Session 9 June 2018


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Thanks for sharing an interesting session!

Q: (L) So it's not just the Earth that opens up and volcanoes and earthquakes that open up, but also people can open up and their genes can manifest?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Is being able to fly on the menu if you want to now?

A: No

Q: (Artemis) Not yet?! [laughter]
So..... you're telling me there's a chance? :lol:

A: Indeed. But do not get misled by labels because the right has similar tendencies.
Good to keep in mind for sure, that is one of the big lessons for me from the last presidential election and post-Trump fallout.

Some weeks ago, I had a dream about [name deleted]. In that dream, he was trying to attack me and others/everyone here. I took a gun and I shot him in the head. Somehow that stopped him, but he wasn't dead. It just stopped him for some reason. What was that dream symbolic of?

A: Not symbolic; direct psychic defense.
This is pretty interesting. I have dreams like this frequently, just had one a few nights ago. Usually I am protecting someone, or 2-3 people from attackers who may be people with guns, zombies, dinosaurs, or "aliens" and I have a gun or some other weapon that I use on the attackers. 3-4 years ago the people I was trying to protect were clueless and would wander around opening doors and letting the attackers in, and my weapons were usually ineffective so I would end up fighting the attackers with my bare hands. More recently my weapons work on the attackers and the people I'm protecting in the dream are aware of the attackers and help me out. Maybe my psychic defenses are getting stronger. :huh: :cool:


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Thank you for another super useful session Laura and the Crew! :wizard::flowers:

A: Just remember that periods of apparent stasis are not necessarily bad. Sometimes Being needs to catch up with Doing. Patience and dedication are key. It is impossible for us to give predictions of exactly when dramatic changes will take place due to the many variables in an open universe. But be assured that things are definitely on the move in cosmic and psychic spheres. Keep your eyes open and be aware at all levels and don't be taken unawares.

Gotta love the C's! :love:

Thanks for another informative session! 😊 I, too felt the sun was more aggressive lately. It's nice to have the C's confirmation of that. Umbrellas and D3 supplements it is!!!
Yeah, same here. I made a comment to someone recently that spring and summer sun should feel warm and pleasant and there's been this strange sharpness to it recently. It's nothing huge but it kind of feels more like autumn sunshine to me, not summer.

I thought it was just my impression and I was imagining things though!


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L) Yeah, so that seems to be the thing to do. Oh, I told Beau I would ask a question about Renaissance and his hives. But I think he's already sorted it out because he started taking care of his intestines. Is the way Renaissance is going the right way to deal with his hives?

A: Yes. Psychically the colon takes out the trash. He needs to do that mentally and emotionally as well.

As someone who happens to experience skin issues too, I was wondering if it's OK to ask how specifically Renaissance has been taking care of his intestines?


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Thanks for another informative session! 😊 I, too felt the sun was more aggressive lately. It's nice to have the C's confirmation of that. Umbrellas and D3 supplements it is!!!

Thank you for the session. Me on the contrary I feel the sun less strong, and that makes me feel sad. Just some days suddenly the sun is very hard, like before a storm.

Many things to think about the session. Thanks to everybody.


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Thank you very much for this session. I feel it is a very significant session, like walking along the road and meeting a sign post that opens up new vistas for the ongoing journey. Maybe I am mistaken, but I can't help imagine that in ten and twenty years, in decades from now, when reviewing the many sessions, we will be talking about the "Queen Bee" session, or which ever the name it will settle down with, and among those familiar with the sessions in general, everybody will know which one we will be talking about.


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That was a fascinating session. I was out in the sun today for about 3 hours. Temperature was 42 C with high humidity. Had to go home and recover! Will definitely try to limit my time in the sun now. Thank you for a great session.

Kay Kim

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Thank you very much for new interesting information.
So, it is more than ever, time for us to stay connected to Forum and learn “patience” and “dedicate” ourselves to be stay on STO paths.


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(Pierre) I have a last question if we're done with this topic. Putin mentioned that the euro will be under attack in the coming six months. We have a BIG bill to pay. So either we pay very quickly and maybe reduce the amount, or we try to wait as much as possible and the amount will be larger. But if the euro collapses, maybe the second solution is best. Which of the two options should we follow?

A: Try to drag it out if possible.
Great session! I wonder what this means for the economy. Can we expect the economy to dramatically worsen by the end of the year? I wonder if the euro collapses, does it mean the pound and dollar collapse too. It all doesn't sound good.

As for the whole postmodernism thing, I think equal, if not more attention should be given to the right. The left's craziness is causing a backlash. But so far as I can see, this backlash looks ugly, mostly composed of people that can't see further than their feet. Besides, as Cs said, the right exhibit same tendency as left to me. The only difference is that the right is ok with objective truth.


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Interesting as always, thanks for sharing!

The past half year or so, I've sensed less activity by members on the forum (myself included). Indeed, it has felt like a 'stand still', and it has made me a bit worried. However, reading what the C's said, it might just be the calm before the storm!
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