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itellsya said:
Mildain said:
Hi Pashalis, thank you for responding.

I have transitioned fully to the Ketogenic diet. It took almost a year and a half as I had difficulty cutting some things out, but have been consistently in ketosis for a little over a week now.

I didn't want to attempt the cold shower thing until I was sure I was ketogenic. I can now confirm that (with reasonable certainty), as I have a strange and sweet taste in my mouth for the last week and from what i have read this is a symptom of ketosis.

My diet now consists of mostly bacon, eggs in the morning, and some pork or beef for dinner. I regularily have decaf coffees each day (usually one medium sized cup), and I take it upon myself to try and make bone broth regularily, and then adding in some low-carb vegetables (Mushrooms, Zucchini, green peppers, sometimes i throw in stewing beef or pork, or even cooked bacon), as well as I save the fat from the bacon that I cook every morning and add this into it every time I make a new batch. i usually have a bowl 3-5 times a week. I also drink my own hot chocolate from pure 100% cocoa powder (20% fat kind), and I use 35% whipping cream with it. usually this is also one cup a day, but not always as whipping cream is darned expensive.

Yes, I was exposing my entire body to the cold water.
Anything ideas?


Hey Mildain, you will want to read Why milk is so evil for why dairy should be removed from the diet; replace it with a chocolate fat bomb perhaps? Same with the green peppers as i believe it's a nightshade; suggested vegetables are green beans. I can't remember whether they're not advised because of their effect on cognition (as with aubergines) or just many have allergies and so they should be reintroduced to check for sensitivities. And the decaf coffee is probably better to be replaced by either fresh normal coffee or black tea. I have a coffee fat bomb instead - it helps buffer the caffeine (for me anyway) and still permits me a daily coffee, the fat does the rest.

Just some pointers. And -if you haven't already - everybody is advised to read through all of the threads - keto path to transformation etc.. - regarding transitioning to Keto before they do, because it can have quite an effect on the body. This way you can mitigate any issues and learn from others experiences. Other than that, it looks like you're on your way :) Others will chime in if i've missed anything or advised incorrectly, but i'm fairly sure these are the basics.

Hey Mildain,

I would suggest that you eliminate those things bolded above, for a certain period and see if your symptoms get better. It could very well be, that you can not tolerate some of those things and you are not aware of it yet. That might explain some of your symptoms. If you have eliminated those things for a while, you can reintroduce one thing at a time and see/feel better how you react to them. Check for sensitivities, so to say...

As for the thermometer: I would definitely use it, since guesses about the temperature of cold water can fail miserably (speaking from my own experience here. ;-))


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Standing regularly in cold showers for nearly 4 months I would like to tell some of my experiences.

Right before: Now, that snow is outside, it is a little hard sometimes :O - but nevertheless my body and I do it regularly at least every second day.
Sometimes I find it easier to do it every day, because the feeling of me being "a poor lonesome cowgirl so far away from home" cannot spread too much :lol:

At the beginning, there was still warm weather outside and it was "easy" to take the cold shower.
After app. 10 days I got some very bad aches in my maxillary sinus (Kieferhöhle) and I was already calling someone for help but he was not available and after two days the pain had gone and my nose and this area on my head had become very clean and fresh for breathing. Which has not been so before. I sometimes had to use some medicine to keep my nose free. It was on both sides and it hurt terrible for 2-3 days but now it is gone and never has come back and my lungs get more fresh air.
After a while I realised it must have been the kind of reaction you have when taking homeopathic medicine. It first gets worse and then it heals.

Another symptom that arose was that after 3 months little questions (very very very little ones, but they were) arose: I am so tired - is it really necessary to take that cold bath? Like the poor little cowgirl feeling I mentioned above. And in realizing that this was just the normal 3 months symptom which often happens when you start something it helped me to get through.

The benefits are visible at my skin too. Most often in winter time I got rough skin spots which were biting me. They appear now as simple red marks but they do not hurt me any more and I think they will disappear after a while, because they get smaller and smaller.

And the most benevolent thing is about fever blisters.´Everytime I was overstraining my body he answered with those blisters, which I definitely did not like to have.
And now these blisters dont have a chance. When I am working too much and my body is overstrained I realise how they try to get out (just that kind of prickling everyone knows who has these Virus) but they don't succeed!! So I see that this Kind of "medicine" really works!

And of course the temperature of the rooms I live in has been reduced. Last winter I needed 21° C, this year it is mostly between 17 and 18°C - which saves money, too!

The only thing that I have to solve is: My fingers get very white after standing in the shower or in the bath - but I am sure this will disappear, too.


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(Anam Cara) Is there a Chinese Putin who's waiting to make his move on the geopolitical stage?

(Perceval) Ah, Pu Ting! [laughter]

A: Not likely.

Q: (Mr. Scott) You don't need a Chinese Putin when you've got a Putin Putin.

(L) When you've got Putin in Russia, what do you need a Chinese Putin for?

(Perceval) You've got a rootin-tootin' Putin! [laughter]

(Alada) Well, China is so big, but it's so relatively quiet...

A: Still waters run deep and strong. The USA and allies are in for a rude and painful awakening.

I thought this interview done by The Saker was excellent material to read in terms of the above comments by the C's.

I'm just now getting acquainted with Jeff Brown and have no real background or knowledge to verify what he is saying about China's leader Xi Jinping (below). If it is accurate, then Jinping sounds like a pretty interesting individual. Makes we wonder about the C's comment of there not likely being a Chinese Putin waiting to make his move. Maybe he has already made his move or maybe Putin is just such an extraordinary person with his background in the KGB, etc that it is hard to find someone to live up to him.

Jeff J. Brown: If you are a member of the Western elites, their military and/or the deep state, you should be very, very worried, now that Xi Jinping is in power (ditto Putin in Russia). To better understand Xi, it helps to know about his father, Xi Zhongxun, as Xi is a proverbial chip off the old block.

Xi Zhongxun was a committed revolutionary from an early age. He was sent to prison at the age of 14 for trying to poison a teacher, whom he and his schoolmates considered to be a lackey for the foreign colonialists. He joined the Communist Party of China behind bars, in 1928, at only 15 years of age. Quite an auspicious adolescence.

Xi Zhongxun was also a very successful military leader in the Red Army and had fabulous organizational and managerial skills. Without him setting up operations in Shaanxi Province, where Mao & Co. arrived after the Long March ended in 1935, the Red Army may not have been able to push on to defeat the fascist Japanese and KMT, and kick out the Western colonialists, towards eventual national liberation in 1949.

Xi père and Xi’s mother, Qi Xin, were unfailingly committed to the Party and the Chinese Communist revolution. Herculean and bitter personal sacrifices were made by Xi’s parents for their country and Party. All their lives, they never gave up on the cause of socialism for the Chinese masses, even though they were purged, imprisoned (father) and sent to hard labor on farms (mother), 1962-1976.

Xi’s father was also very empathetic, being a successful conciliator and negotiator in Western China, before and after liberation in 1949, with local Tibetans and Muslim Ouighers. Xi’s father avoided as much bloodshed as possible and the more violent aspects of revolution. It was Xi’s father, who Deng Xiaoping sent to Guangdong Province, across the border from Hong Kong, in 1978, to defuse the volatile discontent among the locals, who were clamoring over the border, into the British colony, seeking work and a better lifestyle. It was Xi’s father, not Deng, who came up with the brilliant idea to create little Hong Kongs inside Guangdong, where the masses could work and realize their dreams. Thus, Shenzhen and the other Special Economic Zones (SEZs) were signed off on by the National People’s Congress, Central Committee, Politburo and Deng. Deng & Co. didn’t have any money, but they had the power of the pen to make Xi’s SEZs legal. The rest is history.

Xi’s father was also incredibly well read and erudite. Their house was full of dog eared books. Xi Jinping was sent to the countryside in 1969, to work as a peasant for seven years, during the Cultural Revolution. Xi did backbreaking, barefoot labor and learned to live with fleas and lice, while developing his nascent leadership and managerial skills. He arrived with boxes of his father’s books to keep him company. He read every one of them, many in the evenings, reading out loud under a kerosene lamp, to his less educated rural neighbors.

To this day, Xi Jinping is probably one of the best read world leaders in office, having and continuing to read hundreds of Russian, Greek, French, German, English, Spanish and American classics (fiction and nonfiction), all the huge canon of Chinese works, as well being extremely well versed in Marxist-Leninist-Maoist writings. Xi even got an additional college degree in Marxist Theory and Law, 1998-2002, while he was governor of Fujian. He never stops reading and learning, claiming that it is his greatest personal passion.

It also needs to be pointed out that Xi Jinping, like his father, is a military man. He has been in the PLA since 1980 and held high level, military command posts everywhere he went throughout his 35-year career, at the local, provincial and finally, national level. His wife, famous revolutionary songster Peng Liyuan (she sings Russian folk songs like a native), is also a lifelong member of China’s military. Like Xi’s mother and father, he and Peng are proud Chinese soldiers and communists, through and through.

Finally, like his father, who also saw the highs and lows of the human condition, Xi Jinping’s broad life experiences and empathy make him an excellent judge of character, which is invaluable as a leadership trait. As president and top military leader of China, he is involved in choosing hundreds of team members, and he has a knack for picking the right people, as well as removing the ones who don’t perform.

So, all of this was imbued in Xi Jinping from birth. While a child of privilege, due to his father’s legendary standing in China’s modern history, his parents emulated and taught Xi Jinping empathy, frugality, simplicity, humility, hard work, sacrifice, fairness, reasonableness, tolerance for other people’s differences, a thirst for knowledge and loyalty to country, revolution and Party. If much of this sounds like Buddhism-Daoism-Confucism, well it is. When Xi was in Fujian Province, 1985-2001, he was in contact with many Taiwanese visitors. While an avowed atheist, Xi became very interested in this ancient foundation of Chinese society, which richly flavors Taiwan’s people. Today, Xi is reaching back to this tripartite cornerstone of Chinese civilization, to invoke his “moderately prosperous” Chinese Dream (much as Putin has with Russian Orthodoxy), and to hone his decidedly anti-Western Empire sentiments.

Lastly, unlike his father, who always preferred to work in the background, Xi Jinping is showing himself to be a master of media and public relations. He deftly uses TV and print media to the Party’s advantage. His books are being translated into several languages and, The Governance of China, has already sold four million copies overseas. The Chinese Dream of the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation, is also available internationally.

All of his books and speeches are now available for free via a phone app in China. Over the Chinese New Year, the Party produced three short animated cartoons that went viral, depicting Xi cleaning up corruption and working for the masses to achieve the Chinese Dream and Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation. His wife, Peng Liyuan, and Premier Li Keqiang, add savvy media support for Baba Beijing at home and around the world too. No other modern Chinese leader, apart Mao, has used the media as masterfully as Xi.

As I have said in a number of radio shows and columns, the West has no answer for Xi Jinping (nor Putin, for that matter). The world is officially in the Xi Era (and you could just as well add, Putin Era). All of this will be fleshed out in fascinating detail, from his birth to the present, in Red Letters – The Diaries of Xi Jinping (including all those meetings and phone calls between Putin and Xi).


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To this day, Xi Jinping is probably one of the best read world leaders in office, having and continuing to read hundreds of Russian, Greek, French, German, English, Spanish and American classics (fiction and nonfiction), all the huge canon of Chinese works, as well being extremely well versed in Marxist-Leninist-Maoist writings. Xi even got an additional college degree in Marxist Theory and Law, 1998-2002, while he was governor of Fujian. He never stops reading and learning, claiming that it is his greatest personal passion.

Thanks for posting this article, Bear. It seems to me that with world leaders like Xi Jinping (and Putin), the "Western powers" stand no chance at succeeding with their plans to ultimately control "the world".

All of this will be fleshed out in fascinating detail, from his birth to the present, in Red Letters – The Diaries of Xi Jinping (including all those meetings and phone calls between Putin and Xi).

If that book is ever published (in English), it's certain to be a very interesting read!


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Bear said:
To this day, Xi Jinping is probably one of the best read world leaders in office, having and continuing to read hundreds of Russian, Greek, French, German, English, Spanish and American classics (fiction and nonfiction), all the huge canon of Chinese works, as well being extremely well versed in Marxist-Leninist-Maoist writings. Xi even got an additional college degree in Marxist Theory and Law, 1998-2002, while he was governor of Fujian. He never stops reading and learning, claiming that it is his greatest personal passion.

Bear I also noticed something the Cs recently mentioned in a quote from Jeff J. Brown in the article:

So now it is all very clear to me. Western colonialism, false flags and color revolutions have never stopped since 1492. The methods and instruments of destabilization, exploitation and resource extraction have simply adapted. Empire, with its capitalism, war and fascism, is a three-headed Hydra, and it is insatiable.

The "color revolutions" just stood out as I remembered this session: Session 14 March 2015

Q: (L) The US is a powder keg. It just needs the right spark.
(Perceval) It's got all the right ingredients right now. You've got so many people in big cities
dependent on supermarkets and stuff. And then you have the police state well-trained to deal with
uprisings. In other countries, they don't have quite so well-organized police state to put down social
(Andromeda) And the people aren't quite as helpless either, at least in areas like this one.
(Perceval) In urban centers in the US, there are a lot of people who are just completely dependent on
supermarkets and the system in general from one day to the next.
A: Notice that the USA is exhibiting all the symptoms of a "Color Revolution".

The site and the article are interesting to say the least. Thanks for noticing the information.


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Yeah, I read that interview a couple of days ago and posted it in a couple of threads here. About China and Russia, it's really amazing how quickly they developed a comprehensive strategic partnership to fend off the Empire's attacks. Seems both countries got great leaders just at the right time.


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SeekinTruth said:
Yeah, I read that interview a couple of days ago and posted it in a couple of threads here. About China and Russia, it's really amazing how quickly they developed a comprehensive strategic partnership to fend off the Empire's attacks. Seems both countries got great leaders just at the right time.

Thanks SeekinTruth for posting it in the other threads, since it prompted me to read it. Yeah, it took them time to start cooperating. But much like all the business deals around the world being done by both and in China's case currency swaps, they have been in hyper drive once they started and are putting big pressure on the US to act.


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Bear said:
SeekinTruth said:
Yeah, I read that interview a couple of days ago and posted it in a couple of threads here. About China and Russia, it's really amazing how quickly they developed a comprehensive strategic partnership to fend off the Empire's attacks. Seems both countries got great leaders just at the right time.

Thanks SeekinTruth for posting it in the other threads, since it prompted me to read it. Yeah, it took them time to start cooperating. But much like all the business deals around the world being done by both and in China's case currency swaps, they have been in hyper drive once they started and are putting big pressure on the US to act.

Yup. They've also done everything in a way to minimize the chances of too fast an escalation of confrontation by the US/Anglo-American-Zionist psychos and avoid a sudden collapse of the corrupt system so as to be able to put something in its place before that happens. Otherwise, the entire world economy and trade would come to a standstill.


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Regarding the weakening of the Earth magnetic field and the proximity of the companion there was in this session:
(Alada) There was apparently an electromagnetic storm, but there wasn't any related CME or plasma release to seemingly cause this, but there was a weakening of the Earth's shield. What caused this suddenly weakening of Earth's shield?

A: Surge of energy between sun and companion. This reduced the electrical flow to earth, thus weakening the field and increasing the flow of cosmic rays.
If the weakening of the field means the Earth magnetic field, then there is more: from a few years later in 2018:
Why are cosmic rays intensifying?
The main reason is the sun. Solar storm clouds such as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) sweep aside cosmic rays when they pass by Earth. During Solar Maximum, CMEs are abundant and cosmic rays are held at bay. Now, however, the solar cycle is swinging toward Solar Minimum, allowing cosmic rays to return. Another reason could be the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field, which helps protect us from deep-space radiation.

Cosmic rays will intensify even more in the years ahead as the sun plunges toward what may be the deepest Solar Minimum in more than a century.
And from 2017:

In the same session there was:
Q: (Alada) Is there a similar effect on a human scale that weakens us, maybe against this virus activity?

A: Oh indeed!!!
I wondered if spinning the body could strengthen the bioelectric field?


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In this session, there is mention of Ebola and there being "a plan" to reduce the population, and since such a "plan" to reduce the population is a subject that comes up occasionally, here is more context. A few years earlier, in a session from 2009, there is mention of this intention, just as it is mentioned in the previous session a week earlier on August 23. Here excerpts from the three sessions are in chronological order.

In the first, there are notes on Paleochristianity, considering that it is "The only hope for the survival of your realm and species." - and not say vaccination, mask-wearing, less CO2 or electric cars etc., as they would like people to believe at the moment.
Q: (J) Is swine flu going to make a comeback this winter?

A: Sure. They are working on drastic reduction of the population before climate change goes too far. Can't have all those starving people after their heads now can they?

Q: (J) I wonder if it's going to affect us?

A: With your diet?!?! Toxicity makes many more susceptible than during other pandemics. Why else do you think that such toxicity is allowed and even encouraged?

Q: (L) What's next?

A: How about "Paleochristianity"?

Q: (laughter) (L) Well since you brought it up... (J) You should respond with, "Now that's an interesting question!" (laughter) (L) What do you mean by Paleochristianity? (laughter) (L) Would you define Paleochristianity for us?

A: The knowledge of realms that all men comprehended before the "fall".

Q: (L) Why is it called Christianity? Isn't Christianity strictly related to Christianity as we know it?

A: Oh no! The word was co-opted and everything you know of as Christianity is distorted. For example, the earliest "Christ" was a woman.

Q: (L) Okay. Were the Bogomils and the Cathars - as I have surmised - close to understanding this original reality?

A: They had some very close approximations, but they were still influenced by many of the distorted religious ideas of the time.

Q: (L) Okay, what is the importance of Paleochristianity?

A: The only hope for the survival of your realm and species.

Q: (L) In what sense do you mean that?

A: Unification of aim: survival and avoidance of the destruction hanging over your heads as a consequence of the machinations of psychopathy.

Q: (L) So in other words, some of the thoughts and discussions that we've had over the past week or two {about the global situation} are pretty much on the money?

A: Yes. More or less. There has also been some nudging from this side. Time is getting "short" even though there really is no time. Remember what we said about being wise as serpents and gentle as doves.
In the previous session: Session 23 August 2014
Q: (L) Okay, what's your first question?

(Odyssey) We have some Ebola questions. What is the specific protocol to protect us from Ebola, because there's a lot of information out there?

A: Each situation can have variables, but in general a serious boosting of the immune system via diet and cold protocols can provide great resistance.

Q: (Odyssey) There are people all over the world that have Ebola symptoms, and they're saying that they're testing negative. Is this test accurate, and are the negative results true?

A: Not true in many cases because they have limited knowledge about Ebola.

Q: (Odyssey) There was a video going around YouTube about how the quarantine centers and the detention centers line up on a map. Is there a link between this immigration situation and Ebola?

A: Only partly. It can be used as a cover for deliberate spreading of virus.

Q: (PoB) The previous answer was that they have limited knowledge about Ebola. What is the main point that they are missing? Can we ask it?

(L) What is the main point they're missing? I would say that if you have limited knowledge about Ebola, you can't say necessarily that it's a main point that you're missing. What if there are situations where Ebola masks itself, or produces symptoms but it's not evident in the blood or that sort of thing? I don't think a "main point" is applicable in a scientific way.

(PoB) The main thing that they are missing...

(L) The main thing that they are missing?

(Pierre) If any. It might be a combination. But we can ask what they are missing.

(L) Okay. PoB wants to ask, regarding the limited knowledge about Ebola, what is the main thing that they are missing?

A: Their lack of technical expertise.

Q: (Perceval) Can I ask about the answer “it can be used as a cover for the deliberate spread of the virus”, is that a plan to deliberately spread the virus?

A: It has always been "a plan".

Q: (Pierre) And there's been instances of spreading of a virus over populations, like with Native Americans. So, they can do it again, and Ebola is the cover. {Note: Immigration issues were implied to be the cover.}

(Perceval) Yeah, but I mean, in the sense of Ebola being the major plague that would sweep the world kill millions of Americans... that kind of thing; not their own people.

A: They may have a "Frankenstein" on their hands.

Q: (Chu) So, worse than Ebola. Mutated, freaky-deaky...

(L) In other words, they put the brain of Abby Normal in the monster! Ha-ha! Sorry... [laughter]

(Andromeda) Oh boy...

(L) Alright, next question?

(Odyssey) If different people catch the same virus, does that virus have the possibility of being beneficial or detrimental depending on the person's FRV?

A: Yes.

Q: (Odyssey) Good. [laughter]

(KJN) We had a discussion about menstruation. If women were raised on the keto diet from the beginning, is the experience that we have with the female cycle supposed to be different? Right now it seems like it's a detox due to inflammation and all kinds of factors. Would it be different if people were raised on a keto diet?

A: Absolutely! So would be a lot of other bothersome things.
Q: (Alada) We have some questions on Ebola. In a previous session, it was mentioned that Ebola was a plan. If that's the case, was there a specific genetic group that was a target of this plan?

A: It was not said that Ebola per se was planned, but rather that plans for decimation of population via pathogens was. Ebola happened to present an opportunity.

Q: (Chu) Yeah, that's when they talked about Frankenstein.

A: It can always be worse!

Q: (Mr. Scott) Well, that's comforting.

(Alada) There was also the comment in a previous session that they may have a Frankenstein on their hands. Does that imply that it's out of control now, and it can potentially kill its creator?

A: Yes, more or less. They are not as smart as they think they are, and there are always hidden factors unaccounted for.

Q: (Alada) Another Ebola question: Are the false test results that were being given, is that because the virus is mutating so quickly?

A: It doesn't always show up as they would like. That is actually typical for many conditions, however modern medical practitioners are rather attached to their tech and gadgets.

Q: (L) Well yeah, we know that. Remember when Sebastian had ehrlichiosis and they didn't find it in his blood test?
A: Indeed! Reference questions about "space invasion" and just change the parameters and players.

Q: (Perceval) So, not aliens in ships, but microbes on rocks. Space invasion.

(L) Could be, yeah. And they would come as the US is trying to do some kind of fake invasion or false flag stuff. Is that what we're talking about here? That when the Western Consortium-type government tries to take over the world with their faked invasion, that's when everything is going to go kaflooey?

A: More or less. You will see!
Notes on the cold protocol
Q: (Carlisle) In the last session, you mentioned cold protocols as an aid to help fight off Ebola and strengthen the immune system. We were wondering what kind of temperature, duration, and frequency of cold exposure is optimal for this?

A: Ten to fifteen C, and same number of minutes. Daily is best initially, but four times weekly for maintenance. The approach can be gradual.

Q: (Andromeda) God...

(L) That's not so bad.

(Pierre) It's not that at 16 or 17 C you have no more effect.

(L) Yeah, they said "optimal". Yeah...

(Andromeda) Yeah, we're not overachievers around here for sure! [laughter]

(Mr. Scott) So, 30 C or 25 degrees C? [laughter]

(Pierre) I knew you were going to go there!

(Chu) They said initially. Initially could be the first day. [laughter]

(L) No! They didn't mean the first day. Okay, just to answer that question, how long do you have to do it every day at those low temperatures to really get the benefit?

A: 2 to 3 weeks.

Q: (L) So, for 2 to 3 weeks you have to do it every day, and then after that it's 4 times a week. That would be more or less every other day.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So you could have days when you torture yourself, and days when you don't! [laughter] Good lord, that's cold!

(Pierre) 10 is cold.

(L) Is 10 actually the most optimal?

(Pierre) Don't answer this question!

A: For some. Others experience the benefits at a higher temp.

(Perceval) Has it anything to with, for example, the quantity of...

(Mr. Scott) Your bypassing the obvious next question which no one wants answered, because everyone wants to assume that they are one of those people who can benefit at a higher temperature. [laughter]

(Perceval) No, my question is since I don't have quite so much protection on my bones... [laughter] ...I therefore feel the cold more quickly. The cold penetrates more quickly and works its magic on me more quickly.

A: Yes.

Q: (Pierre) For you, optimal temperature is 28. [laughter]

(Perceval) Okay, that's all I needed to know. I'll make the rest up as I go along.

(Mr. Scott) You can still do... I mean, I've taken showers at 15 and it was okay.

(Perceval) Yeah, you build yourself up. If you're kind of shaking for an hour afterwards, that's too much too soon.

(L) I think the clue to whether you're getting the benefit is how quickly you start shivering. It's kind of like the infrared saunas: the clue to how well you are receiving the benefits is how quickly you start sweating. So, I think in the cold therapy, how quickly you start shivering is the indicator. That shiver response is activating some stuff in the body. Am I right about that? That's my theory.

A: Close enough!

Q: (L) Alright. So, see? I'm close.

(Perceval) Okay, but that's thirty seconds.

(Chu) Yeah! In the bathtub, I'm done in thirty seconds!

(Perceval) I think you have to get used to the cold temperatures. Stay there until you're not freaking out anymore, and you can bear it and you've stopped breathing heavily. And then afterwards, you find the temperature where you don't shiver for hours afterwards. I think you have to go through that initial, "Oh my god, this is crazy!"

A: Closer.

Q: (Perceval) Makes sense. The approach can be gradual.


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Regarding plans for a decimation of the population that was a subject of the previous post, there is something more one might consider in view of the more recent Covid situation. However, first an early session about the number of people on the planet being affected after a major cataclysm:
Q: (L) After the "flood of Noah" approximately how many people survived that cataclysm on the whole earth?

A: Approximately 19 million.

Q: (L) Why did the population of the earth continue to decline from that point?

A: Because of disease and inability to adjust due to artificial manipulations of the genetic pool.
The above may be compared with the number of people before the cataclysm:
Q: (L) Was the story of Noah's flood the story of the breaking up of Atlantis?

A: Yes. But symbolic.

Q: (L) How many people were on the planet at that time?

A: 6 billion.

Q: (L) Out of this six billion people, how many survived?

A: 119 million. (or 19 million)27
Note: The above 27 may be a page number from a book or a number to a footnote
Whether 19 or 119, (with 119 being reminiscent of 911) everything does not necessarily need to be taken literally:
Q: Yes, I am extremely tired of such drivel, but you have given some very good predictions in the past, and some that were dead wrong. And, speaking of dead wrong predictions, let me ask: on one occasion you said that the number of people left alive after the flood of Noah was 19 million and on another occasion you said 119 million. Now which is the correct figure?

A: Either.

Q: Well, it can't be either!

A: Yes it can... all is as the perceiver perceives.

Q: I think I liked you better when you were a little more linear!

A: We never were. As that is not for you. Not any more than it is for the company executive to don diapers!
If one adds the statements from Session 22 October, 1994 that the inability to adjust to the new environment after the cataclysm was in part due to manipulation of the genetic pool with the comments on Covid in the following sessions, then it becomes clear the effects of Covid and the assorted range of measure including masks and vaccinations, planned or otherwise will reduce the resistance to disease of very many people. At the same time, the transcripts contain plenty of ideas on how to counter the agenda, and for this reason, there is a generous amount of context to ensure these messages come through.
(L) Okay, now I know what I was going to ask. Why is it that it is so deadly amongst old people? I mean, Ark almost didn't survive. My lungs still haven't cleared up completely. So, why is it so deadly to older people?

A: For those who choose to leave, it is not so "deadly".

Q: (L) So you're saying that it's a facilitator for groups of people who want to leave the planet now? "Deadly" is in the eye of the beholder.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Are they inflating the numbers?

A: Yes a lot!

Q: (L) They're inflating the numbers of people who are dying from it, but not necessarily people who have it. Are they inflating the numbers of people who HAVE it?

A: No

Q: (L) But they are inflating the numbers of people who are dying because of it?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) But they don't really know how many people have it.

A: Exactly!

Q: (L) Okay, so, they are guesstimating the numbers who have it and maybe more have it than they even suspect since it is so mild for some people... Now where are our questions?

(Joe) I have a question about the vaccine they created at Fort Detrick. How do you tinker or create a vaccine that would make humans more controllable? Is that through the virus or what's in the vaccine like adjuvants?

(L) It could be both, but I think they know what personality traits are linked to what DNA factors.

(Joe) They have enough detail to know that a virus can change DNA? Do they know that?

A: Of course!

Q: (Joe) In a way that would make people more easily controllable? That's pretty fine...

(L) They use viruses to go in and replace very specific segments of DNA to cure diseases. They can...

(Joe) But that's in very general terms: we want to make people more controllable. How are you gonna do that with a virus?

(L) Well if there are certain sets of genes that make people less controllable, they go in and they have the virus that'll cut 'em out. There are personality characteristics that people have that make them open to experience. Read your 23andMe analysis. You're open to experience, you're creative, you don't follow the crowd, or you like coffee. They know all that stuff.

(Artemis) And that's just what they share with the public. They probably know a LOT more.

(Pierre) One question about DNA: The fall and previous STO state, the flesh, burning DNA segments. Are we talking about re-activation of DNA segments...

(L) ...that we lost in the fall?

A: Some!

Q: (L) Okay, let me look at the questions...

This collective hysteria shows us that the point of contact with death transforms a bunch of people into little Nazis from the top of their watchtower ready to denounce their neighbour at the slightest deviation. So there's a double pressure. Fear of the virus, fear of others.

The question for the C's would be whether the promotion of the vaccination solution put forward is doomed to prevent certain signals from being able to activate certain genes? For this would risk broadening perceptions and thus raising awareness.

(L) And they were planning on doing exactly that, or something related, but we learn now that it backfired. So the question is: They are now working rapidly on a new vaccine that's supposed to counteract the screwup that they made. And they want to impose this new vaccine on everybody?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Lemme guess: That one's gonna backfire too?

A: Likely. Hubris!

Q: [laughter] (L) However, the question has been asked: If people are forced to be vaccinated, and it seems that it's not a good idea - because obviously if they get a vaccine that the PTB really want to spread around, one they've tested and does what they want it to, we certainly don't want the vaccine they push on us - are there ways we can counteract this? There are going to be situations where people can't refuse a vaccine.

A: Yes. You have done the research!

Q: (L) So what research have we done about healing DNA? Um... Melatonin heals DNA.

(Niall) Dietary changes.

(L) Being in a proper dietary state if you have to get a vaccine is going to be beneficial and maybe it is for just this type of situation that we were so motivated to do health research and experiments for so long; it was preparation and we didn’t even know it.

(Artemis) Being in ketosis heals you.

(Gaby) Vitamin C.

(Niall) Detoxification.

(L) Detox would be NAC and other things...

(Andromeda) Infrared sauna.

(Chu) Constant knowledge input.

(L) Willpower even. And they just mentioned that there are certain people with spiritual force who were able to modify the virus by their own inner powers in a positive way. I would imagine that having inner force or inner spiritual power would all be beneficial. Are we on the right track?

A: Yes yes yes!

Q: (L) Okay.

[Short Intermission - Everyone goes out to the lobby to get a snack (while maintaining a 1.5m safe distance from each other)]

Q: (L) Okay, I had a thought. Is it possible that this virus can infect some people and make them worse, as in make them bad people?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Why is that?

A: It depends on the inner makeup.

Q: (L) So it really depends on what's inside the person as to what transpires after they've experienced the virus. Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, the virus may enhance connections to Cosmic Information, but it depends on who you are, how that works out. That reminds me of the answer, given a long time ago: "It's not where you are, but who you are and what you see." I guess this thing is going to enhance "seeing" for some people? Next question from our list:

At this final stage that we are now, should we stand up to things that we don't agree with, jeopardizing ourselves and our love ones well-being, or should just give up fighting for this world and concentrate on this "internal light" only? In other words: does it make sense to risk ...(put here whatever horrible you can think about) just for the sake of rebellion in a world that is over anyway? Or should we rather tune into and maintain frequency of a pendulum that lights our light, making choices that are less painful in this last drama of our realm?

A: The second option is the better one. But one can continue to share truth in a careful way.
Q: (Andromeda) Do we want to ask what the nature of this sickness will be next season? Will it be a mutation of the coronavirus, a natural one that it occurs and they call it coronavirus, or something that is the result of vaccinations?

A: Uncertain as yet. But corona has useful architectural features they are attempting to enhance.

Q: (Andromeda) So they didn't learn the first time.

(Joe) That's what you were saying, Gaby.

(Gaby) Did they intend on using the coronavirus the first time, or was it a cross-contamination accident?

A: Yes to first and to second!

Q: (Andromeda) So they were intending to use the coronavirus, and it...

(L) ...AND it was a cross-contamination.

(Joe) That's more or less what they said last time. They were intending to use it to dumb down people...

(L) Well coronavirus is so common. It's the common cold.

(Joe) Gaby was looking at it, and what were you saying, Gaby?

(Gaby) It was like a normal flu, but now it creates a systemic disease - it goes everywhere in your body. It has the potential to unzip the genome. It's fascinating from a molecular level. Why would they play with that in the beginning?

(Joe) In short it's a very interesting virus, basically.

A: They were attempting to modify human genetics.

Q: (Joe) Yeah. The last time they said that they took the coronavirus and modified it to make people more controllable.

(Artemis) To what end? To dumb people down?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So...

(Artemis) Have they tried this same thing for other reasons?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Successfully?

A: Not yet on a wide scale. What they forget is devolution.

Q: (L) In other words, the tendency whenever you hybridize something and then it gets turned loose, it always goes back to ground? Returns to its original state. Even small random mutations that persist for a while, end up being extinct.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) You can create a virus and modify it or whatever so it does some job. When it's released, it mutates and all the mutations are deleterious.

(L) It devolves!

(Joe) It becomes less and less effective.

(L) Look at the Black Death. It was a virus even though some people still think it wasn't. Some researchers now think that what we know as smallpox is what remains of it. That's something that was SO... I mean, smallpox is not a friendly sickness to say the least, but it's nothing like the Black Death.

(Joe) This virus that got out of Fort Detrick or Wuhan or whatever, they said it underwent some positive mutations. Is it true to say that depending on the person, some mutations of a virus are NOT deleterious, that they're actually positive?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) But in most people, those mutations are deleterious?

A: Yes

Q: (L) But in different ways for each person...

(Joe) So the mutations aren't random in everybody. They're basically intelligent.

(L) I'm just mind-boggled by all of the measures they're taking that are obviously NOT designed to really help prevent infection. People wearing face masks all day will do nothing but increase their viral load, reduce their oxygen load because they'll be re-breathing carbon dioxide... They just amplify their own germ load and diminish their body’s immune system. And if the virus is already attacking the oxygen carrying capacity, it's just going to make them sicker. And then locking people up like they are, causing all the stress they're causing, suicides, spousal and child abuse increasing, depression, people going hungry, people not going to their jobs and keeping factories open which will lead to a complete breakdown in the supply chain for all kinds of goods and services... It’s just staggering the death dealing damage that is being done. And it seems deliberate. All the while, people are buying it. Unbelievable. Darwin Awards to the human species.

(Pierre) Plus the refusal to use chloroquine, plus the absence of mass tests led to the illusion of increased mortality... From the beginning, their objective was not to minimize mortality; it was to minimize the spread of the virus even to the extent of maximizing mortality in other ways.

(L) The only thing I can see is that it's their wishful thinking again. They thought they could do this...

(Joe) In a sense they have. There's a lot of resistance to these lock downs because they make no sense. More and more voices are coming out saying that they are doing the opposite of what is claimed: they're NOT saving people, they're probably causing MORE deaths... So how can you be so wrong if your intent is to save people? But that suggests that the directives came from people who knew what they were doing, but NOT to save lives.

(L) It was to stop the spread of the virus so people WOULDN'T get it because it was beneficial, and if they did get it they'd be in danger because they'd be putting them on respirators and killing them in various other ways, or forcing them to wear masks to make them more sick, not giving them chloroquine...

(Chu) But if the virus is still around, they're not MORE susceptible to it.

(L) Well, that's why they're pushing the whole vaccine thing. That's where Bill Gates is coming in the picture. They're just using him.

(Pierre) And the question is: Since the main motivation is to minimize the spread of the potentially beneficial mutated virus, what's going to be in the vaccine? Probably something to cancel the beneficial mutation or to increase controllability. Is that the case?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) It's kind of funny, because I was thinking they're not likely to do this again. Originally, according to the last session, what they were trying to do is create a vaccine that would control or dumb down people. It went totally wrong and had almost the opposite effect. So, have they learned their lesson?

A: No.

(L) They have NOT learned their lesson...

A: Nature will also intervene. Watch for it!
(L) Alright. Gaby was saying something about the Covid business...

(Gaby) So it seems to have changed a bit. There seems to be The Return of Covid. There were a few cases like those reported back in March, people with masses in the lungs, a sort of interstitial pneumonia, but they're happening to young people now. So I was wondering if this is the result of the new vaccination program? Even though it hasn’t started officially, there have been thousands already vaccinated; something like 40 thousand during the experimental phase.

(L) So, you're saying that there are some really bad cases of Covid, and you're wondering if that's due to those who have been vaccinated?

A: Most likely. But do not forget what is being done to the population in terms of terror and predisposed belief. Further, wearing masks creates a perfect breeding ground for mutations and intensification of the illness.

Q: (L) So people are being programmed to believe that they're gonna die. Also, their bodies are being poisoned by their own effluvia from wearing masks and by being turned into walking talking garbage dumps by re-breathing their own waste... It's like rats breed in garbage dumps, and viruses breed in physical-body garbage dumps. If you don’t take the trash out of your body properly, you become a contaminated dump ripe for all kinds of pathogens to move in and take over.

(Joe) There are several vaccines. Two of them are messenger RNA vaccines that have never been used on humans before. We know more or less what they do. I was just wondering if those mRNA vaccines are particularly dangerous for people as compared to the standard type?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Dangerous in terms of increasing the chances that people will get sick, or have some kind of... What's the danger from that kind of vaccine?

A: Messing around with DNA is iffy at best. Because of genetic recombination, each individual is unique. The purveyors of vaccines such as this have not well considered that some individuals might be transformed into mutation and amplification and mass production factories of something way worse than Covid.

Q: (Joe) So is that the best bet then for a real plague? A real pandemic might come from the vaccine for Covid...

(L) A real, horrible pandemic might come from this vaccine interacting with the DNA of specific individuals. There may be a small percentage of them, but all it takes is one.

(Gaby) Or could it be more like... Ya know, it's the spike protein that is produced that is like HIV and also endogenous retroviruses that are already resident in our DNA that could be activated and behave like a Black Death. Or could it be something more like we'll be seeing a lot more cancer, for example?

A: Think something more like Black Death.

Q: (Gaby) Though certainly, we’ve already seen that COVID can amplify and accelerate already existing conditions. In another direction, we've been discussing on the forum about things we could take to protect us in case we have to be vaccinated. Will other people being vaccinated be a source of potential Black Death even if you don't get vaccinated?

(Joe) That was the idea. This mRNA vaccine causes your body to produce the spike protein from this coronavirus. Is it possible that within your body, that protein could be combined with some other more benign virus?

(Gaby) From what I understand, components of the spike protein are homologous to some of our endogenous retroviruses. They've found in our endogenous retroviruses even stuff that's similar to Ebola.

(L) In other words, sticking messenger RNA in a vaccine is a really, REALLY bad idea.

(Chu) And we wouldn't even need a cometary event to cause mass death on the planet?

A: Yes
(Joe) In all the vaccines they're releasing for Covid, is there any chipping, or...?

(Niall) They answered that. They suggested it themselves without us asking.

(Joe) Well, that was back then. Are there chips in any of the vaccines they're administering?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Which ones? Pfizer?

A: Selective and specific.

Q: (Joe) And what is the purpose of these chips that are administered selectively?

A: Control.

Q: (Joe) Control of individuals?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) What kind of control can they affect with those?

A: Tracking and other.

Q: (Joe) Can they have an influence on people's thoughts and behavior?

A: Not thoughts, but physiology.

Q: (L) So they don't need something like that for controlling thoughts. They've got other things for that. But they could probably put something in there that could trigger something that would go off in your body and like create an illness, or...

(Joe) Is that being done for experimentation purposes to do it on more people at a later point?

A: No. Raw control.

Q: (L) No experimenting necessary. They've already done that.

(Andromeda) Are they chips like we think of them, like computer chips? Or is it a higher technology?

A: Nano.

Q: (Joe) Is there anything specific about the people they select, or is it random?

A: Difficult to control.

Q: (L) Obviously, somebody who's easy to control would just, ya know...

(Joe) But then my next question is how do they decide who needs it...

(Niall) Maybe it depends on what they say on Facebook? Those who are dissident get targeted for a chip.

A: Knowledge protects. Review what you have learned about "alien" implants.

Q: (Pierre) But then the most uncontrollable ones won't get the vaccine. They'll refuse it.

A: True. Wishful thinking.

Q: (L) So it's wishful thinking on their part that they think they can get any uncontrollable people controlled?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) They will control the individuals that are already sheep.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay. Any other questions?

(Artemis) Who created this nanotech? Humans or aliens or inspired by aliens?

A: Both.
Q: (Pierre) When we asked months ago about the next big economic crisis, they said that it will start as usual with a manufactured crisis, but it will get out of hand. I was wondering if this pattern will be synchronous with the current sanitary situation? Fake pandemic, fake economic crisis, and then real pandemic and real economic crisis?

A: Sure.
That's elementary dear Pierre!

Q: (Pierre) It's not to me. Last one...
(Joe) Maybe partly, for some. Seems to me that the process of cultural, social and psychological/emotional disintegration is accelerating, especially in the USA. Going back to the virus issues: A larger than normal number of people died as a result of Covid-19 vaccines as compared to the flu vaccine, for example...

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Is there anything wrong with the non-mRNA vaccines? Is there anything bad about them?

A: Safer.

Q: (Pierre) Is the reason why the Western powers want to enforce the mRNA vaccines because they contain obedience sequences?

A: Yes
(L) Yeah, do we have any message for us here or our group?

A: Yes, you have a period of time in which to work while the reality is disintegrating around you, do not waste it!!! Goodbye.

(L) So that means they need to get on board with the romance reading project!

(Andromeda) Absolutely. No lazing about! Get to that romance novel! [laughter]

(L) Well... It's a crazy way to do it, but dammit it seems to work! I mean, reading through that thread, people were having insights all over the place. Many are really seeing themselves for the first time. We've tried every other method... And NOW, people are actually having insights into their own thinking, their own behavior, seeing themselves as others see them. It's QUITE remarkable.

[New title: Romantic Fiction, Reality Shaping and The Work]



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Note: The above 27 may be a page number from a book or a number to a footnote
Whether 19 or 119, (with 119 being reminiscent of 911) everything does not necessarily need to be taken literally:
It's the number of a footnote by Laura which states:
27 I am not sure of this figure. The early tapes were destroyed, and the notes have the number both ways with a couple of cross-outs.


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Q: (Alada) Another Ebola question: Are the false test results that were being given, is that because the virus is mutating so quickly?

A: It doesn't always show up as they would like. That is actually typical for many conditions
, however modern medical practitioners are rather attached to their tech and gadgets.

Q: (L) Well yeah, we know that. Remember when Sebastian had ehrlichiosis and they didn't find it in his blood test?

Just to note that a study from January 2021 in Nature seems to confirm the above from the C's. It revealed that Ebola may indeed linger with the potential of being infectious for up to several months after infection:

A substantial proportion of people who survive Ebola may produce a spike in antibody levels more than six months after they've recovered from the disease, according to a study published today (January 27) in Nature.

Analyzing multiple plasma samples from 51 survivors of the West African outbreak of 2013-2016, researchers found that the levels of virus-neutralizing antibodies declined, as expected, in the days and weeks following recovery. But these levels shot up again in some survivors around the 200- to 300-day mark before declining again — evidence that Ebola virus may be lingering inside their bodies and re-emerging to trigger immune defenses, the researchers conclude in their paper.

"The idea that there can be a source of virus that could restimulate the immune system isn't surprising" in itself, says Carl Davis, an immunologist at Emory University who was not involved in the work. "But the fact that they were seeing this so frequently and to such a big magnitude is really pretty shocking."

Since the West African epidemic, which claimed the lives of more than 11,000 people, there have been multiple reports of viral persistence in survivors. One 2016 study, for example, reported that 24 of 429 men in Liberia who had been infected with Ebola tested positive for viral RNA in their semen more than 12 months after they'd recovered from the disease, with one testing positive more than a year and a half after completing treatment. Viral RNA isn't necessarily evidence of infectious virus, but based on genomic and epidemiological data, researchers suspect that Ebola can be transmitted sexually by men several months after infection. [...]

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