Session 9 June 2018

Je vous suis depuis mai 2015, après le décès de ma Maman le 07 03 2015.
J'étais dévastée et je pense que c'est Maman qui m'a mis sur votre chemin de là où elle se trouve.
Quand je regarde en arrière, je ne me reconnais plus, gràce à vous, j'ai repris confiance, contact avec ma fille, je suis vos conseils à la lettre et si vous saviez comme je me sens bien et même tellement mieux malgré mon handicap, je me sens utile et j'ai retrouvé une famille...
J'éprouve pour vous Laura et les membres du forum, AMOUR et Gratitude...
Merci pour tout...

I have been following you since May 2015, after the death of my Mother on 07 03 2015.
I was devastated and I think it was Mom who put me in your way from where she is.
When I look back, I no longer recognize myself, thanks to you, I regained confidence, contact with my daughter, I follow your advice to the letter and if you knew how well I feel and even how much better despite my disability, I feel useful and I found a family...
I feel for you Laura and the members of the forum, LOVE and Gratitude...
Thank you for everything...
Something interesting out of Honolulu that maybe Cosmic Ray related. :whistle:

7 hikers airlifted from Diamond Head trail
Updated: Jun 17, 2018 06:15 PM HST Video / 01:59
HONOLULU (KHON2) - Honolulu fire officials say it's the largest amount of people rescued from a trail in a single day, seven hikers rescued from the Diamond Head trail today.

One was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

Fire personnel say the first call came in around 9 a.m. and shortly after, five more individuals—all un-related—needed to be rescued within the same time-frame. Shortly after noon, a seventh rescue was in progress.

"We saw the helicopter coming down to pick someone up and they wouldn't let us go to the top of that stairwell—they had already lifted one person out," said witness Russel Mason.

Officials say those rescued ranged from 10 to 60 years old and that heat and dehydration were the contributing factor.

Mason added that it was so hot at the top of Diamond Head that he and his wife needed to take breaks to cool off.

KHON2 spoke with 10-year-old Mia who suffered a heat stroke and was airlifted down this morning.

"It was very hot," she said. "I felt very dizzy and I felt like I was going to pass out."

Mia's parents say they had plenty of water and were close to the top when she started to look faint and then she began panting and was noticeably short of breath. Her mother adds that Mia has never had a heat stroke before and is usually active.

Mia's family members say the firefighters told them the air quality could have been the reason behind all the rescues.

Vog levels today were lower than yesterday, but still lingered. At the time of the rescues, there was little wind with temperatures in the mid-80s with very humid air.

"Diamond Head can get a bit grueling," said Dr. Darragh O'Carroll. "I would definitely take note and be cautious about exerting yourself more than you're use to in a stressful heat environment that you're not used to."

Diamond Head, Hawaii - Wikipedia
21°15′43″N 157°48′20″WCoordinates:
21°15′43″N 157°48′20″W
Highest point Elevation 762 ft (232 m) [1]

Kaalawai - Weather Forecast Maps | Ventusky -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

Furthermore, there are studies ( #1, #2, #3, #4) linking cosmic rays with cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in the general population. Our latest measurements show that cosmic rays are intensifying, with an increase of more than 13% since 2015:

On the "stagnation" topic, this does come up from time to time and I've learned to appreciate those times when it seems like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop because when things get heated up, it sure is hard to keep up. Remember this from that oh, so calm year, 2000???

23 Sept:

Q: Okay, I want to find out about this Jack and the Beanstalk and the "giant meaning"
you have talked about in the recent past. Not only that, but you have continuously hinted
that something is just around the corner, and we are getting to the point where we are
thinking that there is just simply not going to be enough time to do anything. Ark's got
800 pages of Maxwell to go through; he can't stop working to do that; 800 pages of
equations is a lot of work - like months of hard work - and, time is passing - four years
have gone by, and zip! I'm not getting impatient here, but time is going and you guys are
6th density and it means nothing to you... but we're getting older. What we are supposed
to do, if we are supposed to do something to make the connection for things to move?

A: You are so anxious. Perhaps you should examine the ground covered, or were you
just as close 10 years back?

Q: Well, ten years ago I didn't wear glasses. I didn't need 'em either! I could thread a
needle! I mean, this thing called time has a profound effect on physiology whether you
guys notice it or not!
I know, it's the soul that counts, but my thought is that we are in
these bodies, and it has been subtly suggested that we are in these present vehicles to DO

A: But is it not a great adventure?

Q: Well, lately it has been a lot of working and slaving. Working to pay the bills. Then
we had to survive this period when the company wasn't paying our invoices, so we had to
borrow on our credit cards, now we have to pay that back AND live at the same time. So,
boom! Work, work, work!

A: So maybe you should return to the way things were when we first contacted you?

Q: No! I'm not complaining!

A: Yes, you are, though in a gentle way.

Q: Well, I mean you did so much, you brought us together, did all these things... and...

A: And you think there is no more?

Q: Well, no... but...

A: But what?!?

Q: Well, we're together and we are happy. And because we are together and happy we
feel like we should be getting things accomplished
... that there are...

A: And you are not?

Q: Not in a big useful way.

A: So say you. Thank goodness you ain't an expert in this judgement arena!

Q: So, you are saying that, even though it appears to us on the surface that nothing is
happening, that at some level, something IS happening?

A: Oh, yeah!! So... Quit yer bitchin.

For my party this period of time is similar to the rest plant during the winter season, a vital moment before the spring.
And by the things that i lived in this period of this year, it looks like a reverse winter season, that will end more
in a fall than a spring... Even if in the season cycle we are already in springtime !!!
What a "messy" entropy !

Thank you to keep sharing and keeping and being the lighthouse.
Thank you, all of you, so much for doing this work and sharing everything on a continual basis, learned so much and in between running a busy household am reading, reading reading all recommended material and the threads and posts on the forum and doing my own research. I feel very grateful to be able to do that, work on self and try to be aware of all opportunities every moment and every person who crosses my path offers to be a better version of myself than i was yesterday (well said JP:)). Indeed, compassion and patience, love and gratitude as well as sharing are the beacons in the sea of chaos.

The past 6 months were very challenging; my partner got diagnosed with brain cancer, i had to be away from my daughters and cats for months, some people showing their true colours (here the thinking errors explained a.o. in the Samenow book and the information in the HDT book came in handy), medical and financial setbacks, and so on, the works! Releasing attachment to outcome, releasing self-importance, seeing the people around me, trying to be of service every day, feeling pain and despair, putting my faith in the benevolence of the universe (14 april session) whatever the outcome, all this i could not have done without the knowledge and wisdom gleaned from this forum.
Anyhow, just wanted to say a big heartfelt Thank You.
The past 6 months were very challenging; my partner got diagnosed with brain cancer

So sorry to learn of this. My brother was diagnosed last Oct. He's had several setbacks including brain seizures and pulmonary/leg blood clots. Medical cannabis would probably be an enormous help, but the obstacles to that are mighty especially as it's legality is quite limited. Thought I'd pass this on just the same:

There are actually over 60 cannabinoids in cannabis, but the second most abundant one, cannabidiol (CBD), has been found to inhibit and/or kill a wide range of cancers in the animal model, including gliobastoma (a difficult-to-treat type of brain cancer), breast, lung, prostate, and colon cancer.

Why is cannabis criminalized if it can kill "incurable" brain cancer? --
From forum post by Gaby:
In the past, when researching miracle cures I came across the component of cannabis, only that it seemed at that the time that intratecal (spinal) delivery was best because the fatty composition of the blood brain barrier became saturated very easily, obstructing further passage of the chemical into the brain.

The other thing is that there were a couple of seemingly reliable testimonials of people with brain cancer who had good results with vitamin B17. We discussed this recently on the iodine thread and I summarized a couple of key points here:

Amygdalin – Cure or Poison? | The Health Matrix

It includes a testimonial from a correspondent whose wife healed from metastatic cancer with amygdalin.

[BTW - B17/Amygdalin is also known as laetrile]

That is something you can get easily over the internet. A correspondent passed me the following book:

WORLD WITHOUT CANCER : G. Edward Griffin : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

It can be downloaded above (The Internet Archive) as a PDF. Correspondent says: "You might enjoy reading the book by G. Edward Griffin entitled "World Without Cancer". The first part is about HOW and WHY amygdalin works. The second part which is equally intriguing, is about the politics behind the amygdalin phenomenon."
Info here should be helpful:
My brain cancer story: DCA and glioma

This thread also useful - - and I believe I pulled the following from a DCA website linked on that thread:

I have finished my dca and can report my tumour has completely disappeared.
I have also been doing monthly courses of temodal (chemo for glioblastoma) and a chez drug avosan.
I am not sure what did it who knows but maybe the dca.
I have now run out but wanted to buy some more.
Do you have any information on prolonged use of it. as not sure whether I should keep taking it as a preventative. Anyway I will continue doing the chemo for another few months so would like to take dca intermittently over that period too.
(Editor Note: He had had GBM before and had surgery but it came back within 4 years – Sept 2011 GBM returned – ordered and began DCA in October and Tumor Completely gone by early February 2012 – Doctor verified and shocked it disappeared so quickly.

Glioblastoma and Brain Cancer Testimonials Using PureDCA. How To Buy

[See also: ]
Another possibility:
'Quitting Carbs Saved my Life!' - Cancer Victim With Inoperable Brain Tumor and Just Months to Live Embraces the Ketogenic Diet

From another forum member post:
To put this into context:
It’s a real shock when you get the cancer diagnosis. From my experience and from talking to others what follows next is a huge panic-like push from conventional medicine to get you into their treatment system. Often the rush seems to be totally unwarranted, yet they push hard and fast to get you hooked into their system.

With a reference of alternative treatments and case examples of how they’ve worked for people then it will be easier to face the cancer diagnosis and resist the huge push to get hooked into conventional medical treatment. It would offer some true helpful alternatives to an otherwise potentially very grim future.

I sincerely hope all the above will be useful to you. I can empathize as to how overwhelming the situation is including attempting to get good info for treatment that can actually make a difference. Good luck to you and your partner as you face this daunting challenge. :flowers:
Hi Team, thank you for the session.

or maybe it refers to other groups similar to this one ... "alchemists", etc.

Funny you say that Armagelipsis because I've been trying to write a post for months putting together my 'C's dreams and Alchemy is pretty much the guts of it :-)

I had a dream yesterday after having read the transcript and in the dream I was gathered with others from here and pondering what would be the best weapon for defence, a sword, a stick or a beachball? In the dream I saw that the best was to be flexible and let the moment 'dictate'...

G'day Aeneas and thank you too mate.

I've been pondering for days how I was going to reply to this session and then I had a dream last night too.

In it found myself in the town where I was born at a house on '3rd St' (that'd mean here in 3D I suspect :)) and there was a beautiful girl with me who I used to go school with, 'her' name was Sharon McMahon.

Looking into the meaning of these names it turns out that 'Sharon' apparently derives from the valley of Charon in Palestine and happens to be mentioned in ch.2 v.1 of the 'Song of Solomon' where the speaker (the beloved) says "I am the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley".

With 'McMahon' an anglicised form of the Gaelic 'Mac Mathghamha' meaning 'of the bear'

Which happened to bring Laura to mind -

'...while there are many local terms for a male shaman, there is only one for a female shaman. Shamanism, it seems, was formerly a woman’s activity. In one Tartar dialect, utygan, the word for a woman-shaman, also means “bear”...'

And in the dream 'Sharon' happened to be in a rather amorous frame of mind (and naked) leading me boldly to my 'Mothers' darkened bedroom where she told me her surname was Spencer?

Which means the one who dispense provisions, such as a steward.

At which point I became reluctant realising 'she' had history with a friend of mine whose been mentioned previously.

The Father of Kore.

Who also happens to be Irish and 'Pearce' is his middle name.


'...When we look into the name Perceval, we find the first thing that we notice is its similarity to Persephone. It is thought that the name was derived from the name of the Welsh demigod Peredur or Paladrhir whose name meant “Spearman with a Long Shaft.” (Don’t laugh! There’s more to this than meets the eye!) This has often been compared to an ancient appellation of Osiris, which was “Mummy with a Long Member.” So, it has been assumed that Perceval means “He Who Pierces the Valley,” in terms of sexual connotation...'

Anyway, after an extended period of very 'steamy' canoodling I eventually succumbed to 'Sharon's' affections and reached down to a bedside drawer, finding that it contained a single, gold wrapped prophylatic! Which I removed and held up to show her, whereby she kissed me on the head and the dream moved on :whistle:

The word 'Prophylactic', from the Greek prophulaktikos, from pro ‘before’ + phulassein ‘to guard’.


A: To serve and protect.

Bringing me back to 'he who pierces the valley' and the subject of defense vs attack-

'...Notice the all-important point that the shamanic knight, Perseus did not “fight” anyone; he merely held up the head of the Gorgon...'

And on waking from this dream there happened to be a Van Halen song playing in my head.

Of Nordic origin, 'Van' indicative of vanguard or denoting one from Vann (reminiscent of the Vanir, such as Freya for example) and 'Halen' meaning Hall or Hall of Heroes (i.e. Valhalla).

A: You have other "true" children to create the defense. All should think of the "Queen Bee" and the goose and the golden egg. It is not over by a longshot.

And as mentioned previously I was a little unsure of how to reply to this session because I've only just got home from a few weeks away and as is usually the case when I'm unsettled my dreams take on a very different flavour.

Coincidentally on the 9th and 10th (Western Australia is 6 hours ahead of France so the date of the session seems notable) I had a couple of particularly torrid nights that left me exhausted. I won't go into the detail but interestingly every time I woke up (which was many) an unfamiliar song was blasting in my head, with the lyrics -

'Howl like a wolf
And a witch will open the door
Follow me and meet our High Priestess

Come, come into my Coven
And become Lucifer's Child '

Which again brought to mind the Cassiopaean experiment

(L) So, at some level we have chosen the mess we are in and that is the Super Ancient Legend of the Fallen Angel, Lucifer. That is us.

And after a little searching I found that the song 'Into the Coven' is off an album, released in 1983, by the Danish band 'Mercyful Fate' -


Note the name of the album ?

Yeah it seemed a funny coincidence to me too because the band Metallica actually released a homage to Mercyful Fate on their 1998 album Garage Inc, whereby they covered 'Into the Coven' and their version I am familiar with :cool:.

So it was assumed the Nordic and Melissa references were meant to catch the attention?

And after 2 years of goddess dreams one recognises that 'Melissa' literally describes 'The Queen Bee', the common epithet of the Great Mother Goddesses such as Isis, Demeter (Kore, Persephone & Hecate in triple form), Artemis, Diana and so on.

A: And who was "Kore?"

Q: (L) Was this Abraham's daughter?

A: It was the last living member of the Perseid family.

Q: (L) Was it a male or female?

A: Female.

Q: ...On several occasions you have described Cassiopaea or the Cassiopaeans,... as being the 'front line of the universe's system of natural balance.' ... and you said that Isis was a 'vanguard.' Now, it seems to me that something that is at the front line is also a vanguard...In reading through all the various myths and legends, it occurs to me that the similarity between the imagery of Queen Cassiopaea and Isis is quite striking. What is the relationship between Queen Cassiopaea, archetypally speaking, and Isis?

A: Subliminal.

And after many Celtic / Nordic dreams I've also started to wonder if when the 'C's mentioned that finding a 'Nordic' may be of assistance,
that they don't mean a 7ft towering blonde from Betelgeuse or somewhere but actually mean an emissary of the Goddess?

In the case of the Danes anyway it's not a very far jump from Den, Dania or Dan to Danu (and therefore Cassiopaea) and the 'mark' in Denmark / Danmork is related to territories that contain guardians.

'...a march was a border between realms, and/or a neutral/buffer zone...'

Q: (Artemis) People protect you with their psychic defense.

(Pierre) Even when they're sleeping!

And once this phenomenon was personally recognised last year (as touched on here), I finally started to get the gist of how I might be able to contribute to the team?

(L) Alright, I want to ask about my PMM2-CDG gene. Is there some advantage conferred by being a carrier of this gene?

A: Indeed! Your uniquely open nervous system.

Because as the son of widow, a man and a father I reckon I can 'protect and serve' both awake and dreaming.

Officium ante seipsum my friends


So sorry to learn of this. My brother was diagnosed last Oct. He's had several setbacks including brain seizures and pulmonary/leg blood clots. Medical cannabis would probably be an enormous help, but the obstacles to that are mighty especially as it's legality is quite limited. Thought I'd pass this on just the same:

Thank you so much for all the info Jeep, very sorry to learn about your brother and i hope you can find some cannabis somewhere. I sure will study the materials you provided.

In the meantime I can report that in partner's case it was a meningioma, size of an orange, which was taken out and pathologist report came back that it was grade 1, very very relieved. There are 3 more small meningioma's in the brain, but they (indeed main stream medicine) monitor by mri and are somewhat positive they will grow no further. We have been on a low carb high fat diet for 1,5 years now, should have helped and we are very aware of how nutrition creates/influences disease. I was amazed in the hospital how none of the brain surgeons (some as young as 37!) ever asked about partner's diet and while in hospital, he was put on a "high protein" diet offering him Ice Cream (and other processed foods as well as lots of wheat and grain products)!! Unbelievable...pure poison according to Dr Gerson already in the 1930's (The Gerson Therapy, The proven nutritional program for cancer and other illnesses, by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, D.P.M.). So indeed a good idea to be cautious when dealing with main stream medicine and of course we have 2 main stream doctors in the family, which really helps one to stand up to your local garden variety petty tyrants :-P!

So for now, out of the woods, still recuperating, getting him off the Keppra (anti-convulsant drug, also not the best pills to take: Perpetual use of anti-epileptic drugs can increase your risk of dementia by 30% -- soonest and come out of this stronger and better.

Good luck to you and your brother, Jeep.

The Secret Wars Being Fought In the Minds of Americans
17 hours ago Paul Kindlon
"Unable to openly and passionately engage in verbal conflict through rigorous debate lest one be found out, Americans leave the fighting to others. Journalists, Actors, Comedians and Politicians are the proxy soldiers in an on-going bitter conflict."

I live in Buffalo, New York - literally walking distance from the Peace Bridge to Canada.

Life here in America, however, is anything but peaceful. For there are two wars happening in this country.

The private internal war and the public "proxy war".

When I re-patriated to "the States" after twenty-five years in Russia, my first impression was that - on the whole - people here are in acting-mode. Everyone is loud and "larger than life" like stage actors in a theatrical performance.

In a very competitive society where winning is everything, the winner nowadays is the best actor. I suspect that is how Obama became president and also how Trump became president. Both master performers albeit using different styles.

And that's what it's all about - style. Content is actually secondary. Sometimes even arbitrary. In Buffalo (the city of good neighbors) everyone tries to out do each other in terms of friendliness. In the second largest city in New York State, total strangers act as if they've known you for years. Smiling at you on the street and saying "Hey how are you?" enhusiastically. It's nice. But not particularly real. Actually very little is real here. Fantasy rules the day.

Americans pretend to be happy while they battle their demons in a fierce and tormented internal struggle.

You would never know that poverty in America is at an unusually high level and that most young people are dying inside from the confusion and anxiety brought on by the social engineering forcing them to conform to "progressive" ideas, beliefs and values that they are not allowed to first think about and debate openly with friends and colleagues.

With a bleak financial future ahead of them young people in particular are hyper-sensitive and filled with trepidation. Yet they must smile - cheerfully say HEY! - and live in a fantasy world they despise yet cannot escape. Except through Opioids, Heroin or anti-depressents. The private internal conflcit remains hidden until one day the psychological dam bursts producing a torrent of violence manifested as a homicide/ suicide or school shooting.

The second war going on is more public, yet somewhat veiled in nature.

Unable to openly and passionately engage in verbal conflict through rigorous debate lest one be found out, Americans leave the fighting to others. Journalists, Actors, Comedians and Politicians are the proxy soldiers in an on-going bitter conflict. This allows the vast majority of Americans to release their pent up rage and tension safely and vicariously - a form of social catharsis.

Historians believe that every war has a "turning point" and it appears as though America is close to one
. I'm referring to "Russia-Gate" - the supposed Russian meddling in the recent presidential election. What is ironic is that it is becoming clearer that the meddling was not done by a foreign entity. but a domestic one - the FBI. Needless to say, elements within the FBI have powerful allies in the Deep State who will use their positions to hide the whole truth from the American public.

If they fail, this secret war could quickly transform into open conflict - a civil war that will tear this country apart.
So for now, out of the woods, still recuperating
That is terrific news - so glad for both of you! Yeah, mainstream medicine can be deadlier than the cancer!!! You seem to have a very good handle on things and what to watch out for. I'm sure it frustrates you to have to use conventional & problematic drugs for seizures when cannabis has been proven to work w/o side effects. It's all really quite maddening!

Again, very positive outlook and thanks, too, for your best wishes.
Another energetic session from Queen Bee and her army of bees. We are soaking up the honey(sweet information) It is indeed a great feeling to be a part of this group.As a fairly new member i have to be working very wisely to manage my time so as to increase my brain capacity with all the books recommended on the forum. I wouldn't mind things remain inactive for a while base on the amount of work new members like myself have to accomplish.
Thanks Scotte for explaining correctly C's caution statement on the current Energy from the Sun.
Roger Craig recent interview on the Liberal Deep State

Published on Apr 9, 2018 / 14:58
Roberts states that: "Free speech is becoming associated with facism, because what free speech does is that it allows you to say something that challenges the ruling ideology. And they don't want to be challenged. So, to protect the ideology from challenge, they call the people telling the truth for facists. That's the way it works and that's what political correctness boils down to." "The neo-cons don't care if their position is based on objective truth, anything that challenges it is wrong and evil. And the favorite word for that is facism. So now, all kinds of people, whistle blowers, truth tellers all are told they are facists."

Off Topic!

Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the Guardian Lie!
Published on Feb 16, 2015 / 3:50

Dominique Strauss-Kahn FR
Nov 4, 2017
Ancien Directeur Général du Fond Monétaire International (FMI)
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The insanity in California.

Published on Jun 21, 2018 / 7:38
Actor tweets derogatory comments on first family and Trump administration officials.

Jun 21, 2018 (Baghdad By The Bay)
Jackson Bird came out as a transgender man at 25. Growing up without any role models, he felt as if he were alone in the world. Now he makes YouTube videos and hosts the podcast "Transmission" to help everyone better understand the transgender community.

Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy - Wikipedia
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