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18 May
[#ImarpeReporta] 📋 A proliferation of jellyfish was recorded in La Punta, Callao, which would be associated with north winds that would have generated a change in the direction of the currents and could accumulate masses of jellyfish.

An interesting answer :
But the Peruvian sea temperature is below its normal value. It would be necessary to determine if they are cold or warm water jellyfish. We have received wind from the north, but this stopped several days ago. The wind from the south is well installed for the moment.

The coasts of Callao, in Lima, capital of Peru, are at this moment full of jellyfish (malaguas) in a strange phenomenon rarely seen.
Some believe that some kind of important telluric phenomenon is anticipated....


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Earlier, at 22:29 on May 19, I saw a bright shooting star in the southern sky as seen from Tokyo. The video will play at real speed. The shooting star is shining brightly as if it exploded on the way.

#超市監控記錄漾濞地震瞬間 Goods fell to the ground and customers fled] At 21:48 on May 21, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurred in Yangbi County, Dali, Yunnan, with a focal depth of 8 kilometers. The surveillance video showed that when the earthquake occurred, customers in a supermarket in Yangbi quickly escaped. In view of the current frequent earthquake activities, everyone should take shelter outdoors and pay attention to safety!

Location Columbia City US
Geo Loc 41.1603° / -85.4868°
Elevation 262.6584m

OBSERVER American Meteor Society
NameThomas C
RemarksI was driving and saw a great big blue and green flash above the tree tops could not see anything else so unknown what it was. I was driving south to south west where the light was brightest.

AddressWaterville, OH
Latitude41° 27' 24.78'' N (41.46°)
Longitude83° 47' 2.06'' W (-83.78°)

Moving directionFrom up right to down left
Descent Angle235°

Facing azimuth250°
First azimuth250°
First elevation50°
Last azimuth250°
Last elevation44°

Stellar Magnitude-12
Top Bottom