Session 23 February 2002


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Just reading this session over, and it struck me that the concept of the benzene ring that ARK was struggling with, when it hits the barrier, and the reference to resonance, could be implying that your program may well be on the verge of coherence, or put another way, lasing.
I don't know if ARK managed to work out the problem, seeing as this was back in 2003, but that was just the thought that entered into my head, that the benzene ring, could be developing into a spiral of DNA, and bouncing back and forth until it turned into a laser.
Just imagine the energy output!

ps - as I was typing the word 'output' it turned into 'oputput' which made me think of a reciprocating engine.
Q: (R) If we can see some application of it then it will be such that we can back engineer it and figure out the cause of it. Now we are just looking at it in terms of what is it? What is it doing? What is it? But if we can see some application ... (A) Well we see one application, a screen saver. [Laughter.] (R) I think maybe we should find some more interesting application, but it is a good principle to find an application of it because that's what can lead us back to what it is. (A) Yeah, that's true. Well, can you help us with what is the application, give us some direction?

A: Think of the Benzene "Ring."

Q: (R) Is that only used in chemistry? Or is it used in math as well? (L) Do you know the story of the Benzene Ring? (R) No. I only heard about it in chemistry. (M) The story of the Benzene Ring is the guy that came up with and applied to chemistry, dreamed of a snake biting its tail and rolling along, and so he applied that to benzene molecular structure which is double bonds and a single bond sequence. (R) So that seems to mean that we are on the right track by trying to see if there is something there. (L) Maybe the key is the word ring. (A) No you see, what is mysterious, the fact that things are forming, okay, it is discrete structure, numerical errors, roundings, you know all kinds of these artifacts. But, the fact that they look like three dimensional spirals - even if they are created in one dimension - I have no explanation. I don't even have an idea how to explain why would they ever create these spirals? Where are these extra dimensions coming from? I have no idea. (MN) Still, there is no application unless you can solve it.

A: Ring.

Q: (R) Yes, because it's a cycle. It's what was said before. It's like a loop. (L) Well let me ask this - you've got it moving back and forth between two barriers right? Can you make the ends connect? (R) Yes. But then nothing happens because then it just moves and moves and moves, it is just the initial shape moving out and coming in another. So nothing happens the only thing ... (M) The wave doesn't change. (R) Exactly. So it only happens when it has to react with a barrier. (L) Uh huh. (R) That's the only time it happens because that's what's causing ... (B) Could the barrier represent a density? (R) It could, yeah, actually.

A: Double loop.

There's something strange about snake coiled in the loop. From one point it is biting its own tail. Yet from another tail is being eaten.
Serpent seduced Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Serpent like a symbol of reality we live in. The Garden of Eden like a synonym of Golden Age. Ring as a representation of cycle or loop, something that repeats over an over again. Eating or biting motion - the violence, destruction, reboot of a system.

I've tried to picture myself what should happen inside the snake while it is swallowing it's tail.


Ouroboros could be seen as stylized representation of coiled cone. The mouth is basis and the tail tip is a peak of a cone. The peak is piercing through basis. Basis being pushed inside by the peak. Cone could be hollow as well


What happens when cone keeps coiling inside itself?
Obviously in some point coiling stops. But there is curious detail. Awhile ago I have found this video regarding inversion of of a sphere: short version, long version with explanation. I am wandering could same principle be applied to the coiling cone?


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Q: (R) But this requires that you have an orchestra that is well tuned. Because if you don't have it well tuned, it's not resonating so it doesn't matter if the ... (V) So the orchestra's not going to make the music in fourth density. (R) Exactly. So you have the concert hall, the audience is there, you have the notes, but the orchestra is not in tune, so you get bad music. If the orchestra is not in tune, which is why it is important to ...

A: Sing "Goodnight Ladies," Yes?
This is actually a sweet little melody, at least in some versions. The lyrics is Goodnight, Ladies - Wikipedia
VERSE I: Goodnight, ladies! Goodnight, ladies! Goodnight, ladies! We're going to leave you now.

CHORUS: Merrily we roll along, roll along, roll along. Merrily we roll along, o'er the dark blue sea.

VERSE II: Farewell, Ladies! Farewell, ladies! Farewell, ladies! We're going to leave you now.


VERSE III: Sweet dreams, ladies! Sweet dreams, ladies! Sweet dreams, ladies! We're going to leave you now.

Perhaps one could write some new lyrics for this melody, we are living in the time of the Wave. One version has a colorful music wave:


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Perhaps one could write some new lyrics for this melody, we are living in the time of the Wave. One version has a colorful music wave:

How about "good night psychos"? :-P

Leaving an insane STS timeline/realm seems to be something that STO entities prefer as the Cs said in this same session.

A: Keep in mind that the 4th density STO perspective has a tendency to exclude certain factors by virtue of choice of realm frequency. This means that the lesson profile of 4th density STO is to enhance the energy by association in networks that do not include ongoing contact with STS, and so their perspective is on the positive STO experience.


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A: Frequency envelopes are realms, however they are "in concert," which implies a degree of scripting at some level. Some members if the orchestra do not play well. Some do not play in tune. Some are out of synch. Others expect the one next to them to play their part.

A succinct summation of reality!
Love it :-)
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