Session 28 December 2019


The Force is Strong With This One
The sentence in bold has had me thinking. If I could double-bold half of it 'and there will be many searching for answers', the positioning of that phrase relative to the cosmic forces reference is interesting. We could argue that many are searching for answers right now, relating to the 'chaotic and strange' things in our realm giving 'chills to many'. But the positioning of that phrase is separated by something else in between and fairly specific. My thought was, could the cosmic forces be related to climate change and a shift towards global cooling, which would be alarming to nearly everyone; that it was meant to be warming but instead is cooling -> could this phrase be a reference to a change in global climate? I would say imminent, but there is no other time reference other than 'soon', so perhaps 'next/following/after' the current things.

Thanks MikeJoseph82.

I have been thinking this way, too. I keep picturing a sudden shutdown of the Gulf-Stream. We would lose thermohaline circulation, which warms North America and Europe. "Cosmic forces will be displayed, chills to many" -- those words keep looping in my head.
During the BP oil spill there was a lot of talk about the Gulf-Stream shutting down, because of the massive amount of oil in the Gulf.

But the "cosmic forces" wording seems much more likely to refer to cometary influx. The skies are very busy these days. And apparently, this shutdown can happen in a blink.
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