Session 9 June 2018


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Thank you very much for the session.
I feel that the previous session and this one are very complementary when we talk about the Tower of Babel. Can one consider that the Bacchanalia of Dionysus is a path to the dehumanization of the human being making him believe that he is a God, with the divine right of pleasure and absolute truth?
Is uncontrolled pleasure a FRV way to manipulate us used by 4D STD beings?

(Pierre) The similarity with the Tower of Babel is that those people got together to become gods. It's the same as what the left is doing because they deny nature and the objective nature of the universe. And then they create “their” truth, and what they say is the truth, so they replace god.

(L) So in other words, this whole left attempt to take over our world is sort of what 2nd Thessalonians referred to as man attempting to take the seat of god in the temple, so to speak?

A: Yes. The Beast.


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Thanks for another informative session! 😊 I, too felt the sun was more aggressive lately. It's nice to have the C's confirmation of that. Umbrellas and D3 supplements it is!!!

Indeed! I feel sort of vindicated for not wanting to be in the sun despite hearing so much about the possible benefits. :-P

And thank you so much for the interesting session! :flowers:

As for bees, there are these new findings. Apparently bees understand the concept of zero.


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Thanks everyone for another amazing session!! :thup:

As far as worker bees go does that just pertain to the people your surrounded by or does it also include the people that keep all of you in our thoughts?


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Thanks for this fascinating session!

Laura said:
... Basically, the it was said that the plan was to get bodies to resonate in such a way that 4D STS could download directly - if only temporarily - into this reality. So, is that what is happening with a lot of these groups of leftists and postmodernists inspired by Jung and the postmodernist philosophers and sociologists?

A: Indeed. But do not get misled by labels because the right has similar tendencies.

I just thought about that the other day. Reading about the mindset of the criminal in "Inside the criminal mind", I think it's safe to say that the "criminal mind" represents the STS path: self-centredness, thinking you can "wish things into reality", forcing everyone to conform to your whims, the delusion that you're a good person when you're not, blaming others for everything, rebellion against any norm that stands in your way or that you simply don't like etc. etc.

So I thought back about my own behavior in the past that was in line with the "criminal mind" and how exactly this unfolded and what my thought patterns were (and still are to an extent). And I think ideologies played a crucial part - especially leftist ideology with which I grew up. For example, I would blame the school system if I had trouble focusing. I thought that I'm "unique" and treated unfairly. I thought that "rationality" could be evil and we should be allowed to follow our "creative impulses". That conformity was for the stupid who didn't understand. And the list goes on and on.

However, I also had a phase as an adolescent where I embraced a more right-wing neoliberalism: At the time (late 90ies), I was deeply into computer programming, setting up websites and so on and even earned a little money on the side while still going to school. So I thought I will eventually start my own internet business and get rich quick - who needs formal education! Everyone should do what he likes and success makes you right. I used this as another justification not to deliver at school and get "off the hook". Like with the criminals Samenow describes, it never occured to me that setting up a business is terribly hard work, often with a "negative income" at the beginning! Again, my actions and thoughts were opposite to a responsible life, this time fueled by neoliberal ideology.

Interestingly, Sebastian Haffner in Defying Hitler described a similar dynamic going on in Germany in the 20ies: there was a huge gold rush of youngsters speculating at the stock markets and getting rich. They completely dismissed the wisdom of the elders and the past and thought they can create their own rules, "playing god" essentially. Haffner describes this as an important development in his generation necessary to understand the rise of Hitler.

What I'm saying is that everything that strengthens our criminal mind and can be used as justifications for "criminal" behavior and thought patterns is toxic, no matter if it's coming from the left, the right or any other ideology. What these toxic ideologies have in common I think is that they are revolutionary in nature, try to do away with traditional rules/natural law and can serve as excuses for our own shortcomings. We literally "download" these ideologies because they are so convenient, and maybe in a more esoteric sense, we "download STS beings".

Right now we have a situation where much of the Western world is in the death-grip of leftist postmodernist ideology, which has deep roots in the psychoanalytic movement. I often wondered about the Cs' comment that Nazi Germany was a "practice run" - how could a new Nazi Germany emerge if they tried this already and people would immediately recognize it were it to happen again? Easy: you just cloak it in leftist, hip ideology and brazingly make it look as if it's against fascism (Antifa etc.)! Add a totally insane postmodern philosophy to the mix that is so ridiculous and obscure and so opposite to reality that most people don't even realize how our culture is in its grip until it's too late and voilà - now people are slowly realizing that they are afraid to say "1+1=2" OR they have "downloaded" the ideology to such an extent that they think they are god and truth is whatever they want - they are possessed by the STS criminal mind and wreck havoc while believing they are "good persons".


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Thank you for sharing another great session! All the research into Jung's philosophy and its consequences related to the post-modernism nihilism we see everywhere today, that is invaluable. With each new session we have the opportunity to apply all this knowledge and streghten the group, Laura and all. My aim is to be as compassionate and patient as Laura, being open and learning and sharing all the time. Thank you again for offering us such a perspective and example.


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Thank you for communicating and transcribing another inspiring session. Your on going work is without a doubt opening me up to greener pastures as I struggle to maintain balance and tolerance within the madness out there. I was concerned about post modern media lately and how it’s permeated nearly every nook and cranny of society and culture. My main concern is that I don’t feel I’m particularly suited to be a voice against something that was so ingrained into my consciousness for so long. Much of what I’m experiencing these days is mainly self scrutiny and self loathing for past attitudes and behaviours. Any time I want to offer advice or wisdom I’m reminded of my past self and it stops me in my tracks. Nonetheless, I appreciate this platform and believe some how it will help steer me into a position suitable to offer assistance when the time is required. This work is truly appreciated and this session made my day a lot brighter. Thanks again.
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