Session 22 February 2020


This bit about the "fall" reminded me of of Session 22 October 1994, which was one where "Frank" was trance channeling:

From Session 7 January 1995:

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around "short wave" and "long wave" cycles. If humans are currently living out a short wave cycle in duality and physicality in 3D, does that mean that those souls in the non-corporeal densities such as 5th and 6th are in "long wave cycles?" Or do long and short wave cycles exist side by side so to speak?
From Session 23 1994:

Does that mean there was a decision made on 7th to switch to a short wave cycle? Still confused after years. Please enlighten/help?
To my understanding, long wave cycles and short wave cycles exist side by side. There was a metaphor in the transcripts describing an ever expanding circle of awareness that, if expanded infinitely, would wrap around itself. In theory, this awareness would wrap around itself multiple times, which may represent awareness of a different reality in the "expanded present". It is interesting to note that the idea of wrapping around itself implies increased volume as each layer is wrapped, and to navigate between these layers may in part be due to FRV modulation. There is no time it seems as stated by the Cs, so these realities may seem to exist side by side with each other in the present moment and may be that our current level of awareness is what limits us from seeing/knowing these.


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Thank you for sharing this beautiful session. I hardly know where to begin the eulogy, so I'll just comment on something that perhaps relates to what we are observing around us at the present time.
A: We told you that there would be strange cosmic phenomena!

Q: (Pierre) They didn't say what was coming in.

(L) I guess we have to wait and see.

(Joe) It was the Kraken. Godzilla!

A: Paying close attention helped you spot this. Wait for more and observe results and effects.
The clip from Syria was only caught by one wondering individual, in fact even a person who is not in favour of the Syrian Government, and the observation only lasted a very short time. Perhaps this shows one needs to keep binoculars and cameras at hand.
The excerpt below indicates that eventually one may also have other kinds of phenomenon:
Q: (L) Now you say there are 36 million Nephilim heading this way, are they 4th density beings?

A: No. They live in 4 d but are 3 d. They are as physical as you. Behave like gestapo. Gestapo was inspired by Nephilim through Lizard beings' influence over Hitler. It was a practice run.

Q: (L) Are any of the Nephilim going to be friendly toward us?

A: No.

Q: (L) Now, you said that the Nephilim were seeded on a planet called D'Ankhiar as were human beings. When you said we were seeded there, what did you mean.

A: Was proper environment for molecularization.

Q: (L) Are you saying that the physical bodies on planet earth, the various types of mankind such as Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Australopithicus etc., were generated on that other planet and then brought here?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I am assuming that if the Nephilim are 3 d that they die like we do. Is this correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, we can shoot them and they will die?

A: Correct. But wrong approach.

Q: (L) What is the right approach?

A: Knowledge protects.

Q: (L) Well, if a 15 foot tall guy comes at me and wants to knock me around, what is knowledge going to do to protect me?

A: You will be in 4th density.

Q: (L) So, before they get here we will be 4 d?

A: Crossing.

Q: (L) All three of us?

A: Yes, and many others.

Q: (L) So, we are not going to have to deal with the Nephilim?

A: Not correct.

Q: (L) Does this mean that there will be 3 and 4 d beings on the planet at the same time and that some will have to deal with these guys and some won't?

A: But you will have to too.

Q: (L) I don't understand. Are these Nephilim coming here to transition to 4 d also?

A: They already live there as 3 density beings. Demonstration: When you are abducted you are 3rd density but you are taken into 4th density.
If the Nephelim and others can live in 4D, but still be 3D beings and be controlled by 4D STS, is that what 4D STS wishes to achieve with us rather than us moving unto 4D ourselves? That is scary.

While writing the above, I recalled the session about the Golem, not that it might be related with the Nephelim business, but perhaps not that far off either and certainly something to be aware of.
(L) Jesus. All that stuff that's now coming together... Alright, let's quickly do what we've gotta do. I'm tired.

(Galatea) Ya know the story about Elisa Lam, the girl in the elevator who was hiding from something. Then she went out to talk to it, and she started waving her hands weirdly. So, I wanted to ask what did she see or what was she running from?

[ Elisa Lam Elevator footage

A: Golem!

Q: (Galatea) It looked like Gollum?

(L) It's a Jewish monster.

(Pierre) Made from mud.

(Galatea) It was actually a mud monster?

A: Close.

Q: (Galatea) Must freak you out to see that!

(Perceval) Did she herself climb into the water tank?

A: No

Q: (Perceval) How did she get into that water tank?

A: Spacetime distortion.

Q: (Atreides) But a golem is an instrument of revenge created by someone to kill or protect somebody else. So, if it's a golem, who sent it and why was it targeting a Canadian Chinese girl in Los Angeles?

A: Target practice. There is a reason that Galatea thought of it at this moment.

Q: (L) So, we're talking about some kind of thing that blows open realm curtains?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And things come through?

A: Yes

Q: (Atreides) So nobody sent the golem after her?

A: Not specifically.

Q: (L) So, it's just kinda like mothman or something.

(Approaching Infinity) A golem is this Jewish myth kind of thing, and they said target practice...

(L) Don't get stuck on the Jewish myth thing.

(Approaching Infinity) Yeah, but we've talked about energy weapons, and target practice. And Mossad...

(L) Golem, Kabbalists...

(Chu) And two girls missing due to spacetime distortion...

(Andromeda) And funny enough, me and Perceval just watched an episode of the X-Files about a golem a few nights ago.

(L) Oh my god!

(Andromeda) And last night it was about an airplane crash due to alien interference!

(L) Okay, creeped out now... Well, we're gonna...

(Galatea) Wait, when Elisa Lam was moving her hands in this really bizarre way in the elevator video, why was she moving her hands like that?

A: Trying to persuade the creature to leave her alone.

Q: (Perceval) Is something that only she could see?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) So, it kind of like created some kind of alternate reality around her, or she was transported into a parallel...

A: Partly.

Q: (Galatea) It was attuned to her specifically.

(Perceval) A bleedthrough, yeah.

(Atreides) So, what did the golem that's not a golem want from her?

A: Energy.

Q: (Galatea) Does that golem live in that specific place, or was that a one-time thing?

A: The location has useful energy patterns for such purposes.

[ Information on the hotel Elisa Lam stayed at: _The disturbing, gruesome past of 'ghost' hotel ]

Q: (L) So basically, there are just people who have these things and who like sit in their little control booths or something, and... I mean like all these missing people in this Missing 411 book... Somebody is just frickin' playing with the human race!

A: Yes

Q: (Approaching Infinity) In this latest book, they're going after the best and brightest: athletes, young men that seemed to have promising futures, etc.

A: So, with all of this kind of knowledge, why do you not stay aware of what can be turned against you?

Q: (Perceval) I guess we will!

(L) I guess.

(Perceval) It's time to get hyper-paranoid. Scottie, lead us all in the hyper-paranoid way... that's not really hyper-paranoid! [laughter]

A: Stay aware! Goodbye.


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If the Nephelim and others can live in 4D, but still be 3D beings and be controlled by 4D STS, is that what 4D STS wishes to achieve with us rather than us moving unto 4D ourselves? That is scary.
Sounds like permanent abduction. You'd be there, but without the "hardware upgrade." So you'd be in a learning deficit, at least in potential. I have an image of a dog in a sort of mechanical human suit, like when The Hulk borrowed Tony Stark's Hulk Buster suit.


Sounds like permanent abduction. You'd be there, but without the "hardware upgrade." So you'd be in a learning deficit, at least in potential. I have an image of a dog in a sort of mechanical human suit, like when The Hulk borrowed Tony Stark's Hulk Buster suit.
its a good thing humans seem to learn fast. and at least we know we have some assistance... whatever this means.. :-D


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Wow, a really big thank you ! The fact that the C's can almost retire is so full of hope.

I just finished Castaneda the fire from within and it sounds very like choosing a branch of reality and assembling a new world.

I think also I got in touch with the feminine energy consorting with the STS reality forming a black hole one night, it was like three rays of energy poking a bubble which cried with an un-audible cry, I thought that was coming from my mother and I know a part of me as a child was terrified by it and still is. So I have to come at peace with this idea of death and fear and trembling, but this is terribly fun and interesting, and it gives so much energy, thank you so much I love you!


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i thought this very recent article by Gilad Atzmon would be of relevance here. He explains that there is a battle going on between what he calls 'Athens' and 'Jerusalem', in which Athens stands for democracy, tolerance, freedom of speech, philosophy, Agora, science, ethics, poesis and The Tragedy and 'Jerusalem' is all about laws, mitzvoth, regimes of prescribed and proscribed behaviour. Athens teaches how to think ethically: in Jerusalem, ethics are replaced by the Ten Commandments; rules to obey. Jerusalem is not solely a ‘Jewish domain’ he argues and the Jerusalemization of our universe is apparent in every corner of society: from pop culture, to the work place, to academia and beyond. It is the tyranny of correctness adopted by the new Left and it is at least as infectious within right identitarianism.

He explains that his struggle is that all his work now amounts to reinstating Athens within his soul while defying Jerusalem, he says If you want to make the West great again, my struggle is your struggle. Defy Jerusalem, say no to authoritarianism, embrace Athens in your heart: learn to speak your mind, tell the truth as you see it and bear the consequences.
If Ceasar is Christ and I believe it is, what happened with the dying and crucifiction is important because nothing like this ever happened, you might say Socrates which also takes us back to Athens, but then in the Antics people didn't believe in heavens or higher reality after death, this was really a road to home. The nature of this world is a crucifiction for those who want to return to our natural state STO.
Regarding Greece and Athens it reminds one of:
Q: (L) Fluted?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Does 'fluted' have anything to do with 'grooving?'

A: Columns.

Q: (L) What columns are we talking about?

A: Ionic.

Q: (L) Why are we talking about Ionic fluted columns?

A: Because they are a link to previous direct contact between humans and density 4 STO!

Q: (L) Okay, Ionic columns fluted and grooved...

A: Plastic hoses, fluted and grooved.

Q: (L) Well, you are getting more and more obscure. How do we establish this direct link between us and 4th density STO through the concept of fluting, and grooving, and columns?

A: Magnetic telemetry profile.

[Telemetry is the automated communications process by which measurements are made and other data collected at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring and analysis. The word is derived from Greek roots: tele = remote, and metron = measure.]

Q: (L) Are you suggesting that the hose with the water rushing through it can transmit something from 4th density STO to us?

A: Transceive.

Q: (L) The original Ionic column structure was a hollow tube?

A: Not the point.

Q: (L) It is the fluting, grooving and spiralling that are important?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, once you mentioned that I ought to move the pool and install a maze, or spiral. Well, I am hoping to get some money from the insurance company soon, and I was thinking about putting in an in-ground pool as part of my improvements. Couldn't I have the spiral inlaid in the bottom of the pool in tile.

A: Good. Suggest that you install a triple Ionic column with top beam and base, as the Romans and Greeks did, near the deep end. Two sided triangle when seen from above, flat top of beam, no gables. 1.3 meters between bases of the three columns. Columns 1.6 meters tall. Base set at 30 degree angle. Center column placed to the East of the pool. Use pure spiral, counterclockwise, corresponding to Northern hemisphere of the planet.

Q: (L) Okay, once we have set this up, what is it going to do for us?

A: Empower 4th through 6th density STO channel transceiver.
"Near the deep end" may relate to the late period or before the collapse.


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And relating to the previous post about Greeks there was also:
Q: (T) But, they are not the good guys. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

A: Some of the "good guys" are identical in appearance.
Oen should think that Paul and Julius Caesar appeared identical to the Greeks


This is not to say that results and good deeds are entirely irrelevant. They remain important goals and motivators, especially if they are based on sincere love and a genuine desire to help and involve "getting over oneself". But doing what "it" doesn't like can look entirely different for different people, so outward actions alone, without context, cannot be a measure for spiritual progress.
Beautifully put! I feel the heart of your message


Oh yes! I think that that has been opportunistically applied with the current outbreak.
The 'War on Terror' was never going to be enough to convince populations to voluntarily agree to curfews, self-quarantines, and 'reporting on fellow citizens who disobey'. Man-made 'random terror' is nowhere near as 'efficient' as nature's 'random terror'. As we've seen from the mass hysteria about this current outbreak, a fatal virus is what really terrifies people.
That's what I find so diabolical and insidious about the whole affair; they've activated the "natural" primordial response of their intended prey, deploying archetypal threats to overwhelm the psyche and nervous system. The weak, susceptible and infirmed are easily "culled". Others are frozen in fear.

We aren't accounted for in their plans. The disproportionately small community of conscience. Faithful. United. In their blind hubris, they've disturbed something cosmically ANTI-FRAGILE! With every perturbation, you respond by increasing in knowledge and awareness; breathing more deeply; becoming increasingly lavish in love and good works. The Crystal Connection vibrates ever stronger, singing through us and with us.

Yes, we will be more than a small annoyance! In our ranks are Reiki, Eiriu Eolas, and NeurOptimal instructors and practitioners, alternative health experts, researchers, counselors, guides and seekers. Love, Inspiration, Faith and Knowledge afford us immunity to their terror. Within our sphere of influence we may inoculate those who would otherwise become prey.

Share an article, resource, recipe, shoulder, or song to those who would welcome it. As THEY ramp up the terror, they'll invite a FURY of Conscience against which no Weapon of Mass Destruction -- psi/bio/nuclear or other armament -- will prevail. Our devastating act will not be one of populist revolution, but of transmutation!

I envision the shock and awe will be so dismaying, so terrifyingly irreconcilable, that they'll set their sharpened teeth against themselves. Their destruction will be self-assured. And the Universe will count it just.


What an amazing session. The insights from forum participants have been so amazing. I was brought up with a Christian background against which I rebelled in high school. Now with the research from this forum, I'm back reading and contemplating some deep Christian teachings... the chickens have come home to roost :)

On the question of Faith in the unknown, this hymn came to mind..

Will your anchor hold in the storms of life,
When the clouds unfold their wings of strife?
When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain,
Will your anchor drift or firm remain?

We have an anchor that keeps the soul
Stedfast and sure while the billows roll,
Fastened to the Rock which cannot move,
Grounded firm and deep in the Savior's love.

Our anchor is knowledge and faith in the new reality to come

As we say in this part of the world..."ASANTE" - thank you.
That's been a part of my recent experience as well. SOTT's features on Pauline Christianity, nested in the C's cosmology have been tremendously insightful -- restorative even. Here are a couple of hymns that were a solace and inspiration to me during a recent life upheaval:

It is well with my soul
The backstory to this hymn's authorship is tremendously moving!

Great is the Faithfulness

If anyone's not into hymn's, but have known pain -- your own and that of others -- and if you've experienced healing, then I feel you'll resonate with these two songs.


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A: FRV modulation and synching!

Q: (L) So in other words, we're supposed to be modulating our FRV - i.e. our receivership capability - by work on the self, and synchronizing with all of the members of the group in order to... what?

A: Anchor the frequency of the new reality.

Q: (L) So in other words, there are a number of possible new realities and it depends on either... Okay, is it that a group can anchor a frequency and thereby determine the template of the new reality for all?

A: Not exactly. Determines which branch you will move to.

Q: (L) So anchoring a frequency as a group in a sense is not exactly like creating the new reality... It's more like choosing. Is that it?

A: Yes yes yes
The mention of branching here makes me think version control systems used in software development such as Git or SVN. Here's a link in case others are unfamiliar - Git - About Version Control and about branching - Git - Basic Branching and Merging

Kinda of a 'nuts and bolts' metaphor but generally you create a branch to make a bunch desired changes (improvements) and then merge those changes into the 'master' branch. Which lead me to think that maybe FRV modulation is a form of merging or the catalyst for merging to occur followed by syncing with a master branch thus anchoring a new reality - :huh: not sure if that reads as intended but understanding how branching manifests from the C's mention of it would be interesting.

Thanks for sharing these!
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