Session 20 June 2009


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Laura said:
The "Ba - Ha" is supposed to be used for the breathing exercise by the "guidance" CD, not pronounced by the breather! I guess that wasn't clear. You had to hear Ravi Shankar doing the "so-hum" thing to make the connection!

Aahh :lol: That makes sense then!

Laura said:
I'll make a CD that takes you through the exercise... just hang on! I'm gonna put a rush on this! Give me a week!

Can't wait!!

My husband asked me how You guys are preparing for this Cataclysm, and if I really believe it! (He thinks I'm slightly mad, which makes my life somewhat difficult ;) )

How ARE you preparing? Materialistic I mean, as in housing, food, long term plans etc.
I have this strange faith that everything's going to be okay, that everything's going to happen as it should, and I'll know what to do etc.
Am I being a complete fool here? I mean, I'm actually not sure HOW to prepare materially (is that a word?!). I can't very well build me a bunker alone..
Mentally and spiritually I know how to prepare, I feel I've been ready since I was born!


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PepperFritz said:
Thank you so much for the new session, Laura!

Laura said:
Q: (L) So you do this round breathing, or this circular breathing, basically according to the Kriya instructions, only you pronounce this word during the breathing. Then at the end, you read out this words from my deep meditation.

Would you be able to provide us with the "words from [your] deep meditation"? And is there any possibility that you might be able to "recreate" the modified Lord's Prayer that you use to use during breathing exercises?

Also, has Joe been able to come up with a phonetic pronounciation of "eiri eolas" yet?

I wonder if ''those words'' are different for each person, just something like a personal prayer, I wonder.

*******The above post is made by me BO, forgot to logout my sister from the forum and login on my own. *******


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combsbt said:
What I am really interested in though, is the 'macro-collapse' of probabilities. Curious as to what Ark's take on it is when he said yes it is possible.
Well, it is funny. Two days ago I posted on my Polish blog about applications of the quantum formalism to human cognition. Even if it is in Polish, you can read the English titles of the discussed papers and English extracts. The point is that the quantum formalism is nowadays being seen in cognitive studies, in finance etc. It is not that it has to do with micro phenomena coming through to our macro world. Rather quantum-like behavior (interference of amplitudes, quantum jumps etc.) seem to applicable also beyond the micro-world.

So, while on my blog I am discussing in details SPIN, the formalism itself seems to have a much wider applications.


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Laura said:
Session Date: June 20th 2009

A: The main thing people need right now is to be cleansed of emotional blockages and programs not to mention karmic burdens.

I started to have dreams a lot at night about 3-4 months ago.
These dreams are not 'weird' but something like flashing back of my old memories with 'non-realistic' decorations.
Old friends who I don't meet for many years, my parents, some events in my childhood...
I was wondering what is happening in me and wondering why NOW?

My take is that the (cosmic) Wave arriving is shaking our 'buffers' that mechanically sustain our "sanity".
That is why more people "disintegrate" if they are not prepared to see "reality"?

In the process of "recapitulation", I observed the significant connection with "breathing".
(see context in 2nd half of this post).
That was like "recapitulation" leads (powerful) "breathing" at the release of "emotional blockage" point.
So what Laura and C's are introducing here can be saying a certain way of "breathing" directly leads the release of "emotional blockage"?

Reading "Big 4" seems to be also pointing to the same "main need".

Thank you again for sharing the session with us. :)


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Thanks once again Laura.

Strangely enough before I read the last session about breathing exercises, I had been doing Qigong for quite sometime now mainly because I wanted to see if it would help with this asthma that I never had before. And when you are doing the movements, it requires you to visualize collecting "universal energy" or so the instructor told me, but I qucikly came to the conclusion the breathing was the key and not the visualizations of collecting "chi".

Now I can't wait for the CD from you.


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Thank you Laura for the session.

Quote from Carcosa: "Wondering if we've now passed the crossroad".

One word come to my mind "Potentiality".


I have just one question,why Cs said before that the wave will come in 0-14 years and in previous sessions they said in 5 years from now ,I don,t understand.
Cs said that time is not important,is this the reason,they just playing with our 3D thinking.If time is not important how we will know when will the wave come?
I'm just curious.
Btw thanks for new session.


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Laura said:
) Where they like prayers? (L) Yeah, and it's really funny because I started out using the Lord's Prayer. Then I decided that I wasn't happy with it because it wasn't open enough. It had associations with specific religious things, and so I rewrote it. I'll have to... It was something like... (DD) Did you use those words as a template? (L) Yeah. (Joe) I used modifiedto say a Lord's Prayer that was . At night, like a mantra, I used to just go over and over... (L) Did you do it in concert with breathing? (Joe) Not consciously. (L) Yeah, well you see, I did. It was very deliberate controlled breathing. I did this every night for months. (DD) How were you breathing? (L) Very similar to what Craig teaches, what they call this Victory Breath. (Joe) Was it both in and out through the nose? (L) In through the nose, out through the mouth. (Joe) Because I thought Victory Breath was weird when we did the course since it was all through the nose. (A**) Yeah, that's what was missing. (L) Yeah, I did it in through the nose, out through the mouth. It was in and count, hold and count, out and count. And it was very controlled... it was very similar to what they call this Ujjai breath, or Victory Breath.

A: The main thing people need right now is to be cleansed of emotional blockages and programs not to mention karmic burdens.

You're saying that people should work for a time on their emotional issues privately, and then come together as groups and do something similar to the Sudarshan Kriya?

A: More or less though beware that the so called Sudarshan Kriya is just a variation on an ancient technique.

A: The proper words should be spoken during the breathing. Joe, what is the Irish for life?

Q: (Joe) Eh... Beatha? {Pronounced something like "Bah Hah"}

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) That's it. B-E-A-T-H-A. That may not be the original spelling.

A: Ba in Ha out.

Q: (Ark) But what about these phrases that we were talking about before. Should they just be repeated with empty mind, or with trying to feel their meaning?

A: Focus on the meaning.

Wow! What an incredibly jam-packed session, thank you so much Laura! So much information to think and ponder about. Would it be possible (and not bullheaded) to try and incorporate some of the above mentioned practices immediately, or is "Patience is a virtue" the ideal course to take until further understanding is gained?


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Great:) now just waiting and reading :)


I feel that Time now is going Fast...


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Thanks for the transcript guys!

The C's really push us to use the brain fully. This 'thing' that one clue leads to another and so on it's plain 'thinking with a hammer', hardest practice ever. Supposedly in the last session one has to put Craig's will into account?

That word, 'Beatha' reads as 'blessed woman' in Italian. Mere coincidence or not, it looks like pieces of 'universal language' have been scattered everywhere.


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Great session! Thank you Laura and Group.

dantem said:
Supposedly in the last session one has to put Craig's will into account?

This is subjective, I know, but I got the same impression when I first read the June 9th session. Like there was a desire to only give encouragement and enthusiasm, fwiw.

I'm looking forward to clarification on the breathing, too since the ujjayi breath is in and out through the nose with the mouth closed. I've been doing this breath for a few years and I find it quite powerful. There's a short video here that explains that technique pretty simply using the Ha sound.


Edit: Just as an aside, fwiw, Burton Mack cites the Lord's Prayer from the Book of Q as follows:

"When you pray, say,
Father, may your name be holy.
May your rule take place.
Give us each day our daily bread.
Pardon our debts, for we ourselves pardon everyone indebted to us.
And do not bring us to trial [into a trying situation]


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Sorry, in my surprise, I forgot to say thank you! :-[

Thank you Team! :thup: :clap: :flowers:

Oh, and I did find this site that can pronounce the second word "eolas" here:

They don't have a specific pronunciation for the first word "eiri", just three approximations:

I'm going to wait for the CD, but thought folks might want to try to pronounce the words.


Laura and the team, thank you for the tremendous, tremendous insights and all the Work that brought them!

John G

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ark said:
The point is that the quantum formalism is nowadays being seen in cognitive studies, in finance etc. It is not that it has to do with micro phenomena coming through to our macro world. Rather quantum-like behavior (interference of amplitudes, quantum jumps etc.) seem to applicable also beyond the micro-world.
That sounds like the Alexander Wendt article I read on Hameroff's site. I hadn't read anything more in that area but it does seem Wendt is more mainstream than when I read his article. I guess I can sort of see if you have future effects past causality at the macro level then us macro objects could act quantum like, like we know the future, even when there isn't direct conscious awareness of that future. In this forum though there actually literally is some information flow from the future (Cs) to conscious awareness in the past (us).

My wife and I will certainly be interested in the video, she's been accusing me of practicing breathing exercises without her!x7 :)


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Session 20 June 2009 said:
A: 5 more years! 2 go! 0 new year!

I can't help thinking about the above sentence. Why did the C's use 3 exclamation marks in the above sentence? Couldn't they have just said:-
"5 more years 2 go! 0 new year!
Any significance to those exclamation marks and the sentence structure?
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