Session 31 December 2020


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Belated thanks also from my side for this session! I hope Ark is doing much better again already. Wish him a swift recovery.

Ark is doing very well. He had his last chemo session and now, on to immunotherapy. All masses are gone according to the last PET scan. We are not yet out of the tunnel, but the light is growing bigger. Thank you for your good wishes.


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Heureuse de lire d'aussi bonnes nouvelles d'ARKIE... Merci Laura d'avoir pris le temps de les partagées...
Vous restez dans mes prières et mon coeur...

Happy to read such good news from ARKIE... Thank you Laura for taking the time to share them...
You remain in my prayers and my heart...

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Thanks for everything you do.
Good that Ark is well.
Thanks for sharing your situation with us. Keep us posted that all comes good.
I have made S100.0 donation.
I have an interview for a good job this week if successful I will share monthly donation, will share anyway, just not so much.
Out of something bad usually something good comes.
A few years back I only found out had serious heart infection when doing cycle race at altitude, all ok now. Without trying to do the race I would not have known.
So far this year I have kept telling everyone not to worry and have positive mindset, will just carry on.:-)
Now is not the time to give in, I will say a prayer for President Trump, the good people in USA, and the our 4th density friends.
$100 +5 from French lady this month
Few days ago I signed a new contract at work, yeeeeah !!!
Actually, only for 3 more months since the situation is not so well but I'm so happy
because I still have a job and I can share with you :hug2: So, donations will keep on coming.
And it's so nice and heartwarming to hear Ark is better and everything is ok (as it can be)
Thank you for everything :love: Shine on !
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