck to their phone and I guess no perspective where all of it might lead.

I mean in the US you have groups that have been deemed as undesirable being cut off from banks and credit card companies by the activism of the crazy Leftists. What if everything was mobile payments and you were seen as undesirable? Would you even be able to eat?

The attached picture sums up my feeling after thinking about all of this, even if we aren't fully there yet...

(Ark) I would like to make a comment. I think to a large extent, we don't really know what's going on around us. Whenever I go out and see what people are doing, all these young people are just like this [mimics walking around staring at smartphone in their hand]. This is their normal life!

(L) With their phone in their hand. Or earbuds in their ears, shutting out interactions with others.

(Ark) And this is normal life. There is no normal life at all!

(Joe) That's it.

(L) So going to so-called normal life is really going to abnormal life. The only place you can have a truly normal life is with a group of people sincerely seeking to grow and change...

(Chu) That's the question people need to ask. There are people who are being tempted by these ideas of a normal life. They need to remember and ask themselves is the world they want to live in normal? It's NOT normal. Anything they're imagining now is a romantic idea of what the world is really like, but it's not.

(Joe) It's the Grass is Greener syndrome. All they have to do is look at the world around them, and then think back to the life they had before they were involved with trying to grow and develop and tune the antennae.

(Scottie) I don't remember if it was Gurdjieff or whoever, but there's that saying that once you "wake up", going back to that previous "normal" life is not possible. It's not that you can't do it. You can! But at what cost? There is always a price to pay. So it's even worse than just romanticizing, at least in some cases.

(Joe) The longer it is that people are involved in working to become real, and realizing what work it really is, the less they remember and the more they romanticize the life they had before.

(Chu) The pull is so strong.

(Pierre) And about what Ark said: that's their life. The face stuck to the screen. It's interesting in conjunction in what we said about how to conduct a healthy life and remove ourselves from STS influences. Imagine the antennas of people doing that and eating crap...

A: We warned strongly about electronic devices years ago!


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Seems everyone in the video has there face stuck to their phone and I guess no perspective where all of it might lead.

I mean in the US you have groups that have been deemed as undesirable being cut off from banks and credit card companies by the activism of the crazy Leftists. What if everything was mobile payments and you were seen as undesirable? Would you even be able to eat?

The attached picture sums up my feeling after thinking about all of this, even if we aren't fully there yet...
Thanks for sharing the video, Mike!

I had to re-watch the part where the young woman basically brushes off the potential dangers of an over-arching system that knows everything about her, because "the Chinese government already knows that stuff and as long as she's not doing anything criminal they don't care". She's not living in reality at this point if that's the way she thinks the world works or is going to work in the future.

As you point out Mike, the problem in the US of being cut off from the financial system hasn't been the result of doing something actually criminal. After all, you can be a felon and still get a loan, credit card, bank account, etc. What is happening is people are saying things that others deem to be offensive, and they're being demonetized, prevented from getting a job, credit card, etc.

So even if people follow the letter and spirit of the law they can still lose everything.

That is something that should terrify her! Especially considering she lives in China, where they're rolling out the social credit system where the kind of things we're seeing in the US could be even more detrimental and all-encompassing.

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Curious thing is that "Bosnia" in Roman Era was called Dalmatia (Dalmatian dogs); that Roman province covered wider Dinaric area - Dinaridic people, which were even mentioned in some C's session...

View attachment 30415

The only mention of Bosnia (couldn't find Dinaridic/Dinaric/Dalmatia/Dalmatian) I found was this but I like the history on the Dalmatia map you showed:

Session 5 August 2009:
Q: (L) Are the pyramids in Bosnia just fiction, or are there indeed built structures under those pyramidal hills in Bosnia?

A: Yes there are pyramidal structures.
Those pyramids are very interesting too I think.


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Seems everyone in the video has there face stuck to their phone and I guess no perspective where all of it might lead.

The video was really interesting. And Ark's concern as echoed by many of us that this technology can overpower us and keep us from "normal" interaction is important I think.

One thing that seems very different is the way the Chinese have used this technology to really jump ahead of us in the application. Although they have a totalitarian government and already have tight controls if needed, it seems they are actually allowing the mainstream to benefit from the technology. Can you imagine ordering from McDonalds here while enjoying a walk along the river?

I do think that the Pokemon thing really seemed one of the poorest uses of technology to date and 5G scares the hell out of me but what if we actually learned to use technology (as the girl in the video suggested was the reason for the data collection) to "provide better services for the customer". Here we are constantly bombarded on YouTube, TV, home land-line phones and now even our cell phones with advertisements to "provide better services" to us (sure).

I do think the electronic warfare aspect is the most insidious part of how electronic devices are being used against us so there is no ignoring that danger.

I am just observing that in some ways the Chinese are being wiser than the West when it comes to possibly beneficial uses of those cell phones that are mostly made in China these days.

Session 18 October 1994:
Q: (L) Why are there different races?

A: Many reasons. Experimental creations. Partly.

Q: (L) Where did the Orientals come from?

A: Same as all others. Result of experimentation.

Q: (L) Did they originate on this planet? Are they native to this planet?

A: Both. Orientals reserved for souls most advanced; Aryans most aggressive; Negroes most naturally attuned to earth vibrational frequency. So are "native Americans".



I wonder if we can include Jesus Caesar's advice with Laura's list? Caesar said on july 12th 2014:

Q: (Atriedes) If you could give 3 pieces of advice to the world, what would they be?

A: I was wrong to think I could change the masses by example. Humans are fickle and self-centered for the most part. Thus, if you wish to really effect changes, it can only be done by early education, and even then it is fragile and will not last. In the end you must be true to your own nature and fear nothing. If you do that you may make a difference after you are gone. That is not exactly what you are looking for, but there are no 3 pieces of advice that serve all events.
1. Educate other if you can.
2. Be true to your own nature and fear nothing.

I believe that educating another and being true to one's nature without fear is like the path to practice mercy.

Being mercy: "the disposition to feel for others' sufferings and miseries. It manifests itself in kindness, assistance to the needy, especially in forgiveness and reconciliation. It is more than a feeling of sympathy, it is a practice. In Christianity it is compassion for those who suffer, which compels them to help or relieve them.

But mercy must be true and not hypocrisy, like condemning the Israelites for the treatment of the palestinians, but really not feeling sorry. Mercy is born of knowledge.

J.J Benitez says that "mercy is born of knowledge and is tempered by wisdom. He who does not recognize the defects and weaknesses of his fellows does not know the word mercy. Mercy is sharing the feeling of filiation and is the essence of spiritual character and is only practiced by knowing others. Only the one who knows understands, only the one who understands loves."


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merging timelines, new timeline, improved life

Reading just the top of this page, until the sentence "The individual source of this information.. " I finally realized what high energy living enables. If you remember, I mentioned this originally about health last year:
1. Any health problems people are experiencing are only due to being low on energy. Caused by in my case: moving-inflamed teeth, wolfing down carbs-->fibromyalgia--> low life force energy-->sickness & confused mind.
2. If you are high on energy, you manage to stop inflammations in your body, fix your teeth -->inflamed teeth either fall out STOPPING INFLAMMATION or you go to the dentist, pay a lot of money and suffer more and hope the dentist won't make too many mistakes and maybe your teeth inflammation will be stopped without further root problems. Fixing your teeth alone causes major rise in life force in your body means--> your body is not fatigued every day fighting your inflamed teeth!! Means you suddenly have a lot more energized brain!

If you are high on energy, gradual de-clouding of your brain and step-by-step increased clarity of mind follows [from experience]. Naturally by then you will have a lot of increasingly amazing life-leading ideas and acting on these ideas, you change to a HIGHER ENERGY TRACK in your life, which will cause you to have even more energy, which will inevitably give you even better ideas how to live your life, so you can look for an even higher-energy road that you want to follow.

I think the above activity facilitates a merging of timelines or "merging of parallel reality potentials", where you make yourself change to a more vivid timeline, where you have more life-force--> more energy = more money, more power over your actions. It will have more what you are allowed to do and then maybe more what you allow yourself to do.

I mentioned earlier here on this forum, last year, that I feel in my gut - had flashes about - a parallel reality version of me, living a very successful life and just like a Scale of a Goddess, there must be a balancing universal effect and so in this reality I'm poor as a temple mouse! This condition persevered, until this session.

Take a deep breath:
I think, in the last weeks, I have started a very serious Universal Timeline Merging Effort, which I think - described as above - will merge the power potentials between my two dipole parallel dimensions, in the one where I'm rich & successful ==> High on Energy ___ and in this one, where I'm poor & unsuccessful = Low on Energy.

The process above was facilitated I think, by fighting to make gradual efforts to change my life since January, keeping various vows:
1. meditate almost every night,
2. change my eating habits entirely throwing away carbs and ordering instead these super brain vitamins, which by now resulted in an increased clarity of mind - palpable especially now - meaning more energy, less cloudy-brain, less confusion, more awareness and now I realized I am in the process of

merging those two timelines / parallel realities into one. No more poles, no more black and white, no more rich & poor version of myself. Just ONE!

WIN 52

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Just wondering if serropeptase would help with these merges. I have been taking it for a couple of months now. It's use seems to be helping clean out the garbage left laying around in this antique machine of mine.

Another side benefit is that my blood pressure is closer to a more normal reading than it has been for years.

Breaking down and facilitating the removal of old scar tissue in a person's body. Things generally work better when they are clean and freshly lubricated. At least within this 3rd dimension. Some antique machines likely would find it useful to use.

They say that after 3 months of use, the benefits will be more noticeable.


And you believe the CIA??
SOTT published/relayed several articles about the war in Yugoslavia, debunking the Western propaganda and lies against the Serbs...
I think that, in combination with other information, is very close to the truth. This corresponds to the military power of the groups at the time, their plans, actions etc.

I have seen some articles trying to wash off the crimes of some Serbs (as Ratko Mladić) and this is part of the black and white worldview: if US, Croatia, NATO are put in the "bad guys", and the Serbs and Russians in the "good guys" team, then the reality is distorted accordingly. But reality is not that simple.
Another factor is impact of Russian-Serbian propaganda on SOTT (SOTT has weak spot on it by putting Russia and the company into good guys).
One more factor is the strengthening of anti-Muslim sentiment (because of SITE, terrorism, migration, Zionist influence on now popular right-wing). SOTT and members of this group are not in vacuum and they receive propaganda influences.
So, I find it somewhat expected when I see such an influence even there.
If the US is capable of global terror, it does not mean that a smaller country is not capable of local terror. Is it possible to them to be partially in conflict, partly in co-operation? Of course. Do you remember the US, Iraq and Kuwait - as a bait?
I agree, this was US operation, but Serbia's authorities have played an important role in this. Because, by the crimes, they further sealed the division of Yugoslavia (famous balkanization - division is not enough, division and hostilities are needed ). The United States encouraged them and allowed them to commit these crimes. However, the US also controlled how much of these crimes would be. The US allowed the expulsion of Serbs from Croatia, expelling and killing Bosniaks from Srebrenica and other places, but saved Bosniaks in some towns and rescued Serbs in Banja Luka at the end of the war, by stopping Croatia-Bosnia military operation.
There is plenty of information about it, not just articles chosen because written by Russian propagandists. It is very complicated and dirty, can not described by an anti-NATO fairy tale.
Russia has done many good things, but it is not pure, it has its own interests and its propaganda.
They defend war crimes, terror by elite of Serbia, not because of ignorance as some, but because it is in their political interest. They are also somewhat subjective because they feel emotionally closer to Serbia. Russia also has its own bloody hands out of the war with Chechnya.
This opportunistic exploitation of anti-American sentiment in order to defend Serbia's war propaganda and Russian political interests does not help the Serbs to face the truth, who already have great difficulties because of state media and collective consciousness who declare people with a different opinion as traitors and war criminals are glorified instead of Jesus and justice.
This is especially important for people who seek spiritual development to not stand, for their naivety, washing another's evil, because they do not need such a kind of karma-overflow.


Q: (Pierre) The beliefs. It reminds me of a question I wanted to ask for months. With Artemis and the guys here, we made this game here in the kitchen where we put our hands on someone's head. And then you concentrate and we were repeating something like 10 times or whatever. Then we put our fingers under the knees and armpits of the subject, and we lift them up. So maybe my first question is: Am I mistaken to think that in some cases, the gravity or the weight of the individual was really reduced?

A: Yes. Coral Castle.

Q: (Pierre) Yeah, exactly! So, through intention... Well, what I want to mention now: There were some cases where the consensus of the belief - maybe concerning the subject... It was with Atreides. He's heavier than the rest of us. He didn't seem to believe it. We did the same procedure, and it didn't work. He was the same weight, and we didn't manage to lift him. So if we didn't manage to lift him, is it because he didn't believe the experiment?

A: Active resistance.

Q: (Pierre) Okay, so he was not into it, or it was scary or whatever, he was not into this state of mind and we didn't manage to lift him.

(Andromeda) Sometimes there are people who don't necessarily believe it, but they're not actively disbelieving it.

(Pierre) Fighting against it.

(Andromeda) Right.

(Pierre) But in this case, he was opposing. We were not on the same wavelength.

(Mikey) Is that related to the Belief Center that the C's mentioned several times?

A: Yes
This “parlor trick” is something my friends and I used to do quite often. The first time I sat in the chair, I was literally flung up to the ceiling as if I was weightless. There were also instances where someone was clearly actively resisting and it wouldn’t work. What surprises (or maybe doesn’t at all surprise) me is that one would think that the world would be abuzz about this “miracle”. Scientists would be pulling at the strings of physics trying to explain it. But there’s nothing. Silence. Coral Castle indeed! You’d think that such an easily demonstrable thing as levitation of a person, repeatable and able to be subject to a controlled experimental environment would be earthshaking. The PTB might cast Coral Castle in the shadow of hoax (because no one documented it when it happened in secret), but tossing grown people on the tips of your fingers? That would debunk all debunking. The times I took part in it, the witnesses were bemused but not rightfully stunned. I can only surmise that this is because it’s simply too much of a threat to their sense of reality that they were disconnected from the experience. @goyacobol Is there a discussion about this beyond that session?
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