Session 9 April 2011


Very interesting session, thank you.

The reminder to call a spade a spade is always a good thing! :)


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Thanks for this. :) Always interesting and informative to see the dynamics at play and conversations had.

I hadn't realized so many were having the strange visions and hearing things (other people's 'thoughts' at times) it really ramped up in Feb-March for me and I wrote about experiences on the forum.

the comments on hygiene, physically and psychically, are also apropos.

timely and welcome reminders all round!

thanks for sharing,

kind regards.


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Ellipse said:
Here, I will express my point of view again about fried food, it should be removed from the diet. The fried part is just a dead part, this is ingesting very very low vibrations.

Do you have data to back up this statement Ellipse?

Frying with the wrong sort of oils (vegetable/soy oils - or oils that break down in the heat) would be bad for you. Frying in teflon would also be bad for you. Frying in stainless tell or cast iron, with animal fats or coconut oil on the other hand would be good for you (as the frying pan is neutral, and the fats are what the body needs and do not break down in the heat).

Whenever diet is mentioned, I'd always say (first above all else) make sure you are not eating gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and sugar. Are getting lots of (good) fats and high quality (organic) meat....and have tested you're sensitivity to foods (plants mostly).

Having said all that, I think you are taking the quote about diet out of context....

A: Watch the diet!

Q: (L) Does that mean as I think, being very careful about any carbs?

A: Yes.

Meaning having very few or zero simple carbs/sugars (e.g. no fruit). And limiting the amount of complex carbs you have. You're energy should be coming mostly from (good) this does not raise insulin levels and/or stress the adrenal glands out....among other things.


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Thank you for the session :D Been having interesting dreams lately about ground-to-ground tornados, may be my "tiger" dream, awareness of nature and fear. I'm learning much from exploring them.


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Thank you! This clarifies a few of the weird things going on here lately. (Here being around my house etc.) Looks like its time to ramp up EE and keep the TV off (unless its an exercise show.)

:hug: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :thup:


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Thank you so much for this important session! Had a feeling something was up since it has been the most intense time lately - not just for me but other people around as well.

Interestingly, this did accelerate around the time of the SuperMoon. I kinda explained the intensity directed at me as the Universe balancing off the positive input during the dance/celebration. Now, however, I see that it is a bit more complicated than just that. The diet is a given but being careful about the psychic influences sounds like really good advice, indeed. Awareness Protects.

Then this:

(Atriedes) It’s slightly personal. I’ve been having hallucinations. Like, I was drawing and I saw things in my drawing that were moving sometimes – and I keep hearing people say things that they’re not actually saying.

A: Cosmic changes!! DNA changes!

Q: (Atriedes) So, I’m not going insane?

A: No.

All I'm going to say is - Atreides, thank you very much for bringing it up. You rock, man - this is very important to other people in a similar situation because it can be quite disturbing and confusing. Validation of perceptions can only go so far - after that, high quality information about what is going on is essential.

That's just amazing stuff - I needed a cigarette after reading it. :cool2:

I just think that when you believe in the process - know even that the process is correct cause it feels so right, it resonates with you - and then follow the Path day by day, it just happens. The nature just takes its course and it requires trust and love and strength - and suffering. But it does happen. And now is certainly the "time" to get on with the program!

The rest of the session (and it's great, I love it!), I think is almost incidental to the above. That I consider to be the most important bit from the exchange. Well, that and of course this:

Q: (Galatea) Is that the same that is happening to me? I have been seeing things as well.

A: Yes. When you remember yourselves five or ten years ago, do you recognize the changes thus far?

Q: Everyone: “yes!”

A: Do you not suspect that these changes are also matched or mirrored in your most basic structure?

Q: (L) Hadn’t really thought about it.

A: This is how work on the self works! It prepares you for even more dramatic and rapid changes! And this is ”receivership capacity”.

Q: So, you’re saying when you work on yourself, and you change something from a certain level, that it acts on more fundamental levels even as far as your DNA? Which then enables you to receive finer or differently tuned energies, which can help to change you more? And if that happens, it enables you to achieve more and do more. Is that sort of what we’re getting at here?

A: Yes. Not quite clear as you put it; but close enough.

Q: (L) Do I need to be clearer?

A: When you do, you will.

So thank you again.



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Thanks for that. A few folk, myself included, had noticed some real problems with energy / negativity the last few weeks. For me it was the period running up to the supermoon, since then things have been steadily improving. The growing daylight hours really seems to be helping too, I have been supplementing with vit D having the sun return has been a real boost.


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Thank-you for the session and getting it out so quickly. Lots to ponder...really great. :)
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