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"When I went home from Debrechyn" - old Ruthenian-Ukrainian folk song in modern arrangements (with thoughts about Ark's good working mood - from his first motherland):

Free translation:

When I went home from Debrechyn,
The black hen has stopped me on the road.
Go, go, a black hen, home,
Do not stop, do not stop anybody on a way home.

When I went from Debrechyn to Hust,
I have found the embroidered headscarf.
Oh, do my darling or not my darling sewed it,
Only that it was embroidered.

As we went home from Borciyov,
About that evening we will not tell to anybody.
My darlind so strongly hugged me
Do you love me, will you take me, because I'm so powerless without you.

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NICE BIG AUNTIE HEALTH (Hezký tetičko zdraví velký šenov)


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thank you caballero for opening the thread and to all for posting and showing such beautiful songs, these songs are truly a treasure of our culture,a true reflection of us as human beings as loving and creative souls ,in particularly thank you Percival I've listened a few songs of legendary Irish band Planxty ,very beautiful songs definitely i will look to find more of their songs and caballero also thanks to you i remembered one of the bands which I've listened a few years back and after i just forgot about it, the band is LIUBA/Любэ .

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Thanks everyone for sharing these songs. Of all the musics I play, I love the music from this part of the world the best. I am so excited since I will go this summer to study some of this music with Roma musicians (I play truba, their version of trumpet). Very passionate music, if occasionally irreverent :P

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Two musical Gems with ANDO DROM--Hungarian group:


Make way, children,
Let the old man dance
When the old man dances
He taps on for twenty-one days.

Two, two, twelve
I'll kiss her mouth
Her mouth is of silver,
a kind little child she is.

O let me die
if I don't tell the truth
Her mouth is of silver,
a kind little child sh


Amari Szi Amari (KEREN CHAVE Version) for the movie "Everything is Illuminated."
Everything Is Illuminated is the first novel by the American writer Jonathan Safran Foer, published in 2002. It was adapted into a film by the same name starring Elijah Wood and Eugene Hütz in 2005.(wikipedia)

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Gogol Bordello aka Eugene Hutz. Singer






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Speaking of Eastern European music, I especially like traditional Hungarian folk songs with modern arrangement.

Here are some samples from my favourite band called NOX.

The first one is called "Hull a szilva":

the second one is called "Hej Dunarol":

Notice the dancing. It seems like Irish, but it is in fact traditional Hungarin dancing. They are alike and I believe they come from a common ancestry (which Celts and Scythians shared e.g. Arian).

In this second video you can also see original Hungarian alphabet called Rovásírás very similar to the Scythian alphabet, or even Runes.

Anyhow, the music is very nice and I love the simple traditional folk tunes from this part of Europe.

EDIT: one more song: "Somoru Angyal" or Sad Angel. This is NOX's own song with a nice folk tune, but modern rock sound and nice traditional dancing:


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Thanks Obi for sharing, though I was raised in Hungary and have heard of Nox, I never took the time to check them out.

Some of my favorites include Kerekes Band, especially this one song called 'Csango Boogie' [live]. It's basically folk music with a modern funky twist.

Ghymes - Tanc a hoban (Dance in the snow)
We actually used this song for a performance in high school and the Eastern elements are more obvious in it.

Another Hungarian band I love is Besh O Drom, though they combine a lot of folk music from different places, including the Eastern European block, the whole Balkan peninsula, gypsy and klezmer music and others.
Besh O Drom - Tortapapir
The next one is their tribute song to Django Reinhardt called 'Csango Menyhart'
Cigansko Oro
Lake Jakha

Recently, I've found this Hungarian 'parody' of different styles, playing the same Hungarian folk song, recorded in 1974 I think, Argyelus Kismadar

Other Gypsy music:

Mitsoura - Devat Ku

Ando Drom - Kanak Szomasz
Ando Drom - Pundela

Mitsoura apparently was the lead singer of Ando Drom, they sound pretty good.
But the next Hungarian Gypsy band has become an instant favorite, as they seem to play the most authentic gypsy music:
Parno Graszt ~ Cáde shucár
Parno Graszt A kocsmába
Parno Graszt - Duj kámel mán

Another authentic Hungarian Gypsy band:
Kaly Jag - Kucu banda

A little Romanian (I can't speak for authenticity in this case):
Maria Lătăreţu - Mai ţii minte măi dragă Marie

A favorite song from a former Yugoslavian band Bijelo Dugme (of which Goran Bregovic was a member), Djurdjevan

Serbian Gypsy music:
Saban Bajramovic - Bubamara

and a more recent Serbian Gypsy band, KAL:
Midnight Walk
Boro, Boro

And last but not least, something I also just found, Goran Bregovic featuring the Gypsy Kings, song is called Balkaneros

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KOSTAS MARTAKIS (Κώστας Μαρτάκης) Greek Singer.

KANO O TI THES (I Do Everything You Want)
You want it so much
you want it
a sign for a contact you send me
one more
sight you give me
I saw everything in your face
simply follow your instict

my target
is not bad
I'll do everything you want
don't let time to pass
i'll do everything you want

the script is unpredictable
in the next moment
i'm ready, i do everything you want
i do everything you want, i do everything you want

You search it so much
yeah you search it
don't mess up the time
enjoy it
one more
sight you give me
I saw everything in your face
simply follow your instict

Life needs risk sometimes
the usual way doesn't guide you everywhere
now we need risk here and nowhere else
don't put everything in mind's mixer




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Here there are some Romanian Traditional songs played with local instruments



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edgitarra said:
Here there are some Romanian Traditional songs played with local instruments


Welcome to the forum edgitarra. :)

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Nice videos, Edgitarra, the dress of the musicians and dancers reminds me natives of various parts of Mexico, and the violins of Taraf de Haidouks, interpreting "Tarceasca" reminded me: "spanish violins"

"City of Mexico" mariachi.

Helmut Zacharias's version.


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Herr Eisenheim said:
here is something slightly different, it is a traditional Dalmatian song, circa 13th century, author unknown (it was used as opening theme in the movie La reine Margot )

Such a beautiful song! Thank you, Herr Eisenheim.

Here are the lyrics:

I fell in love with you

I fell in love with you

I wouldn't want another girl

Even if she was an empress
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