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Re: Morgellons
Woodsman said:
I wonder. . . Could it be a 4th Density pathogen?

I can see DNA in our own cells expressing as fibers or even small life-forms rather than just random cancers when cells go wrong. And if they are 4th Density in nature, then gestation times could perhaps become distorted..?

Perhaps it is unimportant to the larger scope of issues, but I would certainly like to know more about this subject. I'd be interested to know if Morgellons really does include the appearance of insects and worms and such as well as rashes and fibers.

I found one interesting snip in the wikipedia entry for Morgellons that could possibly begin to support such a theory:

Randy Wymore, a former research director of the MRF and presently director of the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences' Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease, claims that Morgellons patients have masses of dark fibers visible at 60x magnification under the unbroken skin, while unaffected individuals do not.[3] Wymore sent samples of fibers supplied by Morgellons patients to the Police Crime Lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for analysis.

A forensic scientist at the Tulsa Police Crime Lab in Oklahoma searched the FBI's national database, but the Morgellons sample did not match any known fiber in the database.[11] Lab director Mark Boese said the fibers were "consistent with something that the body may be producing," adding, "These fibers cannot be manmade and do not come from a plant. This could be a byproduct of a biological organism."[11]


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Thank you for the session.

I have been interested in Morgellon's for the last few years. In many cases, people have noticed a fibrous residue that falls from the sky and coats everything in the area. Sample have been taken but could no be classified. As well, the fibres taken from skin eruptions seem to grow in a petrie dish.

I seem to recall the analysis of these fibres showed they were crystaline in structure.

It's a bizarre, disgusting and distressing condition to have, especially when the sufferer encounters incredulity and suggestions of mental illness.



Thank you for this VERY interesting and informing session.

Laura said:
The whole issue of who and what they are would have to be established legally before anything else could be done. Imagine the publicity!!!
"They" would maybe shoot themselves in the foot by attracting to much attention.


That's an interesting and obvious idea indeed, scifiscriptwriter.


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Marcus-Aurelius said:
Thanks for the session Laura!
[quote author=Laura]
Q: (unplugged tape recorder is discovered and reconnected)
(Perceval) What percentage of the alleged Palestinian suicide bombings over the past 6 years have actually been carried out by Palestinian suicide bombers?

A: 0.05%

Wow! The insanity behind the remaining 99.95% is just behind human grasp! Despite all informations I have access to regarding psychopaths, I still have a hell hard time to accept them as being part of nature.

9/11 was an example of this tactic on a large scale. It's the twisted way these people think. It comes naturally to them.


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Thanks Laura!

How would one collect/use power via martial arts? I haven't taken any form of martial arts but I find it to be a pretty captivating activity. It takes great discipline. Also, why and or who killed Bruce Lee? He was a master of martial arts, I may have it slightly mixed up. Bruce Lee's son was killed but I do not remember the full story behind Bruce Lee's death. Were they targeted because of some sort of knowledge that they possessed from being astute students of martial arts? Just a thought/idea.


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Martial art, in part, is about the accumulation and direction of chi.

Depending on an individual's philosophy, such energy can be used for creation (defensively for self preservation and protection of the weak) or destruction (attack on the weak).

The energy itself is neutral but the power one find in such energy can corrupt. Like the saying goes, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

History is full of examples of people being corrupted by power and the more power they have and the more damage they can do, the more powerful they feel. Few can wield power in a righteous manner, or so it seems.



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Laura said:
Because of the question posed here:
I realized that I really need to try to keep up with getting all the sessions published, so here is the one that should answer that question:

Session 29th July 2006.
Laura, Ark, Perceval, Andromeda, Galahad, Mr. Scott, Galatea, Atriedes

Q: (Perceval) What is the origin of Morgellons disease?

A: Off planet plague.

Q: (Galahad) Oh geez! (Perceval) Is it set to become throughout the…

A: To those who are genetically predisposed.

Q: (Perceval) Got a number?

A: Open.

Q: (Galahad) And is this something that the pathocrats are aware of and doing consciously?

A: No.

End of Session

Off planet plague? What exactly does that mean? That answer is about as vague as the 2013 CDC report…seriously?

Hey guys, do you think it might be remotely possible to get a little more clarification from our friends upstairs, as to the nature of this "off planet plague". Considering how eager they are to share information - perhaps they could enlighten us with a little assistance on how to deal with Morgellon's.


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Hi natashacbk,
Welcome to the forum. We recommend that new members post a brief introduction telling us a little bit about themselves and how they found this forum in the newbies board . You can take a look at some of the threads on that board to check out how others have done it.

natashacbk said:
Hey guys, do you think it might be remotely possible to get a little more clarification from our friends upstairs, as to the nature of this "off planet plague".

This is a research forum and as the founders say it is "10% inspiration" (from upstairs) and "90% perspiration" collecting data, analyzing and discussing the results with the network downstairs.

Regarding "off-planet plague", you may find this article helpful as a starter

[quote author=natashacbk]
Considering how eager they are to share information - perhaps they could enlighten us with a little assistance on how to deal with Morgellon's.

Regarding Morgellons, this article

and the forum discussion thread
Morgellons: Controversial disease doctors refuse to treat
may be helpful.


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obyvatel said:
Regarding "off-planet plague", you may find this article helpful as a starter

I would also try this one:

New Light on the Black Death: The Viral and Cosmic Connection

It is basically the black death revisited.


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Thank you very much for the session dear Master Laura :3

Q: (Galatea asks to finish her last question) (L) Ok, one last question. (Galatea) ok, who was I in my past life

A: Later.

Q: (L) I think they meant later in terms of years, when you’re older. (Galahad) yeah, they didn’t mean later in the session (laughter) (Galatea) What do you mean: later in years? (Galahad) that means when you’re older (Galatea) When I’m older I’ll know? (Perceval) When you’re older you’ll know, or… (Galatea), what does later mean?

A: Years.


I'm wondering if the answer of the C's was because Galatea was not prepared to recibe the answer respect to her lessons in that moment.

One of the questions I've always wanted to ask the C'S has been: how many lives I've spent on planet earth and the answer Could be relate it With This :3
A good book with information on the Holocaust debate is Thomas Dalton's, Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides.

To quote from this work, he writes:

In the contentious atmosphere of this debate, it is easy to overlook the areas of common ground. With few exceptions, I think it is fair to say that all parties agree that:
  • Hitler and his top men despised the Jews, and wanted a society clear of them.
  • As a consequence, they initiated a ruthless de facto policy of ghetoization, deportation, forced labor, and murder.
  • Many thousands of Jews died of nonhomicidal causes while in German custody—in the ghettos, in the camps, and in transit. They died from typhus, exposure, exhaustion, and related ills.
  • Many thousands more were directly killed, through mass shootings, hangings and torture.
  • Of these alleged crimes against the Jews, there is a near complete lack of material evidence—especially for the death camps, the bodies, and the means of killing.
  • The total umber of Jews who died, or were killed, is not known with any certainty.

So when the C's had this to say:

Laura said:
Q: (Perceval) Did the Nazis use gas chambers to kill Jews?

A: No.

Q: (Perceval) How many Jews in total were killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust?

A: 3.2 million.

Q: (Mr. Scott) Did they kill them by other means?

A: Yes. Shooting, starvation, experiments, diseases including deliberate infection for experiment.

It begged the question, "What if the Nazis, or a faction thereof, deliberately introduced typhus to kill all these people?"

Does the material evidence support mass death caused from typhus? Yes.

Does the material evidence support mass death caused from gas chambers? No. That is not to say that this didn't happen, but based upon the material evidence itself, testimonial evidence notwithstanding, the theory is not supported with any reasonable degree of probability.

How easy would it have been for a small group of people to introduce flea-bearing typhus to a population segregated and concentrated from the rest of society, such as the concentration camp population in German controlled areas during WWII? Realistically, at least as easy as transmitting the flu in an airport.

Either way, it is an interesting perspective.

l apprenti de forgeron

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Thanks for sharing, Críostóir. Yes, very interesting. And still it's horrible what happened to the jews. And also it's horrible the use of the zionists to make this tragedy a new religion, and profit from the pain of others. After all, to do the same as the nazis but to the Palestinians. And worse, because zionism always had the western media in his favor. And only in recent years there has been more awareness in mayorities of the real evil representing the zionism and Israel.
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