Session 9 December 2017

Laura said:
(L) If psilocybin mushrooms are not producing spiritual experiences, what do they do?

A: They bind to neuroreceptors and block certain intense ego oriented thinking. This has the effect of allowing a mass of impressions coming to and through the sensorium to be apprehended. The effect is to make the individual less controlling in their thinking. These effects can be lasting.

Q: (Artemis) So it like dissolves boundaries in a way?

A: Yes
I think the expression "block certain ego oriented thinking" has been already termed as ego death. There is a researcher of ego death, whom I was following for many years on his Yahoo group His name is Michael Hoffmann. He came with a comprehensive entheogen theory of religion:

The Entheogen Theory of Religion and Ego Death explains what is revealed in religious revelation and in enlightenment, including the nature of personal control agency.

The essence and origin of religion is the use of visionary plants to routinely trigger the intense mystic altered state, producing loose binding of cognitive associations. This loose cognitive binding then produces an experience of being controlled by frozen block-universe determinism with a single, pre-existing, ever-existing future.

Experiencing this model of control and time initially destabilizes self-control power, and amounts to the death of the self that was conceived of as an autonomous control-agent. Self-control stability is restored upon transforming one's mental model to take into account the dependence of personal control on a hidden, separate thought-source, such as Necessity or a divine level that transcends Necessity.

Myth describes this mystic-state experiential insight and transformation. Religious initiation teaches and causes this transformation of the self considered as a control-agent, through a series of visionary-plant sessions, interspersed with study of perennial philosophy. Most modern-era religion has been a distortion of this standard initiation system, reducing these concepts to a weak interpretation that is based in the ordinary state of consciousness.
His web site with a lot more resources:


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Thanks for the session! So much to ponder.

The hints about the Vacuum and the information field are turning points to grasp, and then about what look like 'superhuman tricks' but it's always 3rd density after all. I'm a bit late with the suggested readings, thanks for the heads up on these subjects.


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Thank you for the thought provoking session!

I'd like to share an experience I had recently tied in with gravity which gave me a wee bit of understanding and food for thought. Since starting to read Laura's work and the C's sessions, the talk of gravity and unstable gravity waves has always been a mystery to me.

I had been contemplating the magnetic center for several days and reading the material i found here about that. My thoughts revolved around a sense I have sometimes which I consider to be this center. When I'm consciously connected to this (my true and higher self), the frazzled mind (and many I's) falls away and a simple, quiet guidance is present. If my center is in alignment with the benevolent faces of God then it becomes magnetic for "positive" experiences is my understanding.

So my intention was to be more in touch with my center and as I looked internally I caught a glimpse of something. It was a brief, full body sensation which may be a bit hard to explain. In a visual sense, it was similar to what one sees on a tv screen without a picture called snow but with a warm hue. There was a very slight feeling of weight and then the word "gravity" popped into my mind. With this so many things made sense in what the C's said about gravity which I found so baffling. God is gravity, gravity connects all creation. Gravity is the mind, being and substance of God, Everything has gravity and we all have that spark (God Sparks!).

I'm wondering how unstable gravity waves fit in with it all which make so many things possible such as popping into another dimension. At the human level it may be DNA changes. Cosmically it's the Wave, God being creative and in a state of flux. I'm not a quantum physicist so I can't get much deeper then that!

I've read inspiring posts in this thread about gravity waves and wanted to add my 2 cents. Acknowledging what has already been stated without quotes on my part.

Maybe I'm way off track but hopefully this may be helpful in some way.

edit: Forgot to add, I've also been thinking about the importance of "grounding" for ones "gravity", there might be a connection there, seems to make sense.


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Vivid memories of attempts at “the parlor trick” as we called it years ago. Four people surrounding a seated one, hands alternately extended over the seated ones head, never touching, then removed, in a clockwise sequence. Then the fingers beneath the knees and armpits. Sometimes nothing. But sometimes...amazing! On one occasion I was literally tossed at the ceiling! Thought I was going to smack right into it with my face. Coral Castle indeed! I was nearly weightless. The belief factor definitely mattered. If someone was determined it was impossible, they’d be dead weight. But with everyone in the right frame of mind....
Thanks again for this very interesting session.

It was fascinating to read that Vaccum contains information whose nature depends on STO/STS influence and interactions.
We did the lifting trick many years ago in my boarding school. The person to be lifted would just lie on the ground. And four or five of us would put our fingers under her head, and the body. I guess someone would recite a prayer and then we lifted up the girl. And it would work for everyone.

We also tried a simple ouija board with letters of the alphabet writteen on pieces of paper and arranged in a circle. We would use a small overturned coffee cup. But I always had suspicions that the cup was being moved consciously.

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Q: (L) Okay, well... Let me ask: Are there benefits to using psilocybin mushrooms or something like that?
A: For some, yes.
Q: (Pierre) We had this discussion. About the reset thing.
(L) If psilocybin mushrooms are not producing spiritual experiences, what do they do?
A: They bind to neuroreceptors and block certain intense ego oriented thinking. This has the effect of allowing a mass of impressions coming to and through the sensorium to be apprehended. The effect is to make the individual less controlling in their thinking. These effects can be lasting.
Q: (Artemis) So it like dissolves boundaries in a way?
A: Yes
In the book "How to Change Your Mind" by Michael Pollan, a part went into exactly what the C's said and the background theory reminds me of the bicameral mind theory regarding the past human brain activity being less ordered and more chaotic.

Once upon a time, Carhart-Harris writes, the human or protohuman brain exhibited a much more anarchic form of “primary consciousness,” characterized by “magical thinking”—beliefs about the world that have been shaped by wishes and fears and supernatural interpretation. (In primary consciousness, Carhart-Harris writes, “cognition is less meticulous in its sampling of the external world and is instead easily biased by emotion, e.g., wishes and anxieties.”) Magical thinking is one way for human minds to reduce their uncertainty about the world, but it is less than optimal for the success of the species.

A better way to suppress uncertainty and entropy in the human brain emerged with the evolution of the default mode network, Carhart-Harris contends, a brain-regulating system that is absent or undeveloped in lower animals and young children. Along with the default mode network, “a coherent sense of self or ‘ego’ emerges” and, with that, the human capacity for self-reflection and reason. Magical thinking gives way to “a more reality-bound style of thinking, governed by the ego.” Borrowing from Freud, he calls this more highly evolved mode of cognition “secondary consciousness.” Secondary consciousness “pays deference to reality and diligently seeks to represent the world as precisely as possible” in order to minimize “surprise and uncertainty (i.e. entropy).”

The article offers an intriguing graphic depicting a “spectrum of cognitive states,” ranging from high-entropy mental states to low ones. At the high-entropy end of the spectrum, he lists psychedelic states; infant consciousness; early psychosis; magical thinking; and divergent or creative thinking. At the low-entropy end of the spectrum, he lists narrow or rigid thinking; addiction; obsessive-compulsive disorder; depression; anesthesia; and, finally, coma.

Carhart-Harris suggests that the psychological “disorders” at the low-entropy end of the spectrum are not the result of a lack of order in the brain but rather stem from an excess of order. When the grooves of self-reflective thinking deepen and harden, the ego becomes overbearing. This is perhaps most clearly evident in depression, when the ego turns on itself and uncontrollable introspection gradually shades out reality. Carhart-Harris cites research indicating that this debilitating state of mind (sometimes called heavy self-consciousness or depressive realism) may be the result of a hyperactive default mode network, which can trap us in repetitive and destructive loops of rumination that eventually close us off from the world outside. Huxley’s reducing valve contracts to zero. Carhart-Harris believes that people suffering from a whole range of disorders characterized by excessively rigid patterns of thought—including addiction, obsessions, and eating disorders as well as depression—stand to benefit from “the ability of psychedelics to disrupt stereotyped patterns of thought and behavior by disintegrating the patterns of [neural] activity upon which they rest.”
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