Session 9 September 1995


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Mikel said:
Thank You guys!!!

This sentence was not clear for me. I should have search better on the forum as I found this one precious thread nearby :-[. I am sorry for noise.,38306.15.html
Hello Mikael, I see that this subject obsesses you, because cest the second time when to speak to you about it. I too, thought a lot on this matter for two years, and I do not know if I have to progress. But this is what I think:
We need feelings to progress, because the emotion it is the information and the knowledge. However when we possess, suffisament of 3D knowledge, we do not any more need to fall in the torments of the feelings (emotions). Our emotions are more refined, and more serene. Our emotions are close to the fullness. The emotional storms train no more veils (illusion), our vision is not more " lilmitée ", but "unlimited", we perceive the next density. I do not see otherwise.. :halo:
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