Session 21 March 2020

Merci pour les bons conseils, Beau! Je pense que je peux le faire, respecter leur libre arbitre et ne pas déterminer leurs besoins.

Je trouve très difficile de rester calme lorsque les attaques ne viennent de nulle part. Par exemple, j'ai dû utiliser le téléphone de ma fille pour commander des suppléments importants. Elle a dit: "Maman, je suis inquiète que tu sois accro aux vitamines", sa voix était très forte et hystérique et l'énergie qu'elle dégageait était horrible, je suis toujours très sensible à l'énergie, donc cela m'a vraiment secoué.

Mais je ferai semblant d'être d'accord avec leur version de la réalité, et j'essaierai de faire un meilleur travail en étant prévenant envers eux pour notre bien à tous. C'est une belle opportunité de croissance.

I was in the same position: a family that does not accept what I think.
For these people, it is not even conceivable that there is life outside of our planet ......
But "I don't pretend" to agree with them.
I think that "pretending" would lead me to not be in harmony with myself, which is already difficult for everyone in these difficult times.
Accept different paths, help them only if they ask for it and follow their own path
As in a family where one person likes to listen to Mozart, and the other goes to listen to rap.
It's still music, but not on the same range ....
You will get there
PS: it took me two years to accept it completely
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No, you miss that it has not serious effect other than to really frighten the PTB.

It can be both a somewhat serious epidemic and frighten the PTB for other reasons. Unless you assume that the vastly increased deaths in places like Northern Italy and Madrid are all made up, this seems to be the case.


I think you are probably correct that it is both a serious issue for those who are in the death counts and the PTB.
It is questionable whether the "serious epidemic" was mainly caused by the Coronavirus vs other flu viruses and the already stressed medical system caring for elderly patients with other pre-existing medical conditions.

It is more a question I think of which factor was really the primary cause. I think the Coronavirus "pandemic" has been used to increase the fear and control mechanisms opportunistically by the PTB rather than being any more serious than other common flu viruses.

Calling it a pandemic specifically for the new mutant Coronavirus is I think missing an important point. It looks to me to be a "manufactured" pandemic. That goes for the U.S. and other countries as well as Italy.
The smaller ones tend to break up in the atmosphere and the crater is caused by the explosion in the atmosphere rather than the meteor physically hitting the ground, as I understand it.
I once visited crater cayon in Arizona, was surprise at the size of the meteorite that they found at the bottom,

You will see that what remained of the meteorite was very small compare to the crater

Your story, Drea, is very moving. Thank you for sharing and putting my small peeves into perspective. Keep pushing ahead and know I am full of admiration.

Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot and give me encouragement. Long ago I decided giving up wasn't an option and while things seemed overwhelming and hopeless I will say that the experience has changed me for the better. As the saying goes, you don't know how strong you are until you have to be. This seems especially true in the Lyme community where so many are suffering and their plea for help falls on deaf ears. Even their own families turn against them because the official narrative on Lyme is a lie.

I know the reality for most of these people is that they will be checking out. It takes everything to sustain daily already. Being in PA, there are so many sick in bed unable to even go hold a sign of protest. If their family members don't stand up for them, no one does. The healthy, busy distraction of life allows people to look away and dissociate from others suffering, but there is a hint of hope in seeing how the ones who have suffered the most from this disease are the ones who turn around and do all they can to help the rest. Humanity needs this suffering, though I hate to say that.

Hello Drea, the Dr. Bill Rawls claim, he recovered from Lyme disease completely by reading and applied from Stephen Buhner’s book- Healing Lyme. Using herbs and others.
Did you tried that?

Kay, I would but financial constraints don't allow me to. I've had to do all my own research into supplementation. The disease is mostly still a mystery and there is no easy way out. It takes time, patience, continued effort every day. Thanks for the thought though. I am using some of the supplements that he has in his products.

I was in the same position: a family that does not accept what I think.
For these people, it is not even conceivable that there is life outside of our planet ......
But "I don't pretend" to agree with them.

I don't pretend to agree with my family either but silence is a virtue. My sister is a christian with extreme beliefs that put her at odds with other christians. It seems her beliefs came from not being able to handle the suffering, she expects a miracle. She talks, I listen and if she says anything remotely relatable I'll chime in to connect the dots for her. She was very against this work, but not long ago she said it could be right.

My brother on the other hand relates to the intellectual side, we can talk history, theory, science but he won't consider we have a spiritual nature. That's ok too. There seems to be a way to reach people if you understand them. Maybe as things escalate they will see it. Help them by talking in their own language. It's all we can do.
Thank you very much for the presentation of the session and for all the comments of the group members.
I have been rereading the book of Daniel, in the passage of the dream of the beast with ten horns, it speaks of an eleventh horn, smaller than the others. Later, in the interpretation of the dream, it is said that the horns are kings, and that this last horn, will knock down three kings, and will try to change the times and the law.
It occurs to me that kings wear crowns, and this latest virus is changing our times; our lives, cycles and perhaps our frequencies of vibration. Our laws are also changing, due to the imposed state of alarm.


I don't know if you have read The Wave or not but it may give you different ideas about religions and prophecies. The Cs have a very different description of the meanings of Christian predictions. Many things are still "open".

The whole following session is one that gives a very different view of biblical interpretations:

Session 16 October 1994:
Q: (L) Let's go back to the subject of the beast and the number 666. You say that following the enforcement of control by the Lizzies on the entire world that the change is going to take place, is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) How long following?

A: Open.

Q: (L) Several prophetic works have said that this period is going to last 6.3 or 7 years. Is that correct?

A: Open.

Q: (L) On the subject of the 666, I was given an insight into this several years ago as to another meaning of it, is that interpretation also correct?

A: Maybe. VI is 6 in Roman Numerals. S was 6 in ancient Egypt. A was 6 in Sanskrit. VISA, see, is 666. Interesting that to travel for extended periods one needs a "visa" also, yes?

Q: (L) The other parts of chapter 13... Verse one says, "I stood on the sandy beach I saw a beast coming up out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads. On his horns he had ten royal crowns and blasphemous titles on his heads..." What does this verse mean?

A: Many meanings. Monetary control. 10 represents universal control of whole units of value.

Q: (L) So, the ten horns represent units of value, so we are talking about money here. What are the blasphemous titles on his heads?

A: In God we trust.

Q: (L) "And the beast that I saw resembled a leopard..."

A: New World Order.

Q: (L) "And to him the dragon gave his might and power and great dominion..." Who is the dragon?

A: Read again please.

Q: (L) "And the beast I saw resembled a leopard..." What does the leopard signify?

A: Leopard is fast moving and distinctly patterned.

Q: (L) "His feet were like those of a bear..." what do the feet represent?

A: Russia.

Q: (L) Why are the feet like those of a bear?

A: Hidden power center in that geographic location.

Q: (L) What nature this power center?

A: Same as USA. Feet are not so easily seen.

Q: (L) Does this mean that Russia and the US are secretly united?

A: Under same control.

Q: (L) Are these the Lizards?

A: At the root.

Q: (L) "His mouth was like that of a lion..." What does mouth represent and why is it like a lions?

A: Noisy and boastful.

Q: (L) Who is noisy and boastful and how is this going to manifest?

A: Economic power structure. Lion is powerful and commands attention by roaring. Who has been speaking loudly about a new world order?

Q: (L) The United States?

A: Close. Elements of same.

Q: (L) "One of his heads seemed to have a deadly wound, but his death stroke was healed and the whole earth went after the beast in amazement and admiration..." What does it mean that one of his heads seemed to have a deadly wound?

A: Aliens.

Q: (L) The aliens will seem to be a deadly wound to the Beast?

A: Initially.

Q: (L) "But his death stroke was healed, and the whole earth went after the Beast with amazement and admiration..." What does this mean?

A: Initial fear gives way to worship and admiration.

Q: (L) "They fell down and gave homage to the dragon because he had bestowed on the beast all of his dominion and authority..." Who is this dragon?

A: World Body Politic.

Q: (L) And who is this Beast?

A: New World Order aka Brotherhood aka Lizzies aka antichrist.

Q: (L) "The Beast was given the power of speech uttering boastful and blasphemous words and was given freedom to exert his authority and exercise his will during 42 months..."

A: Timing is open. Power of speech is self explanatory in terms of audio and video media.

Q: (L) "And he opened his mouth to speak slanders against God blaspheming his name and his abode even vilifying those who live in heaven..." Does this mean that this group, this beast are going to...

A: Disseminate disinformation with respect to encouraging worship, loyalty and obedience to antichrist.

Q: (L) "He was further permitted to wage war on God's holy people and to overcome them and power was given him to extend his authority over every tribe and people and every tongue and nation..." Does this means trials and tribulations of those who refuse to submit?

A: No. See previous answer.

Q: (L) "And all the inhabitants of the earth will fall down in admiration... everyone whose name has not been recorded from the foundation of the world in the Book of Life of the Lamb that was slain in sacrifice from the foundation of the world..." What are "those whose names are recorded in the Book of Life... what is the Book of Life?

A: Supercomputer.

Q: (L) The Book of Life of the Lamb... everyone whose name has not been recorded... it is saying that the people who are going to worship the Beast are names that have not been recorded... does that mean that there is a supercomputer recording the names of those who do not worship the beast?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And who has this supercomputer?

A: Beast. All names will be recorded as being either obedient or disobedient.

Q: (L) Who is this "Lamb?"

A: Beast.

Q: (L) "If anyone is able to hear let him listen: whoever leads into captivity will himself go into captivity; if anyone slays with the sword, with the sword will he be slain... herein is the call for the patience and fidelity of the saints (God's people)... "Who are God's people?

A: All.

Q: (L) What does it mean: "Whoever leads into captivity will go into captivity?"

A: Follow the leader.

Q: (L) If they follow the leader they will become captive and if they fight with the leader they will be killed?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) "Then I saw another Beast rising up out of the land; he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke like a dragon..." What does this signify?

A: Other faces of the same entity.

Q: (L) What does it mean that he had two horns like a lamb? A lamb doesn't have horns. Why does it say he has horns?

A: Confusion by contradiction.

Q: (L) And what does the lamb represent?

A: Same face of the Beast.

Q: (L) What does it mean he "spoke like a dragon"??

A: Same.

Q: (L) "He exerts all the power and right of control as the former beast in his presence and causes the earth and those who dwell upon it to exalt and deify the beast whose deadly wound was healed and worship him..." Well, it seems to say that there is a second beast that is different from the first beast but you are saying that it is just another face of the beast...

A: Yes. Look at it this way, aliens one face; God another; government another et cetera.

Q: (L) Did you mean to say that God was another face of the beast?

A: As represented by religion.

Q: (L) "He performs great signs, startling miracles, even making fire fall from the sky to the earth in men's sight.." What does that mean?

A: Aliens perform "miracles".

Q: (L) And what is the "image" of the Beast?

A: Aliens.

Q: (L) What does it mean to have been wounded by the sword and still live?

A: Perceived as scary then Godlike.

Q: (L) "And he was permitted to impart the breath of life into the Beast's image so that the statue of the beast could actually talk and to cause all to be put to death that would not bow down and worship the image of the beast." What does this mean?

A: Total control once deception is complete.

Q: (L) "Compels all alike, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be marked with an inscription on their right hand or on their foreheads...." What is this inscription?

A: Visa ID number.

Q: (L) Is this going to be actually physically put on our bodies?

A: Encoded.

Q: (L) How? Is that what the aliens do when they abduct people?

A: No.

Q: (L) How is it going to be done?

A: Stamped.

Q: (L) By what technical means?

A: Electronic encoding. A series of numbers.

Q: (L) Are they going to put these on our skins or imbed them in the skin on our heads or hand...?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Does that mean that you will have to place your hand on an electronic scanner in order to conduct any type of monetary transaction?

A: Precisely.

Q: (L) Okay, it says: "Here is room for discernment, a call for the wisdom of interpretation, let him who has intelligence, penetration, insight enough calculate the number of the Beast, for it is a human number, the number of a certain man, his number is 666. What does this mean?

A: Visa as explained previously. Everyone will get their own number and it will be a Visa number, the number of the Beast.

Q: (L) "Then I looked and Lo! the lamb stood on Mount Zion and with him 144,000 men who had his name and his father's name inscribed on their foreheads..." What does that mean?

A: ID. The Lamb is the Leadership council of the world bank. Many will think they are taking the "mark" of God when actually being marked by the Beast.

Q: (L) "And I heard a voice from Heaven like the sound of great waters and like the rumbling of might thunder and the voice I heard seemed like the music of harpists accompanying themselves on their harps..." What is this voice from heaven and the sound like great waters and mighty thunder?

A: The return of Christ.

Q: (L) "And they sing a new song... No one could learn to sing that song except the 144,000 who had been ransomed from the earth... you said the 144,000 are the leaders of the world bank and here it says they have been ransomed from the earth at the coming of Christ... it says the 144,000 have not defiled themselves by relations with women for they are pure as virgins. These are they who follow the Lamb wherever he goes...they have been ransomed..."

A: Symbolism added later and this is not entirely accurate point. The symbols have been mixed. Tends to encourage elitism and divisiveness.

Q: (L) Are the 144,000 good guys or bad guys as we would term them?

A: Both. But they are ones who have supreme knowledge.

Q: (L) Are these human beings?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) There will be 144,000 people on the earth who have supreme knowledge?

A: Approximately.

Q: (L) Now, this 144,000, are we among that number? Just curious.

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) "No lie was found to be upon their lips for they are blameless, spotless, untainted without blemish. And I saw another angel flying in midair with an eternal gospel to tell to the inhabitants of the earth, every race and tribe and people, and he cried with a mighty voice: Revere God and give him glory, for the hour of his judgment has arrived, fall down before him, pay him homage and adoration and worship him who created heaven and earth and the sea and the springs of water..." What does this tell us?

A: Added later by questionable source.

Q: (L) "Then a second angel followed declaring: Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great, she who made all nations drink of the wine of her passionate unchastity..." Who is Babylon and what does it mean she has fallen?

A: Same as previous answer.

Q: (L) "Another angel followed, a third, saying with a mighty voice saying whoever pays homage to the beast and permits his stamp to be put on his forehead or on his hand he too shall have to drink of the wine of God's indignation and wrath poured undiluted into the cup of his anger, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the lamb..."

A: Disinformation. Intended to create fear and resistance so that the aliens can feed off of these emotions.

Q: (L) "Again I looked and lo! I saw a white cloud and sitting on the cloud one resembling a son of man with a crown of gold on his head and a sharp scythe in his hand..." Is that further additions?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) "Another angel came out of the temple saying with a mighty voice to the one sitting on the cloud: put in your scythe and reap for the hour has arrived to gather the harvest for the earth's crop is fully ripened..."

A: More fear based disinformation.
It is very draining and heartbreaking to have every single person you love programmed to the hilt and heading for destruction.

I can practice strategic enclosure for the most part, but how can we stop the draining of our own energy when witnessing family and friends partaking of the madness?

My family and I have more or less agreed to disagree; we do have great affection for another, but lately I've been attacked for my diet, called a vitamin addict (now I take them when no one is around, tricky, because 4-5 people live with me), being a smoker, etc.,etc.,

I guess it helps to trust in the Universe, trust the process, breathe, and so on, but BOY, it's hard sometimes, but it is getting better.

I really see how my numerous run-ins with narcs and OPs has trained me for this time, however, and am now rather grateful that I had to stand up for myself, question my reality, analyze everything, because I was lied to so often and felt alone so often, since my birth. It was meant to be and I know it. I believe almost all members here received similar training, and it has made us damn tough!

It really does help that I can post here; I don't feel alone anymore. The "afterlife thread" also helped me enormously to feel connected to an unseen world and understand that the Universe, the STO part anyway, is a strict, but loving parent, who keeps us on a short leash, but has always sought to guide us, if we would only pay attention. It guided us here, to Laura, the crew, every one here and the Cs. Whatever happens, I am so grateful for that!!
Thank You for sharing cassandra........I say share the information. No emotion, just facts & keep it moving. Whether they use it is up to them. Everyone doesn't arrive at the party at the same time. I had been labeled by those around me as "crazy" until the things I shared came to pass. People have a right to their opinions, but their thoughts don't rule my world. Be consciously aware. Practice discernment, Knowledge, Love, Peace & Protection to you.
I like what you wrote here Drea. There is hope to reach the people we love in some way.
Big hug, Drea! You're going through a hard time. Maybe you could start a separate thread, I bet it would help a lot; at least you could get it off your chest, and perhaps members here will make some suggestions that will give you a new perspective on things, at least provide you with some comfort and practical advice. 💐
I just yell at my brother this morning who is playing prick when I discuss the facts about the false narrative of the media which my mom and him seem to be affected by. I can make them think about the insanity of this agenda and they agree with me but they can't quit the fear-mongering reflexions and thoughts so easily. But it was quite good to yell a bit in that situation, it makes me think of the Moon Arcane in the Tarot, madness and terror on a cosmic level.

Hi Nico, why would you yell at your brother? Gurdjieff said about external consideration: "External consideration is adaptation towards people, to their understanding, to their requirements. By considering externally a man does that which makes life easy for other people and for himself."

Also, when we push the truth onto others, it can have the opposite effect, they will withdraw even further from it and believe the lies even more! So it's important to practice external consideration as much as we can. I do understand the frustration, though. If the coronavirus makes them fearful, then perhaps you can simply show that you're calm through nonverbal behavior, and maybe that will have a positive effect on them. :-)
i posted recently how i have been feeling alone and received some good advice that helped remind me of what it is that i CAN do.. it also reminds me not to be worrying about everything i CANT do. hopefully these pieces of advice/reminders may help some others struggling with various thoughts. anyways, stay strong, stay safe, and stay cool.

much love,

I can relate to that brother, seeking the truth can be a lonely path. I noticed you've been posting here on the forum in the past few days and that's a great thing to do when you're feeling lonely. If you need to vent you can start a thread in the Swamp section of the forum and if you need advice or just want to talk there are forums for that too. If you like it around here and decide to apply to join the Fellowship there are other opportunities to connect that way too.

I've found over the years that sharing what you learn here with the people in your life is a tricky thing. If you're here long enough you may be surprised by how people seem to suddenly change when big events like this come up. Someone who has seemed to be a critical thinker for many years can seem to suddenly lose all capacity for reason and may even become hostile towards you if you question their beliefs. Its natural to want to share what you learn with people that you care about but take it slow. In times like these it is sometimes better to just watch and listen and witness their experience. When people are really afraid they are less likely to be open to new information. Sometimes just being there for them is enough.


In such situations, I think it's a good idea to be very "soft" on people. If you love your partner, you must allow him/her to come to their own conclusions and give them time. The Cs said that things in our realm take time - this goes for everything. You can gently express your doubts ("What I don't understand is that the death numbers are so low - maybe they will rise quickly? I'm not sure" etc.). Also, this is the time to work on relationships, being generous on how we interpret others' intentions, enjoying a good time together... Notice that the better and deeper our relationships, the more they can tolerate the odd quarrel and discord over what's happening. Be excellent to each other!

Another thing is that often we can learn a lot from others in our lives if we can manage to "hold back" some things we are absolutely sure of. Try to find aspects in what the other says that you haven't thought about. Maybe they have a point. And maybe it turns out that they were right and you were wrong - I have experienced it many times. Not to say that it isn't difficult when others buy into the hysteria, but then again, it's often very understandable.
Well, it looks like it is going in the right direction.

What Ark wants is the machine that tracks brainwaves and produces a tone that gives you feedback as to what you are doing with your brain. When you achieve the right frequency, the tone is thus and such, or smooths out and becomes constant or something like that. In other words, all it does is measure and give feedback, YOU have to do the work to change it.

Hey Laura - I bought the Q-Wiz from PocketNeurobics about two years ago. I did ALLOT of research before buying and at the time it was one of the very few medical grade professional systems that was actually affordable to the average person. From your description it sounds in-line with what you’re wanting it to do.


My purchase was inspired by these discussions:

1) The power of Neurofeedback - Brain-Computer

2) TAGsync: Operation and Discussion - Brain-Computer
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